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Great news.  Glad to hear it went well.  Best of luck for a full and quick recovery that has you more mobile than you were before.


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Best of luck with your surgery.


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If you are a beginner, don't worry about strumming patterns yet.  Everything is D D D D.  Just play a down stroke on each beat.  That's all you're trying to do at that stage is keep a beat while making the chord changes. 

As for pick placement, I'm not sure whether you mean placement in your fingers, or placement on the right bass string to start the stroke, or what exactly - but I'll tell you this.  There are some excellent absolute beginner videos that cover those things on Youguitarsage's Youtube channel.  He's got a crazy look and a quirky delivery, but his lessons are very good - especially his early beginner lessons.  I recommend checking him out.  Also good is Justinguitar.com's Beginner Series.  He has lesons to take in order at your own speed.  I think if you go to those two internet resources that you'll learn what you need. 

Good luck.  Keep us informed as you learn, because it helps us to think about these things and try to help you.


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unclejoesband wrote:

Try these. John Pearse PB 80/20

https://c7.staticflickr.com/6/5549/30524409334_6a511cd6bd_b.jpgJohn Pearse Strings by unclejoesband, on Flickr

Yep.  Those are good ones too.  I think Topdown is a big fan of John Pearse strings.


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I set up my PA in the basement because I felt like it.  It's been up for a while, and not getting much use.  I wondered whether a Seymour Duncan Woody soundhole pickup would work on a 12 string.  It's not designed for one, but I was just wondering. 

Turns out - it works GREAT!  I was happy to learn that. 

I need to practice with the 12'er more because even modest amounts of barre chords with a 12'er was killing my thumb. 

- Zurf

mekidsmom wrote:

Something about a Metal Christmas just kind of gets lost with me.


Don't worry CG, Beamer's one of the good guys.  He and Strummerboy Bill were having a double entendre side conversation going on.

I may try those La Bella strings on Tiny.  What could it hurt?

I'm going to vote for Mother: A Punk's Ballad again for the reasons previously given.


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Sure is pretty.


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We prefer to keep to ourselves, or perhaps to visit with our neighbors for a bit and then send them home.  It is how we have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope that each of my American Chordie friends has a wonderful day doing whatever it is that makes you grateful, whether that be volunteering to help others, watching football, being with family, or what-all. 

As for the non-U.S. folks on the board, I hope you each have an Awesome Thursday.

Peatle Jville wrote:

If I didnt know better I would have thought that was David Byrne of Talking Heads doing that cover. It came out real good.

How do you know I'm not David Byrne of Talking Heads?  :-)

Jandle wrote:

Zurf ......... for someone who had read the lyrics or played the chords on this song before, you did a good job ........ well done smile  Have to say i hadn`t heard of this song at all before it was on this thread.

It's kind of a fun song to play.  I may give my neighbors some wine and then record it again with a room mic and them singing along on the choruses.  One of my neighbors picks too, so he can strum along.

Left a note on Soundcloud.

Very nicely done Roger!  Your voice fits that song perfectly.

Jandle wrote:

Zurf ........... once again very enjoyable and once again you had me tapping my foot along with you.  I always enjoy you singing and playing guitar, you always seem so happy smile

I often drink while recording.

No worries.

Jandle wrote:

zurf and tigljk ........... I noticed comments from you both  but no suggestions or votes from the list ............ how about it?  the more the merrier smile

You must be mistaken.  I both made a December suggestion of my own "Christmas for Cowboys" by John Denver, and voted for a song from the list - A Mother's Song by Beamer.  OK, I called it Beamer's song, but Beamer only has one song on the list, so I felt OK with that. 

Here's a Youtube of the John Denver song.  A nice little waltz time song.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejLQSpVBxBE

I spent six weeks working on Ripple, and six seconds working on Friends In Low Places.  I honestly had not even got through the lyrics the whole way before trying it.  I didn't realize when I started that I had pulled a non-radio version of the lyrics.  LOL!  So - absolute first attempt, period, on this song... 

Edited out link.  I'll edit it back in.  Soundcloud appears to have frozen in processing of the song.

New link: https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/fr … ie-fsotm-1

I am so completely dis-satisfied with this recording - but given that it's November 19th and this was the October song, I suppose I shouldn't keep working it.  I will, of course, but it will be too late for you.  So, come to a riverside campfire somewhere in Virginia next summer and maybe you'll hear an improvement.  Or maybe you won't. 


Baldguitardude wrote:

Love this video. Here's another great one to make you chuckle, Bill. Action starts around the 1 minute mark.


Attitude is everything.

Maybe the drummer was this bassist's son.


Would we have to get Ian Anderson to drop by?  That could keep his travel schedule right busy.


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Wow.  Sounds pretty rough.  I'm glad y'all are safe in your persons if not necessarily in your possessions.


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Thumb nail sticks out the wrong direction unless you can put your hand way out in front of the guitar, which I find to be an awkward angle.