Yup, what they said.  I play both, and will say they are both animals, but of differing breeds.  It does come down to what "feels" comfortable, neck shape, weight, balance, access to the fret positions and setup.  The wood has a bit to do with sustain, as does the neck joint (bolt-on or neck-through) and the fit and mechanical connection between those parts if it is a bolt-on neck.  Unlike an acoustic, you do have options for changing pick-ups, pots, and most parts that "make" the sound, so if it isn't exactly what you had in mind, that can be changed without too much bother.  The rest is what you do with the signal that the guitar sends down the wire.  That is where effects, amplifier, and speakers come into play.  Those are the variables that as an acoustic player you are likely to be most unsure of, and there are many differing opinions on everything that makes up a particular "sound" that you are interested in producing. 

Still it all comes down to playing as many as you can get your hands on to start with, even unamplified you can get a "feel" for what you like.  Brands really don't matter, it is all workmanship and comfort.  Once you have "narrowed down" your list, then get up against a few amps and evaluate the actual sounds it makes.  I always say that it doesn't matter where the thing came from or who's badge is on the headstock, there are very good woodworkers all over the Planet, and good trees to build Guitars out of.  The rest is all manipulating the electrons.

Good Hunting !!


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There are a few here:  www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/shelly_fairchild_tabs.htm

Beamer Buddy !!  I did not utter those words in way of recommendation..... I know exactly what you mean.  I had a recall on some Motorhomes with bad film graphics that we needed to replace with paint, and an owner who had mopped Armor-All over the entire coach annually (so his tapes wouldn't fade).  You can guess the rest I'm sure..... everything had to be stripped of all graphics, sanded, solvent washed (several times), soap and steam cleaned, then fully sealed and reprimed.  There wasn't enough fish-eye-eliminator to get anything but HP100 to stick to the prepped surface, then all the rest could be redone.  The replacement film graphics cost about $125 plus labor & prep...... The full repaint almost $30K !!!

Lesson Learned.  big_smile

Welcome to Chordie !!  First off, if you are not aware exactly how Chordie works, we don't have this large database of songs.... we just make it easier to round them up and put them in a fairly consistent format.  We also allow members to store a "personal index" of tunes referred to as a "songbook" for quick and easy access.  Nothing is actually "hosted" by us.

So the first step is to find a site to "host" and you might try www.ultimate-guitar.com  for a start and once it is in their collection, then you only have to submit a request (with the URL of it's location) to admin@chordie.com for review and inclusion in our index of music.

The preferred file-type is ChoPro (also known as Chord-Pro) but I think TXT files are OK also (just not compatible with some features like transposition).  There are several Wikis and other helpful resources out in "web-land" and possibly a "conversion" program that will easily turn your text file into Chopro..... pretty much it is up to the folks who wind up hosting the tune, they might have something they are particular about.

From time to time the Chordie index is updated and links verified to prevent chasing a rabbit-hole to a dead-end, and  I have heard that there is an "update in the wind".
There are sections in the Forum where you can publish your own "original songs"  (copyright content not allowed unless you "own" the "rights" and can prove it), collaborate with other "song-smiths", and get feedback on projects you might be working on.  Feel free to "browse" and add your input as you feel comfortable. Each section will have "sticky" notes at the top with helpful hints about navigation and content, they are "sticky" so they will always be at the top of the section, and most are closed for additional commentary.

Thanks for asking, and being a new member of the Community, visit often, introduce yourself down in the "Chat Corner" and I'm sure you will be made to feel "right at Home".

Welcome Aboard !!!

Armor All contains Silicone wax, which is great for plastics and vinyl, but never put it on your motorcycle seat (!) or under hard braking you might just wind up sitting on the fuel cap.  Another in that family of spray on products is this stuff called Protect- All... if you can find it, contains Carnuba and Monton waxes and an additional UV Inhibitor (without polishing abrasives).  Usually available from RV and Marine supply stores.  Pump spray, aerosol can, and in bottles, easy to apply and easy to buff by hand with long lasting protection for almost any surface including wood, leather, fiberglass, rubber, chrome, vinyl and paint.  I've used that as well on guitars with good results and almost as easy as that old favorite (gasp!!) Pledge.  Please don't laugh (I did), when it was recommended by a guitar salesperson at a "big box" retailer..... it's better than nothing. big_smile

Carnuba is one of the natural waxes that used to be found in good ol' Johnsons paste Wax (for those of you that used to do a lot of woodworking).... also popular for hardwood flooring (you can slide a mile in your socks!!).  Anyway I digress, one of the more common "hard Waxes" in a lot of high grade auto waxes as well.  But it should be noted that many car products also contain ultra fine polishing abrasives to remove surface scratches which might not be a good thing for those really thin "French Polish" guitar coatings.  But if you know that there is plenty of film thickness to wear away at (as modern urethanes are), I can see no problem either and am in total agreement with the Metalizer.  I used to get some 100% Carnuba liquid from my Pro Car Care Distributor, that was outstanding.  But it did have a fair amount of solvent to make it thin and easy to apply.  Also added a little bit of a yellow color to the finish, but the trick with hard waxes is thin coats and start buffing before it has a chance to fully dry, or it can be a lot of work to achieve a smooth glass-like finish.    Any streaking will leave a texture like fingerprints which takes a buffer or much hand polishing to smooth out.  Durable and long lasting, unless you are in the habit of running your guitar through machine car washes, or leave it out in the hot Arizona sun, or maybe strap it to your grille and run down the freeway at 65mph every day for six months.... then you might have to reapply more often than every couple of years. big_smile


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There is another thread here about that same issue:  http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=33833

You might try one of the suggestions therein, and let us know if it helped.  We are pretty sure that it is not anything on our site, but more likely a persistent cookie causing the redirects.... and only for a few users.


