i'd never heard of it before so i had a quick look. it seems to be well laid out and professional and they want £60 a year for the services they offer. they bandy names about such as fleetwood mac and worryingly bram stoker??? i'd look into it a lot further before handing over your credit card details

hi richarg, welcome to chordie forums.

i always type my songs into my PC's office programme, then copy and paste into a new thread in songwriting. there are instructions there for transforming songs into chordpro to make them look purdy like?

i don't use songbook myself but i think that's for the convenience of putting other peoples songs for your easy access.

looking forward to seeing and hearing your songs


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Thanks for that TF, I'd forgotten about Wishbone Ash, I have the Argus album on vinyl in my attic. Reminds me of the bassist in one of my bands years ago who loved them and actually sounded like them singing and every song he wrote...you get my meaning?

The less I'm doing the less time I seem to have...how does that work? When I get the time and hwyl I'll give it a try.


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As the constipated man said...oooh that's a hard one!

Bad habits stem mainly from laziness, and I'm really lazy. I learn a song but if there's a bit that I can't quite get I put my own thing in and say I'm being original and putting my own stamp on it...all lies! Eg: the solo from Hotel California, the first 7 notes are from the record, after that I make them up as I go along...see originality?

I've seen people play an open E chord leaving the index finger free. Easier to get to the next chord if it's a barre chord. I don't, my index is on the D# ...see bad habit and I won't change it


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Congrats on 3K. I've never paid much attention to the numbers before, I don't even know how much I have (till I look later) I've been here since 2007 and have learned a shedfull of stuff, spoken to really interesting people and worked with some fine writers and musicians. As you say; best site on the web.


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I've thought long and hard about this one and I still don't know. I like my FX on the floor in front of me, it helps as they're all stomp boxes anyway. If yours are placed on top of your amp with dial up FX and a foot switch then yeh loop just watch out for hum and buzz. Pedal boards with set FX are best on the floor. It's all convenience really.

Only twice in my 56 years playing has anyone else string a guitar for me, both times when I bought a new one! Guitar that is! Only once have I allowed the techy tower it up reason being; I liked the way it played in the shop so why change it?

I once tried those plastic coated strings back in the 70s.....once!!!

30 dollars seems a lot for a set of strings though? Let me know how you get on...please

Sounds like my granddaughter. Thanks for putting that up Peatle it's brightened my day no end.

Well, I'm guessing that harks back to the days before the noose would snap the neck as the victim fell. They would slowly choke or get strangled or as was supposed to happen to Guy Fawks, cut down before death to watch their own intestines being cut out and placed on their chests. Ah the good old days? For less infamous offenders the would be hung and left hanging till the crows, rats, flies etc would pick the bones clean, were they dead by then? Who knows?
As to your little friends....maybe one has layed eggs in your skin?

I'm trying to think of a joke but I've failed...old age, you know?

Have you tried teatree oil?


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all the above. great guitar sound for a dusty old axe? this is a song i often start my set with but you sound much better than me. nice one


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William, my dear old friend....are you sitting down? I may have some sad news for you; my old computer died a very similar death a couple of years ago. It seems the power pack went out one day and never came back. have you smelt burning perchance? The power pack in mine gave off a smell, but instead of switching off and taking it to a techie I kept on trying which toasted the rest of it. Never mind, I got a brand new one built to my specification courtesy of my dearest.
I don't know if you get "Groupon" out there cos they have some great "used" HP PC's at a really small price.

All the best.


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You can learn a lot from TV. I have seen many documentaries about Gallipoli and other wastes of life brought about by our so called leaders?
I think it was Haig who was in charge at Gallipoli, the ANZACS were meant to charge in after the bombardment ended keeping the Turk gunners heads down, but the bombardment ended early but Haig insisted they went in anyway! We all know the result. I don't blame the Turks I blame Haig who was safely hidden miles away from the killing ground. And he was the celebrated hero???? Give me strength


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Hi Bill. You've most likely down loaded some stuff your PC didn't like and it's pouting! When this happened to me a while back i switched on and held down, I think, the F9 button for a few moments which brought up the blue screen that then gives options like safe start etc. If and when you get it up and running....first job has to be system restore. Take it back at least a month.

All makes of PC are different so what I've just put down could be total rubbish for yours. But good luck anyway. Love to Dondra

PS. You could always Google the symptoms and follow their instructions


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I am almost moved to tears reading this. And I wonder if the greedy men that orchestrated that carnage slept soundly in their beds....I hope not!

