62 Heart of Glass - Blondie

by Cork_92

63 Perdamaian From Gigi

by nangnan

64 My VDo....Guitar solo

by boybandclub

65 new pic

by beamer


by beamer


by beamer

69 Back-up

by herbasveezer

70 Sticky, Closed: Problems using Chordie

by Roger Guppy

71 Amp for sale

by Grah1

72 Testing, Testing, Testing

by mekidsmom

73 Sticky, Closed: Recordings without lyrics and chords

by arkady

75 Roxy music cover: avalon

by All1Song

76 Just logged in

by easybeat

78 expecting to fly

by All1Song

88 paperdoll revision

by beamer

89 in honor oF BETTY

by beamer

90 Disturbed

by beamer