Been Caught Stealing

Jane's Addiction

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 1994 16:51:15 -0400 (EDT) From: Bradley W Zimmerman Subject: Re: DIS: Been Caught Stealin (Jane's Addiction)
In the Beginning, there was Jane's......
I'm sorry, Pete, but I think you were a little bit off w/BCS. My old band used to play it, but considered it too commercial to defame Jane's by playing it live... broken into sections, this is how I play it...
intro/verse (there's A LOT of scruff in the verse) 4-3-|-5-55-55-5--55-5-5---5---------------------------------------------- 3-2-|-6-65-65-6--65-5-6---8-88-88----------------------------------------- 3-2-|-7-75-75-7--75-5-7--77-77-77----------------------------------------- 3-2-|-5------5--5---5---5---5--55-----------------------------------------
----|--------------------------------------------------------------------- ----|---------------------------------------------------------------------
chorus ---------------------55-55-55-------5----4-3------------------------------ -------3-5-3---------66-66-56-------4----3-2------------------------------ 55--5--3-5-3---------77777557-5-x-xx4----3-2------------------------------ 55--5--3-5-3-3-5-------5--5---5-x-xx4----3-2------------------------------ 33--3--------x-5--------------3-x-xx-------------------------------------- -------------1-3-33-3-----------------------------------------------------
have a blast w/it and remember, play it your way, and play it sloppy, you can't be precise and scientific w/ Jane's and have it sound natural. If I'm wrong about this semi-transcription, feel free to blast me, but keep in mind... have you ever seen two people play "Blackbird" the same way...? -Raphrat
"You know the man you hate?/ you look mora like him every day" -Perry the Elder

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