AMY.... well AMIE really smile


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Hi and welcome to Chordie,

You had posted this in an unrelated topic and in the wrong section so I have moved it here where it belongs.

You are new to Chordie and, I guess, do not realize that Chordie is a search engine. None of the song shown are hosted here they are found on other sites around the Internet but formatted and made easy to transpose by Chordie's software. You can locate the hosting site by reading the info with the selected song and write to the them explaining the errors. Alternatively you can move the song to your own Songbook here, make the corrections and then make it public for others to see the corrected version.

Enjoy Chordie,


OK just in time I have recorded Scott's song. … nks-ballad


Edit to add: Drums and bass courtesy of Band in a Box; Nashville tuned and 12er guitars and the vocals are mine. smile

I am still hoping to get a recording of Scott's song done but I injured my right thumb and have been unable to play properly but it is about mended now so fingers crossed.



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Hi Dan and welcome to the Forum.

The maximum songs allowed in any one songbook is 100.

You can open a song in one songbook and then save it to another one but I do not know of anyway to copy a whole songbook to another.



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Oooops!! Sorry,



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Check this out from Wikipedia, Scott: … Band_song)



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I want one!!!



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Last week my local paper had this photo from June 1966 so I had them e-mail me a decent copy of it. Neither my brother, Colin (sat at the front), or I can remember it being taken but I was dead chuffed as it is the only photo I have seen of my first 12 string guitar. I was still in college at the time and I worked at my father's village newsagents shop so I paid a little each week until I had it paid off. Roger

OK here is my offering for Graham's 'The Cloak of Invisibility': … nvisibilty

Now I can go and listen to Graham's to see how wrong I have got it and to the other recordings too. big_smile



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Today is arkady's birthday!!

Happy birthday Tony, may your strings never break and always stay in tune.



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TIGLJK wrote:

When we get older we tend to minimize the number in a creative way... This summer I plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my 15th Birthday !  smile


I have done the same as my mother used to do: I got to 60 and then started working backwards. This year I celebrate my 50th lol


One from me that has not already been suggested is Jim (TIGLJK)'s "The Other Side".



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A Happy New Year to all in Chordieland. I hope this is a year for dreams to come true. big_smile



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Thank you for my e-card also.



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Happy Birthday, Amy. Big hug from Portugal.

Roger xx


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I was shocked to hear about Carrie Fisher and then her mum a few days later.

It has been a bad year for stars and celebrities. The Heavenly 'Travelling Wilburys' must be an absolutely cracking band now,



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So sad. 2016 has been a bad year for celebrities, so many taken. R.I.P. Rick.

Here's hoping for a better 2017.



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Merry Christmas everyone. I have a stinking cold that is free to anyone who would like it. It made me miss out on a Portuguese Christmas party last night, (the Portuguese have their special Christmas meal Christmas eve and, at midnight, the presents are handed out and opened).


I have spoken to the site owner, this is being worked on now and hopefully will be up and running shortly. It is not the case of 'flicking a switch'; there is a great deal of involved in writing the software and ensuring the safety and integrity of Chordie when changes are implemented.

Be patient, keep smiling, help someone who is in need and I am sure it will not be long before your wish is granted.



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Welcome back Butch,

Sorry to hear about your problems and injury. Did you know that one of our Members badly injured his left hand and taught himself to play as a lefty? He is now a professional musician that I had the pleasure of seeing a couple of years ago. You may not need to be so drastic and given some time,  physio and practice you may get your hand working without pain, so don't give up there is always a way. I am hoping for the best for you.


Here's hoping he is soon feeling OK and his blood pressure stabilized. Hoping you are well too Dondra.

Take care, Roger


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Actually Topdown is correct. Every song that I looked at was simply typed with the chords above the lyrics. ChoPro is a particular way of writing which, when formatted, will leave leave a:the song title in a larger font and bold print and b:the chords above the lyrics will be coloured and also bold. None of these are apparent in the songs you linked to.

Sorry to disappoint you,



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I am afraid that now all you can do is be patient. Per, the site owner, has a full time job and he will do it as soon as he has the time to do so.