Brand New God


BRAND NEW GOD ============= transcription: Liam Wolfen Cullen, Robert Flemming, Ryq
intro: Eb|----------------------| Bb|----------------------| Gb|--4-------------------| Db|--4-------------4--3--| Ab|--2------5^--2--------| Eb|--2-------------------|
bridge 1: bridge 2: Eb|----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| Bb|----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| Gb|----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| Db|----------------------------ah----| |----------------------------ah----| Ab|-----7b------7b------7b------9----| |-----7b------7b------7b------9----| Eb+-7-------5-------3-------2--------+ +-777-----555-----333-----222------+ | | | pm> pm> pm> pm> | | | | | Gb+----------------------------------+ +----------------------------------+ Db|----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| Ab|-----9-------7-------5-------4----| |----------------------------------| Eb|-7-------5-------3-------2-----5--| |-77777777555555533333333222222-5--|
bridge end: Eb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| Bb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| Gb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| Db|----------------------------ah----|-------------------------4--------| Ab|-----7b------7b------7b------9----|-----7b------7b------7b--4--------|
Eb+-777-----555-----333-----222------+-777-----555-----333-----2--------+ | pm> pm> pm> pm> | pm> pm> pm> | | | | Gb+----------------------------------+----------------------------------+ Db|-----------------5555555544444444-|----------------------------------| Ab|---------55555555-----------------|---------55555555-----------------| Eb|-77777777-------------------------|-77777777--------333333332--------|
Notes: "B->D->B->F" is a riff that moves between those chords, and has no strict rhythm; it is played with random natural harmonics and noise. During the main riff, the bass plays a B pedal tone. Bridge figures have been arranged for one guitar.
F#1: -9-9-11-11-x-x- F#2: -2-4-4-x-x-x-
-songflow- intro (4x) B B->D->B->F (16x) D F#1 B->D->B->F (12x) D F#1 D F#2 w/feedback bridge 1 (guitar only) bridge 1 (bass plays: B G F#) bridge 1 (2x) (bass plays transcribed figure) bridge 2 (2x) bridge end B->D->B->F (12x) D F#1 (3x) D F#2 (segues to "Little Whip")

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