From now on, buy your guitars in Hawaii. Everybody's happy. Except your wallet.

I've enjoyed just about every major venue concert I've been to, but to be honest I'm a whole lot happier hanging with the local music folks. Fortunately for me, the area I live in has a lot of live, local music.  There's a vibrant winery and micro-brewery scene in my area, and with all those venues, there's actually a bit of a shortage for good, acoustic live players.  Best scenario you could hope for. I enjoy myself in those situations far more than I do huge music venues.

Of all the concerts I have seen, I think CSNY was best. It wasn't just a CSNY concert.  It was a Buffalo Springfield, Byrds, CSN, CSNY, and Neil Young concert.  They took NO BREAKS. They had no warm up band.  They started playing at 7:00PM. I left at 11:30 because I had to catch a train before midnight and they were still playing. They started with CSN doing an acoustic set, then Stills and Young did a Buffalo Springfield set while Crosby and Nash took a break. Then Stills and Crosby did a Byrds set.  Then they did a full on CSNY set and hit all the big ones.  Then Neil Young did a set.  I left during an extensive rendition of Down By The River.  There were only two back-up players - a drummer and bassist.  I don't know who was on drums, but Duck Dunn was on bass.  He never left the stage in over four hours of playing. Not even during the CSN acoustic set. During the Buffalo Springfield set, Crosby grabbed a bar stool and sat down on it on stage to have the best seat in the house for some awesome music.


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Are you certain that the ground in your house going into the amp is good?  I can recall a particular venue where I couldn't plug into a particular house circuit because it created problems for the PA's amp.


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Well, one of my kids wrote a song to make fun of my taste in forlorn Americana tunes.  Her song is called, "My Girlfriend Ran Off With a Train," and it is a riot.

I enjoyed both versions Mojo. Comments left on Soundcloud.  Thanks for sharing them.


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It's a good thing we're not supposed to swear on these forums, Topdown.

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

This may help. I put in for retirement from my job today. 3 months left. Working 13-14 hours a day nonstop for years was starting to take its toll.  I will get 2 weeks rest in May and start looking for a new job. Something a little more age friendly. Still holding off on any drinking.  Trying to go all the way with this. Plus, I don`t want to end up like my father. He died in 1984. Nine months before he was going to retire. I still have a lot of life left in me. I was going to have a couple tonight to celebrate. I changed my mind. Hawiian Punch instead.

Best of luck to you.  That job has been beating you down emotionally for a long time. I'm sure it will be a huge weight off your shoulders.


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That's a whole lot of snow.

You're one of those stubborn and smart guys who can do whatever he wants. I have every confidence in you.

As for the energy, as alcohol is metabolized it results in a lot of sugar in your system. If you were drinking often, you're body probably got used to having a lot of quick energy from the sugar. I've helped some folks through the initial hump as they decided to get dry, and found that fun size Snickers bars helped when they were lagging energy-wise. Of course, you can't keep that up forever or you'll be 1,000 pounds, but maybe for the first little bit, it might help.  If the quick fix of a fun-size candy bar isn't for you, consider some calisthenics - jumping jacks or burpees or running in place or something to get the blood flowing and some endorphin popping when you feel that "blah" coming on. Just a thought.

I'd wish you good luck, but you don't need it. You've got this.

That was made by people with entirely too much time on their hands.  Very funny!

beamer wrote:
Zurf wrote:
beamer wrote:

Ok. I just gotta be forthright, cause no one has said anything about it,  Did anyone feel my heart beat and flatline effect added a twist to the perception of the song? Because at first you think your hearing about a survivor then we learn she lost the battle.

No. I didn't pick up on that.

Well,  ------------!  I spent a lot of time finding the soundbites and clipping them down, hoping to add a twist to the song.   LOL Well ok since no one seems to have noticed,  I guess it was not called for, or no one listens that far.

That's the way it goes. The extra little bits are always the most time consuming and difficult.

Baldguitardude wrote:

The winners this month were our stomachs.  We had one of the best dinners I've had in all my time in DC, at a restaurant I've been to 6-8 times.

Best Brussels sprouts I have ever had.  Fan-freakin'-tastic.

I got to tell you, I have not had so much fun playing guitar since the last Chordiestock.  BGD is a tremendously skilled guitar player and very good company.  I strolled into his hotel room and he was on what seemed to be a challenging work conversation.  Not wanting to interfere with his job duties, I left the room immediately after grabbing his ice bucket.  Upon returning, his conversation had turned, so I poured us each a stiff scotch on the rocks from a stock I had brought along. He finished his conversation then toasted me by saying, "I like how you roll."  From that dubious introduction through the rest of the evening we had a lot of laughs. 

I would have liked a few more passes on these songs, as they are rough, but we had great fun playing them. Finding a pitch on Country Roads was hard for me (as you can tell), but BGD didn't have the foggiest notion how the melody went on the bridge so it was up to me to sing.  John Denver's pitch is far above what I am able to perform, and we didn't mess around with capos at all.  So my singing was far from polished.  Oh well.  I'll give all dis-satisfied customers double their money back if you don't fall in with the fun we were having.  Some conditions apply. Your mileage may vary. Side effects may include early or late chord transitions, inappropriate language, cartoon sound effects, and almost certainly hair loss.


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topdown wrote:

Knowing both of you, I am sure a good time was had. I only wish I could have been there!

You would have had a ball. There was a lot of laughing, and since you always crack me up, if you'd have been there the merriment level would have been raised.


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It was a fun night, for sure.  Thanks for dinner.

beamer wrote:

Ok. I just gotta be forthright, cause no one has said anything about it,  Did anyone feel my heart beat and flatline effect added a twist to the perception of the song? Because at first you think your hearing about a survivor then we learn she lost the battle.

No. I didn't pick up on that.

I listened during lunch at work.  With the acoustic versions (my own included), it seems like it's really hard to keep things moving steadily while including the lyrics for both the pipe and the paint. Your punk, electric version overcomes that, I think, and so in my opinion is a better treatment of the song.  Keep up the good work.

Baldguitardude wrote:

Zurf we got these?

What could possibly go wrong?

Goodness gracious Graham. I must have missed that thread, or forgotten it.  I'm sorry to learn (or be reminded) of your throat problems.  I hope you get that squared away.

Didn't Vince Gill do the original flat picking solos with Pure Prairie League?

Also, I didn't say Country Roads had a lot of votes.  I said I kind of know how to play it, and so unless and until something else was picked, I was going to go with it. :-)

Well it's the fifth.  I'm going with Amie and Country Road (not sure if this is meant to be John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads or James Taylor's Country Road - so I'll try both) until told otherwise. 

Amie because it got the most votes, and the Country Roads songs because I already know the James Taylor version pretty well and worked on the John Denver a while back and have half a chance at it. 

If "the hat" disagrees with me, I will abide by decisions of "the hat."

Thanks JP.  It is still available.  Send me an e-mail at with your address.


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I like how you Mutated the guitar solo.  That was a good straight-up cover, but you still brought some of the Mutant King to it with the solo, which is always what I like seeing.

Get well and do what you want. If you want to make changes, do it. You don't need anyone's permission. More power to you.

topdown wrote:

Bummer. With all the recent cancellations, it seems Zurf may be the only true chordian traveling to the event this year. It will still be a great party with plenty of local friends, put perhaps "chordiestock" has run it's course.

If I'm representing - I will need to increase the volume of my caterwauling. The table by the porch door will help in this endeavor.