Georgia. I don't know who wrote it but Ray Charles and Willie Nelson have both done amazing versions of it.


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Topdown uses colored strings on his Composite Acoustics guitar, which is solid black. It's high contrast and awfully cool looking. They seem to have lasted about forever. I don't know the brand he uses, but I'd be willing to wager a bet he bought them from Amazon.

As for shredding, I don't know anything.

As for fingers on an electric, I never got the hang of an electric and gave mine to one of our members here. I tried fingers, I tried picks, I tried strumming, I tried scales, I tried hybrid picking. I just couldn't get the feel of the darn thing. But, to answer the question best I can given that I have just admitted utter incompetence, if I were to get another electric, it would have high action and be used for slide, and I'd most likely use my fingers for that to keep them free for string dampening. (edited for clarity)

neophytte wrote:

Streets of London:

(with apologies to the others who have posted - I haven't listened to any yet, except Zurf's "Smoke on the water", and even that was only a small sample, but I will get to them and comment!!!)

I am not familiar with this song. Well, I guess NOW I am...LOL. The music behind it put me in mind of Jim Croce's Age.  I think you sounded real good on this one Neo. Good voice, good picking, and you synched it up well. Well done, and an interesting song too. I think I left a message on your Youtube channel too.


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THUNDERBIRD, BABY!  Be the coolest cat to slap a plank and get you a Thunderbird.

Up the neck and tonal range?  Come on!  It's a bass. It's supposed to be low notes. You don't need anything above 14. If you do, use a guitar.


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That's quite a story. My mom's been gone since May of 1996, but I still miss her every day. She was quite a character. Everyone knew her as "Momma Z." At her funeral, there were as many or more of her kid's friends in attendance as there were her own. Everyone loved Momma Z.

Thanks Jandle. The difference is that I played those sober and relaxed on a Saturday morning when no one else was home instead of half in the bag in an evening squeezed in between laundry, dinner, dishes, errands, and homework help.


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neophytte wrote:

Thanks, it's a neck-thru construction - a review can be found here: … ing-bass-2

I got it a couple of weeks ago, but now my job has gone, it may need to be sold to get some money sad

Well that stinks. Good luck finding work.


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Looks cool. I'm still trying to wrap my head around five strings. I'd be completely lost on a 7 string.

I just need to remember to put some Imitrex pills in my travel kit. I was bummed to leave. I had been looking forward to that trip for a long while and was having a very good time.


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Welcome to Chordie. Sounds like you are doing very well for 18 months in. Keep up the good work.

Everyone here is interesting in helping and learning from you. I think some of the better lessons I've taken from the site have been from others who have a new realization. So, please join in and keep us informed on how you're doing.

TIGLJK wrote:


zURF wrote:

Pancho and Lefty - I don't remember. That skinny Texas guy who hung out with Guy Clark.

That's the one!

Chuck E's in Love - Rickie Lee Jones

Jandle thought of the three that I immediately came up with. LOL.  Oh well.

Amie - Pure Prairie League (it's been done on CFSOTM already though)
Dear John - Taylor Swift (recommended by my youngest daughter)
Maggie Mae - Rod Stewart
Bobbie Sue - Oak Ridge Boys
Elvira - also Oak Ridge Boys (I think)
Brandy - By whoever did Brandy
Emilie - Brandi Carlisle
Corrina Corrina - Taj Mahal
Frankie and Johnny - Every blues player ever
Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce
From Hank to Hendrix - Neil Young
Gaia - James Taylor
Mona Lisa - Willie Nelson (and probably 9,000,000 lounge acts)
Pancho and Lefty - I don't remember. That skinny Texas guy who hung out with Guy Clark.

I'm cheating. I'm scrolling through my songs on my phone.

unclejoesband wrote:

Since I already have this one done I guess I'll start. I know some of you folks have already seen it and a few were actually there. smile

City of New Orleans … AgJw-Nngim

That was a fun night until a migraine hit me. Your friends are all very talented.

You're Going To Make Me Lonesome When You Go … -go-cfsotm

The long-awaited and surely disappointing Zurfelized acoustic Smoke On The Water … ter-cfsotm

City of New Orleans with a bit of didactic rambling … ans-cfsotm

LA County from Lyle Lovett. A song about old friends, road trips, and premeditated murder.

Edit to add: Gringo In Belize from Jerry Jeff Walker with a nod to Topdawgz (who failed to take his solo just because he's 100 miles away and didn't know I was throwing it to him - we do not accept excuses from people who aren't me!) … ize-cfsotm

Strummerboy Bill wrote:

........ always brightens my day.

These guys are another example of what I mean. A cello used as a bass guitar??? The 2 guys in the middle never cracking a smile as they perform those little dance steps, and the lone banjo picker in the back ---- Great musicianship blended with a bit of comedy is just one of my favorite genres!

I enjoyed that a great deal! 

I've seen cello used in live performance in that manner twice before, and both on the same night.  It was a group show night at Tin Angel in Philadelphia. It was kind of like an Open Mic night, except it wasn't open. They had acts signed up in advance. It was a terrific musical night.  Anyway, two of the acts had a cellist who used one of those straps and added an amazing dimension to the two person performances with them. In each case, the other musician was playing guitar.  The cello & banjo combination worked better than you'd think it would if someone described it to you.

I'll be there too.

TIGLJK wrote:

Dave Loggins: Please Come to Boston
The Animals: House of the Rising Sun
Steve Earle: Galway Girl
Mama's and Papa's : Creeque Alley
J. Cash: Cocaine Blues
Allman Bros:  Ramblin' Man
George Straight : Amarillo by Morning
ZZ TOP : Jesus Just Left Chicago
David Gray: Babylon
Sprinsteen: Atlantic City

Ooooo!  Some real good ones in that list.

unclejoesband wrote:
Zurf wrote:

City of New Orleans. I think Arlo Guthrie wrote it. Everyone has performed it.

Steve Goodman. smile

Duh - of course it is!  How could I have gotten that wrong?  Thanks for the assist.

beamer wrote:

Dang Z you got a stutter? LOLOL  big_smile

My stupid tablet. I hate that thing.

Got a chance to catch up on Neo's posts.  Good work. It seemed like you weren't as familiar with the lyrics on Don't You Want Me Baby and Those Were the Days as you usually are, but you were on key and the guitar work was good on both. I thought you got a groove going on Those Were The Days, which was really cool because that's not what I'd usually think of as a "grooving" song. It's all about the groove!

But please clean the lens!

Jandle wrote:

Ok, here is my quick attempt (2nd take) at this song .... a Singer with the letter K ............. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Carole King.  Love to hear your feedback good or bad smile … e-tomorrow

Got a chance to listen. Nice work. You're strumming has come along nicely.

Jandle wrote:

neophytte ... all good, great to get input from people so we can grow and learn smile

Right on! That's what this forum is all about - trying new things to find out where we can improve and have fun doing it! Shoot, I'm still working on Jack and Diane from April.  LOL.  And Smoke on the Water - which I'm just about to a point that it's as good as I'm going to get it, which is not good at all. That scream singing is totally foreign to me, and power chords nearly so.

As for cost, I consider that a separate question. First, I have to "choose" a guitar from out of all the guitars out there.  As to whether I purchase or not, that's where cost comes in. But for me, the choosing comes before the "how much is it" question. The only guitar I've got that had a price I liked is the one Topdown gave me.

How does it feel?
How does it sound?
How does it look?

Pretty much that order.