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Joe, the second link to the Washington Post has a $1.00 subscription charge to keep reading the article but the other links were very informative I didn't know about Gibsons problems and there CEO and Fender sales. It is true Rock is not as popular with younger audiences and the popularity of guitars seems to be on the decline times do change and electronic dance music and rap seem to be gaining the upper hand in the music business but I think there will always be an audience that enjoys Rock enough to support the industry as long as there are old geezers like me to keep thumping away lol  thanks for the info smile


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Tyson7 wrote:

Their auto tuners were a disaster and they no longer have them on new models.

I have to disagree My LP has auto tuners and I have had no issues with it, as long as the battery is charged and the guitar is strung properly it works fine. Also you have to pay attention to the details when changing strings if they are another brand or gauge you have to do a reset on the tuners and they will work just fine.


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Rick Welcome aboard the Chordie Ship we set sail every day to do battle with Somali spammers and their ilk a very rewarding task and of course, the pay is fantastic! smile


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Congrats on reaching 3000 keep um coming smile


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Tenement Funster wrote:

You really nailed the soulful sound of that one, Russell ... thanks for posting. I couldn't help but notice that the ol' arthritis is starting to hit your hands, too ... no more 32nd note shredding for us older guys, eh?

TF thank  you for giving a look and commenting, regarding that "OL Arthritis" it is not really affecting me I still can hit 64th notes if needed 32nd notes are normal eat your heart out lol


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Russ, not sure if you have this album or have heard this version, but I have loved this song ever since I got the album in high school. It's one of the reasons I started playing blues.


wow! I have not heard this cover before BB is excellent as usual and the lady is a nice addition to this classic thanks for the link smile


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ctech wrote:

Hi Russell I enjoyed listening to your playing and singing,excellent.

Thank you for giving a look and for your feedback much appreciated smile


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Jandle wrote:

That was really good Russell, sat back and just chilled listening to it, so good.

Thank you! I think there are some songs which never get old or out of fashion and the blues offers up quite a few smile


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Listened to this twice. You have kind of a Ray Charles vocal vibe happening.

EDIT: Three times now. Great work man.

Glad ya liked it and Thanks for the comments, I think my vocals kind of get a little raspier each year lol  lot of low notes I used to be able to hit but not anymore but on the bright side a lot of notes on the upper end I seem to not struggle with smile


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CurtRHCP wrote:

Nice cover Russell!
You nailed it ;-)

Appreciate the kind words, Curt, I like the oldies they seem to make a lot more sense then the "new" stuff we find on TV or the web at least to me smile


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TIGLJK wrote:

That was a really sweet rendition.
I loved the tempo and all the fills you put in.
Sounded really great to me.


Thanks Jim a great tune to pick wish I had wrote it lol smile


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Peatle Jville wrote:

I love the way you do that song Russell.

much appreciated Peatle and thank you for leaving a nice message  on the video smile


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topdown wrote:

Nicely done Russ - Been a while since you've posted a vid and I really like the back to basics acoustic blues! You still got it!

Thanks Top! smile Yeah it has been a while and before I videotaped this I had a student who took up 2 hrs of my time and I came home and practiced for a hour and a half and was really tired but this song would not go away so I set up the cam and just played it without any effects or backing tracks which is kinda unusual for me. lol


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This is always a fun tune to do on acoustic  I  chose this particular song only because it was buzzing around my head and the mood I was in.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYV1CWZ … e=youtu.be


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I have played some really tough gigs throughout my musical life including a band involved fist fights the worst was in Lahaina Maui our temporary drummer made a racial insult to a Philipean customer and all hell broke loose the entire audience came after the band! punches and kicks everywhere till the bouncers stepped in and order was restored he (the drummer) left the island and it was a while before we could get back to peaceful terms with the locals


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I like all my guitars they each have a tonal personality that is unique. My LP is bread and butter next is my Modern players Tele and then my Texmex Strat around my pad I mostly play my Hohner electric acoustic when I am learning a song or composing and of course my Squire it has its merits too and combined they are my harem lol


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Hi Pete good to see you back here smile

There is a free program I have been using for over 10 years called Picasa and once an image is selected from your photos you can downsize it to any amount of pixels and export it to a designated folder or location it is a totally free download it has a lot of handy effects to adjust a photo for contrast and sharpness in addition to cropping and putting text on the photo smile


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Merry Christmas to you Bill and Dondra have a wonderful holiday season smile

Yep that's boogie-woogie she sure is talented


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Tenement Funster wrote:
Phill Williams wrote:

i always lusted after a rickenbacker like john lennon's, it was so disappointing when i tried one. i now fancy one like mark knopfler got made for him by an american luthier, he was so delighted by it that he wrote a song about him....only i cant remember his name...it's my age you know?

John Monteleone ... terrific story behind the beautiful song, and the beautiful guitar.



very beautiful story and the song is touching love Knophlers story on this thanks Phill smile

Martin or Gibson that is all.go with the best.

Why a Gibson Les Paul? I own one and there is no better guitar in this universe, sure it cost me( about 3 grand) but there is no guitar quite like a Les Paul for tone, action and it's awesome period. behold a Les Paul without effects straight thru an amp no reverb or other effects all the sustain comes from the guitar and of course 50 years experience.

Not necessary amps and devices more of skill and action on the frets some people can play any guitar and make it sound great (skill) others rely on effects but it still comes down to the guitar you choose and that depends on the genre of music your playing


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Tenement Funster wrote:

I certainly agree, Russell ... the parasites have given us a few welcome days off.

I'll take it! lol