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Cloud cover over Wisconsin I had to watch it on you tube not the same


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Fantastic pick, nice little jam space


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Yes I buy the best I have a Gibson Les Paul, Tele and a Strat and several lesser brands but I can play on any guitar your talent always comes to the top, no brag just the facts


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If you can find an Alesis SR-16 (I have one) on your side of the big pond latch on to it because it has fantastic pre sets for Reggae, Latin AND a fill button with a foot switch plus it has pressure sensitive pads and cymbals for a more "live" feel.  I thought of another work around try the country setting and slow the tempo way down on the Trio


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Grah1 wrote:

Not a great success Russell so far .However I included a version in the set I did today for a fund raiser for the local Air ambulance.I played it with a rock rhythm and used my imagination a bit. Went down really well .Different and not the way we used to do it with GB Blues in Greece,but still fun.

Sound like a good cause and you probably had a blast, if it were me I would record a guitar, bass and drum track and add some keyboard on my 24 track Tascam and mix and pan it and put a whole set together and cut a CD and play in thru the system. one at a time and sometimes I like to create mixes live just to let the audience get an idea what goes into a song,  of course, I talk to them along the way lol  smile smile


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VERY nice good work on the amp TF smile


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Grah1 wrote:

Cheers Russell I try that tomorrow.

let me know how it comes out it is unusual not to have a Latin rhythm or reggae option available


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Grah try putting it on "Blues setting" and find a slow rhythm for "Aint no sunshine when your gone" and speed it up then try switching the dial with the lights to different interpretations also try pushing the "Alternate button on the top right that will give you another set of ideas good luck with it hope it works ok for ya smile


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beamer wrote:

Russ, check this out also its really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOtuqYzJTsM  Dweezil plays Zappa

It started out ok but no volume after 1 minute must be a bad link for me


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I watched this a just wanted to share it with my friends on Chordie, The genius of Frank Zappa


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Perhaps extending the number of logins before you can post is the answer, say 10 or so would put a damper on the spamists


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I usually make several visits a day to Chordie most days I am banning and removing new spam posts I don't understand it either


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I agree with Phill on this, do not give it up! When I first learned how to play my mom used to send me to the basement lol


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Baldguitardude wrote:
jerome.oneil wrote:

Good news!  Patents on MP3 began to expire in April of this year, so encoders like LAME should be showing up more and more as part of standard audio distributions.   I imagine it will probably be rolled into your operating system soon enough.  Native encoding would rock.

Edit:  The latest Reaper now ships with an MP3 encoder, for example.

No idea what any of this means but I'll remind you that this is a family website. No cussing!

Just in case anything you said translates to profanity. smile

Joking aside, after reviewing my nifty new PA I have discovered that my options are quite limited. Still sticking a mic in a room, but now that room contains a PA that I'm singing through, which is quite helpful for rehearsal.

Joe if you need a multi track  (8 tracks) with rca outs and ins and 1/4 in guitar plugs that you can send a signal to your pa I have one it also has effects (delay,reverb etc.) this would let you plug a mic in and record up to 8 tracks which can be pre mixed and panned left  right  center anywhere you want and you could use a simple Y chord (rca) to send a stereo mix from your pa head to your pc  Audacity program by simply plugging in the mic input. send me an email

Jandle wrote:

Oh wow you lot! Some great stories in there of rubbing shoulders with famous artists.  Some very impressive names mentioned on here!  Loving hearing your encounter stories smile

Russell so many you have met .......... were you in the music industry that you got to met so many different musicians?

(edited to add the word you)

Yes. I met and played for Sammy Davis at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas for his Birthday party, I played in Vegas for 7 years up and down the strip most of the movie stars I mentioned I met in local clubs I sang with the Chambers Bros.at the Troubador night club in Los Angeles before they cut their big hit "Time."  When I lived in Portland Oregon I played with a hard rock group called "High Voltage" we opened for some top acts including Deep Purple so I got to meet some great musicians. I was getting ready to order pizza at the Leaning Tower of Pizza(that was the name of the restaurant) in Las Vegas when I met Liberace he stepped out of a white Rolls Royce in a full-length white mink coat and came in for a pizza with some friends so I introduced myself and mentioned I was raised in Milwaukee  (he is from the area) and he invited me to join his party so we reminisced about all the good places to go. I met Liza at a night club I was playing at just off the strip we had a drink and talked a bit then I had to get back to playing. When I lived in Milwaukee I played a club called "Papa Joe's" where Roger Smith and Ann-Margret stopped in several times to catch our act he was playing down the road (guitar and singing) back in the mid 1960's there are quite a few more just cannot recall them at the moment. smile

Quite a few over my lifetime Otis Redding,Fats Domino,Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee,Chambers bros, Liza Minnelli Liberace, Deep Purple and the list go's on oh heck one more Sammy Davis jr. thats all I can recall at the moment. smile


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You have a different approach to recording than me so I am not sure what advice to give you,  I have a nice DP-24 track Tascam and a 8 Track Boss so my setup lets me pre- and post mix the recording which is in a WAV format  and it saves it to a 32 GB card that is easily loaded into my card reader so when I open Audacity it can find it and render it with no mixing needed. I think even a 4 track would work well for you if it has a card storage sure cuts out a lot of extra work and produces a better recording. I cannot comment on your setup as I do not know it's capabilities.


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That is strange  I cannot remember having that problem, usually the effect that is having a problem just won't work and the signal will bypass it without a volume drop unless you have a volume pedal like I do then a bad component could cause failure.


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I stop a few times each day to check the forums for spam other than my new Strat and Atomic Amplifire unit and my band Retro Buzz playing this Friday not much to say but I do wish to pass on my condolences to Keepitreal on your loss.


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Strange thing about wood it started as a living organism so who's to say it really dies just because it is cut and over time the neck most likely moved ever so slowly due to condensation and temperature and morphed into the shape it is in, just a wild theory smile


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phonic makes a nice dual purpose rig 4 channel 100w head (with effects) 2 12" speaker cabs with horns for under 200.00 I have one and the cabinets do not weigh very much easy to move. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audi … adType^PLA


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just glad ya figured it out, i can't tell  you how many times I have done the same thing usually when I am working with some new software the simple things can be a bit frustrating smile


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Ah that's what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to delete using the delete button like you can do with native Mac apps.  Thanks!

your welcome glad to help remember to hold the right click down and move it RIGHT the area will stay gray  then you can choose to fade it out the same way  by selecting from the effects menu,  I am correcting my  earlier post I think i said move it left


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I have not used Audacity in a while but I think you must go to the spot you want the song to stop at and use the trim tool or split the file at the indicated point  and delete the shaded area I will  open Audacity  and check it out for you  with an old file and get back to you, smile
ok, Joe, I opened it and it is very easy just point your arrow cursor at the spot you want to trim and left click and move the cursor to the RIGHT it will turn gray then go to the upper left of the screen  and open edit and select delete and "poof" it's gone!  hope this helps. Russ


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I didn't have anyone to jam with  so I dug out my loop pedal
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZsLtPK … e=youtu.be