Getting back to Bill's original question..... the audio quality of a digital recording on something like CD is far superior to anything that could be pressed into a chunk of warm vinyl (not that these old ears could effectively "hear" the difference).  The jackets, artwork and feel of a vinyl record has a nostalgic effect that a plastic case and tiny disk can never replace.  That said, I am also of the group who has long abandoned LPs as a viable format, along with the "dead" Laser Disc (about the same size as an LP but read via laser), Beta-Max Video Cassettes, and "dial" Telephones..... and would be difficult to "retro-convert".  wink  There is so much music out there (some is quite good), and for the most part if you can remember the title, you can find it on the web (for those who's memory is up to it), there is little incentive to "own" anything but the right of downloading to your "Library" that which you feel worthy.

Support the Artists, buy the Music, and attend as many Concerts as your Wallet will Allow..... the Memories are "Priceless".

Oh Yeah! Stream it and Burn-it.  There are so few artists putting out a whole album of worthy tracks anymore.... it's not worth the $$ to buy 12 tracks of Cr** for the one tune of value.

like Bill, I went the vinyl to reel-to-reel then 8 Track, Cassette, and then the CD media route.  There was a time when vinyl only got played once to record to mylar and was then "archived" for the next time it needed re-recording.... I have to keep reminding myself of that every time I move and am ever-so-cautiously man-handling those frightfully heavy boxes marked "Albums".  On the other hand I have a good friend with something like 1000+ CDs in his library that I can "cherry-pick" if I get a hankering for a mix for a road trip or something.  smile


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Howdy Kevin,  Well you got two things going for you right off.... Epiphone, and the option of playing them before you shell out the $$.  I personally haven't played a Riviera to know what that one is like, but I did play a Casino and then an Emperor Joe Pass.  The Casino was a bit thin to my ears, and the Emperor was way better sounding, so that would be my first choice from the perspective of balance and tonal value from the pickups and body style/construction.  I am partial to the Epiphone label as they are good quality, consistent, and have excellent warranty and customer support.  Once in awhile you might find one that needs a little tweaking in the set-up department, but I write that off to a matter of feel rather than some failing mechanically.  The guitars are adjusted by people, and tastes vary by individual in that respect.  As a side-note, I usually do my own set-ups and rarely find one off the rack that doesn't need a little something usually just a bridge height change or string guage.

Good Hunting & you'll know when you hear it (the right one that is).


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You too Dino!


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Right click the desktop, should bring up the display properties page.  From there you should be able to set the display size, ratio, and get it to fit your screen.  Save your changes and exit when it all looks "purty" (or at least the way you want).

I'll be around today if you want to call;


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Own some, used some, and frankly have never been able to get used to the "feel" (or lack thereof) of having that thing wrapped around my thumb.  Kinda like having a bandage on one.... always getting hung up on something (usually the wrong string) or slipping out of position requiring constant fiddling, or my favorite falling into the darn soundhole.  Something I've yet to experience with any of my own fingers.

If I HAD to, I suppose I could learn, and I kinda like the feel of the Hypalon ones, but nah...


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So the "Sadhawks" manage to hold off NE to the last inch to keep it out of overtime, for another one in the "win" column.

No worries from this quarter Buddy!  I really miss having a drummer around to keep me straight!  Actually I did try it once or twice, and Mark took the sticks away from me out of disgust..... something about the only thing I can do with wood is make a descent campfire.  wink

Sorry Pete, I too had some trouble getting my head around "Jenny"..... the "Bus Driver" however. was a hoot!  Reminded me of your ordinary "small town"..... some folks who can't let go.


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Thanks Bill and Dondra for the thoughts on this Veteran's Day!  Back at ya  "Flyboy"!
And many others I'm sure who are hanging around this place .... some of which are not at home even as I'm writing this.
Take Care!


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And Thank You Veterans everywhere!  Semper Fi.


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Indeed !!

Bill, I think they're just making it up as they go along..... "we don't need no stinking rules, it ain't no competition!".  That performing part I think was always "optional" and I took it more as a challenge to see how many different interpretations of some better known (and some lesser known) tunes the group could come up with.  Kind of an entertaining "experiment"......

It's fun and just about everything that has been submitted is better than I could have done, so Keep on keepin' on!


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Good to see you back with us Graham!  As for having missed anything good..... on this side of the pond we have been kinda wrapped up in this little "choosing a leader" thing, which as I'm sure everyone is aware went well or not depending on opinion.  The Chordie Community as a whole has been hanging in here and remaining objectively silent through the ordeal and should be commended for their restraint.  Music binds us even through adversity, and will endure long after all this has been forgotten.

