Try and Love Again


 When you're out there on your own
Where your memories can find you
Like a circle goes around

You were lost until you found out
What it all comes down to
 GEmF#m D
 One F#m by one, the lonely A feelings come
 Day F#m by day, they slowly A fade away

Ooh, the look was in her eyes
You never know what might be found there
She was dancing right in time
And the moves she made so fine
Like the music that surrounds her
Should I stay or go? I really want to know
Would I lose or win if I try and love again?

 Oh, I'm gonna try and love again
 Oh, I'm gonna try and love again
 Oh, I'm gonna try and love  


Right or wrong, what's done is done
It's only moments that you borrow
But the thoughts will linger on
Of the lady and her song
When the sun comes up tomorrow
Well it might take years to see through all these tears
Don't let go, when you find that you will know

(chorus several times and fade)

I corrected the "Walk Down" chords of the Chorus, hopefully helps a little for a great old song.

Corrected by butr_fly59. View original
D Em F#m G
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PRS_PLAYER (report comment to admin):
where you have a Bm, listed, it is actually an Em, and it does a walk down, from the Em, to A7, to A dim. If you try it, you will hear what i mean, hope this helps
regardedjaguar (report comment to admin):

not all of t
error-prone (report comment to admin):
Try this for the bridge:

G D/F# Em
One by one, the

F#m A7 D
Lonely feelings come