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Happy Birthday Jeff (that is topdown Jeff).

May your strings never break and always stay in tune. More importantly, may Georgia always live next door lol.



lol Roger


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What rolling ads at the bottom??? I see very few ads, apart from on the home page, so I can only suggest you clear out the cookies and get an ad blocker.



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Welcome to Chordie, I have moved your thread to the correct section.

As Doug has pointed out the 'closed' topics are the 'Stickies'. These are guidelines or help with certain operations and are not for discussion, hence they are closed, and a 'Sticky' it is always at the start at the section so it is easy to find. If you wish to mention something about these then simply start a new topic and refer to the relevant 'Sticky' in your comments.

Most of the 'Stickies' are the result of earlier discussions, so you can always use the 'search' feature to seek out previous discussions regarding a certain subject and add comments there.


This might interest you:




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Welcome Anita,

After lurking for 3 years you have at last emerged lol. Please nip down to the 'Chat' section and introduce yourself by letting us know about your guitar(s), your musical interests and how long you have been playing. Nice to hear from you.



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For Dondra:

For you Bill:


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Great song, well done Jeff and well found Zurf.



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Hoping all went well and the results were good.


Another way is to point your mouse at the end of the red play bar and click and hold the left mouse button. A red circle will appear that you can drag back to the start to replay the video.


As long as the Songbook has been published and made 'Public' (by clicking on the world icon in a blue box, far right) anyone should be able to see the Songbook as it has been edited by the Member. Although I can follow the link and see the Songbook I cannot find it by searching the published Songbooks so I suspect it has not been published.



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Welcome back Bill. As you know you have been missed, hoping all is well with you and the lovely Dondra. Please give her a big hug from me.



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I have just checked, it is 5 weeks since he was last here and it is not like him to go so long without comment, so I have sent him an e-mail. I will let you know when he replies.



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Happy Birthday Scott. Have a great day, full of music and laughter. lol

May your strings never break and always stay in tune.


I am all behind this month but I have just managed to record Country Roads, sadly I will not get Amie done. Finger picked Nashville guitar and strummed baritone ukulele played by me, bass and drums courtesy of Band-in-a-Box. After 3 hours of unsuccessful attempts to upload to Soundcloud I have had to use Youtube:




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Thank you for this. I have passed it on to the powers that be to be added as soon as possible.



AMY.... well AMIE really smile


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Hi and welcome to Chordie,

You had posted this in an unrelated topic and in the wrong section so I have moved it here where it belongs.

You are new to Chordie and, I guess, do not realize that Chordie is a search engine. None of the song shown are hosted here they are found on other sites around the Internet but formatted and made easy to transpose by Chordie's software. You can locate the hosting site by reading the info with the selected song and write to the them explaining the errors. Alternatively you can move the song to your own Songbook here, make the corrections and then make it public for others to see the corrected version.

Enjoy Chordie,


OK just in time I have recorded Scott's song.

https://soundcloud.com/roger-guppy/moth … nks-ballad


Edit to add: Drums and bass courtesy of Band in a Box; Nashville tuned and 12er guitars and the vocals are mine. smile

I am still hoping to get a recording of Scott's song done but I injured my right thumb and have been unable to play properly but it is about mended now so fingers crossed.



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Hi Dan and welcome to the Forum.

The maximum songs allowed in any one songbook is 100.

You can open a song in one songbook and then save it to another one but I do not know of anyway to copy a whole songbook to another.



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Oooops!! Sorry,



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Check this out from Wikipedia, Scott:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stage_Fri … Band_song)



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I want one!!!