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[Em(add9]          [A]   [Asus4]       [A]   [Em(add9]          [A]   [A7sus4] [A7] [Em(add9]          [A]   [Asus4]       [A]   [Em(add9]          [A]   [Asus4] [A] [Cmaj7]       [Bm7]     [Fmaj7]       [G]   [D7#9]      [D7b9]     [Em7]    Breathe, breathe in the [A]air.[Asus4] [A]
[Em(add9]        Don't be a[Em7]fraid to care[A].[Asus4] [A]
[Em(add9]        Leave but don't leave [A]me.[Asus4] [A]
[Em(add9]Look around and choose your own ground.[Asus4] [A]
For [Cmaj7]long you live and high you fly
And [Bm7]smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
[Fmaj7]All you touch and all you see
Is [G]all your life will [D7#9]ever [B7b9]be.
[Em7]    Run, rabbit [A]run.[A7sus4] [A7]
[Em]Dig that hole, forget the s[A]un,[A7sus4] [A]
[Em7]    When at last the work is [A]done[A7sus4] [A7]
[Em7]Don't sit down it's time to dig anoth[A]er one.[Asus4] [A]
For [Cmaj7]long you live and high you fly
But [Bm7]only if you ride the tide
And [Fmaj7]balanced on the biggest wave
    G                D7#9        D7b9     Em  [Segue to "On tbe Run]
You race towards an early grave.

Words and Music by Roger Waters, Nicholas Mason, David Gilmour and Rick Wright
[Witb clocks, alarms, and bells for approximately 40 seconds] 
N.C.(E) (F#m) (E) (F#m) (E) (F#m) (E) (F#m) (A) (E) (F#m)
[F#m]Ticking away the moments that make up a dull[A] day[Asus4] [A]
[E]Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.[F#m]
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your [A]home town
[E]Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.[F#m]
[Dmaj7]Tired of lying in the sunshine [Amaj7]staying home to watch the rain.
[Dmaj7]You are young and life is long and [Amaj7]there is time to kill today.
[Dmaj7]And then one day you find [C#m7]ten years have got behind you.
[Bm7]No one told you when to run, [E]you missed the starting gun.[F5]
[Guitar solo] 
[F#m]     [A]   [E]   [F#m]     [A]   [F#m]     [A]   [E]   [F#m]     [A] [E] [F#m] [Dmaj7]       [Amaj7]       [Dmaj7]       [Amaj7]       [Dmaj7]       [C#m7] [Bm7] [E]And you run[F#m] and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sink[A]ing
[E]Racing around to come up behind you again[F#m].
The sun is the same in a relative way but you're old[A]er,[A7] [A7sus4] [A7]
[E]Shorter of breath and one day closer to death[F#m].
[Dmaj7]Every year is getting shorter [Amaj7]never seem to find the time.
[Dmaj7]Plans that either come to naught or [Amaj7]half a page of scribbled lines
[Dmaj7]Hanging on in quiet despara[C#m]tion is the English way
The [Bm]time is gone, the song is over,
[Bm7]Thought I'd something [F/B]more to say.
Breathe (Reprise)

Words by Roger Waters
Music by Roger Waters, David Gilmour & Rick Wright
[Em(add9]          [A]   [A7]    [A7sus4]        [A7]    [Em(add9]       [A] [A7] [Em7]    Home,[Em] home again[A].[Asus4] [A]
[Em7]    I like to be here when I [A]can.[A7]
[Em(add9]    When I come home cold and tired[A] [D] [A/D]
[G/D]    It's [E5]good to warm my bones beside[G5] the fire[A].[Asus4] [A]
[Cmaj7]Far away across the field
[Bm7]The tolling of the iron bell
[Fmaj7]Calls the faithful to their knees
To [G]hear the softly [D7#9]spoken[D7b9/Eb] magic sp[Bm]ell.
The Great Gig In The Sky

Music by Rick Wright
[Bm]    [F]   [F(b5]       [F]   [F6]    [F]   [F(b5]       [F]   [Bb]  [F/A] [Gm7] [C9] [Gm7] [C9] [Fmaj7]       [Bbmaj7]        [Ebmaj7]        [Cm7]     [Cm7]     [F7]   [Bbmaj7] [Ebmaj7] [Bb] [Vocal scat solo] 
Gm7 C9 Gm7 C9 Gm7 C9 Gm7 C9 ...
[Bb/D]      [Bbm/Db]        [F#7]     [Bm]   [Bm]    [F]   [F(b5]       [F]   [F6]    [F]   [F(b5]       [F]   [Bb]  [F/A] [Gm7] [C9] [Gm7] [C9] [Fmaj7]       [Bbmaj7]        [Ebmaj7]        [Cm7]     [F7]    [Bbmaj7]    [Ebmaj7] [Bb] [Spoken: I never said I was afraid of dying.] 
Gm7 C9 Gm7 C9 Gm7 C9 Gm7 C9 ...
[Gm7]    Money

Words and Music by Roger Waters
[Bm7]Money, get away.
Get a good job with more pay and you're okay.
Money, it's a gas.
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
[F#m7]New car, caviar, four star daydream,
[Em]Think I'll buy me a football[Bm7] team.
[Bm7]Money, get back.
I'm all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack.
Money, it's a hit.
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit.
I'm in the [F#m7]high-fidelity first class travelling [Em]set
And I think I need a Lear[Bm7] jet.
[Bm7]Money, it's a crime.
Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie.
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today.
[F#m7]But if you ask for a raise it's no sur[Em]prise that they're
giving none a[Bm]way.
[Vocal ad lib simile witb background conversation effects] 
Us And Them

