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Dino will be sadly missed. RIP


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hi brants, the "no links" rule only applies to new members in case they are spammers, i may be completely wrong...it's been known! please, after your little hiccup enjoy chordie and all it has to offer you.


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I think it might be something to do with the anti spam software? And with just 2 posts under your belt it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Don't take it to heart it's no offense to you. I just copied the link.


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Best of luck me old friend


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Hi Zurf,

I found this thread very interesting as i always do my own backing tracks that allows me to have the exact arrangements i want.

There are a lot of free studios on line, some are easy some not so. Most will give you a click track that won't be on the final mix. Russ is a master of Audacity and I'm sure you only need ask. Your best friend will be a set of earphones as you may experience latency or delay between tracks. Give me a call if i can help


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So sad. Another one bites the dust


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Hi Jim

You certainly know how to display your talent, this one certainly does just that.

I kept getting a different vibe one that the main character is on the edge and about to go over but the "girl" talks him down? With that in mind I would change "rain" to clouds?

Haven't tried it yet but my fingers are itching


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CONGRATULATIONS i know you cant wait to see her, any name yet?


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ah Bill, sorry i never got round to emailing you, i kept meaning to but each time i was on line i just forgot, my memory is getting worse. it's so good to see you back, and as take that say, back for good. big hug for Dondra.



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welcome back Bill, I for one have missed you buddy.

I'm afraid I've never read the ancient mariner, so I don't know what you're referring to, but I'm sure you'll get there.



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Hi Lorena, welcome to Chordie.

I've never had a lesson I've learned everything from watching others and books! You can get a lot from the internet these days but things like how to play a chord or which chord to use where is all info you can get here simply by asking.


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Well Mr Chuff welcome to Chordie. So glad you figured out how to get around your sausage digits hope to hear more from you tell us about your progress and if you have any questions please ask we are all friendly here and eager to help.


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Hi TF, thanks for the listen even though I think I put in the wrong forum?

The piano, bass and drums are there all the way through it's just that I faded them out for the first half of the song because members have said they prefer songs bare bones so to speak! Personally I don't. I can put up the finished version if you like?


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here's my new song in a stripped down mix just voice and guitar, drums, lead guitar, bass and piano come in later. i'd be interested to know how everyone prefers it?

https://soundcloud.com/iphillfine/put-i … -innocence


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Welcome to the club. During my first year (I took early retirement) we enjoyed 5 overseas holidays and saw quite a bit of Europe. We only took 2 holidays last year, but then when you're retired every day is a holiday...so I'm told?


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Nice one Brian. A departure from the run of the mill love songs that I tend to knock out.
Talking of the weather, it's been beautiful here for the last few days but this is the UK so warm and sunny don't last long. It's been so nice the wife has been sunbathing and got the beginning of a tan....


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Peatle and Brian are understating their part in these songs. Unfortunately I tend to go luney tunes when I'm working with people and ideas come flowing thick and fast. As Brian said I am more than happy to work with any of my Chordie mates just beware of me taking over.

By the way, Buddy came from a conversation with EB when we were talking about song lengths, Brian likes shorter tracks like Buddy Holly's 2 minute songs, so he said " if it's good enough for Buddy Holly it's good enough for me" so there we go!

I wish we could have sent MP3 s around the world and maybe got Jan to sing but unless everyone has multi track facilities it's almost impossible.

BTW, when I record all instruments are live even drums


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I did quite a bit of Bula Vinaka last night as the lager flowed freely!

Vinaka Peatle


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Thanks for those fab sentiments. It's always been a privilege to watch the All Blacks, I attended back in the early 60s when you plastered us in the second half. And the only time I actually put a bet on a game....and won! Of course that was the old Stradey park, sadly now a housing estate. The home of rugby is now about a mile away in a new purpose built stadium called Park y Scarlets.

I believe what you were trying to say at the end is...iechyd dda or good health

kia ora...... I m hoping that's the right context

here's a collaboration between easybeat, peatle and myself, it's a little naughty so i wont be posting the lyrics.



this second track is also a collaboration with my two kiwi friends and is a concoction of buddy holly's titles and the rhythm we all know


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i once played a club with a girl vocalist. before we began the first song, "cotton fields" (we came straight in with no intro) i strummed the chord to get the level. while we were waiting to be introduced the organist hit a few notes out of spite cos we weren't using him and of course we came in in the wrong key. looking back i suppose we could have made it into a joke but we didn't and got paid off...did you have to remind me of that?

hi Liz,

you bring up several interesting points. as a solo singer/guitarist, i often find when playing with backing tracks that i forget what key a song is in especially new songs or songs i haven't played for a while, so my answer for that one is to put the key with the title on the mini disc or lap top. but that's no help to you as you play "live".
you mentioned a partner? couldn't he/she help with designating a key? then write it down next to the title on your set list.
when i write songs, i may have a line and a bit of a melody, in which case i just sing that bit over and over while playing chords or just notes till i find a chord or key then the rest falls into place.

in the sample you've put above you begin in one key (which is probably Eb ) then change to a major key C, the third part is still in C, which is a full tone up from the 1st verse.

hope that helps?


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Sad news indeed. To me he was the man that legalised 12 bar rock and roll. RIP rock in peace


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Sweet! Looks like you're enjoying that a little too much, if that's possible? It looks real good and more importantly, it looks good in your hands. Rock on


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When I watched the Joe Cocker band around 40 years ago they had 2 guitarist's playing Telecasters who took turns having full change overs, every other song! I expect as they were sweating so much and playing so hard that to avoid tone loss and breakages.
Pro guitarist's will change their strings before each gig, but they all have a guitar technician.

Jim, I change strings when they become dirty or lose tone. I must say that your guitar has a lovely tone even though they are several years old.