Twisted Words


SONG: Twisted Words ARTIST: MxPx ALBUM: Pokinatcha LYRICS WRITTEN BY: Mike Herrera MUSIC WRITTEN BY: MxPx TABBED BY: Brad Smith ( __________________________________________________________________ TRY PLAYING WITH THE MUSIC IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE __________________________________________________________________ B A C D G E C# g E--------------------------- B--------------------------- <------Use these chords G--4-----5--7--12--9--6----- throughout the song. D--4--7--5--7--12--9--6--5-- A--2--7--3--5--10--7--4--5-- E-----5------------------3-- __________________________________________________________________ Solo 1
E----------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------- D---------9-9-9-9---7-7-7--6--7--6-------- A--7--7-7---------------------------7--5-- E-----------------------------------------
Solo 2
E-------------------------- B-------------------------- <------play these solos thoughout G-------------------------- the song. D-----5--7--7--7(Bend)--5--
A--7----------------------- E-------------------------- __________________________________________________________________ Play Solo 1 2x's Then Play Solo 2
E A C D -play this 4x's for verse 1
Verse 1 have you ever noticed how people twist the words that you have said to them funny how these thing things occur taking it literally all all the things you said not looking in to deep in the meaning of what they've read
Interlude: E G E D C# D 2x's
Chorus: E C g D 6x's twisted words causes ignominy twisted words changes what things used to be
Play Solo 2 1x
Verse 2: E C g D 4x's it happens everyday everyday without it they would fall i just can't come to see why they arn't sick of it all on and on they twist the things tell me will it end words will change all the same with the messages you send.
Interlude: E G E D C# D 2x's
Play Chorus Again: E C g D 7x's
End: E C D B

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