Seven Nation Army

White Stripes

White Stripes Seven Nation Army Elephant
Right. This song isn't too hard. It's based on one bass riff: A-|---7--7--10--7-------------| E-|----------------10--8--7---| ...and then you just go from there. Most of it is really repetitve riffs so we'll label them A, B, etc. Guitar is distorted, obviously.
RIFF A (slightly palm-muted) e-|-------------------------------------------------------| B-|-------------------------------------------------------| G-|--------------------------------------------------(9)--| D-|--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--(9)--| A-|--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--(7)--| E-|--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7-------| (You only play the notes in parentheses right before you go back into the verse.)
RIFF B e-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| B-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| G-|--9----9--12--9--7--5----4----|--9----9--12--9--7--5--7--5--4--| D-|--9----9--12--9--7--5----4----|--9----9--12--9--7--5--7--5--4--| A-|--7----7--10--7--5--3----2----|--7----7--10--7--5--3--5--3--2--| E-|------------------------------|--------------------------------|
INTRO (guitar tacet)
VERSE (guitar tacet) I'm gonna fight em off A seven nation army couldn't hold me back They're gonna rip it off Takin' their time right behind my back And I'm talkin to myself out loud because I can't forget Back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette
CHORUS RIFF A And the message coming through my eyes says "Leave it alone" RIFF B x2 to RIFF A and then into...
VERSE Don't wanna hear about it Every single one's got a story to tell Everyone knows about it From the Queen of England to the hounds of Hell And if I catch you comin back my way I'm gonna serve it to you And that ain't what you want to hear but that's what I'll do
CHORUS And the feeling coming from my bones says "Find a home"
SOLO This also revolves mainly around that bass line, played over RIFF B 8 times. More specifically: e-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| B-|------------------------------|------------10--------10--------| G-|--9---9--9--9--9--12b12.5--11-|--9---9--12----12--12----12--11-|
D-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| A-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| E-|------------------------------|--------------------------------|
e-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| B-|-------------10-----10--------|------------10--------10--------| G-|--9----9--12----12------12----|--9---9--12----12--12----12--11-| D-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| A-|------------------------------|--------------------------------| E-|------------------------------|--------------------------------|
e-|-12--12-12--15--12--12--15---14---|-12--12--15--17--15-15--17--15--14-| B-|----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| G-|----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| D-|----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| A-|----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| E-|----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
e-|-12--12-12--15--12--12--/17b18--15-|--12--12-12-15-12-10--8-10-8--7-| B-|-----------------------------------|--------------------------------| G-|-----------------------------------|--------------------------------| D-|-----------------------------------|--------------------------------| A-|-----------------------------------|--------------------------------| E-|-----------------------------------|--------------------------------|
e-|-----------------------------------------------------| B-|-----------------------------------------------------| G-|--6--6--6--6--6--6--6--6--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--9--| D-|--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--| A-|-----------------------------------------------------| E-|-----------------------------------------------------| Throw a little feedback at the end too. Also, please note that each section (marked by the bars) = a repetition of the riff. (Well, the last one is over RIFF A instead of RIFF B but you get the picture.)
VERSE I'm going to Wichita Far from this opera forevermore I'm gonna work the store Make the sweat drip out of every pore And I'll plead a minute plead a minute pleadin right before the law All the words are gonna bleed from me and I will sing no more
CHORUS And the stains coming from my blood tell me "Go back home"
At the end of RIFF A after the last chorus, end it like this: e-|-------------| B-|-------------| G-|--9----9\\----| D-|--9----9\\----| A-|--7----7\\----| E-|-------------|
OK, so that's it. Rhythm's approximate and whatever, go listen to the song if you need to figure it out. E-mail corrections, questions, etc. to And don't whine because the lyrics are wrong; I really don't care. Well that's all. I'll be back.
(:o(= The Walrus

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