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TIGLJK wrote:


Just saw this part of chordie   

Holiday CD  - Nice idea   - did it ever happen ?

Phill - I would really like to hear NEW YEARS PRAYER if you still got it


I cant say if it got any further, Jim, I certainly haven't heard anymore about it. I've looked through my CD's for NEW YEARS PRAYER (there are at least 18 with around 18 tracks on average) but I couldn't find that track. I think I used to put everything onto mini disc back then so I'll check through those and let you know.


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Hi Jim, it's life but not as we know it. Sorry I had to do that!

Phasing, there's no "r" is the sound you might get by playing two recordings of the same piece of music simultaneously but not quite exactly....if you can, listen to Itchycoo Park, the sounds on the drums is phasing!

Chorus is similar to phasing like playing a guitar through a Lesley speaker, you get it on lots of song's especially country tracks. Lovely!


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reverbs, echo's, chorus, phasing, pitch shift, rotary (whatever that is) etch. i checked the reviews and they were all 5* so i'm hoping it's what i'm looking for. let you know when i get it and tried it out a bit.


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So, OK I said I wanted a uke, so I ordered a Beringer FEX800 Miniflex. It's a multi FX gizmo for vocal or guitar not a uke. so I'm a slut I saw something that attracted my attention and went for it, it should arrive end of this week start of next, good old Amazon. And only £62. woohoo


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My oldest stepson emigrated to Oz about 10 years ago and we've visited twice. He was living in a suburb of Perth called Mandurah, which is around 60 miles away...60 miles? That's like calling my home town a suburb of Cardiff which it's not but it is 60 miles away. It used to take 2 hours to get to Cardiff, now thanks to the motorway it's just an hour. London used to take a whole day back in the 60s...ah the good old days of Lsd, that's pounds shillings an pence.

BTW, on our first Oz trip it was winter over there and summer here...it was still warmer there!


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I've been thinking seriously about a uke. Also one of my grandsons has shown a sudden or unmentioned previously a desire to play drums or guitar! His dad is getting him the guitar so I was thinking about giving him my electronic kit which would mean I'd have to get a new one, a much more advanced and expensive kit of course....does that make me a bad person?


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A very handsome lad and he filled the screen as well as the girl did. I'm sure he has a future on screen if that's what he wants? I'm proud to say he's the son of a Chordian so you must be totally made up.


15 vodka and tonics plus a large brandy or two then 2 pints of lager?????? no, by the time i've driven to the venue, carried the gear in and set up i have just enough time to get a pint of orange squash and lemonade before hitting the first song. i don't seem to suffer with nerves before a show, sometimes during a song if i forget a bit or go to the wrong part, maybe. but i joke it off if i do.

i just watched this video of a group doing an exact cover of Sgt Pepper, live and just about perfect to the album from start to finish including "within you without you" using Indian instruments and "A Day In the Life"
brilliant!!! they are Dutch and play with an orchestra. this video is well worth watching if you're a true Beatles fan...



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I'd like to add my wishes to you all for peace and joy over the coming season and new year. Peatle, hope you get well enough soon to hit the high notes on you're chosen instruments.
I didn't realise there was a Perth in the US? There is a small town in Australia named Llanelli after my home town, I wonder if they have a rugby team called the Scarlets?


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It's amazing for me to read your experiences and how you manage to put them to paper. I can't ever seen this being put to music, Lloyd Webber would struggle. But that matters not a jot. I'm not sure if it's an oratory or a commentary,it is a statement of true life and a report of an actual event.

Congrats to the All Blacks, like I said, they pasted us. But what an entertaining game.
Well done. A lesson to us all to keep our eyes and minds open.


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Buddy, the reference to first time posters is meant for new members that have no knowledge or indeed any inclination about music or interaction with musicians of any kind of standard. they are here simply to return later to add spam and/or infections which you seem to have contracted on your computer. due to the fact that you have been a member since 2012 your posts are discounted from that group of pests known as spammers. please don't feel slighted as i'm sure TIGLJK (Jim) wasn't referring to you and meant no slight. though it would be nice to have more members joining in with the forum conversations, asking for and offering help or just the pleasure of a chat.


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Welcome back to reality. Once you've had a taste of performing it's a hard thing to stop doing. I know that after my shoulder thing then I lost my voice it took me months to get back to playing live and even after getting back a month or so ago, I still can't be bothered to phone agents or venues. I suppose I've enjoyed the good life for too long...you want to see my beer belly,  it's grown to immense proportions.

As I've said before take it easy. I should listen to my own advice, I've got a 3 hour gig tonight.

hi Peatle, i won money on that game...not that i'm a gambler or anything! i think we`re in for a pasting this weekend, we only just managed to beat Georgia. whichever way it goes it will be a good game and the Kiwi supporters will be as welcome as ever to the after match cocktails(?) and singalong. as i always say; it doesn't matter who wins as long as the company is good and the beer is cold. yechid da


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come into my parlour said the spider to the fly....sorry, no spiders here just fun and advice and plenty of room for a friendly chat. welcome


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well thanks Victoria, but just to let you know, were not all beginners but as I'm sure you know the old timers are always happy to lend advice when asked. and congratulations on your first post, may you have many more


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i would guess you mean country rocker? another little cracker, Jim. cant wait for the recording.


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Last time. i hope it wont be the last time? i was really touched by your words here and with a grandchild of my own the words mean so much more to me. thank you Jim. oh and two great recordings.


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hi Jim. just listened to Christmas child, it's well up to your usual standard and your voice has improved immensely  wink gonna go back now and listen to the second song.


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Hey Dona welcome from Wales in the UK. Don't worry about spelling, my name is often spelt wrongly and worst of all they sometimes call me English! Now that is unforgivable.


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Yep, I know the "sounds familiar" syndrome. I wrote and recorded a song a couple of years back. I sent it to Russ who quickly enlightened me to the fact it was an Eagles song with different words....gasp! Horror, so that was that. It's on a CD somewhere never to be heard again.

Bill, don't be downhearted, with a tweek or two here and there, no one will know the difference.


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hi Jim. high praise indeed from the master of the written word, thank you. years ago when i had the hair to my shoulders and beard to match, i was referred to as John, then Gandhi in the same sentence????

thank you Jandle, it's always good to hear from you.

thanks Peatle, i think of this as a follow up to Grah's last song. it's a subject that has been eating me up for quite a while, especially the story of the fellow in Afghanistan that thought he was safe as the "allies" had got rid of the Taliban, but as soon as they went the TB came back and cut off his head as punishment for shaving his beard! how sick is that?

  TF, so sad but true. we all left messages in our underpants back in the 60's with the Cuban crisis. but today with the world being run by businessmen we are in even greater danger. thanks for the listen and comments.


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thanks Grah and EB, happy that you took the time to look and comment.


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well you don't have to wait long as I've up-loaded it to soundcloud.....https://soundcloud.com/iphillfine/not-going-to-sing-tonight


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i have recorded and up-loaded this new song and would be honoured and delighted if you would give it a listen and comment.

you will find it here...https://soundcloud.com/iphillfine/not-going-to-sing-tonight