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I can answer your #3 question I think.... the DM Pup is kind of wimpy in the output department, but likely enough to drive well through the Mic In on your sound card.  I have no problems recording via the Aux In with my Ovation A/E, but it does have an integral preamp so I can tweak the level a bit if needed.  Most times I go through the Aux In through a small preamp (AX12 Art) if for no other reason than it has an Output Limiter to prevent overdriving the card and can provide phantom power to larger mics that require it.  My Snowball  does just fine on USB for most recordings and has plenty of sensitivity for instrument and vocal on a mono-track dry.  I'm with Phill on the split track recording thoughts that each track goes down individually and clean with effects added after the fact.  Otherwise if you have something not to your liking, you don't have to do the whole thing over again.

Your mileage may vary.  wink

ETA:  Audacity will allow you to add reverb to any track (including voice) with the VST Plugins that pack with the basic version.


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There was more than one index for that tune, and actually the first one I tried was empty, but the next was golden.... your post will not be un-noticed and at some time the index will be corrected to delete the empty one (as time allows). We are all volunteers here and sometimes the wheels turn kind of slowly... big_smile


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try this link:  http://www.chordie.com/allsongsartists. … index.html
There are several versions to choose from.  Happy Playing !!   smile


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sticklegsmusic wrote:

I would like this tab but I click on the link is displays nothing

Which song are you referring to?  The one by Henry Mancini, or the one by Mark Knoffler of Dire Straits?  Posting a question with just a title does little to help us help you, and too much information is better than too little.



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Well Done and Well Deserved !!!

Tenement Funster wrote:

Excellent! Great question, and great answer.

I'd never thought to store favs on my own PC, but certainly can see the practical sense to do so. I know we sometimes tend to gripe about legalities, but they are in place to protect musicians and their livelihood ... and that's important.

Terrific info, Doug (as always).

Just before OLGA shut down (and it was in the wind that's what would happen), I bought a case of paper, ink, and made "hard copies" of everything they had that I wanted. Resulting in a backpack full of music in binders that weighs about 40 Pounds!  Enough of that!.... I own a scanner and putting it on a drive just made more sense than lugging all that around.  Especially through airport terminals. You can really get in shape hauling your musical gear through places like Denver and Phoenix where gates can be up to Two miles apart (usually with 15 minutes to "sprint" it or miss a connection). big_smile

The Laptop bag doubles as an overnighter (with a couple of useful things tucked away), the case and Guitar fit in an overhead (although some fellow passengers grumble about "that darn Hippie" using up over half). "Sorry, the cabin attendant told me to put it there because the closet was filled up with baby strollers, walkers, and crutches..... and in case of a water landing it can be used as a floatation device.". wink  Then there's the guy across the aisle who was about half lit when he boarded, and the drinks cart passed by 20 minutes ago, who leans across and asks "you look like somebody famous..... ?.... Got it!  Willie Nelson without the braids!".  [sigh].... to think I used to LOVE to fly !!!

Wow that is a good question.... I honestly don't know but will look around a bit in my spare time and see what's out there.  Frankly I don't miss ChoPro, but am aware that it seems important to you.  Our search engine prefers the old version for ease of formatting, but as it was a derivative of an outdated "Chord" software set when things got updated it got lost in the shuffle.  I don't have the details, but suspect it might have had conflicts with more current stuff. Kind of like running an old Windows 3.11 application in Windows 10, can be done but too much trouble and time to bother. More on the subject here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chord_(software)

I don't keep a songbook here or anywhere out in "cloudland" but like to keep my music on a local drive.  Where I can edit it, shuffle setlists, and generally keep an "eye" on it without the concern that someone might decide to issue a take down order and have it lost (or particularly for original material, stolen).  I would expect that most sites that offer server storage space will want some fee for "renting" the space, and providing security against loss if a drive "explodes", so a free "something like Chordie" might be darn hard to find.  I used to use a site called OLGA, that got slapped by a bunch of "legal Suits" which resulted in their folding up their tents and vaporizing. For whatever that's worth.

I'm wondering if it is the PC or something else in your network chain that is giving you fits.  Are you having the same issues with a different computer also (like a laptop).  For grins I would start by unplugging and reconnecting your Modem, then the Router, and then restart the PC and see if it might be a configuration mismatch from something like a momentary power bump that might have scrambled those connections.  I'd give each a couple of minutes to do a restart and then go to the next item.  Don't push any of the little "reset" buttons or it will reset any stored settings and might make things worse !!  wink

Let me know how it goes.


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mojo01 wrote:
keepitreal wrote:

Hi T F. Sorry to pile my troubles on everyone but I been missing due to my partner developing a serious disease and eventually passing away. In fact for a few months I haven't even picked up a guitar. Anyway that's all behind me now and I hope to be back to normal a,s,a,p.

sorry to hear of your loss

Me too..... it's been a tough year on many members of the Community, with tragic health related issues and family deaths.  We all feel the sadness with you and will always be here for mutual support, another thing that makes Chordie "Special".


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I've been pretty quiet.... and really busy taking advantage of the longer days and nicer weather to get a few chores done around the farm. 
Thanks Phill for noticing, my nights are interspaced with monitoring things around here and planning for tomorrow. 
Sprayed the orchard, and then it rained, so I got to do it again.... all the fence lines needed brushing and then wire repaired where the snow and windfall had broken the stuff.  Five burn piles of prunings and cane berry trash was incinerated, three culverts cleared (so the Skunks have a place to shelter from the Summer Sun), and tomorrow afternoon I expect the first cutting of hay will be bailed and ready to be put into the loft so livestock can eat this coming Winter (a bit late this year but all good).
This Country Gentleman Farmer gig is way too much for an old broken retired guy...... and we thought it was all going to be laid back porch pickin' with a tall cold Lemonade......
not so much !! wink


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Building an Acoustic is on my "Bucket List"...... but to date I only have built electric guitars in both solid and chambered body types.  Frankly there is a lot of wiggle room in electrics in so far as what you can kind of get away with and still have a good sounding end product.  Acoustic is a horse of another color, where small variables can and do effect how the instrument will sound. 

