I bought this Yamaha EG112 as a bare body and neck, I had the body painted at a car repair shop and acquired all the parts to build my 'go to first' electric guitar.


Back in 1968 for my G.C.E. 'O' level exam in woodwork I built an acoustic from scratch, only buying the fret wire, tuners, nut, saddle and tailpiece. Acoustic it was not very good, it did not resonate well, but was fine with a pick-up and I gigged with it on several occasions. I have no pictures I'm afraid.



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Not knowing the answer to your question I imported a public songbook. Finding no way to delete the songbook I deleted all the songs and was immediately presented with this page:


I clicked on the 'Delete songbook' tag and it was gone. Possibly if you have had empty songbooks for a while you may have to import a song and then delete it to get this delete page.


Sadly I will not be able to make it; mind you it is perhaps as well, otherwise Paul and I would end up fighting over the 12er. lol



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Sorry to hear of your loss and and it is understandable why you have not been around for a while. You were missed, and asked about, on several occasions so I am sure we will all be looking forward to hearing more from you, I know I will.



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that looks to be a good buy. There should be profit in this one. smile


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Especially for a musician and bought for me by a friend:


Zurfl, if you have reduced your strings to 10's you will have reduced the string tension and the neck is likely to have arched back slightly. Look along it (or preferably use a long straight edge) to check it is true. My guess is that slight back arch is the problem and a slight release of the truss rod tension will do the trick.

The other thing is there may be a spur on the outside edge of the fret which need filing off.

I have had this happen a time or two myself.



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Did you try clearing your cookie as Doug suggested before you posted this reply?


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Wow!! my idea of Heaven, being paid to hang around with a beautiful girl who can sing. smile

Well done to your grandson, Ed.



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What many newbies do not seem to realize that if there were problems with Chordie there would be thousands of Members asking what is wrong. If the issue is only with one or two Members then it has to be at their end and not with Chordie. I have never had a problem with adverts and I have probably been using Chordie longer than any current user (about 16 years), however. I clear my cookies on a regular basis and have used an adblocker for a long, long time.



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Glad you are back in the saddle and hoping that from here you go from strength to strength.



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I had a new student start yesterday, probably the cleverest one I have ever had. A retired rocket scientist with a masters degree in mathematics. So, after teaching him the 'G' and 'D7' chords and finishing with playing 'Tom Dooley' (OK it was very slow and hesitant with gaps at chord changes but we got there) he turned to me, with sweat running down his brow, and said:

"That was the hardest hour I have ever had in my whole life............. It was also the most enjoyable".

I can live with that. lol



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Welcome to the Forum Victoria, you have been hiding in the shadows for too long so please, join in any of the conversations that take your interest.



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easybeat wrote:

any chance of a video????



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Nice to have you and a warm welcome to Chordie. Why not nip down to the 'Chat' section and tell us a little about yourself so we can get to know you better.



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I know Phill, that is why I passed it on to Per, it is a very odd occurrence.



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Hi Don and welcome to the Forum.

This is odd so I have added the link to your post and will ask Per (the site owner) to look into it for you.



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Oh Bill. I wish I had a magic wand to wave and send you some better fortune. I have heard, of but not had any dealings with, scabies so I looked up this article and apparently it is very common. Some helpful advice mentioned in it:


Big hug for Dondra. and hoping for a swift recovery.



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Condolences to you and your wife and also to your children who have lost a grandfather who, for all his faults, sounds like a real fun grandpa to have. So sorry for you loss.



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That is an interesting site Doug. I was able to find out about my Italian made Melody 1200 12 string who also made guitars for EKO.

Graham can you post a picture as I am very curious as to whether there are any similarities to my 12er?



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Keep your pecker up Bill. Hope thing soon settle down for you both. Big hug for Dondra.



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Great to hear from you Trevor and welcome to the forum.

Whilst I have never owned a Gibson I believe with any guitar, no matter what the make, you must hold her and play her and you will know whether she is right for you.
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I will reiterate what others have said to be positive (which you appear to be anyway) because we never know what is round the corner and I know several people who have proved their doctors diagnosis wrong.



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I guess Lex Luther must be plotting against you. smile



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Hi Richard, nice to meet you. I am a bit up to the neck in it at present but I will look at your music later. (I might even listen too smile).
Your earlier comment has intrigued me; does standing on your head all the time mean that you have to do a handstand when you wish to use the loo? lol lol lol
Enjoy Chordie,



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This is the natural note symbol: