Not necessary amps and devices more of skill and action on the frets some people can play any guitar and make it sound great (skill) others rely on effects but it still comes down to the guitar you choose and that depends on the genre of music your playing


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Tenement Funster wrote:

I certainly agree, Russell ... the parasites have given us a few welcome days off.

I'll take it! lol


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I just wanted to say it is so pleasant to log in and not see tons of spam and get to read things that are interesting.

Phill a Spot on performance and the audience really enjoyed it. smile


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I agree with Beamer we could use some input, I am into slide blues and older rock  (Joe Walsh, Muddy Waters etc..) I think if you can upload your material to a site that hosts it all you need to do is copy and paste the address. I would like to extend a big Welcome to Chordie to you and happy holidays. smile


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vicswitchblade wrote:

Hey Folks...I wonder if someone could help with an issue I have.

I play guitar and sing through a Fender Passport 150 amp.  Sometimes I link in a laptop and sing over karaoke tracks as well...and that is the problem.

The only way i could figure to get the laptop to play through the amp was using a cable from the 3.5mm headphone socket on the laptop to the 6.35 mm input on the amp.  I have had loads of cables using adaptors either end and they all work for a while but the connections are not great and anyone treading on the cable or anything knackers it all up.  All in all it is a weak link in my performances and it is doing my head in.

Is there any alternative way to connect the laptop to the amp?  Or are the cables and adaptors I am using the issue...would something more expensive work better?

Any advice is much appreciated.

I would put a disk in and record all the songs then you could pause and play each song when you are ready in a CD player using cables to your amp


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When I was a teen I listened and  danced to Blueberry Hill and Aint that a shame also watched him on TV then in my later years I was playing with a band the "Greenmen" in Shreveport Louisiana and we backed up Fats at the club we were also booked into he was an easy going guy and a great entertainer  RIP "Fats"


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Glad it worked out, Chordie likes keeping members smile


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Ad block is a free chrome addon  for your browser it works! give it a try


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

He is still alive. Not for long. Until then, he hasn`t passed yet. CBS acted too soon.

From what I have researched ( a lot)  he remains alive and his family has a do not resuscitate order in place but is not expected to live thru the night, this I do not understand unless he is in a coma or has lost all brain functions why not resuscitate him? more updates are needed to clarify as a whole lot of people are confused including me.


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unclejoesband wrote:

I'm not so sure.

There were initial reports that he died but I was just watching the local news and they're saying he's in ICU following a major heart attack.

I seen that too but later reports said he was brain dead and they pulled the plug I sure hope you are right and I am wrong.


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We lost another great musician/singer and songwriter Tom Petty dead at 66 of a heart attack. RIP


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Usually after a few hits of weed lol


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I love it, when I was growing up in Milwaukee my mom made spam and scalloped potatoes with some onion and breadcrumbs and milk it tasted fantastic I still make it today and on occasion fry it up for breakfast or lunch and at 2.45 a can it is still a cheap alternative. smile


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You can count me as not a fan, recently there was a Rush tribute band playing in the area I could tell they worked hard at it but from there, promo video the lead vocalist did not impress me nor did the rest of the group they would be better off playing a few songs by Rush and dropping the " tribute" tag oh and there was a $10 dollar cover charge! come on lol


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jerome.oneil wrote:

And just as an indicator of just how bad Seattle's offensive line is, I don't think I could find a better, more emblematic picture than this one.

It was like that all day long.

" I think the Packer corners took his wallet and car keys, too!" lol funniest quote I have heard in a while good one! I missed the Raider game they gave us Chicago vs.Atlanta and later the Dallas game I hope Eddy Lacy plays well for you he was dynamite  when he first came to Green Bay but started to put on weight to many Cheeseburgers and fries (he loves them)


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I watched the game (naturally) the Seahawks still have a very good defense their offense looked a little unhinged with flashes of some fantastic catches and Wilsons running, Lacy is still loved in Greenbay even after his lackluster effort it was kind of nice to see the Bennett bros. especially when the one brother came over when his brother was injured on a play. I think the Packs defense is much improved on the line they really got after Wilson and Rogers took a few hits himself there were  a few bad calls that hurt the Hawks but that's football we know how it feels smile all said both teams need to gel but it is only the first game of the season I expect both teams will settle in and meet again in the playoffs.


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Bill glad you're taking it in stride I have had similar "incidents" some from too much partaking of brew but never had to go to a hospital glad it turned out ok smile


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I feel your pain Phill God knows I have banned, moved, deleted and reported more trash than ever lately


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Jezzz you old timers got to know your limits lol


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Grah1 wrote:

I sometimes use digital trio  live  but sometimes it can be a problem with getting the rythm right first shot ,so generally I pre record the tracks onto a loop and play them  back,how ever if you are inputting into a pa it doesn't allow the sound guy much leeway to equal the drum and bass so you might have problems .So I am some times a bit reluctant to  go down this route.Don't shy away from it though as it can sound great inthe right situation.For small venues or street  use when I have full control of the pa I input the trio into one channel  guitar into another and vocal  into a third.

I have to agree with you on getting the rhythm right I experiment a lot with the different genre dial it would be interesting to run a rhythm unit with a Latin beat into the trio to see it produces any change


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I have the Digitech Trio and they came out with an upgraded version that has a loop function so you can save each progression and it adds your guitar to the loop automatically.
The cost is around $300


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Cloud cover over Wisconsin I had to watch it on you tube not the same


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Fantastic pick, nice little jam space


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Yes I buy the best I have a Gibson Les Paul, Tele and a Strat and several lesser brands but I can play on any guitar your talent always comes to the top, no brag just the facts