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Hey Zen - Sorry, chordpro is still broken.


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Hey Anne - I see you stopped by their Facebook page and commented that you liked their song (Dead and Gone) and were looking for their lyrics. I hope they reply because I have searched and not been able to find those lyrics anywhere. Good luck.

Hey Zen - Yep, that hasn't work since the new format change. The fix is still in work but no idea when that will happen. Thanks for your patience.


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TIGLJK wrote:


Thanks for your effort - I appreciate it.

But what I was actually looking to get was to have it listed on chordie so I can save it  in my songbook.
Thanks again Jets - at least it is a start for me.


Ah, I understand now Jim. You'll need to pass the link of the song you want to add to the Chordie.com admin (admin@chordie.com), and if the link is legit the admin can get it added.

It is explained better by Roger on the About Chordie Forum (link below):


Hope that helps.


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Found it TIG: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/e/ed_s … ud_crd.htm


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Thanks Ark - added to my covers. smile


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Hey TIGLJK. Good song for the bad situation the US is in. Wish there was an easy fix, but all people have to change to fix it and there are quite a few stubborn people still out there on both sides of the issue who I doubt will budge any time soon.

I also, wanted to let you know I tweaked the chordpro format in a couple of spots just in case we get it working again.

I'm hoping that songs correctly written in chordpro format will work then, but I'm in the same boat as you. I guess we'll have to wait and see when the time comes. The last I heard was that the fix is difficult and may not happening for a while.


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I've always been a fan of the bittersweet. The words and the music fit well together and it plays pretty good too if I guessed right. Pass on to your sister Patti well done.


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Like it Scott. Looking forward to hearing how it sounds.


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Thanks Jim and Dino. I know I don't share as much anymore, but I couldn't resist with this one. I'll get it up on soundcloud sometime, but I think it's pretty easy to figure out how it goes.


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Thanks Phill - Yep, I'm guessing many folks can relate.


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A little Hank-ish song for all you guys out there who're glad she left.
{t:I Ain’t Lonely Tonight}
{st: Jeff Gilpin}
{c: 12-13-2015}

[G]I ain’t lonely to[C]night
[G]I ain’t lonely to[E7]night
You’re [C]with me
In my [D]memories
Wherever I [G]go [D]

You [G]talked at me all the [C]time
Un[G]til I ‘bout lost my [E7]mind
[C]Woke up to blessed [D]silence
I guess you’re [G]gone [G7]

[E7]But all you said
Is still [ ]rattling in my head
[A7]Keepin’ all you memories true
If I [D7]ever start to miss you
And the [ ]times that I would kiss you
[G7]All I’ve got to do

Is think a[E7]bout those endless days
And the words in [ ]my head that've stayed
And [A7]sometimes make me feel sad
But it was [D7]your call to leave me
Guessin’ you [ ]thought it would displease me
But [G7]honey, I ain’t mad...[D7]because

[G]I ain’t lonely to[C]night
[G]I ain’t lonely to[E7]night
You’re [C]with me
In my [D]memories
Wherever I [G]go [D] [G]


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Straight from the heart Jim.  Enjoyed it.


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smile Thanks mopac. My pleasure and if I am I will let you.


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...and here are the chords (from chordify.com): https://chordify.net/chords/neil-sedaka … -elofan567


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Hey Phill - What I do when I get in a bit of songwriter's block is I go search for new music I might like...usually from artists I've listened to before or maybe something I randomly find out there or someone recommended by a friend. Maybe I'll find one or two, and I'll try and learn a new cover, something I've never tried before, that sounds unusually to me, or plays a chord sequence I know and have used before but in a different way that I used it. Gradually I'll get out of it. Just look a way a bit and get into other folk's music for a while, then get back too it when you feel it start to come back. Good luck.

Kind of sounds to me like he starts off in F#, goes to Bm then to G....to me at least. Hope that helps.

Here is the youtube video of the song you're looking for if someone wants to give a try at figuring it out.


I couldn't find the chords anywhere or the tabs. Sounds more of a tab / fingerpicked song to me. Good luck.

I live right on the border between Gainesville and Haymarket, VA...a little ways down the road from Zurf.


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Hey Kamzik- I think dino was looking for a place where he can hear the song first. Is it on youtube?

Hey Dino - Good to see you too....I've just have been busy, but I still get to play from time to time.

Found it on e-chords (other places as well)...enjoy: http://www.e-chords.com/chords/boz-scag … e/keyboard


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I think artists' role in society is two fold. First, it is to entertain, give people a break from whatever is occupying their mind. Second, is to make people think although there is a lot of fluff out there that is not worth thinking about. Bottom line - An artist's role in society is to entertain and make people think while they are being entertained.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6MgP_Q8xj8

bm9111 wrote:

Thanks for your response. I tried to post the you tube link, but couldn't make it work. The song is an old tune by the lonesome River band. Dan Tyminski and Ronnie Bowen. Slow but a neat tune.