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California Dreamin   Mamas and The Papas

lifornia Dreamin}
{st:Mamas and The Papas}

        All the leaves are brown         [Am]          [G]           [F]
                           (all the leaves are brown)
        And the [G]sky is [Em]gray  (and the sky is [E]gray)
        [F]I've been for a walk       [C]           [Em]      [Am]
                        (I've been for a walk)
        On a [F]winter's day  (on a[Em] winter's day)      [E]
        [E]I'd be safe and [Am]warm    [G]         [F]
                        (I'd be safe and warm)
        If I was in[G] L.A.  [Em](if I was in L.A.) [E]

        [E]California dre[Am]amin'    [G]          [F]
                      (California dreamin')
        On such a [G]winter's day          [Em]         [E]

Verse 2
        [E]Stopped in to a [Am]church            [G]       [F]
        I passed along the way            [Em]        [E]
        Well I got down on my knees           [C]              [E]         [Am]
                              (got down on my knees)
        And I pretend to p[F]ray (I pretend to[Em] pray)             [E]
        [E]You know the preacher likes the cold                 [Am]          [G]                   [F]
                                       (preacher likes the cold)
        He knows I'm gonna stay (knows[G] I'm gonna[Em] stay)               [E]

        [E]California dre[Am]amin'    [G]          [F]
                      (California dreamin')
        On such [Em]a winter'[E]s day

Flute solo

        [F]            [G]    [Am]       [E]     
Verse 3

        [E]All the leaves are[Am] brown    [G]           [F]
                           (all the leaves are brown)
        And the [G]sky is [Em]gray  (and the sky is g[E]ray)
        [F]I've been for a [C]walk       [E]     [Am]
                        (I've been for a walk)
        On a winter's day  (o[F]n a winte[Em]r's day)            [E]
        [E]If I didn't tell[Am] her    [G]         [F]
                    (if I didn't tell her)
        I could [G]leave today (I c[Em]ould leave today)   [E]

        C[E]alifornia drea[Am]min'     [G]          [F]
                      (California dreamin')
        On such [Em]a winter'[E]s day

 [E]       Califor[Am]nia dream[G]in'       [F]
                      (California dreamin')
        On such a winter'[E]s day

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geekmomba (report)

No transpose.

hollander1966 (report)

you play Esus4 then E

- - - - - -
- - - - - -
- o - o - -
- o - - o -
- o - - o -
- - - - - -

WeirdCulture (report)

just wrong at some places

dazzb2000 (report)

When you play the em, play it like this. not sure what note it is, but sounds great.
[.[.[ play this, then this [.[.[
[.[.[ [.[.[
[.[o[ [o[.[
[.[.[ [.[.[
[.[o[ [.[o[
[.[.[ [.[.[
if somebody knows the chords that would be great, still a learner. L