This Boy


By John Lennon and Paul McCartney
From "A Hard Days Night" by the Beatles
No special tunings
Chords: Play the chords in these positions for the best sound
E7 020100
D X00232
Bm7 X20202
A7 X02020
G 355433
A6 X02222
Dmaj7 X00222
Em7 020030
A7sus X02030

 That boy    took my love away. 
 Though he'll regret it someday,
 This boy wants you back again.  
 That boy    isn't good for you.
 Though he may want you, too,
 This boy wants you back again  
 Oh, and this boy would be happy
Just to love you, but oh my-y-y-y
 That boy won't be happy
 'Til he's seen you cry-y-y-oh
 This boy wouldn't mind the pain,
 Would always feel the same,
'Til this boy gets you back again.  
 This boy     
 This boy     
 This boy     

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A A6 A7 A7sus Bm Bm7 D D7 Dmaj7 E7 Em7 F#7 G
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