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Welcome CL - As Jim says, I am the host of an annual gathering of chordie folks (and others) in March at my place in Madeira Beach (Tampa Bay area). I hope you consider joining us at the next one. I can pretty much assure you of a good time!

^ I may need to show up at one of your rodeo gatherings - it would be nice to drive away with a kayak. And like Zurf says, if any chordians can make it here for chordiestock, you will be welcomed with a free place to crash - and it is possible, maybe even likely, that you will walk away with a used guitar - there certainly has been more than a few instruments that have changed hands in previous chordiestock events! smile


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Very Nice Jim!


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Sometimes I "like" and post on soundcloud, sometimes I make a comment on chordie. I must say I don't listen to every recording, but when I do, I usually comment - from the good ole USA. I don't participate primarily because I cannot stand to hear my poor singing and playing, but if you come to chordiestock, I'll certainly belt it out!

One of the "Original Chordiestockers", in fact the individual possibly most responsible for this annual gathering, recently sent me a message inquiring about the dates for next year's event. Sounds like he is planning to make another trip across the pond! I thought I'd post the dates here for anyone else who needs to make plans. Every year has been better than the last, so I hope lots of chordie folks can make it and we can continue that trend!

More details and FB invites to follow as we get closer. The guy in question is in the photo below - He's the one who isn't me. smile



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Condolences to you and your family Beamer.


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Acoustic Guitar Forum has an active "for sale" section, although it is primarily (surprise!) for acoustic guitars. Reverb is an awesome place to buy and sell. There are also Gibson and Martin forums that have for sale sections.

I watched this over 2 nights - amazing craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing TF!


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Great job on the vids UJB, I've been enjoying them. It would be neat to do something similar at Chordiestock, but I'm not sure I have the patience smile . Hope some of you can make it to Florida next year for CSVI the weekend of 3/17/18.


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Congrats - Happy NGD Trevor!

It is customary to post pics smile


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Welcome to the forums Trev. I absolutely love my J45 - she is as good of a guitar as I have ever played and I'm fortunate enough to have some friends with some very high end instruments. One thing is Gibson is not known for their quality control and I understand there can be fairly large differences between individual guitars even of the same model, so I encourage you to play every one you can put your hands on and find the one that "speaks" to you. Good luck!

My best creations happen in the loo smile

With the exception of being without power, all is well. We feel lucky in my area as the storm moved inland south of us and that spared us the worse damage. They were warning of a 6-8 foot storm surge and since I live on the beach, that would have been devastating. Luckily, the actual storm surge was non-existent.


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Well folks there has been a very bad change in the forecasted track. Yesterday this was supposed to be a fairly minor event, now it looks like Irma is going to go right over top of us. The are saying to expect 120 MPH plus sustained winds (with higher gusts) and a 6 to 8 foot storm surge in my area. Irma is a beast and we are right in her sights. I will be leaving in the morning for higher grounds and will likely be without power for quite sometime. I just hope I have a house to come home to once this all passes.

I'm not really the type of guy to ask for prayers, but any positive thoughts and vibes are appreciated. If you can't do that, please go outside and blow as hard as you can in my direction - maybe some wind shear will knock her down a notch. big_smile

And don't worry - my guitars are going with me! smile


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Thanks folks. We have been watching this for over a week and most Floridians are well prepared. I reserved a flight out of town last week (leaving Saturday) in case I feel the need to get out. If I stay, I have friends to bunk with on high ground only a short drive away. My little house on the beach is already under mandatory evacuation orders, so I will be going somewhere. Luckily, the current forecast puts the storm running up the center of the state with only minimal hurricane force winds and little to no storm surge in my area (flooding is the largest concern for me!). I've got a couple of full propane tanks for the grill and plenty of water, beer, food and smokes so I think I will survive smile


Great job JX3 - The first step is acknowledge your addiction...

"I am Joey and I'm a guitaraholic" smile


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LMAO TF - That image is very appropriate! I've been here over 10 years and I ain't going nowhere. The fun we have at chordiestock outweighs all of the spam posts by a ton - I have met and jammed with a bunch of chordie folks and every single one of them are an absolute blast to hang with!


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^ TF - Love Dali as well - there is a Dali Museum here in St. Pete - The largest collection of his art outside of Europe. I spent an afternoon there a few years ago and didn't see half of it - and it is always changing. If you are ever in Florida, I'll take you for a visit - it's amazing.  http://thedali.org/


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I had a book of his artwork several years ago - very interesting stuff. Loved all of his Yes covers.


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The spam has pretty much driven me away from this site - and that's a shame because I used to really like this forum and have met many great people here. I still check it every day and try my best to help get rid of the offenders, but when 90% + of the posts are spam it's pretty discouraging - and it's pretty obvious that others feel the same way.


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Happy NGD - Pics please!


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That's amazing DE. I can't imagine a guitar with more Mojo than Trigger - 10,000+ shows - I feel privileged to have seen 1 of them smile

Joe - The March event is always the weekend after daylight savings time starts - that seems to work out good and gives any tourists an hour extra of daylight to enjoy our beaches. Daylight savings starts on Sunday 3/11, so Chordiestock VI will take place from 3/15 - 3/19. The main event is Saturday, 3/17, but it truly is a 4 day party. Hope you can join us! All chordians are welcome!

CS 5.5 is taking place on 9/23/17 - all chordians are welcome then as well. It will be somewhat scaled back from the March party, but I can assure you it will still be a hell of a good time! (ask anybody who has been to one) smile

I said scaled down, but this is turning into a nice gathering. Cowboy and Topdawg (the judge) are making the trip, Zurf and Gary are still maybe's. All info is on Facebook, but for those who do not participate on FB (Dirty Ed), I thought I'd share it here as well.