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Peatle, that is so deep. It's more of a commentary or a sermon and I think it would mean something to everyone that reads it. I got the reference to earthquakes even though I have never experienced one (TG) I just hope everyone will read this and take their own meanings from it and learn.



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TIGLJK wrote:


Very nice.....  superb social commentary
I 've must've had those thoughts a million times..  always questioning that if somehow I won the mega lottery and had millions - what would I do - would I just become one of them or would I really make a difference in some other people's lives.   The tragedy is that there are so many impoverished persons, it is an impossible task ( including the ones that don't really want to help themselves).  The economic division in societies around the globe is growing at an alarming rate  - someday the price will have to be paid.

I anticipate a cool rendition of this when your voice is healthy smile !


we all know about George Michael and his toilet fiasco (flashing etc) and his drug habit, yet i've just heard how he gave a lot of money secretly to help some people get IVF treatment, so to me that's a good way of using the millions he's accumulated.

it just gets my goat how the mega rich can throw their (usually) ill gotten gains about on £1000 a night hotel rooms etc, it took me a month to earn that when i was working!
the UK government want to spend billions to fix up the houses of parliament (palace of Westminster) while slowly and not so discretely killing off our national health service by starving it of funds! let me think now, what do i want to keep the most? a corrupt money grabbing institution a building that was never meant for that purpose?  or an institution envied the world over worked and fought for by our forefathers? woops, politics is a taboo subject, swift change.

i was working in a factory that was making good profits but the bosses might make a quick profit from closing it down dumping the employees onto the welfare system putting more strain onto decent tax payers while the company got away with having to pay nothing!

enough ranting. thanks for the review Jim


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easybeat wrote:

another cracker.love the way you haven`t gone for obvious rhymes
just let the story be told in a natural way.
looking forward to hearing the recording.

thanks for that, i do try to avoid easy(?) rhymes if i can and get the story down the way it comes into my head.

the recording may take a little longer as i've fallen foul of this cold/flu infection that's been doing the rounds, glad it waited till after Christmas and the new year, the recording will have to wait a little while longer.


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expensive pics? lol

impressive collection of axes there my old friend and picking up a gibby at that price was a bargain, right place right time.

wishing you both a long happy life together


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maintenance to me is changing the strings and wiping the body down and cleaning the frets. i used to have a tin of switch cleaner that got rid of the grating sound you sometimes get when turning knobs up or down. i never replaced it, wish i had.

fenders do seem to have grounding issues, i found that with my strat and tele, my other guitars don't seem to do it. usually standing too close or even facing the amp can cause it, i just turn away to cure it.


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reading this made me very thoughtful. the sentiment is clear, that feeling of being let down by someone you love? you certainly have a way with words and how to describe a feeling. i'm in quiet mode at the moment as Ann is having a nap, but i will give it a go later.

congrats on another cracker.


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I thought I'd post this one as it's not one of my usual themes. It's about those detestable millionaires that run our world from behind the scenes, that take all our money to make themselves richer. They make us work for a pittance then tax us to the hilt. When are they gonna pay back what they owe us? Oh yes, I've been watching The Black List on box sets, this week we've seen 3 series....


{t; Cos They Can.}             

{st: Phill Williams.}

(INTRO & RIFF; Am-F| Am-F| G-Em-F-C)

[Am] If I had a little money. [F]
If I [Am] was a millionaire. [F]
If I [G] didn't have no worries.-[Em]
If I [F] didn't have to care.-[C]
I could [Am]ride upon a stallion.-[F]
Along a [Am] beach of golden sand.-[F]
Drink [G] tequila from a coconut.-[Em]
While I was [F] listening to the band.-[C]
[F] Just like all the [G] other millionaires I wouldn't [Am] give a damn.-[G]
About the [F] poor people begging there [G] in the streets.
Just [Em] take away their homes, cos I [F] can.-[C]

[Am] Saving money for a rainy day.-[F]
Every [Am] day it seems to pour.-[F]
There's a [G] beggar holding out his hand.-[Em]
And the [F] tax man calls for more.-[C]
There's a [Am] letter from the landlord.-[F]
Says the [Am] rent is gonna rise.-[F]
So I cant [G] pay the rent this week.-[Em]
But he wont [F] give no more time.-[C]
[F] And I work everyday from [G] dawn until dusk.
But the [Am] boss still calls for more.-[G]
[F] He's got us all working here for [G] minimum wage.
There's a [Em] guy waiting for my job, [F] but I wont go.-[C]

