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I stop a few times each day to check the forums for spam other than my new Strat and Atomic Amplifire unit and my band Retro Buzz playing this Friday not much to say but I do wish to pass on my condolences to Keepitreal on your loss.


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Strange thing about wood it started as a living organism so who's to say it really dies just because it is cut and over time the neck most likely moved ever so slowly due to condensation and temperature and morphed into the shape it is in, just a wild theory smile


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phonic makes a nice dual purpose rig 4 channel 100w head (with effects) 2 12" speaker cabs with horns for under 200.00 I have one and the cabinets do not weigh very much easy to move. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audi … adType^PLA


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just glad ya figured it out, i can't tell  you how many times I have done the same thing usually when I am working with some new software the simple things can be a bit frustrating smile


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Ah that's what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to delete using the delete button like you can do with native Mac apps.  Thanks!

your welcome glad to help remember to hold the right click down and move it RIGHT the area will stay gray  then you can choose to fade it out the same way  by selecting from the effects menu,  I am correcting my  earlier post I think i said move it left


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I have not used Audacity in a while but I think you must go to the spot you want the song to stop at and use the trim tool or split the file at the indicated point  and delete the shaded area I will  open Audacity  and check it out for you  with an old file and get back to you, smile
ok, Joe, I opened it and it is very easy just point your arrow cursor at the spot you want to trim and left click and move the cursor to the RIGHT it will turn gray then go to the upper left of the screen  and open edit and select delete and "poof" it's gone!  hope this helps. Russ


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I didn't have anyone to jam with  so I dug out my loop pedal
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZsLtPK … e=youtu.be


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My condolences to you and Dondra for your loss.

Bill, I have a Samsung blue-ray also I paid about $230 and it plays 4k if yours has "Samsung apps" somewhere on the opening page you can add more apps if not Joey's suggestion is a good one.


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mekidsmom wrote:

Nice, Russ!  I see you were having fun again playing with your green screen too!

Hi Amy, yes I have a very good program for green screening and other video techniques it only cost me $24.00 and is good forever it is called TrakAx and combined with the video camera Sony HD-MVI which produces accurate sound reproduction I have the best setup Thank you for taking a look and leaving a comment smile


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I have three of my guitars with DR Tite-Fit,  love the sustain and tonal qualities and the ease of playing them. My sets are 9-42 I have them on my new Strat, Tele and Les Paul love them. smile


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Glad ya stopped by to give a look thank you! smile

Guy Tara wrote:

Awesome stuff!

I have had three and recommend it because early detection of polyps that can develop into colon cancer will save your life the gas is temporary


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Happy Birthday Jeff have a blast today smile


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beamer wrote:

Sounded great,  however I was expecting the Eddie and the Cruisers Betty lou got a new pair of shoes LOLOL

beamer I am not familiar with Eddie's version have to check it out thanks for giving a look and commenting smile


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Thanks, for checking it out, it is a good tune to get the juices flowing smile 

keepitreal wrote:

Nice tight sound, great stuff, had me rockin.


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At our last rehearsal we warmed up with this old classic to get the juices flowing our drummer Gary takes a turn at the vocals


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I don't see any ads


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I use a 100w amp with 2 cabinets that have a 12" speaker and high frequency horn because I like the sound of it, the key word is sound. Volume can be controlled once a good sound is located trust your ears.


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Peatle Jville wrote:

As a promo for your band I think your video works  extremely well. The lighting effects and way you introduce the Band very  nicely done, You can see you are  all getting into what your  playing   making it fun which  creates a good visual and listening vibe. What stands out to me is you  havent gone for the band members outside of  playing approach which spoils many a promo video I have seen.

Thank you,Good to here some positive feedback and critique,my intent was to keep it simple with regards to the band and use the effects to highlight the performance  smile

Nice one got that country "twang" smile


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I welcome all comments and your suggestion is valid we had a booking that was cancelled for this month, it would have provided needed video for promotional use and under the circumstances I had to edit this video with limited footage in two different programs as best as my knowledge and experience could provide hopefully I will find something like your suggestion in the near future thanks! smile 

Classical Guitar wrote:

Interesting introduction. If  do not mind a suggestion and hope you are not offended by it, , if you know someone with a stage that would look like a live event you could do one clearer with the same introductions. That way you would look like you were working when it was made.


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I edited this short video for a blatant attempt to entice interested individuals in a position to move things along for my band for future projects.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9_CTr … e=youtu.be


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Got a new Strat and a Atomic Amplifire guitar processor both are incredible smile


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Just noticed you are finger picking this one, so I went on your page and watched a few and see you alternate between fingerpicking and flatpicking. How do you choose which technique you use?

Good question BGD  smile  I can fingerpick just about any song it really comes down to what sounds best to me it has nothing to do with speed more to do with tone smile