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dino48 wrote:
jerome.oneil wrote:

That's good, because they're playing Colorado.  big_smile   SC will most likely end up in the Rose Bowl, which will be an injustice to whoever loses tonight.

I hope it will be on one of my sports channels I will have too look around.

It was on Fox.  The Huskies won convincingly.   It was good because Jake Browning, the UW QB, had a *terrible* game.  Something like five completions the whole night.  So they just fed their running backs the rock and let the O-Line smash holes all the way to the end zone.  End result was 41 points and something like 65% of the minutes holding the ball.

So its UW v Alabama in the Peach Bowl for the right to play in the national championship game.   UW should expect to be heavy underdogs.  Alabama is huge and fast everywhere so any mistake will cost.

Ohio State is going to wreck Clemson.


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That's good, because they're playing Colorado.  big_smile   SC will most likely end up in the Rose Bowl, which will be an injustice to whoever loses tonight.


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Pac-12 Championship game today!   Go Dawgs!


I wouldn't say I've given them up, but I haven't bought one in a long time because I do stream so much.   I'm actually back to buying records again, because I'm nostalgic and records are cool.  The notion that they have some sort of acoustic superiority is patently ridiculous, though.  There is nothing that provides the fidelity that modern digital does.

I just like album cover art.  big_smile


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The strength of schedule stuff is all nonsense.    Washington destroyed a #7 ranked Stanford team and got no credit for it.   The SEC outside of Alabama and maybe LSU is as soft as wet toast.   The rankings at this point in the season are purely to prop up the weakest divisions because that's where the TV revenue is.  VA Tech, my favorite whipping boy for this, is a perfect example.   That is a team that got beat by Syracuse and  GA Tech,  got destroyed by Tennessee,  and barely managed to scratch out wins against Duke and Pitt.      Yet they've been bouncing around the top 25, as they do every year, for no reason at all other than to make the ACC look like it's a tougher division than it actually is.   Clemson has been scraping by all year long, winning close ones against bad teams.   They should be right around #10, tops, and the Wisconsin,  Penn State, and Michigan guys should be arguing over who gets in.   See also:  Louisville, with back to back losses against unranked teams (which would drop any west coast team out of the top 25 entirely) still manages to get ranked #13.

The Big 10 is the toughest division in football,  but right now I'd argue USC  is the best team.   They had a terrible start, fired their coach, changed QBs (that kid is amazing) and have been wrecking people ever since.   I'm picking Alabama v OSU in the final game, with Alabama winning it, but I'll be pulling for the Buckeyes.


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dino48 wrote:

I hope your huskies can pull something through. I hope your Seahawks do also. I am embarrassed to be a forty niner fan right now 10 losses in a row!!

Look at the bright side.  The 49ers ownership has screwed it up so bad they won't have much choice other than to go hire a top name head coach (I know Mike Holmgren wants the job) and then turn the whole thing over to them.  No one would take that gig under any other circumstances, except guys that enjoy the qualifier "interim" next to their "head coach" title.

"You pay me, then shut up and disapear until the off-season."  big_smile


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Well, the Sadhawks went and laid an egg against a pretty good Tampa Bay team.   You could make injury excuses (Earl Thomas and Michael Benett out) but when you drop the football (lookin at you, Jimmy Graham) and run terrible routes (lookin' at you, Paul Richardson) leading to INTs, you're gonna get beat.  The good news is that the Hawks could lose every game on the schedule except for LA and Arizona, and still win the division.

My Dawgs, though...  This was "Rivalry Week" in college football.  Ohio State barely (and I mean "bad spot by refs") beat Michigan.   Alabama stomped all over Auburn.   And the Huskies opened a serious case of whoop-ass on cross state rivals (and #22 ranked) WSU Cougars.   Colorado beat Utah to put them in the Pac-12 championship game against UW.  This sets up a really odd set of circumstances for the morons on "the committee" picking the final four teams to play for the national championship, assuming Washington beats Colorado, which should be ranked in the top 10.

Lets just assume Alabama and Ohio State are gonna be there, no matter what, because they are.

In the Pac-12, Washington would have beaten a #8 or #9 ranked Colorado team.

The Big-10 championship game isn't going to have Ohio State in it.  Because the Buckeye's lost to Penn State, it is going to be Wisconsin (#6) vs Penn State (#7).  This has all the makings of a *great* football game, too, so watch it.

Clemson, which has skated by all season long and got beat at home by an un-ranked U-Penn team is going to play an un-ranked Virginia Tech team in the ACC championship game.

So since Ohio State and Alabama are absolute locks to get into the final four, that leaves two spots open for three actual division champions.  Washington, the Big-10 champ, and Clemson.

