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I Believe My Own Eyes   Who

 I Believe My Own Eyes  Who

I Believe My Own EyesBy Pete TownshendFor the Who's Tommy soundtrack,1993==============transcribed     Gsus4    G         Gsus4    GThis can't continue, It makes no sense      Fsus4   F             Fsus4       FWe're getting nowhere, I've lost all my confidence    Gsus4     G              Gsus4 GThe boy wants something, I'm satisfied   Fsus4   F           Fsus4    FHe needs attention and care our love can't provideG    Gm                          Ebmaj7And then there's the matter of us...[verse pattern]Gm                       F                I'd like to prove that I don't think that                 Ebmaj7       F Fsus4 Fyou've seen the best of me           Gm                 I've stood up for the boy and      D                          D D  G G D D G GI've clung to the hopes and the lies  Gm                         F    I wish that the pain in your gaze                  Ebmaj7      F Fsus4 FCould again be a test of me           Gm                 D   But when I look in the mirror,                     G  C  D  GI believe my own eyes[chorus pattern]    C        D   G      C  D  GI believe my own eyes,          C           EmKnow I've come to the end       D           CAll my patience is gone         C          C  When I'm doubtful I tend     G                To believe my own eyes...[repeat verse pattern]I'd like to declare this devotion and Care is the life to liveThat nothing has changed and that Time isn't passing us byBut I have to say here that for us There's a clear-cut alternativeWhen we look at each other, we believe our own eyes[repeat chorus][break]Gm Gm Fsus4 F Fsus4 FE  E  Bsus4 B         E         A     B    E   A BThis has gone far enough      Cm             B  E     Cm  B EAfter all we've been through            C       We can't be blamed,                       D        G    C  D   GWe've done all we can humanly do         E         A     B    E   A BIt's a time to be tough      Cm             B  E     Cm  B EA time to be wise             C                    We must stop chasing false dreams       D         G    C  D   Gand recover our lives[chorus]I believe my own eyes,Know I've come to the endAll my patience is goneWhen I'm doubtful I tendTo believe my own eyes...[verse pattern]I'd like to believe that I don't feel that we've seen the best of usAnd the way to believe is to see where the real future liesI hope that the pain in your gaze can again be a test of usBut when I look in the mirror, I believe my own eyes[chorus]Let's believe our own eyesKnow we've come to the endAll our patience is goneLet's admit we intend To believe our own









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