Words by Roger Waters
Music by Roger Waters & Rick Wright
[Dsus2]       [Esus2/D]         [Dm(maj7]          [G/D]     [Dsus2]     [Dsus2]       [Esus2/D]         [Dm(maj7]          [G/D]     [Dsus2]     [Dsus]Us, and [Esus2/D]them[Dm(maj7]
And after all we're only [G/D]ordinary men.[D] [A/D] [D] [A/D]
[Dsus2]Me, and [Esus2/D]you.[Dm(maj7]
God only knows it's not what [G/D]we would choose to do.[D] [A/C#]
[Bm]Forward he cried from the rear
and the front [Bm/A]rank d[D/G]ied.[C]
The [Bm]general sat and the lines on the map[A]
[D/G]moved from side to [C]side.
[Dsus2]Black and [Esus2/D]blue[Dm(maj7]
And who knows which is which and [G/D]who is who.[Dsus2]
Up and [Esus2/D]down.[Dm(maj7]
And in the end it's only [G/D]round and round and round.[D] [A/D] [A/C#]
"[Bm]Haven't you heard? It's a battle of words"
[Bm/A]the po[D/G]ster bearer [C]cried.
"[Bm]Listen son", said the man with the gun
"[Bm/A]There's [D/G]room for you [C]inside."
[Dsus2]       [Esus2/D]         [Dm(maj7]          [G/D]     [A/D]    [Dsus2]       [Esus2/D]         [Dm(maj7]          [G/D]     [Dsus2]     [Bm]    [Bm/A]      [D/G]     [C]   [Bm]    [A]   [Bm]    [Bm/A]      [G] [C] [Dsus2]Down and [Esus2/D]out[Dm(maj7]
It can't be helped but there's a [G/D]lot of it about.[D]
[Dsus2]With, with[Esus2/D]out.[Dm(maj7]
And who'll deny it's what the f[G/D]ighting's all about?[D]
[Bm]Out of the way, it's a busy day
[Bm/A]I've [D/G]got things on my [C]mind.
For the [Bm]want of the price of tea and a slice
[Bm/A]The o[D/G]ld man [C]died.
Breathe (Second Reprise)

Music by Roger Waters, David Gilmour & Rick Wright
Dm7 G Dm7 G Dm7 G Dm7 G Dm7 G ...
[Dm7]     [G]   [G7sus4]          [G7]     [Dm7]     [G]   [Dm7]     [G]   [Dm7]     [G]   [Dm7]     [G]  [Dm7]     [G(G7]       [Dm7]     [G]   [Dm7]     [G]   [G7]      [G7sus4]  [Dm7]     [G]   [Dm7]     [G]   [Dm7]     [G]   [Bbmaj7]        [Am]    [Ebmaj7] [F] [C7#9] [C7b9]Brain Damage

Words and Music by Roger Waters
[D]  The lunatic is on the gras[G7/D]s.
[D]  The lunatic is on the gras[G7/D]s.
[D]  Remembering games and [E/D]daisy chains and laughs.
[A7]Got to keep the loonies on the path[D].[Dsus2]
[D]  The lunatic is in the hal[G7/D]l.
[D]  The lunatics are in my [G7/D]hall.
[D]  The paper holds their folded [E/D]faces to the floor
And [A7]every day the paper boy brings [D]more.[Dsus2] [D7] [D9]
[G]  And if the dam breaks open [A]many years too soon
And [C]if there is no room upon the hill[G]
[G]  And if your head explodes with dark[A7] forebodings too
I'll [C]see you on the dark side of the moon[G].[Bm7] [Em7] [A] [A7]
[D]  The lunatic is in my head[G7/D].    (laughter)
[D]  The lunatic is in my head[G7/D]
[D]  You raise the blade,[E/D] you make the change
[A7]  You re-arrange me 'till I'm sane[D].[Dsus2]
[D]  You lock the door
And [E/D]throw away the key
There's [A7]someone in my head but it's not [D]me.[Dsus2] [D7] [D9]
[G]  And if the cloud bursts, [A]thunder in your ear
[C]  You shout and no one seems to hear[G].
And if the band you're in starts [A]playing diff[A7]erent tune[A]s
I'll [C]see you on the dark side of the moon[G].[Bm7] [Em] [A7]
[D]   [G7/D]      [D]   [G7/D]      [D]   [E/D]     [A7]    [D]   [Dsus2]   [D] [E/D] [A7] [D] [Dsus2] [Segue to "Eclipse"] 

Words and Music by Roger Waters
[D]   [D/C]     [Bbmaj7]        [Bbmaj7b5]          [A]   [A7]   [D]All that you touch,
[D/C]All that you see,
[Bbmaj7]All that you [Bbmaj7b5]taste,[A7]
All you feel.
[D]All that you love
[D/C]All that you hate
[Bbmaj7]All you distrus[Bbmaj7b5]t[A7]
All you save.
[D]All that you give
[D/C]All that you deal
[Bbmaj7]All that you buy[Bbmaj7b5],
beg, [A7]borrow or steal.
[D]All you create
[D/C]All you destroy
[Bbmaj7]All that you d[Bbmaj7b5]o
[A7]All that you say.
[D]All that you eat
[D/C]everyone you meet
[Bbmaj7]All that you [Bbmaj7b5]slight
[A7]everyone you fight.
[D]All that is now
[D/C]All that is gone
[Bbmaj7]All that's to com[Bbmaj7b5]e
and [A7]everything under the [D]sun is in tune
but the [D/C]sun is eclipsed by the [Bbmaj7]moon.   [Bbmaj7b5]          [D] [witb beartbeat effects]