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Very dramatic title, I like it. You allude to this mysterious recording when do we get to hear it?

I'm sorry Bill but I have to disagree with you. It's not the"hero?" Who is planning the shooting but the girl's fella ref 38 in my face?
Is it unrequited love or is the hero a stalker? So many variables. Every answer asks a question. Well done.



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I bought my strat in 1972 totally ignorant of the fact that there were MIMs! As it turned out it was but hey ho....right?
I played it on stage for 30 years or so struggling to get the sound I wanted and never getting there.
When I bought my Tele I played it in the shop for over an hour before buying. The guy told me upfront that it was a Mex I didn't care cos it had the sound and feel I was looking for, which are in my opinion the most important things.


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Thanks for that Bill, very surprising and very uplifting.


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More bad news guys Greg Lake one time member of Emerson, Lake and Palmer has sadly passed away.

another sad loss, great bassist, singer and guitarist....RIP Greg


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Your writing goes from strength to strength, I know I've said it before so I've said it again.
As I read through the song I could see you've written it from a young couples perspective, the first verse gave me the impression that it was about an older couple? I guess it fits all sizes.

Brill piece of work, i shall try playing it later.

Well done.


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Peatle......gotcha wink


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Yorkshire dales, as I recall wet windy with the added bonus of COLD! I was also wondering what had happened to him. Knowing British Telecom he's still waiting for his broadband to be connected. Either that or he's up to his armpits getting the new house in order. Good luck Graham, lets hear from you soon.


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I think you're so very brave by looking into what the surgeons are going to do, I'd rather not know. I've been told I need a new left knee and the right one's not far behind after years of running, track and field stuff, soccer, rugby then latterly up and down ladders for my job and last but not least, hours of standing on one leg while working the FX pedals.

Anyhow, look at the bright side, you can't go to work, you can't do any jobs around the house so find a comfy position for easy access to your guitar and computer.

Good luck with the surgery and take you time to recover properly.


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shall have to try it, i used to play when i'm 64 in my set years ago but it's one of those that fell by the wayside. i was tempted to revive it last year when i was 64....i resisted...   lol


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i love the sound from Martin custom lights .11-.52 but as you say, you know the sound you want and when you find it you'll know


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I've bought a lighter gauge set to help with the tension thing, haven't put them on yet though.

BGD, how would a 12er sound detuned to D?


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Peatle, you live in the Forrest?

Chords to when I'm 64? Might work I'll have to give it a go.

Thanks to everyone for reading my early morning thoughts


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we used to have an ad over here with chimpanzees drinking tea when one says to the other " it's in the taste" you love it or hate it....just like marmite

purists!!!!! not me...i was so glad when cassettes came out so i could get away from crackles, rumbles, clicks and scratches. of course the tape would then stretch and make the music sound weird. ah, the relief i felt when CD's arrived; clean sound with crystal clarity...ahhhh heaven. i've still got a couple of dozen LP's in the attic gathering dust along with my panasonic turn table. i guess when i die they'll all be thrown in the skip anyway.
downloads? nah, half the fun of buying a record is reading the sleeve notes even if i have to wear two pairs of glasses to read them!


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i love a nice milky coffee but i tend to get heart palpitations so i tend to avoid coffee and cola (i thought that would be the safest way of putting it LOL) we use ty-phoo tea bags with sugar and milk and of course it must be hot!

i laughed at the Picard ref as he's meant to be french! it's like a french man playing a scotsman and a scotsman playing a spaniard...it could never happen?  could it?

why cant religion and musicians stay out of politics and politicians keep their nose out of everything else? having said that we all have an opinion only some can shout it louder than others.


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Hi Bill

I'd like to thank you and Dino for having a read and commenting. I hadn't thought of putting it to music unless I do something like has been done recently and speak it over some guitar strumming? Notice that I avoided the rap word? When they thought up that title they left out the C lol

Thanks again, love to Dondra


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dino48 wrote:

Ditto  Do you think the Beatles had a moment when they  did When I'm  64?

Hi Dino

I think Macca was in his mid 20 s when he wrote when I'm 64, if he did then there's hope for us all?


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These were my thoughts as I woke up this morning only slightly modified for verse, rhyme and decency reasons otherwise it is as it occurred to me at 6.15 this morning.

