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Seems like much ado about nothing.... except I won't be around for the next one (at least on this part of the world).  Lots of fun stuff to do in town and around the region to keep folks entertained anyway, music festivals, crafts fairs, car shows, and such.

Relations rolled in late last night without any major mishaps to report from the journey.  A good thing because I have a couple of Berry pies fresh baked that I really need some help disposing of, and I just know If I eat them myself, it'll just go "straight to my midsection" !!!  LOL Because at 6 feet and 165 Lbs, that would not be a problem (as the "Spousal Unit" growls about dietary sabotage), what can I say? I like to bake and the family likes that I like to.....  wink

Whipped Cream on that, anyone ??


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First off, Congrats on your new addition !!  Like most "Yanks" I'm not familiar with the brand, and looking forward to a photo.... but got curious and "googled".  At first I thought there was some glitch as the images I was looking at seemed a bit TOO familiar, so I put my glasses on.  Could it be that the Odyssey is a licensed version of an Ovation ???  Composite body, rounded, headstock bevel, tuner layout, strap pin location, neck profile, binding...... I think I own it's cousin ! smile

May it give you as many years of good service and pleasure !!!   Hope you got a strap too !  big_smile


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Don't know about the rest of the world, but my little town has gone crazy.  We are 20 miles South of the centerline of the Totality and the place is getting crowded..... Hotel rooms that usually cost $65-$85 are up to $1000-$1300 per person and booked solid, farmers have rented out their pastures for RV and Tent camping for up to $500 per site (without services or facilities).  If this was a time of War (like England in WWII) they'd be locking folks up for "Profiteering".  But on the brighter side, local administration is getting a chance to test the infrastructure and preparedness for some calamity that might result in a sudden influx of "refugees".... which might be a good thing.  Myself,  I'm expecting loss of cellular and internet service from an extra half million folks all wanting to "instagram" their friends back home, and possibly "brown-outs" or power outages, and there has been concern that because of the traffic, fuel deliveries might be delayed and some travelers might have trouble "topping-off" for the trip home.

Got my glasses, sunscreen, lawn chairs and 5 gallons of iced tea..... life is good !!  wink

Oh, yeah and Relatives coming up from California due today and overdue......


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Good tune but it MUST be played this way:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui53N6rls20
For max Effect !!!    wink


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Steel String, Finger-style.... usually with a strap (it's that Ovation thing) and centered or legs crossed on the left (top leg).  Kinda a cross between classical and folk position with the neck a bit higher than most strummers.  I'm self taught so just do whatever's comfortable at the time.  smile  I also use a lot of second, third and fourth position Barres so don't notice much effect from scale length between my Ovation and something like my 12 string Dread..... been looking around for a baritone (37" scale) to try out, but them's scarce as Hen's teeth around these parts. big_smile


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My first one was a Classical and paid very little for it although it was good quality (almost a gift from a surgeon), and like Zurf passed it on to my Sister.  The second one I still have... a 12 string Dreadnought of generic Japanese manufacture from the 70s.  Then Bill mentioned Kay.... yup I had one of those in a 12 also, and it was a fine sounding albeit not-expensive instrument, which also passed to my Sister and I wish I still had that one as it had a "trapeze" and light bracing which contributed to the "amazing" tone and resonance beyond it's price point.  Then I added an Epiphone ST175 which I still have and a Fender amp (tube) which now has a "blown speaker" and I keep for "sentimental reasons".... I got those two as a "set" and the duo preserved my sanity during my Vietnam "vacation".

A couple of others "came & went" of no particular significance mostly bought cheap and gifted to others.... then I got an Ovation and have used the heck out of it and still do, Daily.

I view the guitar as a tool,  an instrument through which one conveys something you already possess or have acquired through talent, practice and education.  Just as a more expensive wrench does not make one a better mechanic, it might make the job easier.  So too a "better Guitar" does not make you a better player.... which I guess is why a good Guitarist can make music on just about anything with frets and strings, and I don't depend on my music to "make a living".  wink

Welcome to Chordie !!   You may have noticed that there are two sources indexed for that particular tune here on Chordie.  The one from allcountry has it correctly and the other is wrong, but that sometimes happens, leaving others (like you to notice) to make edits in your songbook or printed folio.

Chordie doesn't store the music actually here, but only indexes sources and formats the information in a standard style for easier use.  Which is why the source is commonly listed within the title line.

Thanks for passing the information along, and once again Welcome Aboard.  You might consider introducing yourself to the Community down in the Chat Corner where you will I'm sure be heartily welcomed by many of our members from all over the globe.  We are a friendly group of around 500,000 with a common interest (music) and just a few simple rules of conduct:  Be kind to everyone;  No Profanity (there are Ladies and Kids present);  Avoid the subjects of Politics, Religion and Race (we try to be "very inclusive"); and No Commercial Advertising.  Oh yeah, and there are No Membership Fees associated with Joining the Fun !! big_smile


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unclejoesband wrote:
gtx wrote:

Vallebrón Fuerteventura, moved here two months ago. I don't know how to change map.

I'm the only one that can. It prevents any random person that views it from adding themselves.

This is the only thing that comes up with a search on the map so I don't know where to move your pin.

Vallebrón, Las Palmas, Spain

I got an island off the coast of Morocco....??


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Seeing as how you asked.... this should get you started:   http://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/1012/p … rder/54929
Some will need power and some don't, most will run on "power cubes" and at common voltages so you could power a few off of one source.  Many have battery run capabilities as well so you can still perform if line current is unavailable, or heaven forfend, you fry a transformer.

