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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

I have to open cases and see what is going.

Isn't it great when you have so many you have forgotten what is in the cases lol



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I have not seen this one before and I like the concept. I must save up my pennies and try one out smile

Happy NPuD



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I wish someone would give me a guitar like that, lucky man. lol

Hope you and Dondra are OK, take care.



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Unfortunately I do not have my first guitar. Christmas 1958 both my brother and I received a plastic 'Elvis Presley' guitar but here is a photo of us with them:


litalalovo, you have not tried the above solution as I have never had an e-mail from you. I need that to sort out password problems.


It does not work like that kretch.

You have to send me a personal e-mail to: roger4songs@yahoo.co.uk from the e-mail address you use for Chordie and I will sort it out for you. However I will say here and now that demands fall on deaf ears, there is a magic word that should be used if you want help.


The first time I was looking after my friend's music shop whilst he was on holiday a guy came in, he looked a little scruffy with a heavy coat on and a tatty bag over his shoulder. I greeted him and he wanted some guitar strings and, being all keen in my new position as shop manager I did suggest that we could fit them and set up his guitar for him, to which he declined. We then had a bit of a chat about nothing consequential and he left.

A couple of weeks later when my friend had returned I called in the shop to find him chatting to the same guy and after I greeted them my friend turned to me and said "Oh I see you have already met Ian Gillan from Deep Purple"............ lol

Per, the owner of Chordie, does have more important things to do. Like feeding and keeping a roof over the heads of his wife and teenage children, so he has a full time job to maintain. The ability to use ChordPro in the forum is on his list of things to do, but it not just the case of flipping a switch and the job is done. He has to write the software, test and debug it before it can happen. However there are more important issues that need sorting first. Chordie is primarily a search engine for lyrics and chords and there are issues here that take priority, the finding of new material and including it in the library, also a quicker, easier procedure of adding songs from Members requests has to take precedence. Sadly these things take time and second place to earning a living and it will happen, but it is impossible to predict a timescale as to when.



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Thinking of you both very often, you have gone through so much lately. Bless you both and I hope the big man upstairs ensures you have no more troubles and that He makes life easier for the both of you.



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lol  lol  lol




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Well done!!

For my CGE 'O' level woodwork project in 1966 I designed and made an acoustic guitar. I bought the tuning heads, a tailstock and the fretwire then spent hours in the library trying to find out how to calculate the fret spacing (there was no Google to consult back then lol). Unfortunately I could not get a thin enough timber for the body and had to use a veneered plywood. The result was that the sound was a little dead but I then fitted a pick up and it sounded fine. I was particularly pleased that the intonation was spot on and I gigged with it in my band several times. I eventually gave it to my brother - wish I had kept it. sad



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So pleased daddy and daughter have reconciled. May you have many happy years together now.


There are two listings for this band/artiste one with 6 songs and one with 122 but as you point out both show a blank sheet when you open them. I have written to the site owner to see if I can find an answer for you.

Take care,


Thank  you for pointing this out. I had not noticed as I rarely print out as song and, as I remember, the chord grids could be at the side of the song, at the bottom of the page or not at all. I have written to Per, the site owner, and suggested that he re-introduce this feature when he can.

Take care,



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My opening song is very often 'Can't Help Falling In Love'. A couple of years ago when in the UK I visited a girl I have known for over 50 years and met her husband, Clive, for the first time. During the conversation I mentioned that I had bought a 12 string and Clive, having never seen one, wished to look at it so I fetched it from my car and, after looking at it, he asked me to play something. So I broke into 'Can't Help Falling In Love'. Half way through I glanced at Clive and he was sobbing his socks off, I did not realise that my playing and singing was that bad.... lol

It turned out that this song had a very special significance for him and I caught him unawares. I quickly broke into another favourite of mine (that very few people have heard of) the Silkie's 'Blood Red River'.


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Apart from the fact you are going to be on very unstable craft on that unbreathable wet stuff smile it sounds like an absolute blast. I am sure you will have a great time.



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Here is a song recorded by one of my students two years ago that I hope you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdtgXeIF1Ys



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I am so sorry for you loss, as if you have not been through enough recently, to lose a child is absolutely tragic. My heart goes out to both you and Dondra, thoughts and prayers are with you. Just wish I was closer to be able to offer some physical support. Bless you both.



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Open the songbook containing the one you wish to delete. There is a light grey box to the left of the song title, tick the one (or ones) that are to be deleted, then click on the delete button (the dustbin symbol in the middle of the page alongside the Songbook name) and Hey Presto, job done.



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Happy Birthday Jeff (that is topdown Jeff).

May your strings never break and always stay in tune. More importantly, may Georgia always live next door lol.



lol Roger


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What rolling ads at the bottom??? I see very few ads, apart from on the home page, so I can only suggest you clear out the cookies and get an ad blocker.



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Welcome to Chordie, I have moved your thread to the correct section.

As Doug has pointed out the 'closed' topics are the 'Stickies'. These are guidelines or help with certain operations and are not for discussion, hence they are closed, and a 'Sticky' it is always at the start at the section so it is easy to find. If you wish to mention something about these then simply start a new topic and refer to the relevant 'Sticky' in your comments.

Most of the 'Stickies' are the result of earlier discussions, so you can always use the 'search' feature to seek out previous discussions regarding a certain subject and add comments there.



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This might interest you:




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Welcome Anita,

After lurking for 3 years you have at last emerged lol. Please nip down to the 'Chat' section and introduce yourself by letting us know about your guitar(s), your musical interests and how long you have been playing. Nice to hear from you.