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Oh! Darling  Beatles

    [E+]       [A]       [E]      [F#m]        [D]      [Bm7]       [E7]       [A7]       [F7]       [B7]       [Bb7]         
e --o--  --o--  --o--  --2--  --2--  --2--  --o--  --o--  --1--  --2--  --4--
B --1--  --2--  --o--  --2--  --3--  --3--  --o--  --2--  --1--  --o--  --3--
G --1--  --2--  --1--  --2--  --2--  --2--  --1--  --o--  --2--  --2--  --3--
D --2--  --2--  --2--  --4--  --o--  --2--  --o--  --2--  --1--  --1--  --3--
A --x--  --0--  --2--  --x--  --x--  --2--  --2--  --o--  --x--  --2--  --x--
E --x--  --x--  --o--  --x--  --x--  --x--  --o--  --x--  --x--  --x--  --x--

[E+]Oh___ [A]darling please be[E]lieve me
[F#m]I'll never do you no [D]harm
Be-[Bm7]lieve me when I tell [E7]you
[Bm7]I'll never [E7]do you no [A]harm
[A-D-A-E]        [E]Oh___ [A]darling if you [E]leave me
[F#m]I'll never make it a[D]lone
[Bm7]Believe me when I beg [E7]you
[Bm7]Don't ever leave me a[A]lone
[A-D-A-A7]         Chorus:
[A7]When you [D]told me you didn't [F7]need me anymore
[A]Well you know I nearly broke down and cried
When you [B7]told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you [E7]know I nearly [F7(5]fell down and [E7]died_[E+]__
[E+]Oh [A]darling if you [E]leave me
[F#m]I'll never make it a[D]lone
Be[Bm7]lieve me when I tell [E7]you
[Bm7]I'll never [E7]do you no [A]harm
[A-D-A-A7]    (Spoken) Belive me, darling
(repeat chorus)
[E+]Oh [A]darling please be[E]lieve me
[F#m]I'll never let you [D]down
(spoken) oh believe me darling
[Bm7]Believe me when I tell [E7]you
[Bm7]I'll never [E7]do you no [A]harm
[A-D-A-Bb7-A7]             Notes: For the interludes, listen to the CD and you will easily get the
rhythm and hear how to play it. The end is exactly the same, except
you add the Bb7-A7 "goodbye" bit. Just hit these chords once. Again,
listen to the CD and you can't miss it.
If you are having troubles with the chords (as some new guitar players
surely will) you can simplify them by using barre chords (since they
are all standard form). It will not sound nearly as good, but that's
just a suggestion. Don't let chords like Bm7 or F#m sound hard. They
This is a great song, and it's pretty easy and fun to play. Singing
it is a whole new ballgame though . Please send any questions,
comments, or suggestions (possibly corrections) to

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A A7 B7 Bb7 Bm7 D E E+ E7 F#m F7
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albee2005 (report)

Great song. Thank You for the Tab. That E+ is SUCH a distinctive chord; there's no guessing what the song will be after strumming it. Thanks (too) for the chorus...that F7 was throwing me; I cheat on it of course. I can't play barres so this works great. Also this version of Bm7 is a fave of the Four; they use it a LOT; it's a lot easier and better than the Barred Am7 on the second fret. Piggies is another Great song to play that has some great progressions in the chorus. Again, thanks. Albee