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Kitty's Back   Bruce Springsteen

  Dm       G        F      E7#9 [N.C.]
Note: Chord progression for verses is Am7add2 Bm7/E (except as indicated)
	right-hand keyboard voicings:   G-B-C-E   B-D-F#-A

approximation on guitar: x05500 0x4435

Verse 1:

  Am7add2 Bm7/E [etc.]
Catlong sighs holdin' Kitty's black tooth
                     [1: E7#9] 
She left to marry some top cat, ain't it the cold truth

  [Am]And there h[Dm7]asn't been a tally since S[Am7]ally left the alley
  Since K[Dm7]itty left with Big Pretty things have got [Esus4]pretty thin,[E]   [Esus4]       [E]
yeah yeah
  It's t[Dm7]ight in this business and y[F7]oung dudes are musclin'[Dsus4/A] in

  Dsus4/A   D/A           A   F#m  E      [2X]
Verse 2:

Big Jack Knife cries cause baby's in a bundle
She goes runnin' nightly, lightly through the jungle
And them tin cans are explodin' down in the ninety degree heat
Cat somehow lost his baby down on Bleeker Street

       Dm7 [N.C.]
It's sad but it sure is true
  [Gsus4]Cat shrugs his s[G]houlders, [Gsus4]sits back and si[G]ghs


  [C]Ooh what can I[Em7] do, o[F]oh w[G]hat can I [Am]do?
  [C]Ooh what can I[Em7] do, o[F]oh w[G]hat can I [Am]do?

Instrumental break (2:31):

  organ solo [6 bars], twin guitar solo [16 bars] on Am

horns arr. for guitar (3:12):

   (Am)                                     [2X]
v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

   (Am)                 [2X]
v v v v v v v v

   [4 bars yet to be transcribed] 

organ solo (3:36):

  Dsus4/A   D/A           A   F#m  E        [4X]
Verse 3:

Catlong lies back bent on a trash can
  Flashin' lights cut the night into white cities of neon [?]
Well you better move fast when you're young or you're not long around
Cat somehow lost his Kitty down in the city pound

  So get r[Dm7]ight, get t[F7]ight, get [Esus4]down     [E]    [Esus4]         [E]


  Well, [Esus4]who's that down at the end of the a[E]lley
  [Esus4]She's been gone so l[E]ong
  [Esus4](Here she comes, here she comes, h[E]ere she comes, here she comes)
the whole gang is watching her
  [Esus4](Here she comes, here she comes, h[E]ere she comes, here she comes)

F#m |
  Kitty's back in town (here she comes now)  |  [4X]
D A A/G# |
Kitty's back in town (oh, oh, all right) |

  [Dsus4]Cat knows his Kitty's b[D]een untrue[Dsus4]       [D]
  And [Amaj7]that she left him for a [F#m]city dude
  Well s[D]he's so soft, s[E]he's so blue
  [Gsus4]When he looks into her e[G]yes he[Gsus4] just sits back and s[G]ighs

Coda (5:40):

  [C]Ooh what can I[Em7] do, o[F]oh w[G]hat can I [Am]do?
Ooh what can I do, ooh what can I do?
Oh oh oh oh oh, all right
  (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, all right, ooh all right) [4X]
  (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, all right, oh all right) [6X; fade 6tb time]

  [C]/ / / / [Em7] / / / /  [F]/ . [G]/ . [Am9] /

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers

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Am Am7 Am9 Amaj7 C D Dm7 Dsus4 Dsus4/A E Em7 Esus4 F F#m F7 G Gsus4
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