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Bonfires   Graham Coxon

[6]4 [6]6 [4]4 [4]2 [7]7 [9]7 [9]7 [2]0 [2]2 [7]7 [2]3
x 4 2 x 5 0 0 x 0 5 3
C#m G# F#m B A E E9 AM7 E Am CM7* * "a la graham!"


[C#m]    [G#]   [F#m]    [B]  [G#]                        

[C#m]    [G#]   [/G]   [F#m]    [B]  [G#]                     

[A]  [E]  [E9]   [A]  [C#m]    [B]                        
|----------0--|----------0--|-------------|--------| I'm not completely sure concerning
|-2-2---0---0-|-2-2---0---0-|-4-4---4-----|--------| the AM7sus4 chord (there's no fret
|-1-1---1-----|-1-1---1-----|-6-6---5-----|--------| noise on the record).
|(2-2)--2-----|(2-2)--2-----|-6-6---6-----|--------| Use your thumb for bass notes.
|-0-0---------|-0-0---------|-------------|--------| Graham always uses his thumb.
|-------0-----|-------0-----|-5-5---4-----|-4------| (see Beetlebum video). 

[AM7]    [E]  [AM7]    [E]  [AM7sus4]        [G#]                 
You will take note that Graham misses a beat in all this, and his last measure is twice
shorter than the others. I must admit I wouldn't have noticed that without writing this
tab down...

Alright. You have now the intro. By now, it's all about repeating that pattern with some
slight changes.

First verse: it's almost exactly the same part excepted on the third line, where
held chords are enhanced by a few arpeggio notes.


[A]  [E]  [E9]   [A]  [C#m]    [B]                        
Second verse: Is that Darth Vader dubbing Graham on vocals ?...
It sounds like Graham overdubs his guitar... It's basically the same part
than before, except that high notes on arpeggios are played on the high E-string.
(check the chords at the beggining of the tab if you don't know which note it is)
I might be wrong, but it sounds like only one of the two guitars plays the high notes.
At the end of this verse, repeat twice the last (half-)measure (as the saying goes:
"Repeat twice = Play it thrice" ;-) ...) to introduce the outro.

Outro: Smells like a 1997 radiohead song !... There's another guitar coming in. I guess
it's an electric one with a good jazzy tone.
I don't think both guitars play the same part. I'll just give a part for one guitar.

(') means a down-striken chord.
@ stands for 10.


[E]  [Esus4]      [E9]   [E7]   [Am]   [Am6]                    
|-9--9999-9-xx-|-5--5555-5-xx-| (X 2)

[E]  [Esus4]      [Am]   [Am6]                          
|-9--9999-00-000-| Note the typical CM7 chord of Graham's
|-9--9999-22-222-| (you'll find the same in You're So Great or I Wish).

' '
[E]  [Esus4]      [CM7]                             
Now just repeat this sequence, and end by playing twice the measure with the CM7.



[C#m]    [B]  [AM7]    [E]  [AM7]    [E]  [AM7sus4]        [G#]           
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A Am7 Am7sus4 Am Am6 B C#m Cm7 E E7 E9 Esus4 F#m G#
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