I can't name any specific tours, but there are bands that I have never seen and wished I had the opportunity or made the additional effort to see. Off the top of my head:

- The Who - probably my all time favorite rock band. They just never came close enough for me to see easily. I sure wish I had made an effort when they were in their prime. 
- Led Zeppelin - I was only 16 when they ended, but I have friends who saw them and I wish I went.
- Pink Floyd w/ Roger Waters - I've seen the Gilmour led version several times, but always felt that I never saw the true Floyd. Roger is coming to Tampa in July - maybe I'll finally get to see him then (even if it is on a Tuesday night sad )
- Clapton - I'm a huge fan and he certainly used to tour enough, but for whatever reason I've never had or made the opportunity to see him.   

That's a pretty short list - I've probably been to 100's of concerts, I guess I should feel lucky that I've seen so many amazing shows.


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arkady wrote:

Ah but the tree pollen is a real killer though.
Just saying smile

Ark - Palm trees give off very little pollen smile

Tenement Funster wrote:

Topdown ... your killin' me here, man! lol

Come on down anytime TF - I've got a spare bed and rum runners on on me. Chordians are always welcome!


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Y'all really oughta come on down for chordiestock


just sayin' smile

That was freaking hilarious. Love bad lip reading

Even though the month isn't even 1/2 way through, I declare BGD and Zurf the winners. I guarantee nobody had or will have as much fun playing these tunes as these two did. Please pick a good SOTM for March - perhaps we can record a chordiestock collaboration!


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Knowing both of you, I am sure a good time was had. I only wish I could have been there!

Bummer. With all the recent cancellations, it seems Zurf may be the only true chordian traveling to the event this year. It will still be a great party with plenty of local friends, put perhaps "chordiestock" has run it's course.


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Seems to me that you and that PA were destined to be together!

2 months away!


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All these NGD posts are putting me in the mood. Need Pics!!!


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Sounds like you go a hell of a deal. Happy NGD! - looking forward to seeing the pics


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2 thoughts

- The ACC one again proved they weren't the pushover conference everyone thinks they are
- I am very nervous facing Green Bay with 2 rookie play makers, that said the home team has won the last several times we have met in the play-offs, so GO COWBOYS. Whoever wins this game I will be pulling for to win the Super Bowl.

^ well gosh durn it DE, I sure hope you can make it but whatever happens I wish you best of luck with your knee.

edited by TD for squeeky cleanliness - thanks for the heads up

I've got a spare bedroom, plenty of floor space and plan on borrowing Wyatt's camper if needed. I can easily put up 6 or 8 here, 10 or 12 if we really push it.


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Happy Birthday Amy!


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Merry Christmas Chordians - Hope Santa brings you what you wanted

I did a quick perusing of the songs on that site and did not find any songs in chopro format (which is the preferred format for chordie). I think it is unlikely that admin will make the effort to include songs that are not formatted correctly.


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You can't beat the crunch of a Tele. Happy NGD!

Good idea dino - how about we relaunch the PATW project from CSV. I''m asking all chordians that are planning to attend to bring something for the package. I'll make a new post when it is ready to send and the first response will get it. I hope Dirty Ed will bring a CD or 2 to include! If folks want to include things in the relaunch, they can PM me for my address, but it may be best to wait -the waiting, mailing and tracking where the package goes is half of the fun.

Just about 3 months away - time to firm up your plans chordians!


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Very nice - could be a cousin to my ES-335. Happy NGD!

Congrats Bill - Happy NGD!

Thanks for sharing Zurf - The song and the story


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The Bucs have won 3 in a row and I think this team is learning how to win and believe in themselves. Although still open to force the ball on occasion, Jameis Winston has thus far proven to be an upstanding citizen, a team leader and most importantly, a winner. The defense was certainly impressive in holding the Hawks to only 5 points.   

I am also becoming a believer in these Cowboys - I've been waiting on the bubble to burst all year, but Prescott and Elliott (behind the best OL in football) continue to impress week after week. Even with a suspect D, this team is really special - I cannot think of a tandem of rookies that have performed this well - ever.


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So many great songs, but this is one of the best songs ever written.