Chevelle: Mia You can use standard tuning, but its a lot easier in dropped D Main Riff: D:2222-4-222222-4-22-[2-4-2]-5555-7777-9999-5555 A:2222-4-222222-4-22-[2-4-2]-5555-7777-9999-5555 D:2222-4-222222-4-22-[2-4-2]-5555-7777-9999-5555 Chrous: D:22-xxxx-22-xxxx-5555-7777-9999-5555 A:22-xxxx-22-xxxx-5555-7777-9999-5555 D:22-xxxx-22-xxxx-5555-7777-9999-5555 There are a lot of variations on this riff; ie: lots of palm mutes thrown in at different times and different channels played through.... these are just the main notes, the palm mutes are your discretion...
the part in the main riff in brackets [] is what I THINK is being played on clean in the beginning, its a very fast up/down/up stroke between the two parts of the riff, thats the best i can come up with Bridge: Repeat and end with: G:77677---------------------77677---||7767~ D:------7--2222222222222222-------7-||----- A:---------2222222222222222---------||----- D:---------2222222222222222---------||----- Thats basically my interpretation of the whole song, the main riff is used most of the time and the chorus is a slight spin off of it, i hope this is good have fun with it! moxshyfter@yahoo.com

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