Man With The Money


Man With The MoneyAs recorded by the Who, 1966Written by Don and Phil EverlyAppears on A Quick One reissue==============transcribed down half step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)E D A E She wants a man with lots of money, not a poor boyE D A E He buys her things, she calls him honey, she calls me poor boyBm C#m A F#m What good could it do to give her love pure and true D Bm B When any fool could understand, she thinks the money makes a manShe wants a man with lots of money, not a poor boyShe wants the things you buy with money, not a poor boyD E A man with money DMan with money EMan with moneyF#m F#mJust down the street, I know a placeBm AbmWhen they're alseep I'll cover my faceAbm C#mI'll break the lock, open the doorBb BI'll step inside, I'll rob the storeI'll be a man with lots of money, not a poor boyI'll buy her things, she'll call me honey, not a poor boyD A man with moneyE A man with moneyD Man with moneyEMan with moneyDMan with moneyEMan with money E D |----0---------|---------------------|||----------3---|---------------------|||------2/4---2-|---2-----------------|||--------------|-0---2/4-2-0---------|||-------------4|---------------------|||-0------------|---------------------||

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