Someone is going to be on the outside looking in.  I hope it's Clemson.  The ACC shouldn't even be considered a "Power 5" conference, but since it is owned lock, stock, and barrel by ESPN, they are going to prop it up any way they can.  See Louisville losing back to back against un-ranked teams, and still somehow being ranked #11 in the country as an example.

We live in interesting times!  big_smile


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mekidsmom wrote:

Jerome - HOW did you survive without bread?  That means no stuffing!  In my world, the stuffing is actually the main course not the turkey!  ha ha!

No doubt!  Fortunately, I have hungry children that would eat a bowl of stuffing all on their own.

My family cooks like they are feeding the Russian army, so there is never a shortage of leftovers to go around.   If you're over for a visit and I get drunk and puke on your shoes, that's just Tuesday.  If you're over for a visit and you go home hungry, that's shameful.  big_smile


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My favorite holiday.   I'm on a pretty strict weight loss regimen, though (dropped ~30lbs so far) so I wasn't able to pig out like I usually do.  I did manage to stuff my face with turkey, Brussels sprouts, and salad, though, which is pretty good.

No beer and no bread is killing me though.  sad


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mojo01 wrote:
jerome.oneil wrote:

Play the ones you play best.   You're basically going to be paying for time, so there's no point wasting it practicing while you're in studio.

Pick the most complete, competent songs you have, and get them to disk.  They'll sound the best and you won't have to make any excused for them.

thanks Jerome that's some sound advice right there (pun intended) really that makes a lot of sense thanks

Happy to help!

Here's some more.   Before you record, spend a little to get your guitars set up.  New strings, frets dressed, truss adjusted, etc...  Just like you want to play the songs you play the best, you want them to sound as good as possible.


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Play the ones you play best.   You're basically going to be paying for time, so there's no point wasting it practicing while you're in studio.

Pick the most complete, competent songs you have, and get them to disk.  They'll sound the best and you won't have to make any excused for them.


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Yeah!  The defense finally showed up (in the person of Kam Chancellor) and they found some semblance of a run game.  That was an awesome football game.  So that makes me happy.

What makes me sad is USC absolutely going to school on my Huskies.  The Trojans made a QB change about five weeks ago to start true freshman Sam Darnold.  That kid cut the Dawgs secondary to ribbons, and UW couldnt adjust, and had no answer to it.   And since the odds of the committee putting a one loss Pac-12 team in the final four swiftly approach 0, even with Michigan and Clemson getting beat, I'm holding hope for the Rose Bowl.

And as yet another example of East Coast media bias and desperate attempts to pump up the ACC, Clemson, which has been scraping by all season long, finally got exposed and got beat by an un-ranked Penn team.  They fall two places.  They Huskies got beat by a resurgent perennial power house and #24 ranked USC team.

Clemson falls two spots.  UW falls 3.  Louisville, who plays no-one and beat a "powerhouse" Wake Forrest team, sits at #3.

And remember that #4 ranked Texas A&M team?  They lost to an unranked team for the second week in a row.

Anyway... Committees suck, and we need an eight team playoff.  big_smile


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I own one, and use it all the time for field recordings at bluegrass festivals.  The mics are nice, and you can adjust the angle of the coincident pair from 120 to 90 degrees.   It's also really nice for doing recordings of drum kits.  Mount the H4n as the overheads, put the kick on one of the external inputs, and the snare on the others  (or set them up Glyns Johns or Recorderman style), and presto you're done.

My only real complaint with it is that it won't recognize a 64Gb SD card.  32Gb max.


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topdown wrote:

2 thoughts on the season thus far.

How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!!

I think we've seen the end of Tony Romo.  And if that kid doesn't win Rookie of the Year, there is no justice in the universe.

Last nights Sadhawks Bills matchup wasn't the snoozer I anticipated.  It was an absolute comedy of errors, though.  The officiating was horrendous, mostly to the detriment of the Bills.  I will say this, though.  Leshawn McCoy looks like Barry Sanders, and if Tyrod Taylor could throw a deep ball, he'd be one of the most dangerous QBs in the league.

The end of the first half was classic "butt fumble" comedy gold.   Lets review...

