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Very cool beamer - sounds like an excellent neighbor!


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Beautiful Boy - congrats TF!

5 months away. Current chordian roster:

IN: Zurf, Dirty Ed, Topdawgz, Wlbaye and Liz , BGD, Southpaw

Maybe: Beamer, UJB

No response: Normtheguitar

Locals / previous attendees: Cowboy, Paddy, Bee, Roger, Wyatt, Pepper, Jeremy, The Steve, Natalie and I'm sure there will be lots of others 

Out sad Roger

Also have heard from Per who could not commit, but assures me he is going to try to make it!

Add your name to the list!

ETA: - Of course the headliner will be Roscoe Jones! (lord willin')

Ghost riders in the sky.       https://youtu.be/k_oXQVUzEoc


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That was real nice EB - looking forward to hearing more of your stuff

Tenement Funster wrote:

Been thinking specifically of Topdown ...

I believe he's on the west coast of Florida (Madeira Beach area?) but they've probably had major effect ... hope everyone's okay. The dear folk in Haiti have the seen the worst of it ... so sad.

It was largely a non-event here on the west coast. A little breezy and hardly any rain. Glad we dodged another. Thanks for the well wishes TF! I have family and friends in NC that got hammered - trees, down, flooding - they got a lot worse than I did!

Sounds interesting Bill. About an 8 hour drive for me - not too bad. Cabins look real nice. I'll keep an eye on this thread!

Yes, there is uber, a bus trolley and several free beach ride services (tips only)

Wyatt has offered to loan me his RV to park in driveway - I think we can squeeze it in. That should offer enough space for 4-6 more folks to crash. I just gotta get a power cord. So I can probably put up 8 or 10 folks in air conditioning, plus a few others on the porch / tents if need be.

Wyatt has offered to loan me his RV to park in driveway - I think we can squeeze it in. That should offer enough space for 4-6 more folks to crash. I just gotta figure out a power cord.

Zurf - You and Toney are the only folks who have made it to every chordiestock. Of course there is room for you. It is still 6 months away, I'm praying your Dad is healed from whatever is ailing him by then!

I'd encourage travelers looking for a room to book early. March is peak of tourist season around here!

Nice - now this party is coming together. Had a mini gathering at my place tonight. 5 or 6 pickers and a singer or 2. Great fun. I sure hope you and the family can make it BGD, Topdawg and I had a great time at you place last May and I'd like to reciprocate. I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a good time!

If there is enough interest from travelers that need a hotel, I don't mind checking out a few and trying to get a group rate. Just let me know if you're planning on coming.


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NICE! Happy NGD! Hope you can bring her to CSV!


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Congrats Dirty Ed! Sounds like you are working on building an entire orchestra!

It would be great to see you again beamer! Who else in in? Zurf - I know you wouldn't miss #5! UJB? BGD? - You guys have expressed interest in the past. I know it's still 6 months away, but do you think you can make it?

Any of you folks from across the pond plan on attending this year? Roger? Paul?

Sounds good Dirty Ed - There is always room for you - you'll sleep pretty much anywhere!

September is here, so we re now roughly 6 months away from the 5th annual assemblage of wacky chordians in Madeira Beach, FL.  As always, it will take place the weekend after the clocks spring forward and hosted by yours truly. Every year has gotten bigger and better and I expect no different this year. Save the date and make your plans now! Who is in?



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I'd like to try one. The technology sounds very interesting.


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I've owned a Composite Acoustics (Pre-Peavey) for many years. Many here have played it. All guitars have different tones and the CA is no different. I prefer it for strumming over my J-45, but the J-45 is awesome for fingerpicking. The CA, even though it is a Grand Auditorium size, stands up to a full size dread in bass tone and volume. I purchased mine when I was traveling weekly for work - the fact that you can toss it in the trunk in any weather condition without worry made up my mind - something I would never do with a good solid wood guitar. Mine lives on the back porch right next to my swing and even in the Florida heat and humidity it is always in tune and ready for picking. I see that since Peavey bought the company, they no longer make this model. They do offer it's smaller brother "the cargo" and that may be the perfect campfire guitar.



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Howdy Peatle, I dug the tune

Looks and sounds like a great time. Makes me long for Chordiestock V - still a long 7 months away. Hope everyone can make it! Thanks for all the vids.


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Looking forward to hearing some recordings Russell!


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Yeah Toast!