In the Garage


Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 10:57:21 -0700
heres in the garage by weezer on there self titled album the only credit I can take for this is typin it up. my friend Darin Morris transcribed it so here it was. make it to chexmix for any coments and corrections
intro. finger picking. sound great with accoustick e---------------------------------0--------------------------------------- B---0----3------------------1-----------0-----------0-----3-----------0--- G------0---0---2---------------2-----2-----0-----0-----0-----0--2--------2 D-----------------4-----4---------------------2--------------------4------ A--------------5-----5------0-----------------------------------5--------- E---3-----------------------------------0-----------3---------------------
e----------------! the rest is just awhole bunch of power chords B----------------! such as C/G 3355xx G---0-----0--0--0! D/A 5577xx D------2---------! E 022xxx A---3-----2--0---! G 355xxx E---------------3! A 57xxxx or x02xxx
theres a couple of wierd w2 x25xxx chords so i call them w2 w3 x05xxx and w3 cool weezerchord2 and 3 ok if ya no the reel names *e--3------3--- mail me *B----3-------3 *G------4------ verse 1 C/G-- D/A------------- E---- i got dungeons masters guide C/G-- D/A---- E-- i got 12sided die C/G-- D/A-- G---- i got Kitty Pride G-------------------------------------D/A E-----*-----* and nightcraller too,waiting there for me, yes i do i do
that chord progression is for all verses oky dok
chorus G------D/A--- A------E----G------D/A----C---w2w3G--- in the garage i feel safe no one cares about my ways G------D/A----A---------E----G------D/A------C----w2w3-G--- in the garage where i belong no one heres me sing this song theres the chorus thats all folks
source: chexmix adress at top will up date soon late chexmix

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