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On my electrics I like 9s, 10s or 11s on acoustics. On my Strat I used GHS Boomers as they sounded and felt the best. On my Tele I use Fenders, I can't work out why there's such a difference in two guitars made by the same people? So, I put a new set on the Tele last night as the old ones wouldn't let my fingers slide on the strings. I'll have to start changing them more often.
Down side is; new strings don't sound right till they get a bit dirty.


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Thanks Tyson. When I can't actually play her cos I'm busy I pop in my studio just to look at her...I think it's love.

Hi Topdown, as soon as I figure out how to post a picture I will and let you know.

Thanks all


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Thanks TF love the Pinocchio pic


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Hello Robert, nice to hear from you again.

You've written your poem out like a song so I'm guessing it's a song that's not quite finished yet? Just the chords to go. Great sentiment and a great poem about angels and loving someone enough to know their being watched over.


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I don't know much about guitars, I'll admit it, I do know there is a National, but they are all steel? I didn't realize Fender made one too, but I see it's of mainly wood construction. It looks cool. Enjoy

I'd be interested to know how you get on with it? Do you play slide already, or are you going to learn as you go?


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Billy Connelly is brilliant. I must admit I've never heard his version of 10 guitars before. But the words are so true about the little old lady (I've met her in so many clubs) and especially the part about ripping Englestick Uncleburts tonsils out.... it's amazing how songs with just 2 chords and a minor can be so Popular.

And the guitar is good too it's like being 18 again and finding yourself on a desert island with a very friendly dusky maiden....I just can't keep my hands off her.

Hi Zurf she's actually telling people that it was her idea! Work that one out. We sat up till 2 in the morning playing bits of song's and riffs and she kept going ooh ah. I think she loved the tone too.

Thanks Jim it is.

Thanks J3 Wednesday must have been one of the best days of my life. We played bingo (yes I know but what else can you do when you're on a bus for 3 hours?) And I won almost enough to pay for the Tanglewood. Sorry I just like saying it...


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I could say...for every positive there's a negative. Or...every cloud has a silver lining. I could do so I shall. Enjoy the eclipse I'd love to see it but I'm working that day....I wish.

Hope your family get there safe


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I had 7 guitars including 3 Fenders. My go to guitar was my Crafter, which I still love dearly. But on a day out to Weston-Super-Mare yesterday, I spied a music shop and in I went. There were several Tanglewoods there but I was drawn to a lefty Tanglewood Odyssey. 10 minutes later I was walking out of the shop with it under my arm! Shocking, I have never bought anything that quick. I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it. I played it and the tone was gorgeous even with old strings on. The feel was great, the arm and the action was superb.

I've never been one for buying anything just cos it's expensive or got a famous name, I just wanted to try it to see if it made any difference. It did and I bought it. One happy bunny, now to face the wife.....

"Darling I now have 8 guitars...." Ahhhhh!


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I have just the one brother who I lost contact with a few years back, I hope that some day we can once again see eye to eye, even though there was no argument or fight, I must have made some stupid remark that I would certainly regret if I knew what it was. Sorry about that, this brilliant piece of poetry reminded me that I am a stubborn and obstinate fool, and unless I am mistaken, the best poetry makes pictures in our mind and makes us face up to our lives. This poem does that in spades. Well done.


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Happy birthday Ian, and only 4 years older than me. He's done so much and I've done so little!

Been a big fan of JT since The Witch's Promise. Shame the band has finally gone.


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Such a shame. Another great talent lost. All the heroes we grew up with are falling unfortunately, so it's good he's left us with such a great legacy of music

I used to love the Lone Ranger myself, I tried playing along....yet he did it so easily on 12 string!

Condolences to his family.


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Sorry that was written in capitals, I didn't mean to shout, it's just the way the keyboard was set at the time. No slight intended.


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Tenement Funster wrote:

Great pics, Bill ...
Good to see a smile on your face and enjoying your music. The "ON AIR" sign is a great idea on your music room; privacy when the creativity is flowing.

i thought the "on air" sign was because you were in a radio or recording studio? great idea, i think i'll put one up to stop her indoors or the ankle biters disturbing my creative juices....


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And you're back in the room.....nice to see you again Bill. Love to Dondra


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i bought my first guitar from a guy in school at the age of 14. it cost 5 shillings and it lasted a week before it snapped in half as i tightened the strings too much. my 2nd was the same model (i didn't know any better) but i also got a tuner with it so it lasted a while. my 1st electric was a zenta and i have a picture of me playing it somewhere when i'd cut my hand open, better if i'd cut the guitar open. then a couple of others till i bought the strat which i still have.


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That looks sexy! You've done a brilliant job. How portable is it? As an aside, you're other half would probably allow you to leave it in the sitting room....for easy access?


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You have been conspicuous by your absence. I was about to send you an email today to ask how you both were, so glad you preempted my actions as I don't want to intrude at this time. When you're ready we'll be here glad to see you back.



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I used to have set lists when I played in bands but not really for the last 30 years or so. For me it's a case of "feeling" out the audience. You have to know who you're playing to and what mood they're in and we all like different styles.

I've also done a lot of old age homes and I try and keep it up beat and fun, mixing 50s and 60s with C/W.

For my age group, my target age is 40 to 75 I play anything from Rhinestone Cowboy to Another Brick in the Wall.

Ann keeps telling me I should be doing Human and Sex is on Fire....I don't think so!


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I've got the UK keyboard and it hasn't even got the pence key. Got the £, $ and Euro (obviously not on my tablet) but no scrap values.


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I once got money making opportunities to join as many sites as possible earning big bucks for each implant. I obviously binned those posts, yes there were several and some came from Google! What some people will do to sell their garbage. They only need one out of every twenty or so sales to make money.


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That's a great clip Peatle though I thought the main character was a cat? Miaw


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Ah! Not fingering the chord but altering the vocal melody line to suit! I'll send it to you when it's finished.


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That's a brilliant clip, crowd goes wild 3 dogs looking totally disinterested, laugh out loud stuff.

The whole world must know about sheepdog trials? Who hasn't seen Babe?

We have more similarities than sheep and rugby. Sparsely populated areas, mountains and beautiful vistas and beaches. Of course Wales has been populated a lot longer than New Zealand so our traditions have erroded somewhat though the Welsh language is making something of a comeback. Pob hwyl.


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hey Jimbob, you've hit the jackpot again! and the hits (it should be a hit) keep coming. i played through it and it flows nicely. had trouble with the Bm but i think i worked that one out. you really have a knack with words.