------- Retreat -------
Band: Hell is for Heroes
Tabber: Rozzer
Tuning: Drop-D
This tab is the complete song (all riffs etc.), and you may wish to play the verse chords slightly differently, but I think it works best as shown.
Awesome song by an awesome band, enjoy!
INTRO Clean with echo
e|--------------- B|--------------- G|--------------- D|-6-7-9-(9)s14-- A|--------------- D|---------------
e|------------------- B|------------------- G|------------------- D|-6-7-9-(9)s14-12-11 A|------------------- D|-------------------
The two parts above are faint, the second bit kind of overlaps the end of the first bit (you'll know when you hear the cd!)
Then, clearer part...
e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-------------------------------- D|-6-6-6-7-7-7-9-9-6-6-6---------- A|-----------------------9-9-9-7-7 D|--------------------------------
e|---------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------- G|---------------------------------------------- D|-6-6-6-7-7-7-9-9-14-14-14-12-12-12-11-11------ A|---------------------------------------------- D|----------------------------------------------
e|------------------------------- B|------------------------------- G|------------------------------- D|-11(×8)--11(×8)--9(×8)--11(×8)- A|-09(×8)--09(×8)--7(×8)--09(×8)- D|---------09(×8)--7(×8)--09(×8)- play 4 times
(I've written above chords in an odd way, '09' means '9', and '00' means '0' - just trying to line it up with the eleven!)
CHORUS Distortion
e|------------------------------ B|------------------------------
G|------------------------------ D|-4(×8)--7(×8)--0(×8)--7(×8)--- A|-4(×8)--7(×8)--0(×8)--7(×8)--- D|-4(×8)--7(×8)--0(×8)--7(×8)--- play twice
e|----------------- B|----------------- G|---------9-11---- D|----11----------- A|--9----9------9-- D|----------------- Play 4 times
VERSE 2 Same as before
CHORUS 2 Same as before
e|------------------------- B|------------------------- G|-11(×8)--9(×8)--11(×16)-- D|--X(×8)--X(×8)---X(×16)-- A|--9(×8)--7(×8)--12(×16)-- D|------------------------- Play twice
e|------------- B|------------- G|----------9-- D|----6----7--- A|---4--------- D|--4-----7---- Play twice
e|------------------------------ B|------------------------------ G|------------------------------ D|-4(×8)--7(×8)--0(×8)--7(×8)--- A|-4(×8)--7(×8)--0(×8)--7(×8)--- D|-4(×8)--7(×8)--0(×8)--7(×8)--- play 4 times
Over the top of the last 2 times (of the above) another guitar plays this...
e|--------------------------- B|--------------------------- G|--------------------------- D|-6-7-9-6----6-7-9-14-12-11- A|--------9-7---------------- D|--------------------------- (play twice)
(The rhythm part then continues, and the second guitar plays...)
e|------------------------- B|------------------------- G|------14-13-------------- D|--6-5-------14-11-(~11)-- A|------------------------- D|------------------------- play 3 times
(They use vabrato to sustain that last 11 note)
(I'm aware there's two guitar parts, and in places the lead is simply a repeat of the intro riff, and I haven't always indicated when this occurs.)

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