Soul One

Blind Melon

Soul One (off Nico) ----------------------
Opening fill:
e-----------------------10---------------------------------- B-12-10-12--10----12-13----13-12-10------------12-10-12--10- G-----------------------------------12-11-9----------------- D----------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------- B------------------12--------------------------------------- G-11-11^12-9----12------------------------------------------ D----------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------------------
The main tonics for the progression are E A D, however the D is slid up from A.
The basic idea for the chords are:
E5: 022XXX A6: X00220
It starts out on E which is pretty simple, then when A6 and D come play:
A6 D e-0-0-0-0-0 e--0-0-0 b-2-2-2-3p2 b-\3-2-2 g-2-2-2-2-2 g-\4-2-2 and back to E d-0-0-0-0-0 d--0-0-0 a-0-0-0-0-0 a----0-0 E---------- E-------
And for that last part in the verse they play a Cmaj7, Gmaj than Fmaj
Rogers plays this throughout a lot of the song while Chris does the hard part.

For the bridge I they play / C G / D Em / C G/ D /
If I screwed up anything (which I probably have) tell me what at:
Thank you.
How come, girl was there when I needed one How come, girl was there when the song is done Some say, open your eyes to a brighter light Okay, open my arms, they were right
She was my soul one She felt like she was the only one She was the sun, the sky blue eyes She was my soul one
Inside, pain in my heart often made her cry Outside, I cursed the birds in the sugar sky How long take to realize she's the one How long until I find my lost and lonely soul one
She was my soul one She felt like the only one She was the sun, the sky blue eyes She was my soul one
Should of never taken the time 'Cause I found myself living a lonely lie You said you left to find yourself But I never, no I never got a chance to say goodbye.
She was my soul one I thought she was the only one I thought she was...
This tab is MINE!! Don't steal it without asking me, okay?

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