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First Cut Is The Deepest   Cat Stevens

rst Cut Is The Deepest}
{st:Cat Stevens}

#Cat Stevens - The First Cut Is The Deepest
#this is the original version of the cover by rod stuart, aswell as my first tab.
#It uses the Chords G, D and C but uses varients on the 1st verse and the link, I have
#them G*, D* and C*.
#G*  D*  C*  D*  G*  D*
# D*
#Verse 1
#             G*        D*         C*   D*
#I would have given you all of my heart
#            G*            C*          D*   C*
#but there's someone who's torn it a - part
#          G*           D*            C*
#and she's taken almost all that I've got
#     D*              G*               D*    C*
#but if you want, I'll try to love a - gain
#D*         G*             C*          D     D
#baby I'll try to love a - gain but I know
[G]   The first [D]cut is the [C]deepest,
[D]baby I k[G]now
The f[D]irst cut is the d[C]eepest[D]
'cause when it [G]comes to being [D]lucky she's[C] cursed [D]
when it c[G]omes to lovin' [C]me she's [D]worst [C]
but when it [G]comes to being in [D]love she's f[C]irst
that's [D]how I know
[G]   The first [D]cut is the d[C]eepest,
[D]baby I k[G]now
The first [D]cut is the d[C]eepest[D]    [D]

Verse 2

I still [G]want you b[D]y my s[C]ide [D]
just to [G]help me dry the [C]tears that I've [D]cried  [C]
cause I'm [G]sure gonna give [D]you a [C]try
and i[D]f you want, I'll [G]try to love a - [D]gain  [C]
[D]baby, I'll t[G]ry to love a[C]gain, but I k[D]now  [D]



G*  D*  C*   D*
        Ba - by I know



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