Kudos for doing one, and I would expect you learned much in the process, refined some woodworking skills, and had fun doing so.
Still on my "List"......    smile

Phill Williams wrote:

Hi Bill.

If I recall correctly, Russ bought a guitar with an automatic tuner?
I have lots including pitch pipes, one each on my guitar processers (2) one on my PC of course one on my recorder and the one I use mostly on my vocal harmoniser. They all have slightly different pitches, so the important one is the harmoniser.

Here's a tip. When tuning start with the G string go to the D,A and low E before tuning the high E an D strings  a tip I got from Joe Walsh

I agree Phill, THE most important one is the Vocal Processor.  It has to be right for the automatic pitch correction to know how to compensate.  I used a 440A tuning fork for years..... then as I aged, it didn't work so well, it must me me not the tool. smile

Rock73 wrote:

To expound a little more on the dilemma I mentioned above. One other problem I have is with knot-tying of the string after it passes through the nut. I have a bit of a tremor starting in my right hand and that makes it difficult for me to work with anything close-up So that was a problem as well.

So you and Bill have the same difficulty???  Perhaps I'm confused, are we talking about nylon or steel?  Nylon you tie, steel you don't.  Please clarify so we can advise you better.


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Yes.....and no.  There are a lot of factors that "decide" the key depending on the music and progression.  I tend to use the "old standby" the ending chord is usually the key signature, as it resolves the tune and conversely starts it.  Most times it works..... wink


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Bill,  good score..... but you do know that the little headphone amp does not have an "effects package"? so it will likely give you a "clean" feed.

The Snark tuner is popular with many fellow Chordians, and it "hears" the vibrations in the wood rather than the sound of the instrument.  No cables, and moves readily from one guitar/bass/??? to another with ease, making it very versatile (and easy to use even in noisy environments).


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Bill, you can buy it direct via this link:  https://pocket-rockit.myshopify.com/
the full set of accessories is also listed with pricing info.


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I agree with BGD, it should have come with a CD containing software and drivers for those functions..... a keyboard is just a keyboard until you install some special instructions telling your computer how to talk to all the fancy doodads. smile


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And this one is a bit iconic:    www.youtube.com/watch?v=3egBlDjMWtc


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lesshives wrote:

this is my first post here and would like to say if not for this site I would not be where I am today with my acoustic playing as this is where I taught myself to play. I was told about chordie from a music teacher who gave me 2 lessons in his shop. He was one of the Trapp brothers from Lebanon,In. Thank you...Thank you! I was disabled with dystonia at 55 years of age and needed to occupy my mind with a new hobby and picked up an old washburn and now at 60 years of age I still practice everyday or mostly everyday,,,my life is the reality of true blues as I have been down for along time and if not for my music it would be far different than what it is.I have probably acquired my own style and would be difficult to play in a band but I just enjoy playing and trying to sing(lol) and have quite a variety of songs that are automatic now and with a couple new guitars I am actually beginning to really enjoy playing in front of people now(public beware,,,lol)  I believe in positive songs ,country,blusey,feel good songs,,,,but once again,,,Thank You Chordie,com as you are the best site I could have ever asked for,,,,so lets all roll and play and yes Rock on!  my next step is trying to really understand tabulature but at 60 years I should probably just stick with chord playing,,,Have a great day!

Welcome to the Chordie Forums.... and the Community !!  If you have been "lurking" awhile, you should have gathered that this is not only a great resource for learning but has evolved into a Social Centre.  There are a lot of folks here who share your interests and values, who I'm sure would like to hear more from you as you feel comfortable.  Most of us either have been, or are, where you are in your musical journey.

Welcome Aboard !!


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So Sad to hear that Bill, give Dondra a hug and express our condolences.....
We'll light a candle and you have my number if you need to talk, always here for you folks.

Doug & Janet


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Guy Tara wrote:

Think I'm going to give it a try, do they accept Paypal payment?

  Sorry I will refer you to the website as we endorse them and all, but we do not actively market on their behalf.  I'd give it a "maybe".

Right you are Bill (as usual).... a little over a year "Zombie'd" !!


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Jandle wrote:

Haha now that is a song i have never heard before Bill lol

Me either, we just have to face it Jan.... we are just too young to remember. big_smile

And to Bill.... you know I'm just kidding???  At the time I was old enough but not spending that much time tuning in to that "evil Rock-n-Roll music".  Then I discovered Surfin' and all that changed, until a friend of mine drug himself out of the water with half his calf missing from a "love nip" by a curious Shark.  Redondo Beach 1966.  Decided hot cars were more my thing.... smile


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Because that is the limit (although I thought it was 100)..... but either way you can now start "Book2" and continue.  Some folks have a few sorted by genre with titles to reflect the contents.  Originally it was to conserve server space, and thoughtful of that, I keep all my music on my local drive (and backed up) so the tunes are available to me even when there is no internet connection.


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Phill Williams wrote:

Can't wait to try it out but I won't see my guitar for another week

You let it go on Holiday without you ???  What a guy !!  big_smile  big_smile