I'll Follow The Sun


    One day, you'll look, to see I've gone
    For tomorrow may rain, so, I'll follow the sun
    Some day, you'll know, I was the one
    But tomorrow may rain, so, I'll follow the sun
 -->And now the time has come, and so my love I must go
    And though I lose a friend, in the end you will know,
    One day, you'll find, that I have gone
    But tomorrow may rain so, I'll follow the sun
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Date: Thu, 07 Dec 1995 14:16:27 -0600
From: davies@ils.nwu.edu (Brian Davies)
Subject: TAB: Beatles' "I'll Follow The Sun"
I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  One day  you'll look  to see I've  gone.
For tomorrow may  rain, so  I'll  follow the  sun.   
  Some day  you'll know  I was the  one.
But tomorrow may  rain, so  I'll  follow the  sun.
   And now the  time has come
  And  so my love I must  go.
   And though I  lose a friend,
   In the end you will  know,  oh.
  One day  you'll find  that I have  gone.
For tomorrow may  rain so  I'll  follow the  sun.   
(e) |----3----|----5----|-----8-7-|-10------|
(B) |-3-------|-4-------|---8-----|---------|
(G) |---------|---------|---------|---------|
(D) |---------|---------|---------|---------|
(A) |---------|---------|---------|---------|
(E) |---------|---------|---------|---------|

                                       Yes, tomorrow may  rain, so  I'll  follow the  sun.
  One day  you'll find  that I have  gone.
For tomorrow may  rain, so  I'll  follow the  sun.   

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CIR22 (report comment to admin):
First one is hard for beginners but very accurate.

The second one isn't right at all.
lordhoho20 (report comment to admin):

the second one is in g and that is how the beatles did it
grodhi96792 (report comment to admin):

I played with both and I do prefer the second. Especially on the walk chords in the chorus.
Peace Out
jefhow22 (report comment to admin):
Both versions are fine....