Holidays in the Sun

Sex Pistols

Song:Holidays In the Sun Artist:The Sex Pistols (Johnny "Rotten" Lydon, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Sid Vicious) Album/s:Never Mind The Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols (Virgin 1979), Filthy Lucre Live (Virgin 1996), Jubilee (Virgin 2000) Tabbed by 666cof666 (
Begins with marching, then Paul hits his bass drum 4 times. Then, the guitar comes in.
D|7 A|5
That is the opening chord. You play it four times. Then the main riff comes in.
G|554422-- D|55442255 A|33220055 E|------33
Bridge from main riff
D|45554555 A|45554555
A|-------------3 E|3333333333335-5-3
The bit where it ges "Now I got a reason...the Berlin Wall"
G|5555555555555555777777777777777 D|5555555555555555777777777777777 A|3333333333333333555555555555555 X2
Then it goes into the main riff.
Thats pretty much it, except the bit were Johnny is going on about them coming over the Berlin Wall, whilst he goes under the Berlin Wall, which goes something like...
D|55557777 A|33335555 E|--------4554554555
And that s Holidays in The Sun, the fourth single released off the Never Mind The Bollocks album. Other singles were Anarchy in the U.K., God Save The Queen and Pretty Vacant.

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