I suppose you could argue that killing and warfare is the way of the human race, it's a wonder we haven't gone the way of the dinosaur?

You've captured in words a great story with feeling and eloquence. It must have been awful losing his brother, surviving the war only to die of TB later.

Some great songs from you and Jim today


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Sorry I disagree, it's not the guns it's the evil men do with them. Take away the temptation and hopefully the evil will follow. As Jim asks; why allow anybody to keep automatic weapons? If you're a hunter one bullet should do the trick. A hundred bullets in a second will change your late meal to mincemeat.

Strong words Jim, and beautifully written.


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love that last one TF.

my dad was a lorry driver and during school holidays i'd go with him for a day out, so when we got home one night he spotted a young girl in a mini skirt and out of the blue he says; mae goese honna mind lan i penol hi, roughly translated from the Welsh; that girls legs go all the way up to her backside, or words to that effect


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My mother was a bit of a case when I was a kid, on my way out to play she once told me "you come home here dead and I'll kill you" ah the good old days?

I saw a comedian who joked "I change my underpants every week; I take them off, throw them against the wall and if they don't stick I put them back on"


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Peatle. I've never read any Edgar Allan Poe before so big thanks for sharing this. I believe he was an addict and got his inspiration from his many trips! I just loved the romantic language and verse used while reciting, clearly, the story. Thanks also for the explanation in the preface as the meanings might have gone unnoticed otherwise.


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WOW! That's a real circle in a spiral in a groove (ref: j tull.)

I've had a Wilson bass for hundreds of years, it seems, and I still enjoy playing it and get a good range of sounds from it. I recently bought a Beringer BDI21 which makes me smile as it's probably a fraction of the cost of those babies, so the wife keeps telling me.

Of course the choice has to be yours. Good luck!


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What a wise and intellectual woman she must be. You must be very proud, that's not a question it's a statement. I've had three strong women in my life; my grandmother, my mother and Ann my beloved.
I have the same relationship with my youngest granddaughter as I had with my grandmother, mutual love and respect. My mother gave me my love of music and taught me to respect women. Ann has given me everything else.

Shame about your mums bad history with men, relative and spouses. Just had to say not all us Europeans are bar stewards.

Happy birthday Peatles mum. Xxx


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Pretty little ballad well performed and written. Production wise I could hear rimshot drums, strings and a harmony vocal, obviously not too far forward as they would spoil the whistfull effect you've created.

Well done


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Hi Max, welcome to Chordie. Sometimes I wish I was starting out learning again, then I realise I still am.... learning to play properly. Take heed of what Doug has written, it's very good advice. 5 minutes here and there throughout the day learning chords and scales and picking out tunes is what the doctor ordered.


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just checked them out and i'm not surprised you only change them every 2 years, at £30 for 2 sets i'd want to get my money's worth too, quite apart from the fact that the wife would go bananas


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shall i be brutally honest? i will anyway. smile

they are lacking that ring that new strings have and i like the screech as you move your fingers up the frett board. new strings have to bed in before they hold their tuning but as i have found; as you play further up the arm they tend to lose their tune, octaves on harmonics aren't where they should be so solos up top sound flat.

it's a fact of life that when you decide to change the strings after the next gig, they sound great! tones are nice etc. it's just when you look at the 5th and 6th strings they're almost black and sound quite dead...so they've got to go.

i was noodling last night on my Crafter semi acoustic, did some bending on the 12th frett (due to old strings) and when i went to play open chords the high E and D strings had lost their tuning, so a change is unavoidable even though the strings sound great when recording. when they gorra go they gorra go.

i think i tried elixirs once but when i went back to get more the store had gone bust! i'll have to see if they're on Amazon next time i need some


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neophytte wrote:
Tenement Funster wrote:

I certainly agree with Neo about Elixir coated strings, although I prefer their NanoWeb 80/20s on my acoustics (just a little brighter).

Hmmm, I'll have to try them next time, but this week I changed my strings for the first time since 2016 ... yikes

OMG, neo. i don't change my strings often and i have 6 unopened packs in my drawer, but i couldn't abuse my beauties by nor restringing for 2 years, the sweaty fingers alone would make them black and toneless in 6 months! see, i told you i don't change them often.

Trevor, so sorry to hear of your troubles, the least of which is changing strings too often. lol  welcome to the forums, and i wish you many years of happiness with your new love.