               65.              by Phill Williams. 29/11/16

When I wake up every morning in my head I'm still 18.
But once my eyes are open, my youth was just a dream.
A dream of summers hot and long.
Of Christmas trees and Christmas songs.
Of swimming, running – snowball fights.
Of young romance on balmy nights.
Suddenly I'm back to now.
65 and freezing cold.

My arm is cold above my head.
It cant be moved – oh God! It's dead!
Under sheets to get it warm.
Pins and needles as blood returns.
“It's gone to sleep” as my mam once said.
Until it does it feels like lead.

I roll-up now into a ball.
So cosy under blankets warm.
Till my knees hurt and my back hurts too.
My stomach shouts out -  “I NEED SOME FOOD!”
And what my wife has called for 30 years.
“That useless piece of skin” – not hers.
Has found a new lease of life it seems.
Bathroom time....I need a pee.


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my old dad used to whistle too, or at least try to, he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket to be honest. he started a job driving a lorry in about 1957/8 and during the summer holidays i'd go with him for a spin, which i think is where i get my wanderlust from. between the engine noise was deafening and his whistle as well????? he died about 10 years ago 2 years after my mother, i sometimes dream about them as if they were still alive and even though i feel sad that they're no longer here, i'm glad i had a few more moments with them.

i'd love to have a go at your song if i get some time but i am preparing for christmas right now so maybe when i get a few moments.

got to say though love the song and the sentiment


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i must say you have a way with words and i love the uke, it kinda reminds me of George Formby, i love the old funny men...well done


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i have to agree, i have had the wrong song played on several occasions though usually by the right performer


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It's great to see how you've made the hardships of your life work for you. You are obviously a very brave and determined man who I am sure will find a way to strum and pick.

I usually find when I'm playing on a right hander that A shaped chords, or Bb actually, are the easiest and best to play; index finger for the barre and ring finger to hold down the 3 strings to make the chord, just like slide guitar really. Glad you like what I've done with your song, always glad to help.



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Hi there U.D.n.B

I thought I'd have a crack at it and this is what I came up with, I hope you don't mind cos I've taken a liberty or two with some words to get the rhythm I've used and I've altered some chords to give the song a flow and I've even changed key for the last 3 lines, as Jim says "if'n you likes it not, dump it."

Fallen Again

[D] To all of those in my [C] life who [G] care about [D] me,

[D] my eyes are filled with [C] hurt, so [G] much I can't [D] see.

[C] Just please have patience, for I've [G] fallen again,

[Am] I try so hard,but I [D] just can't win.

[C] I brush myself off, put my [G] feet back on the ground,

[Am] because I know there's a [G] reason, why I'm [D] still around.

[D] I try as hard as I [C] can, to [G] do my very [D] best,

[D] but it seems like all my [C] efforts, never [G] please the [D] rest.

[C] I feel like all those, I [G] care about the most,

[Am] don't acknowledge me, makes me [D] feel like  a ghost.                         
[C] I have to follow [G] my heart, a quest unbound,                                                     
[Am] I've fallen again, I'm [G] down here on the [D] ground.

[C] A person can [D] only get back up so [Em] many times,
[Am] before they need [C] help, that's why I [D] write these lines.

[D] If someone sees on the [C] ground a [G] struggling man,
[D] would you please stop real [C] quick, to [G] offer me your [D] hand.
[F] I've fallen [C] again and I'm on the [Bb] ground
[F] I've fallen [C] again and I'm on the [Bb] ground
I said I've [F] fallen [C] again and I'm on the [Bb] ground....D-C-G

I am recording it at the moment and as soon as I get it on soundcloud I'll let you know


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hi jim, just had a little read through very christmassy and as always great words and the meter seems perfect.well done and thanks for sharing



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Wow Jan, I never realised you were lefty too! I began torturing the strings at about 14 in an attempt to attract the girls....never worked! But when I picked it up for the first time it went naturally lefty, I've tried swapping but gave up.

Upside, your gonna have to give us a shorter name we can call you? Yes great song made all the more poignant by the accompanying story, glad to hear you're clean, congrats on that and the song, it's early morning here and the wife is still sleeping so with your permission I'll give it a go later. You have a talent keep on.