I use the DR coated, color strings on my Composite Acoustic guitar. This guitar lives on the back porch and the coated strings sound great, look awesome and last a long time even in the Florida heat and humidity. And they are available in multiple color options - great strings!

I use John Pearse strings on all my wood acoustics that live indoors, but the DR coated are great on my back porch guitar.



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Thanks everyone - I had a pretty darn good day!


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LOL - Thanks Roger!

Thanks for sharing Roger - That was pretty cool

I will definitely "do" Sunday Morning Coming Down, but anyone who wants to hear it is gonna have to come to Madeira Beach! big_smile

I'm gonna throw in my 2 cents here, even though I'm not posting anything because I can't stand to hear myself sing. I would love to hear BGD (and others) attempt a cover of a Dave Matthews tune. "Under the Table and Dreaming" and "Crash" wee both released in the 90s and I've just got a feeling that BGD could do justice to some of those tunes. Myself -  not only can't I sing them, but Dave plays some weird chords that require more fingers than I have. Since I am not participating, feel free to ignore my suggestion!


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Good to see an old familiar "face". Glad you're back!


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Love it! But now I wanna know the origins - I thought it was an old Irish Drinking Song.


Congrats JX3. When are you moving to Florida? By law, New Englanders are required to establish residence within 5 years of retirement. smile

In all seriousness, if you need a break, I've got a spare room and a full liquor cabinet - well not quite as full since chordiestock, but the booze store is close!

Welcome to chordie Marshel. I have no experience with carpal tunnel, but I wish you the best of luck!


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This is a little late, but I've been busy. My good friend Zurf conspired with Topdawg to obtain this killer Squire short-scale bass and gifted it to me during chordiestock. He was also kind enough to bring me a book so I can learn how to play it!. As a bonus, it matches my Strat perfectly! Thanks Zurf! Now if only I could learn to play one of em.....



Beautiful Guitar -Happy NGD!

I think most folks I know here are on facebook and have seen the photos from the weekend, but is a sample for those who are not (Dirty Ed wink ). I am happy to say that CSV was a success - the level and quantity of talent that gathered on Saturday was AMAZING!


Ken, we're sure gonna miss you too, I believe other than Zurf and Southpaw, you have made the most chordiestocks. At least we will have some Dirty Ed tunes to listen to - thanks for that, I am sure we will be playing and singing along with your music!  Hope the knee is healing well and we look forward to having you back next year!

CSV starts in 4 days - Banner is up!



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That guitar has Beamer The Metalizer written all over it. Happy NGD buddy!

I've got the full size big brother of this CA and love it.

http://www.compositeacoustics.com/index … rbon-burst

TIGLJK wrote:

Dylan - at Doubleday field in Cooperstown a few years ago

It was awful.  Placed was packed - but  many left halfway through.  I stayed for entire event b/c I'm a Dylan diehard no matter what. My wife and daughter left to go to local bar for drinks.  At the end- I kind of wished I had left with them.
With that being said two years later I saw him in NYC and it was great.   
Guess everyone can be lousy some nights. smile

Sounds like the time I saw him. He was touring minor league ball parks with Willie Nelson. Willie was awesome, sang every popular song, interacted with the audience. It was a joy to see - actually brought tears to my eyes, seeing this American Icon.

Then came Dylan - all electric amped to the max, totally incoherent vocals and not a single song recognizable. I left early. I still am a huge fan, but man was that disappointing.

That's why I didn't see The Who last year when I was in Vegas. After the fiasco in the Super Bowl half time a few years back, I didn't want taint my love for Pete and Roger by witnessing it in person.

easybeat wrote:

Concert i missed `Chordie Stock`
seen a few vids but much more next time please.

Sure hope you can make it some year EB!

This party will be staring 3 weeks from tonight. I ordered some custom collector drinkware for the big event. If there are leftovers, I'd be happy to ship to any previous attendees.



I can't name any specific tours, but there are bands that I have never seen and wished I had the opportunity or made the additional effort to see. Off the top of my head:

- The Who - probably my all time favorite rock band. They just never came close enough for me to see easily. I sure wish I had made an effort when they were in their prime. 
- Led Zeppelin - I was only 16 when they ended, but I have friends who saw them and I wish I went.
- Pink Floyd w/ Roger Waters - I've seen the Gilmour led version several times, but always felt that I never saw the true Floyd. Roger is coming to Tampa in July - maybe I'll finally get to see him then (even if it is on a Tuesday night sad )
- Clapton - I'm a huge fan and he certainly used to tour enough, but for whatever reason I've never had or made the opportunity to see him.   

That's a pretty short list - I've probably been to 100's of concerts, I guess I should feel lucky that I've seen so many amazing shows.


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arkady wrote:

Ah but the tree pollen is a real killer though.
Just saying smile

Ark - Palm trees give off very little pollen smile

Tenement Funster wrote:

Topdown ... your killin' me here, man! lol

Come on down anytime TF - I've got a spare bed and rum runners on on me. Chordians are always welcome!


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Y'all really oughta come on down for chordiestock


just sayin' smile

That was freaking hilarious. Love bad lip reading

Even though the month isn't even 1/2 way through, I declare BGD and Zurf the winners. I guarantee nobody had or will have as much fun playing these tunes as these two did. Please pick a good SOTM for March - perhaps we can record a chordiestock collaboration!