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'20s Medley   Various Artists

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[C]Five foot two, [E7]eyes of blue,
but [A7]oh! what those five foot could do,
has [D7]anybody [G7]seen [G9+5]my [C]girl?[D9][Dm7][G9+5]
[C]turned up nose, [E7]turned down hose,
[A7]never had no other beaus
has [D7]anybody [Dm7]seen [G7]my [C]girl?[Dm7]
[C]Now if you [E7]run into a five foot two, [A7]covered [Em7]with [A7]fur,[F#m][Ab7][A9]
[D7]diamond rings and all those things,
[G7]betcha' life it [Dm7]isn't [G9]her!
[G7+5]But [C]could she love, [E7]could she woo?
[A7]Could she, could she, could she coo?
Has [D7]anybody [G7]seen [G9+5]my [C]girl?[Bb][C]

[G]Oh, we [C]ain't got a barrel of [F]mon[C]ey,
Maybe we're ragged and [F]fun[C]ny
but we'll [F]travel along, [C]singin a [A7]song, [D7]side [G7]by [C]side[G7]
[C]don't know what's comin' to[F]mor[C]row
maybe it's trouble and [F]sor[C]row
but we'll [F]travel the road, [C]sharin' our load, [D7]side [G7]by [C]side[C7]
[E7+5]through all kinds of [E7]weather...[A7]what if the sky should fall
just as [D7]long as we're together, it [G7]doesn't [Gdim]matter at [G7]all
when they've [C]all had their quarrels and [F]par[C]ted,
we'll be the same as we [F]star[G]ted
just [F]travelin' along, [C]singin' a [A7]song, [D7]side [G7]by [C]side

[C]Baby face, you've got the cutest lit[C#dim]tle [G7]baby face.
There's not another that [Cdim]could [G7]take your place, [C]ba[Gm6]by [A7]face
[D7]my poor heart is jumpin', [G7]you sure have started somethin'
[C]Baby face, I'm up in heaven when I'm [E7]in your [Bm7]fond em[Am]brace[C7]
I didn't [F]need a [F#dim]shove 'cause I just [C]fell in [A7]love
with [G#7]your [D7]pret[D7+5]ty [G7]baby [C]face.[Gm6][A7]
with [G#7]your [D7]pret[D7+5]ty [G7]baby [C]face.[Ab7][C]

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