Bringer of Death


BRINGER OF DEATH ================ transcription: Liam Wolfen Cullen
Intro: E|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|----------------2------5---| D|--4-------------2------5---| A|--4-------------0------3---| E|--2----------0------0------|
Verse: E|--------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------| Notes: While the guitar G|--------------------------------------2--5--| plays this figure, the D|--------------------------------------2--5--| bass is playing its verse A|--4--4--------------------------4-----0--3--| figure, transcribed below. E|--2--2--2--2--5--2--2--6--2--2--2--0-----3--|
Solo: E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--4b--4b--4b--4--2--(2b)----------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------4--2-----4----------------2-----------------------| A|--------------------------------4-----4~~--2--3--4-----4--3--(3b)--2--0-----| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------2--| (all solos follow this pattern but have slight variations.)
E|--2-------3--0--| B|-------------0--| G|----------------| D|----------------| A|----------------| E|--2-------3--0--|
Bass Verse/Outro: G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------------------| Notes: On outro, guitars double this A|--------------------------0---3---| riff while adding various artificial E|--0-2---0-2---0-2---0-2-----------| harmonics.
-songflow- intro (8x) w/gunfire F# w/gunfire and feedback riff (8x) riff (4x) w/solo riff (4x) riff (4x) w/solo riff (8x) riff (4x) w/solo interlude (12x) riff (8x) C A riff (2x) C A riff (2x) C A outro (4x) bass only outro (8x) outro (3x) fade out...

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