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i once played a club with a girl vocalist. before we began the first song, "cotton fields" (we came straight in with no intro) i strummed the chord to get the level. while we were waiting to be introduced the organist hit a few notes out of spite cos we weren't using him and of course we came in in the wrong key. looking back i suppose we could have made it into a joke but we didn't and got paid off...did you have to remind me of that?

hi Liz,

you bring up several interesting points. as a solo singer/guitarist, i often find when playing with backing tracks that i forget what key a song is in especially new songs or songs i haven't played for a while, so my answer for that one is to put the key with the title on the mini disc or lap top. but that's no help to you as you play "live".
you mentioned a partner? couldn't he/she help with designating a key? then write it down next to the title on your set list.
when i write songs, i may have a line and a bit of a melody, in which case i just sing that bit over and over while playing chords or just notes till i find a chord or key then the rest falls into place.

in the sample you've put above you begin in one key (which is probably Eb ) then change to a major key C, the third part is still in C, which is a full tone up from the 1st verse.

hope that helps?


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Sad news indeed. To me he was the man that legalised 12 bar rock and roll. RIP rock in peace


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Sweet! Looks like you're enjoying that a little too much, if that's possible? It looks real good and more importantly, it looks good in your hands. Rock on


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When I watched the Joe Cocker band around 40 years ago they had 2 guitarist's playing Telecasters who took turns having full change overs, every other song! I expect as they were sweating so much and playing so hard that to avoid tone loss and breakages.
Pro guitarist's will change their strings before each gig, but they all have a guitar technician.

Jim, I change strings when they become dirty or lose tone. I must say that your guitar has a lovely tone even though they are several years old.


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i last changed the strings on my Telecaster in October last year which is disgusting as i gig most weekends and play quite a bit in the house through the week. i promised that i would change them after new years eve...but that hasn't happened (shame face). every week i think, yes i shall change them Sunday morning, then i play them and they sound fresh and good so i think i'll give them another week! (bad boy, bad boy) i did take some time out today and changed the strings on my crafter, and they sound great Martins 11 gauge. i meant to put on D'Adario which i bought for an astonishing price from a company called "wish". 1 set normally costs £6.00, so when i got 2 sets for less than £5.00 and they look originals, who could complain? they took a while to arrive but still.....
anyone like to tell how often the change their strings?

i have now shamed myself enough and i'm off to change the Tele.


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Another cracker me auld mate. In my mind I heard this as a waltz? Well done, songs full of feeling


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Had a look at the link and it looks great and would suit your personality perfectly. It's not available over here like most guitars on that site, and as you say, very inexpensive. Have a great time....loud and proud


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Many happy returns Scott. Have a really great day, music, love ,laughter and lots of the falling down liquid....always works for me lol


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you say the nicest things Jim..xxx


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so very interesting, i also watched the neck repair videos that come after and i shall come back and watch again....super


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musical legends like Dylan  or John Denver have an aura about them which shines through even when they're not at their best, i suppose if you didn't know who they were you wouldn't have such high expectations. as for Joe Cocker i saw him about 1979 playing in Swansea he and his band were supersonic and one of the best shows i have ever seen. i also heard he was playing live in Cardiff a few years back as support to one of those one hit wonders that no one can remember now, and he was fantastic again (it was an afternoon concert) but all the kids drifted off as they only came for the "pretty boys" that were miming...what has the world come to?


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If I'm right you're saying....every cloud has a silver lining. Or...roses are red violets are blue, they grow in a garden covered in poo? That's the watered down version.


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we've all missed great concerts, i missed Jimmy Page and Robert Plant who turned up with a new band they were promoting in a Pendine caravan club, they got up to jam later in their set. how did i miss it? i was 50 miles away pulling the engine out my car to fix a big end knock.

so...concerts i wish i'd missed; Argent the second time they'd gigged at Llanelli. they were crap the first time and they played exactly the same set 2nd time even the rubbish jokes.

Mott the Hoople, they were awful! 10 years after were also on the bill but they pulled out last minute ggrrr!

Alexis Corner, we were expecting CCS, but we got blues all night. we had to wait till the end to see local group Man who were brill.

anyone know who CCS were and their one big hit?


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i may try again in that case, thanks for the tip


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ones i attended first

yes in cardiff, topographic tour

supertramp in swansea about 1973

status quo in llanelli about 1970

family, their goodbye tour

there are more but these were best.

ones i'd like to have attended

any beatles

paul mccartney in cardiff around 2010

status quo llanelli parc y scarlets 2016

any yes

any deep purple (original line up after 1972)

any jethro tull

there are more...lots more


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ive had the scarlett 18i6 for a few years and i kept getting emails saying if i registered i'd get a load of stuff plug ins etc so i tried down loading and got nothing. not to say focusrite isnt great stuff as i got a recording studio with it which i only use for mixing and getting stuff ready for youtube or soundcloud. it took me a long time to get into it and had to have assistance which was very good and free. if you can get it then go for it


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Thanks Jim, it's amazing what you can do in 10 minutes.

This was meant to go with Easy beats thread kids songs in chat.


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not to be pedantic but these posts should be in either songwriting, my local band or poems. having got that out of the way i think it's a great idea. i've left my reply in poems so i don't get shouted at lol


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obviously not my wife


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The boy in the sweet shop.

There was a young boy in the sweet shop.
He looked at the chocolates and sweets.
He wished he could try just a sample.
And chew all the sweets he could eat.

For hours he stood by the window.
Dreaming how nice they would taste.
Then out of the shop came his father.
Said “hey boy, what is your game?”

The boy said “dad I was dreaming.
Of how those Smarties would taste.
One by one I would eat them.
And I swear not one I would waste.”

His father said “son I was your age.
When I ate all the sweets I could buy.
Till one day my teeth began rotting.
To the dentist I had to arrive.”

He looked at his old man's gnashers.
Top set he held in his hand.
The bottom set they were just partials.
In a glass at night they would stand.

“So, son” said the father expecting.
The lesson his son surely learned.
“What do you say to those sweeties?”
The boy thought for a minute then said....
“OK, I'll have a Mars bar instead.”


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Great poem that'll make a great song. Don't have time as it's the weekend, if I get a chance Monday?


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Thanks for the pic TF, the weather over here has got warmer. Ann says thanks for the show pic and she agrees with me that it's best looked at onTV


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my wife says she loves to see snow and always hopes for it every winter, but we rarely get it. i love looking at snow too, on TV or on a post card. wrap up warm my friends.


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hey Joey, I feel your pain. I once enjoyed a libation or two a few years ago, average night (with the band) half bottle of Napoleons finest with several pints of Australia's best amber nectar. What got me to calm down was having to face down a couple of coppers that stopped me for speeding after downing lots of port and brandy. I'd began the night with 2 pints of lager and that's all I told the police I'd had!!! Hard to believe but they believed me, just giving me a warning about speeding thanks to whoever is watching over me. I've heard the "gypsy's" warning (as my mother used to say) and now I have a drink or two but not when I'm driving. I know it's not the same thing, but if your mind and will are strong you will do it.