Welcome to the New South

Less Than Jake

Artist: Less Than Jake Album: anthem Song: WELCOME to the New South Tab: Guitar Tabed by: kenny fabritius
Note: these are very acurate if not exact tabs... i have a very good ear and i've been tabing for friends for some time now.. but this song is just too GREAT to pass up an opportunity to tell the world... there are two guitar parts.. this is the main part... the second will be tabed and labeled "WELCOME to the New South 2". Keep in mind these are only the chords and the bridge- you will have to figure out the rythmes on your own time- they are much to lengthy and at times intricate to tab out. They are all power open and bar chords, so if you know them dont be surprised. There you are... enjoy
Key: /=slide x=mute
Verse: let first chord only once for the intro, then play all the rest in a regular prograssion. consult CD. E-----3-----0-----3-----3-----3-----] A-----0-----3-----3-----3-----3-----] D-----0-----3-----5-----5-----4-----] G-----0-----0-----5-----5-----5-----] B-----2-----1-----3-----4-----6-----] e-----3-----0-----3-----3-----3-----]
Refrain: E-----0-----3-----3-----] A-----0-----0-----3-----] D-----0-----0-----5-----] G-----2-----0-----5-----] B-----3-----2-----3-----] e-----2-----3-----3-----]
Transition out of refrain: E-----7-----5-----] A-----7-----5-----] D-----9-----7-----] G-----9-----7-----] B-----7-----5-----] e-----7-----5-----]
Bridge: pick notes in a chord like mannor... that is to say hold the notes like a chord... listen to the song off the CD and you'll understand. Note the second part is only played once... it leads into the "transition out of Bridge." E---------------------------------------------------------------------|----- A---------------------------------------------------------------------|----- D---------------------------------------------------------------------|----- G-------------------10------------10/9----------8-7-----7-------7-----|----- B-----8-10---10-8------8---10-8--------8---10-8-----8---------8-------|----- e----------7------7------7------7--------7------------7---8-7---------|-----
------------------------------------------------------------------------] ------------------------------------------------------------------------] ------------------------------------------------------------------------] -------------------10------------10/9----------8-7-----7----------8-----] -----8-10---10-8------8---10-8--------8---10-8-----8-----8------8-------] ----------7------7------7------7--------7------------7----7-8-7---------]
Transition out of Bridge: E-----------------------------------] A-----------------------------------] D-----------------------------------] G-------7-----7-----7-----7---------] B---------8-----8-----8-----8-------] e-----------5-----5-----5-----5-----]
Finale: E-----0-----3-----0-----3-----3-----] A-----0-----0-----0-----3-----0-----] D-----2-----0-----0-----4-----0-----] G-----2-----0-----2-----5-----0-----] B-----2-----2-----3-----6-----2-----] e-----0-----3-----2-----3-----3-----]
Order: Intro- 2x (only once) Verse- 3x Refrain- 3x Transition- 1x Verse- 3x Refrain- 3x Transition- 1x Bridge- 6x Trans/Brig- 1x Finale- 2x (same as intro) Finale- 3x

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