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i may try again in that case, thanks for the tip


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ones i attended first

yes in cardiff, topographic tour

supertramp in swansea about 1973

status quo in llanelli about 1970

family, their goodbye tour

there are more but these were best.

ones i'd like to have attended

any beatles

paul mccartney in cardiff around 2010

status quo llanelli parc y scarlets 2016

any yes

any deep purple (original line up after 1972)

any jethro tull

there are more...lots more


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ive had the scarlett 18i6 for a few years and i kept getting emails saying if i registered i'd get a load of stuff plug ins etc so i tried down loading and got nothing. not to say focusrite isnt great stuff as i got a recording studio with it which i only use for mixing and getting stuff ready for youtube or soundcloud. it took me a long time to get into it and had to have assistance which was very good and free. if you can get it then go for it


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Thanks Jim, it's amazing what you can do in 10 minutes.

This was meant to go with Easy beats thread kids songs in chat.


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not to be pedantic but these posts should be in either songwriting, my local band or poems. having got that out of the way i think it's a great idea. i've left my reply in poems so i don't get shouted at lol


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obviously not my wife


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The boy in the sweet shop.

There was a young boy in the sweet shop.
He looked at the chocolates and sweets.
He wished he could try just a sample.
And chew all the sweets he could eat.

For hours he stood by the window.
Dreaming how nice they would taste.
Then out of the shop came his father.
Said “hey boy, what is your game?”

The boy said “dad I was dreaming.
Of how those Smarties would taste.
One by one I would eat them.
And I swear not one I would waste.”

His father said “son I was your age.
When I ate all the sweets I could buy.
Till one day my teeth began rotting.
To the dentist I had to arrive.”

He looked at his old man's gnashers.
Top set he held in his hand.
The bottom set they were just partials.
In a glass at night they would stand.

“So, son” said the father expecting.
The lesson his son surely learned.
“What do you say to those sweeties?”
The boy thought for a minute then said....
“OK, I'll have a Mars bar instead.”


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Great poem that'll make a great song. Don't have time as it's the weekend, if I get a chance Monday?


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Thanks for the pic TF, the weather over here has got warmer. Ann says thanks for the show pic and she agrees with me that it's best looked at onTV


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my wife says she loves to see snow and always hopes for it every winter, but we rarely get it. i love looking at snow too, on TV or on a post card. wrap up warm my friends.


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hey Joey, I feel your pain. I once enjoyed a libation or two a few years ago, average night (with the band) half bottle of Napoleons finest with several pints of Australia's best amber nectar. What got me to calm down was having to face down a couple of coppers that stopped me for speeding after downing lots of port and brandy. I'd began the night with 2 pints of lager and that's all I told the police I'd had!!! Hard to believe but they believed me, just giving me a warning about speeding thanks to whoever is watching over me. I've heard the "gypsy's" warning (as my mother used to say) and now I have a drink or two but not when I'm driving. I know it's not the same thing, but if your mind and will are strong you will do it.


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Never mind how they think of these things....how do they get them to work?

JUST HYSTERICAL. So glad I got up early


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25 out of 30. There were quite a few songs I'd never heard of so I only got them if I recognised the others.

Thanks Jim, I love quizzes, clears the cobwebs first thing in the morning....


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Very good Jim, a little work needed on the frazing otherwise a cracking song. I imagined it a little rockier in a country rock style. Another winner.



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beamer wrote:


I second that emoticon. Come on Bill we all miss ya! I keep meaning to email you but there's always something else cropping up. I hope it's not me that's upset you? And I'm sure whatever it is can be resolved.

Your friend and biggest Welsh fan



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another great loss. i remember him in concert with family one of my late 60's early 70's favourite bands. he also played a mean violin. RIP


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Hello AE and welcome to the forums.

There could be 2 reason's why you've picked this post up now...

1. Someone dug back to find an old post to put some spam on our forums and has been banned and his post deleted.

2. You are planning to come back at a later date to add spam. I hope it's not option 2.

These forums are for members to enjoy not get bombarded with spam. I hope you are here to enjoy.


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My Tele has 21 frets, my Cort has 24. The extra 3 frets make a big difference if I'm playing Albatross. It also makes it slightly easier to bend the strings when playing up the neck. Others may not agree, but that's my opinion.


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That's a real oddity. From what I could make out from your picture, it has 2 high E strings and 2 B's! And seeing it has a whammy bar, I'm guessing it's meant for lead only. Nice looking though.


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a road trip a sleepover and a new PA does it get better than that? CONGRATS, sounds like a bargain, have fun.


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Ah Lennon lives!

I'm sure some of that is swearing, but I wert bun YOOO as I likes it so mooch.

There was another fella who used to do nonsense poems, but I cant for the life of me remember his noodle?

Thanks for the laugh and lightening the mood


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Peatle, that is so deep. It's more of a commentary or a sermon and I think it would mean something to everyone that reads it. I got the reference to earthquakes even though I have never experienced one (TG) I just hope everyone will read this and take their own meanings from it and learn.



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TIGLJK wrote:


Very nice.....  superb social commentary
I 've must've had those thoughts a million times..  always questioning that if somehow I won the mega lottery and had millions - what would I do - would I just become one of them or would I really make a difference in some other people's lives.   The tragedy is that there are so many impoverished persons, it is an impossible task ( including the ones that don't really want to help themselves).  The economic division in societies around the globe is growing at an alarming rate  - someday the price will have to be paid.

I anticipate a cool rendition of this when your voice is healthy smile !


we all know about George Michael and his toilet fiasco (flashing etc) and his drug habit, yet i've just heard how he gave a lot of money secretly to help some people get IVF treatment, so to me that's a good way of using the millions he's accumulated.

it just gets my goat how the mega rich can throw their (usually) ill gotten gains about on £1000 a night hotel rooms etc, it took me a month to earn that when i was working!
the UK government want to spend billions to fix up the houses of parliament (palace of Westminster) while slowly and not so discretely killing off our national health service by starving it of funds! let me think now, what do i want to keep the most? a corrupt money grabbing institution a building that was never meant for that purpose?  or an institution envied the world over worked and fought for by our forefathers? woops, politics is a taboo subject, swift change.

i was working in a factory that was making good profits but the bosses might make a quick profit from closing it down dumping the employees onto the welfare system putting more strain onto decent tax payers while the company got away with having to pay nothing!

enough ranting. thanks for the review Jim


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easybeat wrote:

another cracker.love the way you haven`t gone for obvious rhymes
just let the story be told in a natural way.
looking forward to hearing the recording.

thanks for that, i do try to avoid easy(?) rhymes if i can and get the story down the way it comes into my head.

the recording may take a little longer as i've fallen foul of this cold/flu infection that's been doing the rounds, glad it waited till after Christmas and the new year, the recording will have to wait a little while longer.


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expensive pics? lol

impressive collection of axes there my old friend and picking up a gibby at that price was a bargain, right place right time.

wishing you both a long happy life together