Get off My Back


Band: The Casualties Song: Get Off My Back Album: Die Hards Tuning: Standard
This is a sick ass song!! Note-I use 2 finger powerchords cuz...thats just me
The intro is just bass and drums and then the guitar comes in playing dead notes. Listen to album for pattern.
Intro 1: (Guitar) e:------------------------------------- B:------------------------------------- G:------------------------------------- D:------------------------------------- X 4 A:--7-777777777777777777777777777-888-- E:--5-555555555555555555555555555-666-- PM ...........................
Intro 2: e:--------------------------------------- B:--------------------------------------- G:--------------------------------------- X 2
D:----------10-10-10-10--5-5-55---------- A:--7-7-77---8--8--8--8--3-3-33--5-5-55-- E:--5-5-55-----------------------3-3-33--
Play intro part one twice without palm muting. Then go... e:------------------------- B:------------------------- G:------------------------- X 2 D:------10-10-10--555------ A:--777--8--8--8--333-5-8-- E:--555---------------3-6--
Chorus: e:------------------ B:------------------ G:------------------ X 4 D:--------5--------- A:--555-4-3-777777-- E:--333-2---555555--
There ya go. Figure out the order for urdelf. Enjoy! Plese rate and/or comment. TYLER

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