[Am] The rich are getting richer.-[F]
And the [Am] poor are left to die.-[F]
Big [G] Brother keeps his eye on us.-[Em]
With his [F] finger in the pie.[C]

[F] Just like all the [G] other millionaires, he doesn't [Am] give a damn.-[G]
[F] About the poor people dyeing there [G] in the streets.
Just [Em] take away their lives, cos they [F] can.-[C]  X2.



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I never use monitors, when I did a while ago, I got a ton of feed back. I know everyone will say; place them carefully and turn them down....in small rooms which I play both options would just defeat the object. Sound is important, probably as important as being tight and rehearsed so if you don't have a sound man out front, I would suggest a monitor for the drummer only. Everyone else can hear the PA and keep the instrumental balance seeing as it's a vocal only PA.


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I officially retired July 30 last year, at least that's when they gave me my old age pension. All I want for the coming year is all I've wanted for years which is a quiet life, no family squabbles and being allowed to do what I want which is mainly to write, record and play music.


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I've changed my mind. Maybe ; The Sun Still Shines?


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Happy birthday Tony, hope you have a great day and the rest of the year too.



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It's not work, work! It's entertaining work. I shall be done (I hope) by 12.30 then down to my son's house to join in the party....yes I know; stone cold sober when everyone else is ratted...big awe for Phill


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I too love the English language and hate it when it is misused or illegitimate-child-ised (you know what I mean?) Although in his cups is a new one on me.

I've read some Christie but never heard of Thomas Lederer! I shall have to look that one up

The more I get to know you the more talents come to the surface; a thespian no less?

It's new years eve and I shall be working tonight but I will be thinking of you and Dondra be good and enjoy.



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Peatle Jville wrote:

.  The more you have the longer you live. As  you slide  down the bannister of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.

I love that it really made me laugh out loud


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Also thanks from me and Ann, hope you got my reply which was meant to say Blwyddyn newydd dda; happy new year, but my tablet wouldn't let me say that it kept changing...so blinking annoying.


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Many happy returns Amy, have a great day and new year of course.

The article mentions the final tour which was recorded in Cardiff which I've watched several times. Hank mentions that he uses heavy gauge strings for the older tracks eg Apache which is why he changed his guitar so much during the concert. Just thought you might like this bit of trivia. I used to love those old Burns!


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Hi Bill

I have no love for Sure mike's anyway. If you're recording onto a computer of some sort you'll probably get a better sound from the on board mike. You will need an MP3 program on the tablet to change it to MP3, but I think SoundCloud accepts WAV files anyway?

Good luck with your recording can't wait to hear it.


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A song about mental demons? As always superbly written and laid out. I can't help you at the moment with chords or a melody but I will give it a go later.
Another cracker Jim.


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Such a shame about Carrie, she was on the Graham Norton show a month or so ago and she seemed on the button, mentally but no longer Princess Leya physically. She was quite bemused as most Americans are on that show and so the news was all the more shocking as was George Michael demise!

As the wife says it's the end of us all.


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Robert! It's so nice to hear from you again. Thanks for replying and hope you get your speakers soon

Thanks to all and hope you had a merry Christmas


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Wishing you all a terrific Christmas and new year, let's wish us all a better year than this one has been.

Party on dudes

Love from Wales, Phill and Ann


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Another sad post from me. Rick was guitarist and vocalist in Status Quo, one of my favourite bands. He will be sadly missed as I missed one of their concerts last summer. He had been taken ill before so I believe his son took his place. I had been at one of their concerts back in 1972 and what an impression it made on me, probably the main reason I love rock music.

In addition to what Roger said above, none of us pay to be a member here so none of us has the right to demand anything. We can make suggestions, try that in future.


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Thanks all and merry Christmas. Jerome, both my new pedals are battery or power supply, it's great though not to have to worry about the battery running out half way through a gig or recording. WARNING! Don't leave your jacks plugged in when not in use.....they run out.