Go get 'em.


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I was impressed with that bass. It's tough to go wrong with a Fender product when it comes to electric basses, but it was bought without testing. It turned out to be a really easy to play, well set up bass with great fat tone.  The short scale makes the upper positions a lot easier. I spent a fair bit of time at CSV diddling around with that bass.  I was trying to remember riffs and songs and progressions and pulled a few of them from out of the WABAC machine.  Those books should get you off to a start. Some good tunes in them. "Tightrope" is one that's pretty easy to play once you get the feel of it but sounds really awesome.  So pull up some SRV on your iPad and run some slower-downer software to give yourself half a chance and have a ball with it.

Jx3: "My name is JoeyJoeyJoey and I'm a guitaraholic." 
Everyone else: "COOL!"

Southpaw was also kind enough to share the stage with me and Topdown.  That's Ed Burrows on djembe. 



The featured artist between the two of us was whoever built that fan-freaking-tastic Gibson J45 of Topdown's.

This was kind of a highlight for me. Southpaw's eldest boy hung out on "the kit" with Garuchi (my friend Gary Owens, who has toured and played stadiums and is a real-deal electric guitarist) and Steve Hochberg (who is a gigging bassist in the Tampa area).  10 years old, and he hung in there doing a great job.  Then the next night ... this ...  (the adult guitarist is Southpaw, by the way). 


Southpaw is raising his boy right.

On Saturday evening, the talent level kept going up.  I tapped out on the first round of it stepping up, then a couple of the guys who I wanted to hear rather than play after ("Follow THAT!") tapped out, and again until it was Rick Hatfield (not on Chordie, but a truly astoundingly good musician), Gary Owens (an old friend of mine), Steve Hochberg (an astounding bassist from Topdown's neck of the woods), Topdawgz, and two drummers Cowboy Keith (a childhood friend of Topdown's) and Ed Burrows (local to Jeff's place in Florida).  These guys played for an hour or so doing some work that would have entertained anyone of any caliber, and then it came back down as they realized they chased some folks off and felt badly about it.  Believe me, it was a boon to my ego to play my song about cleaning urine out of carpets to get a laugh and "That's a fun song," from the likes of them.

Happens all the time.  I often start to play Billie Joe Shaver's "Live Forever" and out comes Jim Croce's "Age."  There are some others I regularly conflate as well.


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This is why I play acoustic.  It's also why I never play my Yamaha fretless open. It gets a little buzz when open.  When my fingers are on the strings, no buzz.  So I just don't play it open.


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Spray some of that contact cleaner schmutz in it. You could just have some metallic dust in there or something.


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Looks cool.

Sure. Sure.  Skip right over the Sissified 70's Folk/Pop era. 

1960's: I second The Weight
1980's: Pink Houses or Jack and Diane

topdown wrote:

I've got the full size big brother of this CA and love it.

http://www.compositeacoustics.com/index … rbon-burst

Your CA is ridiculous. I think sometimes it plays itself.


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You need a white tuxedo just to play that, don't you?


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Well that's just beautiful.  I hope you get many years of pleasure from it.


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Happy birthday Scott.  I hope you get some very loud presents.


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Just send your guitar to me. I will photograph it and publish the photos.  Then, maybe someday I might return the guitar.

I liked the arrangement Roger, but could barely hear your wonderful vocals in the mix.

Soiled Eduardo - My eldest is interested in ukelele.  She saved up her money and bought her own. She had me take her to every music store in the area and tried out their ukes listening for the precise sound she was going for.  She tried the Kala and Lanakai's, and while they had the traditional uke sound, they didn't satisfy her.  She selected a full mahogony Luna.  It is a beautiful to look at instrument and has a fantastic warm sound.  Like all Luna's instruments, it appears to be well constructed. There was variation within the model, so she tried several of the model and picked the specific one that had the tone she wanted.

The strings are full nylon and do stretch.  Ukes require frequent tuning.  Buy her a tuner when you're buying. Erich Andreas, the guy from YourGuitarSage.com, has a ukelele e-book available on Amazon.  I got that for my daughter as well, and a chord chart for her to learn how to finger the chords. 

I agree with the tenor or concert ukes vs. the soprano uke. 

While baritone ukes are interesting, I'd think at that point just buy a nylon strung guitar.


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What BGD said.

Jx3 - Topdawgz and I have chatted a couple times about something in June. We don't have a date yet, and we haven't been able to synch up even a couple hours to play in the past year (and he only lives a two hour drive from here), but we're working on it.

jcellini wrote:

WOW! I haven't been to this site in a long time.. I love the new look. As far as camp fire guitars go, I have an Ibanez jumbo acoustic that booms sound. Great for the unplugged strummer..

Welcome back.

easybeat wrote:

Concert i missed `Chordie Stock`
seen a few vids but much more next time please.

Amen!  ChordieStock is the kind of concert I enjoy. Friends making music together or for one another is as good as music gets.

I went to the 20th anniversary of Earth Day in Washington DC because John Denver was supposed to play live. He played with a canned backing track. It was like karaoke to his own songs.  Fortunately, the backing track had an issue and he couldn't perform, so he cut out with an apology half way through the first song (Calypso).  The Indigo Girls came out and did a longer set than they were supposed to do and they had whatisname from U2 who hangs out with them along.  That was great.  Much better than karaoke, even by John Denver.  After a speaker told us about the horrors of voting Republican (I was Republican at the time and none too excited about her outlandish claims), John Denver came back out, saying he borrowed a guitar from Emily Sailers (one of the Indigo Girls) and he proceeded to do I think it was six songs with just him and guitar playing like a pub singer.  That was awesome.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that I got the concert that I wanted to see, but it wasn't the one scheduled which I didn't want to see. 

I may have just confused myself.

There was a time in my life where I had a press pass.  A real honest-to-goodness press card.  I used it to get in to some concerts and access areas that aren't all that accessible to everyone. Sometimes I wouldn't even have film in my camera, but a press photographer has to have a camera with him doesn't he? 

I got in to see Molly Hatchet that way, and Yes (but I didn't know who they were or any of their songs), and .38 Special (who didn't excite me very much I'm sad to say).  Plus a whole lot of regional bands.


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Helplessly Hoping = CSNY
I'll have to come back for the link, because I'm on my tablet and don't know how to do hyperlinks and I'm too lazy to learn.

Edit: http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/tabfu … hoping.crd

Jimmy Buffett - Love in the Library, Distantly In Love, or Tin Cup Chalice.  If anyone can find a chord chart for "Math Suks" (sic), that'd be a good one too.

Edit: Distantly In Love - but it's not a very good transcription. The walkdowns are missing, and the bridge is F#m and G.  Also, while Jimmy Buffett performed it first, the writer is Steve Goodman.
http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/tabfu … n_love.crd

Edit: Love in the Library. I think writing credit on this one goes to Keith Sykes, but played by Jimmy.
http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www.x … ibrary.txt

Edit: Tin Cup Chalice
http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/tabfu … halice.crd