Faith No More

Faith no more - Collision Taken from the album "Album of the year" Tabbed by Tom Farrell Any comments or mistakes you spot please email me at
Drop C tuning (CGCFAD)
Riff 1 D--------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------- F--------------------------------------------------------------- C--3-0~----0~----0~--------------------------------------------- G--3-0~----0~----0~--------------------------------------------- C--3-0~----0~----0~---------------------------------------------
Riff 2 D--------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------- F--------------------------------------------------------------- C--3-0-0-3-0-0-3-4---------Play that-----2~--2~--\\-------------- G--3-0-0-3-0-0-3-4---------4X then-------2~--2~--\\--Then mute.-- C--3-0-0-3-0-0-3-4---------end on--------2~--2~--\\--------------
Riff 3 D------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------- F------------------------------------------------------------- C----- 7~--\\--2~----2-0-2----2-0-2----2-0-2-5-2-0------------- G------7~--\\--2~----2-0-2----2-0-2----2-0-2-5-2-0-------------
Riff 4 D-------------------------- A-------------------------- F----10---5---6------------ C----10---5---6------------ G-----8---3---4------------ C--------------------------
Song structure:
Riff 1 4X Riff 2 4X Verse riff (no guitar) 4X Riff 3 4X Verse riff (no guitar) 4X Riff 3 4X Riff 1 4X Riff 2 4X Riff 4 4X Verse riff (no guitar) 4X Verse riff (no guitar or bass) 4X Riff 1 4X Riff 2 4X Riff 1 4X Riff 2 4X Riff 3 4X
It's a fairly simple song to play, just use heavy distortion throughout, listen for the timings and use a little trill when playing the chords in Riff 4.

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