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I'm normally leery responding to an old topic brought up by a new member with an innocuous, yet meaningless response, but somehow I missed this thread so I thought I would add one of my favs.

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy" ~ Fred Allen

Nicely done Russ - Been a while since you've posted a vid and I really like the back to basics acoustic blues! You still got it!

So Normtheguitar is confirmed as well as Beamer. I’m still hoping Wayne and Liz can make it and if BGD, JoeyX3, and Dirty Ed show up, this might be the most chordians that ever made it to a chordiestock! About 1-1/2 months away!

There is only one reason - Will it make me a rock star and get me chicks?

I'm still searching.................

Beamer - looks to be about 2.5 miles away - just over the bridge. It has a Mad Beach address, but is really on the mainland. I am sure we can work out transportation during your stay, but uber might be necessary to get you back in the evenings as folks that are able to drive late at night are usually few and far between smile

Glad to hear it Beamer! I am making my airport run on Thursday, so I won't be able to get you on Friday. I think the cheapest option is the Airport Super Shuttle where you can get a ride for about $30. Uber is also an option, but I don't know how much it costs.

I should be able to get you back to the airport on Monday though - I plan on making a trip mid afternoon, depending on everyone's flight times. Zurf is departing at 4:30ish, close enough to your flight. See ya in March!

Here's another pic from last year - our attempt at recreating Abbey Road on the way to the beach


Well sorry to hear that DE, but I understand - it's a long trip. Still hope you can make it!

In other news.... Paul has confirmed he's gonna make it! All the way from England, one of the chordiestock originals, the man with 12 fingers (at least), Normtheguitar will be here! That alone is worth the price of admission folks!

Damn - I'm gonna have to put new strings on the 12er..... Or I'll make Paul do it himself like last time big_smile

For those of you not on FB - I have put everyone on notice that we are going back to the original campfire style acoustic jams - no amplification!

LOL - love your names and descriptions Zurf! That "Sullen English Guy" is Martin Raggett - he's a great guy, actually very funny in that British sarcastic funny sort of way. He is an exceptional bass player for a heavy rock band with a degree of success in Europe - check out High Treason on utube - I bet Beamer would love it. He has been here for the past 6 weeks - just left on Monday.

The  "Handsome Guy who sings and plays unreasonably well" is Greg Milo. He should be back this year. And Mr Somethingorother is Jeff Graves - another fantastic player with an unbelievable guitar collection - he has a friend opened a used guitar store and I joked he started his business with Jeff's hand me down's alone. No joke - I visited his house and there was an entire room filled with guitars that were on his "ready to let go" list.

^ Always room for you Zurf, you know that! smile

neophytte wrote:

Being half a world away kinda counts me out sad

Neo - I have hosted travelers from England and Portugal. If you ever made it, you would get the prize for most distance traveled! It's a long way to, but I can assure you a great time!

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Im interested. As you may know, I can`t drive for awhile. Are there any airports around?? If I had to fly. Any motels in the area??

JoeyX3 - Tampa Bay Airport (TPA) and St. Pete / Clearwater airport are both very convenient. I typically make a pick up and drop off at TPA on Thursday and Monday and uber and shuttles are readily available. I live on the beach, so there are many lodging options. Of course, I will also be happy to put you up here on an air mattress or spare bed if I have one.

Here's a group shot from last year


We are about 2 months away. I made an event page on FB and invited everybody I knew on there, but I thought I'd bump this up for the chordie folks who aren't on FB. Let us know if you plan on making it! Dirty Ed?

I may have found the perfect way to bring in the New year for old farts like me. I plan on visiting some local British friends who ring in the year with a live feed from England. That'll be 7:00 pm here. Allows me to drive home before the drunks hit the road and I'm sure to be in bed long before the ball drops in NY. I just hope I'm sleeping soundly enough so I'm not bothered by the fireworks.

Weather here is perfect - high near 70, although we do expect a chill later in the week - lows in the 30's. Brrrrrrrr

Happy New Year everyone!


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Hi Curt - My suggestion is that you come to Choridestock in March. You will meet folks from all over this great country of ours and get to learn all about them while enjoying good music and adult beverages! Of course, I am somewhat biased in my opinion because I love living in Florida, but paradise isn't for everyone smile


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Got a story about Danny Boy as well. Many years ago I was fortunate to be able to get a Tee Time at the famous Bethpage Black golf course in Long Island, NY (My uncle lives there and knows people smile ). Anyway, the clubhouse is an old stone or brick building with 30'+ high ceilings and wonderful acoustics. I'm guessing someone lost a bet, but after the round a guy a few tables down from us stands up and belts out a beautiful A cappella version Danny Boy in this crowded bar - the entire bar was silenced and gave him an awesome round of applause when he finished. It was a moment I will likely never forget.


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Zurf wrote:

Topdown liked that verse so well that he adds it whenever he sings that song now, too.

While I am flattered by the mention, to say I "sing" anything is quite a leap big_smile I do very much enjoy that verse though big_smile

My fav version of The Band Waltzing Maltida is by Liam Clancy - the emotions he brings to the tune gives me goose bumps.



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I use Car Wax on one of my guitars regularly. Being an old car guy, my go to products are typically from Meguiars.

Of course, that guitar is my CA - completely made out of Carbon Fiber.

I bet beamer could put a real nice polish on that one - next time he makes it to chordiestock!


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VERY Cool DE! Good looking young lad, no surprise, he comes from good stock. You have every right to brag!

Great song and wonderful video Jim. Nice looking family you have there.


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Quite a nice compliment Roger - good for you!


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Welcome CL - As Jim says, I am the host of an annual gathering of chordie folks (and others) in March at my place in Madeira Beach (Tampa Bay area). I hope you consider joining us at the next one. I can pretty much assure you of a good time!


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^ I may need to show up at one of your rodeo gatherings - it would be nice to drive away with a kayak. And like Zurf says, if any chordians can make it here for chordiestock, you will be welcomed with a free place to crash - and it is possible, maybe even likely, that you will walk away with a used guitar - there certainly has been more than a few instruments that have changed hands in previous chordiestock events! smile