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I've Passed several of these church conversions lately. It just goes to prove Lennon was right the Beatles are still more popular than Jesus.


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Rather you than me Grah, moving home is very traumatic I've only done it 5 times, and the last move has seen me in the same house for 36 years. I wish I was closer to lend a hand with the move. Good luck with it.


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Hi TF, it wasn't an original part though the unit and the power adaptor are made in China. I don't want to say too much at this point as I'm hoping the suppliers of the power adaptor will man up and either fix the unit or replace it as laws our side of the pond state that products have to be fit for purpose and the error was theirs.


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I've been using a Digitech vocal harmoniser on stage for some time now, but last week the power supply began cutting off and making noises during the gig. I decided to bight the bullet and get a new power supply. It came Wednesday, I plugged it in and it worked great, though I only used it for a few seconds. During Saturday's gig the harmoniser was making more noise than usual, then about an hour and a half into the gig, mid song....kapaw and just a load of electrical grating noise through the speakers. I tried unplugging everything till I realised it was the harmoniser! I unplugged that and carried on with the gig, luckily I've got reverb on my mixer. It's so embarrassing all that noise. Had a great gig regardless though my hand is aching after all the hand shakes. Now I have to see what the power supply seller is going to do about it, after all the paperwork confirms it was a 9 volt but the rating on the supply says 14 VAC I take it that means 14 volts AC.ive sent them an e-mail but they may BS me with "you should have checked before using it" I'll keep you informed.


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I was going to add my woes here but I'd better start a new thread. Stomp boxes are great on mike's if you're using 1/4 inch jacks, I've got cannon connectors so that's out for me. Glad you're happy though.


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I lost every finger nail when was a diesel mechanic, and some toe nails too! I feel your pain. Ice might help?


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dino48 wrote:

I like it.

Thanks Dino, glad you like it.


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easybeat wrote:

thats a  clever song,i guess you`ll do it kinda country style?

Yes, I'm thinking stripped back, maybe just acoustic guitar, bass and piano?


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I haven't done a new song for a while and the first couple of lines were sitting on my pad for a few weeks. Strumming some chords and a sequence came together then the rest of the song came flooding out.


{t:Girl With A Gun.}   

{st: Phill Williams.}

[Em] She left me laying in a [G] pool of my [A] blood.
I [Em] gave her my world but that [D] wasn't [C] enough.
I [Em] called at her shadow but [G] she never [A] turned.
[C] Why did I [B7] think that she [Em] would?

I'm laying here knowing my time's at an end.
It's at times just like this that I wish I had a friend.
There's a pain in my heart knowing she would do that.
It's hurting much more than the bullet in my back.

( Am-Em-Am-G-B7-Em)

I thought she'd smile and tell me yes.
Then she'd go looking for a wedding dress.
But she just smirked and pulled out a gun.
I turned around and went to run.



[Am] Too late, too late. I heard the crack.
[Em] Hot searing pain running over my back.
[Am] My legs gave way and I'm eating dirt.
I'm [G] dead on the floor, she's got [B7] blood on her [Em] skirt.


I kind of knew she was sometimes crazy.
I was a fool to think she was my soul mate lady.
Where did she find that rusty old gun?
While I lay here dying and she's on the run.

(CHORUS > Am-Em-Am-G-B7-Em|| OVER Da, da, da etc >CHORUS.

I fell in love with a girl with a gun.


Hi both. Are you using a heavy or light gauge string? I've been using Martin's 11 or12 gauge but they don't seem to hold their tone for long. I've been thinking about trying a lighter gauge, maybe a 10. What do you think?


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Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.



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I usually have a little strum while waiting for the wife to get ready to go out, so it could be quite a while!

I also like to have a little strum most days, always on the acoustic very rarely on the electric which won't be plugged in.

I try and practice scales and any instrumentals I do in my shows also solo's which still won't be that good as I'm not very inventive.

The old arthritis does affect most of my body but playing 6,12 and bass regularly seems to keep my fingers nimble


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what a lucky boy, i didn't get my first guitar till i was 14 and didn't learn to play my first chord till 17! congratulations as has been said above, he's off to a great start


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hi cavsgt, welcome to the forum. as has been said before and i'm sure will be said again, many times; chordie is a vehicle for collecting songs posted on many sites. there is a button (or used to be before the big update, i haven't looked lately!) to edit songs or correct them, you may have to be a registered editor to do this, but it would be worth you checking it out and get it right for others to benefit from your superior knowledge

no offense Bill but, lets hope you don't win lol lol lol


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Sorry to hear this news, get well soon.


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hi ctec, welcome back, haven't heard from you for a while. lovely words and a soulful recording. well done


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not to worry Bill, but i was basking in your reflected glory there for a while. i will still think of you though when i sing it next.

nb, when i recorded the backing track i used a sound from a casio keyboard, not quite as romantic is it?


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Birthday wishes me old mate. Have a good'un and many more.



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You played on stand by me? I'm so impressed. I still do this in my set, always goes down well. Next time I do it I'll be thinking of you, my very dear friend.


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Me too, as you say if have time I Wii proof read ( that Wii is proof I didn't just do it, it happened and should be will) life goes on...??


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has to be the monster mash....is there another?

does one eyed two horned blind purple people eater count?


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i bought my first bass guitar to play in a band that had no bassist. i learnt the hard way to keep time with the bass drum, if i went off on one (i'd been a lead guitar before) he used to rap me across the knuckles with a drum stick between beats and shout at me later; "don't just play, watch and listen too"....school of hard knocks?

here's a fact; how many drummers do you need to carry the PA into a gig? answer; none, they will only carry the drum kit. because it takes longer to set the kit up? if only i had a pound for every time i've heard that one.......

here's another fact; the drums always have to go on top in the van as the amps would crush them, so they're the first out and everyone else carries them into the venue. now read the above fact again.

sorry Bill, i'm sure you were the exception to the rule.  lol


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Very clever, but not long enough. Loved it more please


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In all honesty I can't say I've heard any music from NZ though I must have. One of the best songs I've ever heard is Friday on my mind by......yes the Easybeats so I'm not in a position to judge the judges. All I can say is they'll probably go with the fashion at the time. I've had lots of letters from record companies saying "your songs don't reflect the times"  try again, what they mean is... don't bother.
If you're asking should you enter the comp then yes your songs have great merit and you have your own niche. Bare knuckle songs, so artistes looking for songs can put their own stamp on the song. Put them out there cos they won't get heard sitting on a pile in the corner.