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A Pleasant Shade of Grey: Pt. 1

Fates Warning

A PLEASANT SHADE OF GRAY--FATES WARNING from 1997's "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" album Metal Blade Lyrics and music by Jim Matheos
Transcribed by Eric Schlelein email
My transcription of this brilliant song is far from perfect. The rhythm parts are the absolute best I could do, and I'm fairly proud of how the solos came out. It would be a waste of time to try to learn this song without the album because most of the parts are horribly syncopated, so do yourself a favor and go buy it. Plus, the record store's probably out of Hanson.
I've given the rhythm figures according to each part of the song; don't get confused by the many "rhythm figure 1"s there are about.
Part I (1:53):
[free time]
e---2------9------8--------|--9-----8--5--4--2---------------| B---2---------10-----5--2--|----10-----------------------2---| G---5----------------------|--------------------------5------| D---4----------------------|-----------------------4---------| A---4----------------------|--------------------4------------| E---2-------------------2--|-----------------2---------------|
e-----9------8--------|--9-----8--5--4--2---------------| B--------10-----5--2--|----10-----------2---------------|
G---------------------|-----------------5---------------| D---------------------|-----------------4---------------| A---------------------|-----------------4---------------| E------------------2--|-----------------2---------------|
[4/4 time]
e--------------------------|----------------------------| B--------------------------|----------------------------| G--------------------------|----------------------------| D---4--4--4--4--4--4--4--4-|---4--4--4--4--4--4--4--4---| A--------------------------|----------------------------| E--------------------------|----------------------------|
-->Repeat this cadence through 7 more bars, then,
e--------------------------| B--------------2-----------| G-----------5--------------| D--------4--------4--4--4--| A-----4--------------------| E--2-----------------------|
-->Seven more bars of the cadence, and then back to free time with
e---2---| B---2---| G---5---| D---4---| A---4---| E---2---|
So where do we begin, and what else can we say? When the lines are all drawn, what should we do today?

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