Welcome Home! Please tell us about your new "digs" and your "vision" for the refurbishment.  From your photo, I see that the place is stone masonry and is the roof slate?  Is it "scheduled" by chance?  The better half is dying to know a bit about the History of the Village and the related Church, sort of a student of such stuff you know.



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Just this weekend changed back to Windows (10) and all upgraded/updated etc.  Now into getting used to the environment again after a hiatus of almost 3 years using Linux.  A few rough spots concerning bandwidth load on my network (mostly because of that "always connected cloud" stuff) but other than that and a couple of small driver issues..... so far so good.

My major beef is the "need" to be connected in order for things to "work", so I can "work".  It was so nice to wander out on the veranda and take care of stuff without dropping the link ending the session.  I might actually have to consider "real" paper books for my recreational reading needs!  Do they still make those??


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I hear good things about them, but actually I think MKM (Amy) has one and used it to record stuff at one (or two) of their Upstate Gatherings.

So perhaps she'll wander along and give us a little review? (hint-hint)  wink


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Liked this one a lot!!  Almost split a seam on several of his "variations"..... Bob Marley doing Garth Brooks' "Low Places".  Like to hear that one on FSOM.


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Well it is Over!!  and YES THE CUBS DID IT !!!!!

Not that I'm a big Baseball Fan, but somehow it was ingrained into us kids early on, that if something "historical" was happening we should observe it (even if it seemed dumb at the time).....  I guess that includes Sports too.

If you are using Windows OS, and a "wheel mouse" clicking the center "wheel" turns auto scroll on/off.... usually it will also change the cursor when enabled.  On Chordie song pages, the auto-scroll is switched over on the right margin menu.

No Worries Mate!    I missed it the first three times I read it, until the old memory bank lit up with "that sounds really familiar" and I took time to really read it. LOL

Classical Guitar wrote:
saratim wrote:

I It's fun to me and each time I play them hooked up, I get a little better and I learn something new.

Welcome to Chordie. Nice first post. If you are having fun and getting better you are well on your way.

Yup, well I had to send him on his way..... copied one of TIGLJK's posts word for word and injected a Spam link in the middle of it.

Needless to say the "Spam Hammer" fell fairly quickly !!

Bill's got it right!  Everyone starts out a Junior Member, and as you post, advance to Senior and on to Honoured.  The "unusual titles" are awarded for some particularly special trait or service (much like a "Knighthood") decreed by the higher echelon and ratified by the board of Moderators (usually) .

I think Mojo got his in appreciation for a poem (a particularly good poem) about pickles, which is not any easy thing to rhyme to.... in reference to the "imaginary pickles" which serve as the "wages" of the folks who give freely of their time to serve as Moderators and Administrators of "Chordie-Land".  "The Chick Moderator" chose her own, for becoming our first Moderator of the "Fairer Gender" and a valuable addition to the team!

There are others as well who you will get to know as you wander around, and each has a little story surrounding their titles.  Chordie is a community of people from all over the globe who share a common love of Music, friendship, and mutual respect, and as I have often said "Making the World a better place one note at a time".


Wow!  60 views and no guesses?  I guess it's time to own up......  Yup me and Badeye share one (I think).  But you know ever since our Zodiac signs got changed, it just doesn't feel the same.  Finding out after all these years that I'm not the person I thought I was.... and after almost 37 years of Marriage the wife and I are TOTALLY Incompatible!

Thanks Bill! for the good wishes and hangin' out with me.



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I checked the Archives Dino, and it seems that Whitewater55 had it and was sending it on to Topdown..... then the trail goes cold.


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You are right Scott, the 8750 from HF is adequate for back-up power for your house, and got a good review from Consumer Reports.  The price isn't too bad either.  One thing to keep in mind though, is that you shouldn't just plug into your breaker box without doing a couple of things first.  The MOST important of which is to disconnect from your power company supply!  You just might be driving back into the mains, and frying that poor fellow up on the pole trying to repair the very thing that caused your lights to go out!  A high quality transfer switch would do in those circumstances, but you will have to buy the equipment and installation, and have it inspected etc.... that ain't so cheap!  Wheels and electric start are well worth the $$.

The other thing is to decide what circuits you can do without, and turn the breakers off to those.  Disconnect the main for the reason noted above, and only then make your connections to the generator and recheck all the steps once more BEFORE starting your powerplant!  NEVER fuel up with the thing connected to load, and especially while running!

In my former life (before retirement), I was a State Building Inspector, and saw some pretty scary stuff out there.... just sayin' , not all the stuff that CAN be done, should be.  If you do, do it right and don't put yourself or others at risk.  BTW, I've done a lot with "alternative energy" , and "off-grid" systems as well. So you can contact me for advise if you want.