A Quick One, While He's Away


||-----2-----3---|--5-----3-----|----2-----3----|5-------||||------------3--|----3-----3---|------------3--|3-------||||.--2----/4---4/|5-----5-----4-|--2----/4----4/|5------.||||.0----0--------|-------0------|0----0---------|0------.||||---------------|--------------|---------------|--------||||---------------|--------------|---------------|--------|||D G/D |D7 G/D |D G/D | D7 G/D | Down your street your crying is a well-known sound|D G/D |D7 G/D |D G/D | D7 | Your street is very well-known, throughout your town|G C/G |G7 C/G |G C/G |G7 C/G | Your town is very famous for the little girl |D G/D |D7 G/D |D G/D | D7 G/D |Whose crying can be heard all around the world 2||:D G/D | D7 G/D | D G/D | D7 G/D :|| Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh[stage versions]|D D G |Am G G G |D D G |Am G G | D D G |Am G G G |D (A)|[We Have A Remedy] A (Asus2)(Asus4) etc.||-------------0----|--------0-0---||||---2-0-2-3-0-2----|--0-3-0-2-2---||||.--2-2-2-2-2-2----|--2-2-2-2-2--.||||.--2-2-2-2-2-2----|--2-2-2-2-2--.||||-0-------------(0)|0-------------||||------------------|--------------|||A A|A | Fa la la la la la Fa la la la la Fa la la la la la Fa la la la la|A6 A|A6 | We have a remedy you'll appreciate,|A A|A | No need to be so sad, he's only late|D D|D | We'll bring you flowers and things, help pass your time|D | We'll give him eagle's wings|D |A Asus4 |Asus2 A |E Esus4 |E7 Then he can fly to you|--------------------|----------|---------|---4--5-----|7-----||--------------------|-2---3----|0------2-|----5---5---|5-----||--------------------|--2---2---|2------2-|-/4-------6-|7-----||--------------------|----2--2--|2------2-|------------|------||--------------------|0--------0|-------0-|------------|------||--------------------|----------|--------0|0-----------|------||E EE|E | Fa la la la la la Fa la la la la|A AA|A | Fa la la la la la Fa la la la la Fa la la la la la Fa la la la la |E Esus4 |E | D Dsus4 | D | La|-4--5-5---|-4--5---4-|---2--3-2---|-3-2--3-2-||--5-5-5---|--5-5-5---|---3--3-3---|-3-3--3-3-||4---4-4---|4---4-----|-2-2--2-2---|-2-2----2-||----------|----------|-0-0--0-0---|-----0----||----------|----------|------------|----------||----------|----------|------------|----------|||:A AA|A AA:||4 We have a remedy Fa la la la la la la[spoken]A We have a remedy. We have!E D Little girl (guide), why don't you stop your crying?[stage version]AHere comes Ivor the Engine Driver to make you feel alright[record version]Asus4 AI'm gonna make you feel all right[Ivor The Engine Driver] E 2||------------------||||------------------||||.----------------.||||.--2---2---2---2-.||||-----2-------2----||||-0-------0--------||| E |B D |E | My name is Ivor, I'm an engine driver |--------------------|-----------------------|------------------||--------------------|-----------------------|------------------||--------------------|--4---4---7--------7---|------------------||--2---2---2-------2-|----4------------7-----|---2---2----2---2-||----2--------2------|2------/5--------------|-----2--------2---||0-------0-----------|-----------------------|0--------0--------||E |B D |E I know him well, I know why you feel blue |-----------------------|--------------------|--------------|-----------------------|--------------------|--------------|-----------------------|--4---4---7------7--|---9--------9-|--2------2---2------2--|----4-------7-------|--------9-----|----2----------2-------|2------/5-----------|7-------------|0----------0-----------|--------------------|--------------E |B D |E Just 'cause he's late don't mean he'll never get through ------------------|--------------------------|------0-----------0-0-------------------|--------------------------|------0-----------0-0---9-----------9---|--4---4---7----------7----|------1-----------2-1--------9----------|----4-----------7---------|------2-----------2-2-7-----------------|2------/5-----------------|------2-----------2-2-------------------|--------------------------|0--------------------- |A |E He told me he loves you, he ain't no liar, I ain't either |B |D E E Esus4 |E |ESo let's have a smile for an old engine driver |B |D E E Esus4 |E |E So let's have a smile for an old engine driver[below verses omitted in stage versions]Please take a sweet (take a sweet)Come take a walk with me (take a walk with me)We'll sort it out (sort it out)Back at my place (back at my place, maybe)It'll come right, you ain't no fool, I ain't eitherSo why not be nice to an old engine driver?Better be nice to an old engine driverBetter be nice to an old engine driver[Soon Be Home][stage version] A Bm7||------------------||------------------||||------------------||------------------||||.----------------.||.----------------.||||.--2-4-2---2-4-2-.||.--2-4-2---2-4-2-.||||-0-------0--------||-2-------2--------||||------------------||------------------|| ||:A | | | We'll soon be home, we'll soon be home |Bm7 | |A |Asus4 A :||3We'll soon, we'll soon, soon, soon be home We'll[record version] C Dm7||------------------||------------------||||------------------||------------------||||.--0-2-0---0-2-0-.||.--0-2-0---0-2-0-.||||.----------------.||.0-------0-------.||||-3-------3--------||------------------||||------------------||------------------|| ||:C | | | We'll soon be home, we'll soon be home |Dm7 | |C | :||We'll soon, we'll soon, soon, soon be home We'llCome on, old horseSoon be home, soon be homeWe'll soon, soon, soon be homeWe'll soon, we'll soon, soon, soon be home[You Are Forgiven]|D |A |C |Gadd9/B|F |Fsus4/C|Esus4|A Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang|D |Asus4 |D |Asus4 A |||:D |Asus4 A :||4 Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello |D DDD|Asus4 A |D DDD|Asus4 I can't believe it Do my eyes deceive me?A |D DDD|Asus4 A |D D D Dsus4 |D |Am I back in your arms? Away from all harm? |Cadd2 | |D D D/A D/C D D/C| D D It's like a dream to be with you again |-----------|---------|2--2---------------|-2-2------ |1-111-1111-|1111-1111|3--3---------------|-3-3------ |0-000-0000-|0000-0000|2--2----------2----|-2-2------ |0-000-0000-|0000-0000|0--0--0---0---0-0--|-0-0------ |3-333-3333-|3333-3333|------0---3-----3--|---------- |-----------|---------|-------------------|---------- [palm mute ] |Cadd2 | |D D D/A D/C D D/C| D D Can't believe that I'm with you again|D D D/A D/C D D/C |D D | Mow mow ma--mow-ma-mow mow mow|D5 [palm mute]| Dsus4 [palm mute] | |D |Asus4 A |D |Asus4 AI missed you and I must admit I kissed a few and once did sit |Cadd2 |G6sus4 |Cadd2 |G |D DD|On Ivor the Engine Driver's lap and later with him, had a nap||:G A7sus4 |D DD:||4 [repeat w/ below fills]|G5 A5 |D ||:G5 A5 |D :|| You are forgiven You are forgiven (you are for-giv----en) (you are for-)[fills]| G A | D || G A |D || ...baby|----------------|----------||--------------|---------|||---12------14---|---15~----||--------------|3---*----|||-----12------14-|----------||.-------------|2-------.|||/12-----/14-----|-0--------||.-------------|0-------.|||----------------|----------||---2-5----4-7-|---------|||----------------|----------||/3-----/5-----|---------|| [*toggle pickup selector]|G Asus4 A |D D DCDC|G G A A | [pause] You are for- (You are forgiv------e........n) ||:D |G G A A :|| -given You are for- (You are forgiv---e...n) |D ||:G5 A5 |D D :||-given forgiven Forgiven Forgiven Forgiven Forgiven For- (you are forgiv------en) (you are forgiv-[end] [spoken] |G G A A |D |A D Know you're forgiven You're all forgiven=============litgo@aol.com

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