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Good for Cory!


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Stay strong Bill. I'm sorry you have this challenge when you've had so many others recently.

Well I think Maree played wonderfully.  It was just beautiful.

Baldguitardude wrote:

That voicing is just silly. why bother? Or play it in E7 barre chord form.

Man, I love the sound of it!  And you know Rule #1 - If it sounds good, it is good.

A very not good version of Sundown.  I need to figure out the cool bass line to carry a couple of the verses and be a little more interesting than the same strumming pattern throughout.  Also, learning to sing would help.

The magic chord is G5/7, which is a G7 chord in open position but add in your pinky to the third fret of the B string like you'd do for a regular fully voiced G5. 

Recorded on 12 string, which I clearly wasn't practiced enough with the song to use yet, but did it anyway.


Peatle Jville wrote:

Zurf I managed to con my Maree into  giving the piano a quick play so we did an easy one to cover hopefully Knocking On Heavens Door. Hope its not painful on the ears.
Mojo your cover is done real good. I am not brave enough to cover that.

https://soundcloud.com/eatleville/chord … eaven-door

Keep conning her. She's wonderful.

OK - I rose to the challenge of Knocking On Heaven's Door with a new recording that includes tambourine stomping (almost, but not quite on 2 and 4), trying to work some melodic soloing in over top of the chord strumming (a technique that a friend from work came over and demonstrating his mastery one evening recently and I've been trying with not nearly as much success), the usual caterwauling, and special guest chair adding squeaks and groans as it supports my copious girth.

https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/kn … avens-door

I'm afraid just the intro, even using the simplified intro Waylon used, for Pancho and Lefty has got me in need of more practice.  But I've been meaning to learn that song sometime or other and this is as good of an excuse as any. 

I'm going to pick Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown as my challenge song to follow after Knocking On Heavens Door.  After years of trying to learn it in E without success, I have learned the magic of the G5/7 chord, which has the sound I want.  It will be rough, because I have only gotten all the way through the song two times, but we're all friends here and this is all about learning for ourselves and challenging one another to learn, so I'm going to go with it.

Glad you came through it OK, Monsieur Bear.

I think there's a difference between "cover band" and "tribute band."  A tribute band is trying to recreate an experience.  A cover band is playing songs that other people wrote, but not necessarily trying to recreate a performance by another band.

I think Dave Von Ronk had a good statement about covers.  He said he could write songs, but they weren't very good. He preferred to play good songs, so he played good songs written by others. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. What he didn't do is try to recreate what it was to go to a Woody Guthrie concert. In fact, he said he often tried to learn songs the way they were played by the songwriter, but because he wasn't Woody Guthrie no matter how much he tried to learn how Woody Guthrie played it it still sounded like Dave Von Ronk playing a Woody Guthrie song.

As a counter, Jimi was known to have said people should learn his songs their way, because he finds humor in people recreating his songs so completely that they even play his mistakes.


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Just a 110 plug will be fine. I don't use the water tanks in the camper.  We won't deploy the canopy, so it should only take up about as much space as your big truck.

I hope you get better soon Mojo.  You've been under the weather a good long while now.

Pete Benson does Pancho and Lefty.  I'll need to ping him on Facebook to see if he wants to come back to us.

I am neither a fan of nor annoyed by tribute acts.  Suffice to say they are not my speed.  Even original artists change how they perform songs over time. Look to James Taylor. His live recordings of songs are rather different from the studio versions. Some songs he has recorded in studio multiple times, and done them differently.  Eric Clapton had an enormous hit with Layla when he performed it acoustically.  He changed nearly everything beat, tempo, etc.

That said, if tribute performance is the way someone wishes to express himself/herself musically, what is that to me? Classical, orchestral, and symphonic musicians play to a score and practice very hard to get an exact rendition following the score. I don't see a difference. I did the orchestral and symphonic thing for years, and enjoyed performing in that way a great deal. Now I have a different preference. That's all.

So sorry that your medical condition is getting in the way of your musical enjoyment. I nevertheless liked your rendition. While some people want to do "tribute" style EXACT covers, I have long thought it's more interesting when people interpret songs themselves. I've been working on a bluegrass fingerpick version of Magic Carpet Ride. Hardly a tribute!  Now that you've met the first challenge, are you going to give us another one?

Thank you Jandle. Also hoping your leg heals up with a minimum of fuss and pain.

Peatle Jville wrote:

Zurf I gave it a quick go hope it is ok.

That was great! You really made it your own. I particularly liked your vocals.

C'mon folks. It's cowboy chords. You can do it, and most likely better than my poorly timed version.


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Would it be OK to bring my camper? I'd probably want to mooch a plug-in too so I could have lights and a space heater.

Looks like Topdawgz and I are both planning to come, so I thought it would be easiest to bring our own beds and shelter.


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You bet Joey. You're a good man.


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Can't today Beamer - I have plans all day.  But I sure do miss the Skype sessions and would like to do some more.


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So, I'll keep an eye out, but at this point I hope he's trying to participate best he can, and if that's the case then I encourage him to keep trying.


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Yeah. I checked the other posts from the poster - and they look a little off, but also as if they could be from someone for whom English is not a first language.  Gitardocphil's posts sometimes were off like that as well, but Dutch was his first language.

If we want a specific song, Tornado Time In Texas by Guy Clark.

Still thinking about UK. Does Cat Stevens count as UK?

UK -  I'll get around to it.

USA - Given that it's underwater, I recommend a category. Any song by a Texas songwriter.  Some possible folks: Willie Nelson, Bob Wills, Robert Earl Keen, Slaide Cleaves, Gene Autrey, Rodney Crowell, The Big Bopper, and my favorite... Guy Clark. There are literally hundreds more.  There's something in the drinking water that the rain water can't flush away.

Kickstarting with an out of tune, early in the day, out of tune Tom Petty Yer So Bad. 

https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/ye … -challenge

Am - G - D - Am   Verses

Em - G - D  Bridges

G - D - C  Choruses

I could have used a metronome because it went faster slower faster slower.

Tyson7 wrote:

I took mine from my favorite western (Not country) singer / songwriter Ian Tyson. I always liked the old cowboy music of the 30's & 40's.  A friend gave me a Ian Tyson tape in the late 1990's and I've been hooked on his music and other western artists performing today. He's inspired me to put out 6 CD's of western music and I'm working on number 7 , much of which is my own music.The music has allowed me work as a ranch cowboy and perform at lodges, trail rides and for the Western Music Association. The 7 is my birthday.
  Great question !

Are your recordings available for purchase?

Wondering if there's going to be something for this month?