Personally I only use a couple of effects regularly, so the ones provided by my amp suffice and I can "stack" effects via midi control, or add them on a second channel or from the mixer.  Not the same as using real stomp boxes, but good enough for the stuff I do.  (and less stuff to lug around) wink

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

She has a great sense of humor and won`t get mad at anyone.

Yeah last  time I heard something like that.....  the lady pulled my belt buckle and POURED a beer behind it !!  big_smile

Well in all music regardless of origin, it is surely about "that sound" which may be specific to the "traditional" instruments involved.  With the advances in technology in electronic musical instruments I would expect you will be able to "find something" that closely replicates the sounds associated with the genre of music without having to master the more traditional instruments (that may take years to master) without any kind of helpful Internet tutorials.  Experimentation is encouraged, and you will be successful in achieving your "sound" I'm sure.


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I do think Las Vegas will be hosting another "Sevens" Tourney this year, so at least we here in the States will have a chance at watching it live.  Perhaps both of these organizations will field teams for that and get to meet without having to wait another Twelve Years !!

On straight through (non-offset/non-geared) tuners the "up" side tuners would sharpen clockwise, and the "down"side tuners would be counter-clockwise same as Guitar (we just get used to it). The thinking is that the strings pull relatively straight through the nut and wrap the peg from the center towards the "outside".  Funnily enough I was over visiting a friend this weekend and happened to pick up his "left-hand" guitar and found it out of tune ( a Travesty !!), so like a good guy I tweaked it back for him (and my peace of mind) and learned something.  It feels "wrong" to turn tuners the opposite direction (and with my right hand) to get there, and a new found respect for those folks that can play either handed (like some Luthiers I know). smile


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Is it just me or was that Draw on Saturday something that left one wanting...... more???  The rules are the rules, but it would have been nice to see a definitive finish.

Well done ALL !!!


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Two words..... Feedback Control.  I'm visualizing a room with a PA and microphone in it (of average size) and trying to record the output of that to your DAW, with a pair of monitors clamped over your noggin and the pain that ensues from the annoying squeal of a feedback loop..... not pretty !!   big_smile

I've searched around a bit and came up with "Nada".... which is unusual for me.  Nice tune, so you might try feeding a recording of it into Chordify.net and see what it gives you in the way of output.  At least that would be a starting point.
Sorry I couldn't do you better.


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Very similar.... I have the Audio Box iTwo (even though I don't own any Apple stuff presently).  Nice gear and lots of free software available from Presonus (occasionally) to get the most out of it.


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Don't quote me but I think it's on for this coming Saturday.... sadly I don't think it will be televised here in the States (at least I was unable to watch the first two), guess that is something I'll have to investigate further.  Naturally I am too "cheap" to "pony up" for the really expensive cable package, no point having 120+ channels NOT to bother watching!


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Wellington Merchants are loving it !!  "Some folks got away with a few NZD in their pockets, so let's have them back to spend the rest! " .
We know better, but us "conspiracy loving Yanks" would think the Blacks held back a little for exactly that reason..... not me!  We watched the highlights, and have been "Fern" boosters for ages. smile
This third test should be a corker !!
Well Done Lions !


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Gotta love stereo recording !!  Two channels, record two tracks at the same time and adjust the balance and volume after the fact..... easy through a small mixer or something like a Presonus interface (both of which I have and have used).  You still might want one of those ART pre-amps for the DM (I like mine too!) as Jerome mentioned.
The KISS principal still is viable. smile
Let us know what works best for you.
Thanks !


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Outstanding post Jerome !!  Almost a mini-course in itself, great information !

One point I forgot to include in my post, is that old Geezers like me HAVE to record separate tracks for instrument and voice, or we'll wind up with a whole stack of trash tracks.
Multi-tasking and doing both things (playing & singing) well, past a certain age becomes..... let's say "less certain".  big_smile

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Chris and I are trying to figure out which car  (CAH)  to take.  Mine- bigger and more room. Hers-- better on gas.

That would depend on Two factors..... resources, and HOW MANY guitars you plan to bring.  big_smile


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I can answer your #3 question I think.... the DM Pup is kind of wimpy in the output department, but likely enough to drive well through the Mic In on your sound card.  I have no problems recording via the Aux In with my Ovation A/E, but it does have an integral preamp so I can tweak the level a bit if needed.  Most times I go through the Aux In through a small preamp (AX12 Art) if for no other reason than it has an Output Limiter to prevent overdriving the card and can provide phantom power to larger mics that require it.  My Snowball  does just fine on USB for most recordings and has plenty of sensitivity for instrument and vocal on a mono-track dry.  I'm with Phill on the split track recording thoughts that each track goes down individually and clean with effects added after the fact.  Otherwise if you have something not to your liking, you don't have to do the whole thing over again.

Your mileage may vary.  wink

ETA:  Audacity will allow you to add reverb to any track (including voice) with the VST Plugins that pack with the basic version.


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There was more than one index for that tune, and actually the first one I tried was empty, but the next was golden.... your post will not be un-noticed and at some time the index will be corrected to delete the empty one (as time allows). We are all volunteers here and sometimes the wheels turn kind of slowly... big_smile


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try this link:  http://www.chordie.com/allsongsartists. … index.html
There are several versions to choose from.  Happy Playing !!   smile