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The Girl From Yesterday  Eagles

[1994]     INTRO:
[C]   [G/B]     [Am7]     [G]           [D7]        [G]    [D7]It [G]wasn't really sa[G7]d the way they sai[C]d good-bye
Or [D]maybe it just hurt so bad she [G]couldn't cry[D]
[C/E]     [D/F#]He    [G]packed his things, walked [G7]out the door and [C]drove away
[G/B]     [Am7]  And [G]she became the [D7]girl from yesterday[G] [D7]
He took a plane across the sea to some foreign land
She stayed at home and tried so hard to understand
How someone who had been so close could be so far away
[G/B]     [Am7]  And [G]she became the [D7]girl from yesterday[G]
[D/F#]      [Em7]  She [D]doesn't know what's right
She [C]doesn't know what's [G]wrong
She [C]only [D/F#]knows the pa[Em7]in that co[G/D]mes from [C]waiting for so long[D7]
And she [C]doesn't count the tea[G]rdrops
That she's [C]cried while he's away[G]
Be[Em]cause she know[D]s deep [C]in her he[G/B]art
That [Am7]he'll be back somed[D7sus]ay[D7] [Em7] [D/F#]
guitar solo
[G]        [G7]        [C]        [C]    [G/B]     [Am7]   [G]        [D7]        [G]        [E]   [D/F#]      [E/G#]   The [A]light's on in the wi[A7]ndow; she's [D]waiting by the phone
[E7]Talking to a memory that's [A]never coming hom[E7]e[F#m7] [E/G#]
She [A]dreams of his re[A7]turning and the [D]things that he might say
[A/C#]   But[Bm7]  she'll [A]always be the [E7]girl from yesterday[A] [Bm7] [A/C#] [D]
[A/C#]   Yeh[Bm7]  she'll [A]always be the [E7]girl from yesterday[D] [A/C#] [Bm7] [A]
G/B x20033 C/E xx2010
D/F# 2x0230 Em7 020030
G/D xx0003 E/G# 4x2400
E7 020100 F#m7 242222
A/C# x4222x Bm7 x24232
D7sus xx0213 D7 xx0212