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i stand corrected. i thought raki was raki wherever it came from, now we know better. i hate aniseed anyway grape skins sound much better, cos i love grapes.


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i love open ended questions like that BJ. the Boss ME80 for me, i've heard it in battlefield conditions and it's awesome.


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I once brought a bottle of Raki home from Turkey but my son decided to take it to a party at his mates house...he got legless, he was only 12 at the time. I think he learned his lesson? If I still had it I'd send it up to you. Have you tried Amazon? they seem to sell everything.


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Thanks Zurf, it seems to be breaking up now, I'm spitting out some very Halloween-ish gunge. Hoping my voice comes back soon. Apparently we have a nasty flu strain on it's way from Australia.
Grah, try my wife's recipe; whisky in hot lemonade with a good dollop of honey and slice of lemon. It tastes awful to me as I hate whiskey but it certainly does the trick.


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hey Jim. had a play through and the chords seem fine. unfortunately I've come down with a rather nasty throat infection and have difficulty speaking so no-can-sing at this time so I cant help with the flow. it looks good and keepitreal has a good point


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just come down with something similar myself Grah, though the wife says she likes the gruff, bass-y sound of my voice? so I asked her "what would you prefer; a sexy voice or gig money coming in?".....she changed the subject....women!


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Hi Richard. I just checked out your link to find that the AD pedal was discontinued. Shame it looks good.

Bluejeep, Beringer stuff is pretty good, but whatever you buy, with a sound hole pick up you are likely to get feed back, so be careful on your volume and amp placement.


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Sorry to hear that Grah, get well soon, Chordie and YouTube are missing you


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nice bit of poetry there jim, reminiscent of the romantic poets.

you've asked for comments so i think i can help you out with a couple of lines.

in the 1st verse change smell to scent?
in the 2nd verse the 3rd line;
beautifully out of place she was?
change to; beautifully awkward out of place
gorgeous chaos full of grace.

i think it flows and rhymes better, but you know what is in your mind, only a suggestion my friend


Chewing gum gets on my nerves after a couple of minutes so I stick it under a table lol

If you could see what I can see when I'm cleaning Windows. Fornby brill or what?


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Peatle Jville wrote:

Phill, Billy's ten guitars  reminds me of pub gigs with that one persistant drunk that turns up.

Yeah. I used to play with a rock band. There was one place, I think it was called the 4 sevens in Maesteg South Wales. We'd be hammering out "Smoke on the Water" and this drunk would be singing "where's my trabone" ?????

Yep, played ten guitars more times than Engelbert Humperdinck not with the rock band though!

Peatle, if you see a dustman....looking all pale and sad. Don't kick him in the dustbin cos it might be my old dad.

Love that song Lonnie Donegan.

Edited to correct spell check


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Peatle Jville wrote:

Here is Rowan Atkinson  and Elton John doing a bit of comedy.

when i watched these clips i was laughing so loud i woke the wife up, it was 6.am! if you go on them check out the Billy Connolly clips.


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i recently bought the special edition of Graceland. to be honest i hadn't heard it before but it's seldom off the car CD player. and of course the album everyone has in their collection "bridge over troubled water"
Happy birthday Paul

my sister was a couple of years older than me (and still is, oddly enough) and after our bath, her first me after, my mother would put my basket chair on the living room table and sit me down while she dried me off and all the time singing nursery rhymes or pop songs of the day. I'm talking about the early 1950's. another memory was going across to the Gower coast and the first one to see the sea had to sing "I see the sea, the sea sees me under the shade of the old oak tree" etc. on the way home it was usually "I love to go a-wondering along the mountain track...." ah, the good old days


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When does inspiration hit....wow, that's a good one!

I sometimes dream a song...which I'll forget
Or on the toilet or in the shower...which I'll forget
Or in the car....ditto
Every now and then when I'm having a little strum a chord sequence or riff grabs my attention so after a bit of noodling a word or frase breaks ground and off we go.
Sometimes words come first, with or without a tune which doesn't matter as everything changes by the time it's finished!


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Hi Bill. Been a bit AWOL of late so now I'm catching up. This has been an awful year for you both and now Dondra wants to store your kit in the bin? Not on mate, put yer foot down gently lol.
I got a little itchy myself a couple of years back....no I wasn't a naughty boy....so Ann shaved me from my neck down, they didn't bother with my head, nothing to grip onto I suppose? Then used teatree oil for a week or so ev wallah gone. I think they came from a pair of spare overalls I was given in work as the cleaners had lost mine.

Get the bug man in, if your new home is rented your landlord should foot the bill?

Three bed rooms? Line the walls with egg boxes and bash hell outta dem der drums in the spare room

Love to Dondra, and try not to scratch


Hi Neophytte, welcome to Chordie.

We like new members that are not here just to spam, to introduce themselves to the rest of us in the Chat Forum. It is a common mistake that new members make by just jumping into a thread and posting something that has no relation to the thread in question. This raises suspicion in the mods. So please go to Chat, introduce yourself and enjoy Chordie, we are friendly and very helpful, we answer your questions and give advice.



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chose one song....now that is truly unfair. imagine being on a desert island for years with only one song to listen to. it wouldn't be you "one song" for long, you'd most likely find it floating away on the ocean...in bits!

i would change my mind daily about one song i'd force chordians to listen to. today might be "englishman in new york" by sting. tomorrow would be "close to the edge" by yes and so on. so short a life so many songs


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Thanks Peatle, I was a little surprised when I saw this brought back to life, I guess it's not just the spammers that dig into the Chordie vault? I read through all the posts again and I was surprised at the support and feeling displayed by our "gang". LONG LIVE THE CHORDIANS


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Sensational Peatle. It really hits the spot and you've written it in a sensible and intelligent way. At 66 I understand it perfectly and it's advice I've given to my kids and grandkids though not as lyrically or factually or even ellequently as you.

Well done and thanks for sharing.


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Hi guys. There is a symbol for natural which is similar to sharp but I don't seem to have it on my tablet keypad.

The only formal musical education I have is from books when I was taking baby steps as far as playing is concerned.

I'm getting back into playing now and my fingers are aching and sore. I must grin and bear it, again as we all must if we want to play.


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The origin of the Cornish pasties harks back to the days of the tin mines. Apparently they were half and half, half meat and potatoes and the other half apple or something. So breakfast and lunch. The reason for the lip around the outside is due to the poisonous nature of tin. The miners could hold the pastie by the rim which was then discarded, they had no provision to wash their hands.

I always thought hot dogs were sausages with a bread roll around them?


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hello Richard the "o" you refer to means a diminished chord eg; Bbdiminished.  the G#m7/5 means you add the 7th of the chord and the 5th of the chord. as for + that means an augmented chord. you can find most of these chords and shapes in the resources tab . enjoy chordie


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Peatle. I'm not familiar with the pastie, but a favourite with my family is corned beef stew or cawl as we call it which just means soup! Sounds very similar with onions, corned beef (obviously) potatoes, carrots, swede and/or any other veggies to hand. Add water beef stock and boil till everything is cooked to taste. You can add anything you like. My daughter uses diced beef instead of corned beef. It would also work with chicken I guess?