Not Myself

John Mayer

Band: Jonh Mayer Song: Not myself (John Mayer) Transcribed by Catherine Gagné posted: h0megr0wnkid Capo first fret
e---3---2---0---0--- b---3---3---8---8--- g---0---0---0---0--- d---0---0---7---x--- a---x---x---8---7--- e---3---2---x---8---
Part 1
e---3---2---0---0-- ---3---2---0---x--- b---3---3---8---8-- ---3---3---8--(8)-- g---0---0---0---0-- ---0---0---0---0--- d---0---0---7---x-- ---0---0---7---7--- a---x---x---8---7-- ---x---x---8---8--- e---3---2---x---8-- ---3---2---x---6---
Part 2
e---3--2--3--2---3--2--3--2---0---0--(2)- b---3--3--3--3---3--3--3--3---3---3--(3)- g---0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0---0---0--(0)- d---0--0--0--0---x--x--x--x---4---x--(x)- a---x--x--x--x---3--3--3--3---5---3--(3)- e---3--3--3--3----------------x---x---x-- ***
*** On the album, it's (x3x033)
Part 3
* Don't forget that the chords are relative to the capo. 12 means 13..
e-----------------------------------10--- b-------------15--------10h12p10-----8--- g----------12-----------11-----------9--- d-------14-----------12-------------10--- a------------------------------------x--- e---12------------10----------------(8)--
e-------------------------------------------- b-------------15--------10h12p10----------8-- g----------12--------11-11----11--------9---- d-------14----------------------------10----- a------------------------------------x------- e---12------------10----------------8--------
Part 4
b---8---5--10------3---3------------ g---7---4---9------0---0------------ d---7---5---9------x---0---(etc..)-- a---x---x---x------3---x------------ e---7---3---9----------3------------
There has to be a mistake here! (3x545x) sounds terrible but it's the best I can do. I simply play (x07650) during the " I always do" part. (Etc..) means that you play the intro.
Part 5
e---------------- b---------------- g---------------- d-------------3-- a-------3--6----- e---/4-----------
Part 6
e---2--0--5---------- b---3--3--3---------- g---0--0--0---------- d---0--0--0---(x2)--- a---x--x--x---------- e---3--3--3----------
(1) Suppose I said I am on my best behavior There are times I lose my worried mind
(2) Would you want me when I'm not myself Wait it out while I am someone else
(1) Suppose I said colors change for no good reason Words will go from poetry to prose
(2) Would you want me when I'm not myself Wait it out while I am someone else
(3) And I in time will come around (4) I always do for you (Intro)
(5) (6)
(1) Suppose I said you're my saving grace (68708x) (2) Would you want me when I'm not myself Wait it out while I am someone else Would you want me when I'm not myself Wait it out while I am someone else
(I used the 01-03-25 video)

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