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I said scaled down, but this is turning into a nice gathering. Cowboy and Topdawg (the judge) are making the trip, Zurf and Gary are still maybe's. All info is on Facebook, but for those who do not participate on FB (Dirty Ed), I thought I'd share it here as well.


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Looks great TF!

The date for chordiestock 5.5 is set - the weekend of 9/23/17. This will be somewhat scaled down from the main event in March, but already there are more than a dozen confirmed. If anyone can make, I can guarantee it will be a blast!

I haven't met many "famous" musicians. Nigel Olsson (Elton John's drummer) used to live in Raleigh, NC back in my college days and could be seen around town, often at local bars that had live bands. He was very approachable and we chatted a few times. I also met Ron Wood at the RDU airport bar and bought him a beer back in the mid 80's. He was touring as a solo act back in the day and had played the night before at a local bar. Funny enough, he was sitting by himself at the bar and carrying a guitar - no roadies, no security, just sitting there having a beer. I had seen his show the night before and we spent a few minutes chatting.

Neither of those experiences compare to the times I have met and actually played guitar along with many famous, should be famous, locally famous, and possibly infamous musicians that lend their talents to the gatherings at chordiestock or other meet-ups. I have had the great pleasure of sharing some tunes with these incredible chordians: Guitarpix, Tubatooter, Zurf, Wilbaye, Southpaw41, mekidsmom, normtheguitar, Roger Guppy, TopDawgz, Dirty Ed, Beamer, unclejoesband, and baldguitardude. (I hope I didn't forget anyone). There are also several local extremely talented musicians who I have been lucky enough to make music with: The Steve, the incredible Rick Hatfield, Chick "Rocks" Listano, Roger Banks, Garuchi, Cowboy, & Jeff Graves are all professional musicians (in that they have or do get paid to make music)-  it blows me away to have these talented folks play on my back porch for free.


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Rule #1 - If it sounds good it is good!

Don't question it, just enjoy it!


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Sounds like a blast - have a great trip!

Sorry to hear this Bill.

Some friends have asked about the possibility of gathering for a chordiestock like party mid year between the annual main event in March. I am more than happy to host, but I would hate for it to dilute the March event for folks who travel and can only do so once a year. September is half a year away from Chordiestock so I'm throwing it out there for comments and opinions. Would there be interest in a .5 event? Everyone is welcome, but all I ask is that if you can make only 1 event, make it in March. Are any weekends in September better than others?

Thanks for that link Jim - I watched all 5. Great stuff.

I use the DR coated, color strings on my Composite Acoustic guitar. This guitar lives on the back porch and the coated strings sound great, look awesome and last a long time even in the Florida heat and humidity. And they are available in multiple color options - great strings!

I use John Pearse strings on all my wood acoustics that live indoors, but the DR coated are great on my back porch guitar.



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Thanks everyone - I had a pretty darn good day!


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LOL - Thanks Roger!

Thanks for sharing Roger - That was pretty cool

I will definitely "do" Sunday Morning Coming Down, but anyone who wants to hear it is gonna have to come to Madeira Beach! big_smile

I'm gonna throw in my 2 cents here, even though I'm not posting anything because I can't stand to hear myself sing. I would love to hear BGD (and others) attempt a cover of a Dave Matthews tune. "Under the Table and Dreaming" and "Crash" wee both released in the 90s and I've just got a feeling that BGD could do justice to some of those tunes. Myself -  not only can't I sing them, but Dave plays some weird chords that require more fingers than I have. Since I am not participating, feel free to ignore my suggestion!


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Good to see an old familiar "face". Glad you're back!


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Love it! But now I wanna know the origins - I thought it was an old Irish Drinking Song.


Congrats JX3. When are you moving to Florida? By law, New Englanders are required to establish residence within 5 years of retirement. smile

In all seriousness, if you need a break, I've got a spare room and a full liquor cabinet - well not quite as full since chordiestock, but the booze store is close!

Welcome to chordie Marshel. I have no experience with carpal tunnel, but I wish you the best of luck!


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This is a little late, but I've been busy. My good friend Zurf conspired with Topdawg to obtain this killer Squire short-scale bass and gifted it to me during chordiestock. He was also kind enough to bring me a book so I can learn how to play it!. As a bonus, it matches my Strat perfectly! Thanks Zurf! Now if only I could learn to play one of em.....



Beautiful Guitar -Happy NGD!

I think most folks I know here are on facebook and have seen the photos from the weekend, but is a sample for those who are not (Dirty Ed wink ). I am happy to say that CSV was a success - the level and quantity of talent that gathered on Saturday was AMAZING!


Ken, we're sure gonna miss you too, I believe other than Zurf and Southpaw, you have made the most chordiestocks. At least we will have some Dirty Ed tunes to listen to - thanks for that, I am sure we will be playing and singing along with your music!  Hope the knee is healing well and we look forward to having you back next year!

CSV starts in 4 days - Banner is up!



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That guitar has Beamer The Metalizer written all over it. Happy NGD buddy!