TIGLJK wrote:

all of you  guys - nicely done.    Looking forward to the recording of it by the " Chordie trio  "        If only you three could get together and play it collaboratively.

keep'em coming


I don't know about Mojo, but I have played and sung with BGD and it was a blast.  I can only imagine how much fun we'd have with Mojo and his pickles pitching in.


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Dirty Ed wrote:
Zurf wrote:

That's a lot of playing.

I've barely touched my guitars lately.

You need to find time Big D.

4,828 days to retirement.

I have a little time in the evening, but I'm wiped out. I've started hitting the trail again, doing a couple miles in the woods most days which has done a lot for my mentality but not a lot for my limited free time.


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That's a lot of playing.

I've barely touched my guitars lately.

Mojo - I somehow missed yours. What a really great way to get the month kicked off.  That was wonderful. I really enjoyed it.

Let's see whether this worked.  I am having technical difficulties this morning. I had to record on my phone and upload from my phone.

https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/a- … -forty-wav

OK.  I'll get A Pirate Looks at Forty recorded once I practice it a few times.

I don't know any Chapin.  I'll have to see if something sparks my curiosity.  I was surprised that Beamer picked him!

I just remembered that on my 30th birthday, I got to share beers with Sam Meyers, Anson Funderburg, and Matt "Guitar" Murphy.

I was introduced to Sam Meyers as a bass player and to Anson Funderburg and Matt "Guitar" Murphy as a harmonica player by a savvy fellow whom they all knew and liked, and whom I had recently met.

I did get to meet Livingston Taylor one time, but that is hardly difficult.  He is gracious and is willing - eager even - to meet anyone who comes to one of his shows. My brother is a big fan of his (probably likes him better than his big brother James) and so I purchased his latest CD and asked for an autograph.  Now, some musicians, they come back to the stage after some time in the green room or backstage or whatnot and sign autographs quickly, but Livingston literally walked down off the stage at the end of the show and straight to the attached pub where he sat at a table, sipped some iced tea or water (not a beer), and gladly shook the hand of anyone willing to talk to him and chatted for a bit.  Not just the "thanks for coming" chat, but actually asking questions about the fans as if he was the one lucky enough to meet them. Never heard of an artist to willing to do that.


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Still working on Jack & Diane and Santa Monica from the Song of the Month forum.

I guided a couple guys from Joe Nichols band on the river for two days.  They were playing nearby and wanted to catch some fish during the day.  I got to meet the rest of the band, including Joe Nichols, and hang out on their bus for a little bit.  All nice guys.  It was funny to me that they dressed better to fish than to work.

Cool. Now that the names are chosen I can chime in.  I've had several of my selections chosen recently, so wanted to be sure someone else selected.

That said, I thought Russell had a means for sharing recording using multiple tracks for collaborating on-line (but not simultaneously). He could maybe help.

I know we tend to be humble about our own playing and singing, but what is good about this forum and this project is that at a big part of it is encouragement. Do a song badly, let others laugh along, you may get some constructive criticism to improve your performance, and everyone learns and gets encouraged in a safe space. How often do you get that?  Hardly ever.


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Here you go, Bill.  You may find this useful.  For clarity - I have no connection with Erich Andreas other than a viewer of his instructional videos. I get nothing by recommending him.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_AdKeL … mp;index=5


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Yourguitarsage did one of his Saturday live lesson thingies on this very topic.  It was recorded and may be available on YouTube.  I'll see if I can find it.  I found the lesson useful.  It's kind of long, but his delivery is so friendly that one hardly minds.

mojo01 wrote:

I am going to have to pass on this month songs didn't have the time to learn them.

Come on, I did Friends in Low Places totally raw...


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Heck of a project.  As much as I enjoy wood working, that's a project I've never been tempted to undertake.  I was surprised about the plastic too.  I wonder if it's the compensating B that makes it so much better.


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That looks about right. Interesting how some of these things led to others, but are still around.

If there's anything I like as well as Sissified 70's Pop/Rock, it's 70's Soul.  Bill Withers in particular.  "If it feels this good being used, then Baby use me up."  LOL! Direct and to the point.

Those are surprising prices.


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I haven't been playing much. Things have been very busy here. We tried to schedule a weekend to do some college visits and learned that our calendar is more or less booked through November from the perspective of family get-aways.


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keepitreal wrote:

Hi T F. Sorry to pile my troubles on everyone but I been missing due to my partner developing a serious disease and eventually passing away. In fact for a few months I haven't even picked up a guitar. Anyway that's all behind me now and I hope to be back to normal a,s,a,p.

Sorry for your loss.


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Thanks. I took a hike while the kids slept, then went for a country drive and lunch with my wife while the kids slept.

TIGLJK wrote:

Zurf - incredible - that was awesome ( even the la de das! ) !   You have a great voice man - I am so jealous.  One of my favorite songs - you did it proud!

Thank you.


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I think you taught it what it needed to learn.

Baldguitardude wrote:

Ugh Chordie.  Lost my voice to a bug last week and it's just coming back.  Hope to record these tonight.

Freakin' bugs and their magic voice-stealing clamshells.

Me and Bobbi McGee - https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/me … gee-cfsotm

I don't know Chris Cornell's body of work. I checked out a few songs, and while I recognize the talent I have to admit it's not my style. I'd have a very hard time learning to perform any of the songs I listened to, even were I to massively Zurfelize them.