Three seconds left in the half, no time outs left,  third down, and the Bills have driven to within field goal range.  They bring out their kicking unit.  Richard Sherman jumps waaaaaay off sides,   but the refs don't blow the play dead like the should have in an "unabated" off sides.   So, he keeps coming for the ball, gets a chunk of it, and makes contact with the Bill's kicker.   The kicker flops like an EPL soccer player and rolls around on the ground, trying to draw a roughing flag, which he isn't going to get as Sherman got the ball and the refs didn't blow the play dead.   The Bills trainers run out on the field to help the "injured" kicker, who all of a sudden realizes he's got no time outs, and by rule, if the trainers are on the field,  the player has to sit out the next play.  Ooops.    He pops up, miraculously cured,  but by rule he's now on the sidelines.  The Bills have no one that can kick a field goal, so they run their offense out again to spike the ball and stop the clock, which they manage to do, bringing up fourth down with one second left to play in the half.

Now it really gets weird.

So here comes kicker again to kick a 45 yarder.  And he drills it.  That ball flew straight as an arrow, right through the uprights.  Unfortunately, his line moved early, so the Bills take a 10 yard penalty and have to re-kick the ball.

You know what happens next.   The next kick sliced right.    0 Points.

Gold.  I was literally laughing out loud at the whole thing was going on.


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The myth is far more romantic that the truth, and I think that mask and nifty poem has a lot to do with that.    Fawkes was a radical Catholic (no snub on Catholics, I'm married to one) that tried to blow up Parliament and kill King James in order to put another Catholic on the throne.

Short story, the guy was a grade-A religious fanatic.

Cool mask, though.


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Sadhawks are on Monday night tonight against Buffalo.  My prediction is that it's another 7-3 snoozer, as neither offense is worth a dang.

On other news, the College Football Championship playoff committee decided that a one loss Texas A&M program was more worthy of inclusion that an undefeated Husky team.  This caused much panic and wailing and gnashing of teeth out here in Seattle.   I wasn't worried, as A&Ms one loss was to Alabama, which plays in the same division, so A&M couldn't even win their own conference assuming Alabama runs the table, which is likely because those boys are good.

Anyway, in response to this ranking confusion, A&M responded like the #4 team in the nation would, and went out and got beat by an unranked Mississippi State team, while the Huskies dropped 65 on Cal.

I expect tomorrow when they release the new poll, the committee in it's wisdom will chose a one loss (to unranked Penn State) Ohio State Buckeye's team over an undefeated Huskies team.

At that point, we will light the torches and get the pitchforks out of the barn.


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I've only done new installs on Win10 (being a Mac guy) but it's been rock solid for me.


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That was easily the best WS game I've ever seen.   Tops game 1 of '88 (Kirk Gibson limps to the plate and knocks a game winning dinger off of Eckersly),  game six in '77 (Reggie Jackson's three homer game) and game 4 in  '93 (Jays and Phillies combine for about a gazillion runs).

That thing was storybook.


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Yeah, me too.  Either way, one team is going to end decades of misery.  smile


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There are few things better in the universe than game 7 of a World Series.


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Strummerboy Bill wrote:

The "rolled and pleated" Kustom?  Oh, God - I remember those (candy-apple red) beauties from the 60's and 70's. I hope you won't have any probs finding the proper replacement tubes, jerome, and even though I'm primarily a drummer, I do empathize and sympathize. It was no fun having had to tone myself down so as not to drown out the strings and voices.

All the best


This one is only six years old, and I bought it new.  All the tubes should be modern.  Kustom quit making this one in this size, though (50W) so I can't just run out and buy a new one.


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This one is only about five years old, so it should be OK to fix with modern parts.


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My amp decided to release it's smoke last night.  sad  So between the busted Kustom and the busted Fender, we are down to about 30 watts total amplification.

This is a drag.


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dino48 wrote:

Well Green Bay got beat last 31 seconds. I think Jeromes Seahawks got beat also.

Yup.  They've reverted back to my beloved Sadhawks.  smile

My Huskies, though....   On the road to Salt Lake to play the #17 Utah Utes.   They did not have their dominating defense with them.    Utah is a bit of a one trick pony on offense, but that pony (running back Joe Williams) is knocking out 170 yards a game and the Dawgs couldn't stop him.   But they managed to win out anyway.  8-0 looking at four more wins (Cal,   USC, ASU, and then the Apple Cup against WSU) to run the table.  I just hope their cupcake out of conference schedule doesn't hurt them come championship playoff selection time.


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The Seahawks ain't going anywhere.  I don't know if anyone caught that travesty of a "football game" in Arizona on Sunday.  You're lucky if you didn't.

Here's a reacap:  Seattle's D was spectacular as usual.  Their offense was pathetic.  8 minutes into the 3rd quarter, and the score is 0-3 Arizona.  This thing crawled along to the finish line and went into overtime at 6-6.  After a full 15 minute overtime, the game ends in a tie.

75 minutes of NFL football, and they combine for 12 total points.