Just Until Sundown

Further Seems Forever

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUST UNTIL SUNDOWN - Further Seems Forever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tabbed by: Enrique Guerra E-mail: Enrique_Guerra14@hotmail.com
Further seems forever is the best band in the hole world, but no one tab their songs so I´m tabbing what I know. I just Know new year's project and just until sundown. I´m going to tab this last one.
Intro: 1st gtr. E|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------| D|-----7----8-7-------------8--7-----| A|-------8-------8--6/5/6--------8---| E|---6-------------------------------|
Then the drums comes in and the second guitar plays this 2nd gtr. E|--------------------------------8-----8------8--7--3--8--7--5--3---8| B|-------------------------8----6----6--------------------------------| G|----------------------5---------------------------------------------| D|-----------7h8------------------------------------------------------| A|---6h8--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: 1st gtr. E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--9-------2------6------2------6-----2-----6---2-----4--------------| E|--7-------0------4------0------4-----0-----4---0-----2--------------|
2nd gtr. fills with this riff. E|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------------------------------| D|----8-7------8-7-----8-7------| A|---------8--------8-------8---| E|------------------------------|
Chorus: 1st gtr. E|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------------------------------| D|------------------------------| A|--9------2----4------6--------| E|--7------0----2------4--------|
2nd gtr. plays the 1st gtr.'s intro part continue with this until he sings " dosen´t mean that I wanted to fight..."
Then both guitars return to the verse when he sings " You know I saw your pleasure..." and then the chorus again. After the chorus comes the bridge. I´m not really sure about this part, but here is what I heard.
Bridge: 1st gtr. E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---7-----9-----10-----------6-----7--8--9--8-----------------------| E|---5-----7-----8------------4-----5--6--7--6-----------------------|
2nd gtr.
E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--10----12-----13-----------9-----10--11--12--11-------------------| G|--9-----11-----12-----------8-----9---10--11--10-------------------| D|--7-----9------10-----------6-----7---8---9---8--------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Do that twice, then when he sings "Just until sundown.." both return to the verse, and and then play one time the Chorus.
That´s the end. I hope you enjoy playing this song as much as I do. I know some parts aren´t completly right, but this will help you. Listen to the song for the struming patterns. Play this slightly distorted and it will sound right. Any comments or corrections: Enrique_guerra14@hotmail.com Further seems forever rules
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Jeff January 31, 2003, 18:37
With all due respect, you're tab for Just Until Sundown by Further Seems Forever is very wrong. Try drop-d and drop tuning on b-string 1/2 step
Then play intro like so... ---------------------------- -----0--------------0------- --2----2--------------2----- ----3-----3--1p0h1------3--- -1-------------------------- ----------------------------
---------------------------- -------0------0------------- ---------------------------- ----3-------3-----3--------- ---------------------------- --5-------3-----1-----------
I know the rest but I can't write it out b/c I don't have my guitar w/ me. Hope that works better for you. Email me if you have any questions.
Matt February 13, 2003, 3:54
Actually, I believe that it would be much easier just to tune your whole guitar a half step down becuase thats what they do. I just saw them in concert, They rock so much but The new CD isn't as good as Moon is down. Anyways, the majority of their songs are a half step down.
---------------------------- ---------0-------------0---- -----3-----3-------------3-- -------4-----4---2/1\2-----4 ---2------------------------ ----------------------------
---------------------------- ---0----0-----0------------- ---------------------------- -----4----4------4---------- ---------------------------- -4-----2----0---------------

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