Killing An Arab


The song: Killing an Arab The group: The Cure
[Disclaimer: This song is based on the book 'The Stranger' by Albert Camus and is not meant to express anti-Arab sentiments. The Cure has issued statements stating that they resent its use as such.]
-7/8\7-5-7----7-8/11-8-7/8\7-5-7----------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------5-------4-------3--- -------------------------------------7-7---7\6-6---6\5-5-----
------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- -------2-------1-------0------------------------------------- -5\4-4---4\3-3---3\2-2---2\1-1-4-1---------------------------
Bass part starts [note: I don't particularly agree with this bass line but it's what is in the book. Opinions, anyone?]:
------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- -0----0-0--0--0--0-1-1-------0----0-0--0--0--0-1-1----------- etc.
At the same time, the guitar:
-6-7-6-3-6-3-2-3-2-0-2-0---0--------------------------------- -------------------------4---4-1-4-1-0-1-0---0--------------- -------------------------------------------2---2-0-2-0---0--- -------------------------------------------------------4---4- ------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------0---0-2-0-2-3-2-3-6-3- ---------------------------1---1-4-1-4---4------------------- ---------------2-0-2-4-2-4---4------------------------------- -2-1-2-4-5-4-5----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
-6-3-7-- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
Lyrics start:
Standing on the beach with a gun in my hand Staring at the sea, staring at the sand Staring down the barrel at the Arab on the ground See his open mouth but I hear no sound
Chorus: I'm alive [Bass part moves up to the A string] I'm dead I am the Stranger [Bass moves back down to low E string] Killing an Arab
I can turn and walk away or I can fire the gun Staring at the sky, staring at the sun Whichever I choose it amounts to the same Absolutely nothing (Repeat chorus)
Feel the steel butt jump Smooth in my hand Staring at the sea, staring at the sand Staring at myself reflected in the eyes Of the dead man on the beach (Repeat chorus)
------- Mark Schnitzius Univ. of Central Florida

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