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Rotting Head

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse - Rotting Head Submitted By: Sqweeky EMail: Blindside831@aol.com Album: Eaten Back to Life (1990)
Tabbed by Chris Rezendes (dudemcrude@yahoo.com) Date started tab: 7-24-02 Date finished tab: 7-24-02
Tuning: Eb (half step down)
Notation Key v: vibrato t: tremolo bar ^: bend .: palm mute ~: trill p: pull-off h: hammer-on x: ghost note /: slide up \: slide down
Comments: I've been meaning to do this tab for a while, but I keep forgetting, and when I remember, I'm never tuned down half a step. If you tried tuning my guitar, you wouldn't bother tuning it down a half step just to tab one song either. It's that bad. Fuck man, you wouldn't tune this sumbitch down half a step if Yngwie Malmsteen asked you to. BTW, it's a Squier Affinity Strat, so I'm not workin' with much. Anyway, the tab came out great IMO, and if you spot any mistakes, please make me aware of them or send me the correction. Later. =========================================================================================
Riff 1 x1 e|------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------| A|--------2---------1--------2---1----| E|--03020---1-03020---2-03020--1---2--|
Riff 2 x4 e|---------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------| A|--------2---------1---------2---32252232222--| E|--03020---1-03020---2-03020---1--------------|
Fig. 1 x5 (Quivering pile of useless flesh, locked in a padded cell...) e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| D|------------------------------3--| A|------2-------2-------2-------1--| E|--1-2---3-1-2---3-1-2---3-1-2----|
Fig. 2 x1
e|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|---------------------| D|------3-----3--------| A|------1-----1-----2--| E|--1-2---1-2---1-2-0--|
Fig. 3 x2 (Hideous heredity, genetic imbalance...) e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| D|------------------------------5--|------------------------------3--| A|------4-------4-------4-------3--|------4-------4-------4-------1--| E|--3-4---5-3-4---5-3-4---5-3-4----|--3-4---5-3-4---5-3-4---4-3-4----|
Fig. 4 x1 (The sights before your eyes you can't describe...) e|-------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------| D|--4-3---------------------4-3--------------| A|--2-1---------5-4---------2-1---------3-4--| E|------0-0-0-0-3-2-0-0-0-0-----0-0-0-0-1-2--|
e|---------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------| D|----------4-3---------------------4-3--------------| A|----------2-1---------5-4---------2-1---------3-4--| E|--0-0-0-0-----0-0-0-0-3-2-0-0-0-0-----0-0-0-0-1-2--|
Repeat Riff 1 x1 Repeat Riff 2 x4
Fig. 5 x8 (Slimy, cozing, dripping pus, torn out...) e|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|----------------------| D|--5\2-5\2-------------| A|--3\0-3\0-322522322---| E|-------------------3--|
Fig. 6 x4 e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|--5\4-5\4---------------| A|--3\2-3\2-322522322522--| E|------------------------|
Repeat Riff 2 x4 Repeat Fig. 1 x1
Outro x1 (Quivering pile of useless flesh, locked in a padded cell!) e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------| A|------2-------2-------2-------2--| E|--1-2---3-1-2---3-1-2---3-1-2-0--|

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