I've Been Away


I've Been AwayBy The Who, 1966>Appears on A Quick One (reissue) Written by John Entwistle==============transcribed bylitgo@aol.com==============Piano arranged for guitarG 355433G(D) x(5)5433 (D) implied by bassC x32010C(G) (3t)32010 (G) implied by bassD xx0232D(A) x(0)0232 (A) implied by bassNote: to more closely approximate the piano pattern, tune down whole step (DGCFAD) to accommodate the low D; therefore, G: x02220; G(D): 0x2220; C: xx0232; C(G): x0x232; D: xx2100; D(A) x22100.[intro; piano arr for gtr] G G(D) G G(D)--|--10-10-10-|10-10---|--10-10-10-|10-10----|--|--12-10-12-|10-12---|--12-10-12-|10-12----|--|0-12-12-12-|12-12---|0-12-12-12-|12-12----|-0|-----------|0------0|-----------|0-------0|--|-----------|--------|-----------|---------|--|-----------|--------|-----------|---------|[bass] | | | |--|-----------|--------|-----------|---------|--|5----------|5-------|5----------|5---0-2-4|-5|-----5----5|-------5|-----5----5|---------|--|-----------|--------|-----------|---------||G |G(D) |G |G(D) ||G |G(D) |G |G(D) I've been away so long|G |G(D) |G |G(D) |C |C(G) |C Wonder where I went wrong, I spent my last year inside a cell |C(G) |G |G(D) |G |Never ever go away again|G(D) |D |D(A)|D |D(A) | I've been so sad and lonely|C |C(G) |C |C(G)|G |G(D) |G |G(D) | Never ever ever gonna go away again [rept intro]It's a waste of time doing time when you didn't commit the crimeIt wasn't me it was my brother BillEmptied out the till, never gonna speak to Bill againHe's made me sad and lonelyNever ever gonna speak to brother Bill again |C |C(G) |C |C(G) |G |G(D) |G |G(D)It was no use, they put my brother on the jury |C |C(G) |C |C(G) |D |D(A) |D |D(A) He bribed the others 'cause he owns the local breweryThey let me out todayBrother Bill's gonna payNo one's ever gonna speak to Bill againNever ever ever speak to Bill againHe'll be too cold and bonyNever ever gonna go away againNever ever gonna go away againNever ever gonna go away again=============litgo@aol.com

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