(15 replies, posted in About Chordie)

Has anybody tried clearing cookies as I suggested??  If so I have yet to see any reports of if it works.  In the past when issues happen, that seems to usually correct the problem (corrupt or invalid cookie).  Chordie only provides a very small and limited space for Google Ad-Sense to place advertising, and sometimes they get greedy.... but we don't control their content, and if there is a problem from their end all we can really do is complain and let them fix it.

The other option is installing an Ad Blocking plug-in and not see any ads anywhere (which many have done with success).  I clear all cookies on browser shut down always, so perhaps that is why I cannot duplicate your issue.


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neophytte wrote:

I usually find people who are good at maths excel at music (however, not all have the muscle memory/co-ordination required) ... tell him to join Chordie!!


I agree, they seem to grasp the concept of interval quicker when delving into that "mysterious" realm of Theory.

Good on you Roger for making your lessons "Enjoyable"!!  When his fingers are bleeding and hands are cramping, a little humour and fun will be appreciated I'm sure.  Your other students that we have seen, are a testament to your skill as an instructor, and do you credit. smile


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Happy "Turkey Day" to you too Bill & Dondra..... and all the rest of you "Party Animals" !!  big_smile

The main reason it seems that all the melodies have been "done" before is the conventions of "Western Music"..... in any key signature you only have "harmonious" chords consisting of three Major, three Minor, and one Dominant (or Diminished) chord to fiddle around with.  Broadly speaking, that is really not a lot to work with, so one WOULD expect a whole bunch of "overlap" within any genre.  I expect that is why you will see "key changes" in some tunes to add a few more options.  wink


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I didn't have any problem coming right through to the Home page or the Forum Index..... try clearing your cookies on your browser and see if the issue persists.  Let us know the results.

Thanks !!


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I'm adding this link:  http://www.musiciansfriend.com/folk-tra … ring-banjo

A bit down the page is some information about strings and a short video that might be informative to you.  Playing for hours daily, I can usually squeeze 6 months out of a set of strings before the tone degrades to an intolerable level (D'Addarios).

Have Fun!!


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I usually will comment on this forum (if any) but always refrain from making commentary on Soundcloud and such as it usually requires one to "set up an account" albeit free, which I flat out refuse to do and will not, even to look-up car parts !!  I fly so low out in "webland" it would take "Doppler Radar" to find a footprint.  big_smile

But I do check out the posts and listen to the tunes, and leave the commentary to folks with "better ears" than me.  smile


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What kind of device are you using??  I can only see the top banner (and only when I disable ad block) and at least on my monitor the ads are not inhibiting my ability to view the full text of any page.  I could easily see that on a "phablet" or somesuch it would be not so good.... but then again why would I with my eyesight want to use Chordie on a tiny screen?
Try one of the ad blocking plug-ins and see if that will get you the whole page.  To the best of my knowledge the space allowed for ad content is restrained to try to keep them from ruining the ability to use the features on the pages, and if that is not the case, then you do need to submit a screenshot of the troubled page and a good explaination of what settings you are using on your monitor to Admin for investigation and adjustment to the page formatting.

I'm running Win 10 with Google Chrome on a 27" monitor at default resoulution.  Adblock Plus and Ghostery.


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Sounds like a good one !!  I really like trapeze tailpieces on 12s, greatly reduces the stress on the top and allows for lighter bracing on that side which relates directly to more resonance and volume.  In my research, there was also comments about some having dovetailed necks and some bolt-on... with that latter not sounding as nice.  Also several references to some with two truss rods (perhaps prior to dual action trusses, with one adjustable from the head and one within the body) I'm curious.  Looking forward to a few photos !!

Adjustable bridges were quite common in the 60s and 70s especially on the 12s.... mine has one.  But I don't have the trapeze bridge, but wish I did.  The top has this un-godly "belly" from the stress on the "pin saddle" that I'm going to have to address now that I have repaired the split braces on the underside.  Seriously considering doing something like what Breedlove is doing in their newer guitars with that under-saddle brace and rod to the butt-block.  Hydration and time hasn't done much to improve the profile and as of now it is almost unplayable without a slide.  wink  Even with only 6 strings installed in a light gauge.


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Perhaps this will help Graham,  http://www.fetishguitars.com/le-marche-brands/e-ros/
The low serial number might put it into that Spring '66 series, and there is a bit of variance in the make-up (design) within the model that should give a clue as to the quality and sound you should expect...... could be a "dog" or a "show-stopper" depending on your ears.  Good Luck with it !!


(14 replies, posted in Electric)

Behringer stuff tends to be quite good at reasonable price.  I personally don't use pedals, but use the effects built in to my Behringer amp (and mixer) with a foot controller.  No complaints from me as far as sound and convenience, and particularly like being able to page through presets for different tunes (I annotate the setting number on the music page).  On the amp there are something like 200 settings available in memory for me to tweak, which pretty much covers everything in my repertoir as many are used on more than one.

Not familiar with the Donner, but I will take a look and see how it compares.  Very similar and so it is up to you and your "ears",  ENJOY!!  smile


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Wow !!  this one got dredged up from the "tombs"  (3 year old post),  I couldn't find any reference to the title either..... but did notice bodybuilderquotes linked to a "questionable" website and summarily banned.

Thanks for trying CG !!  Sometimes folks have resources beyond the "common" and help is really appreciated in hunting down some of the requests we get around this corner of Chordieland.


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Good to hear you are settling into your new "digs".  smile  I'm with Beamer about the "bombs", we've been battling fleas this year. sad  Mild winters and an explosion of Voles hasn't helped the situation, and with the cat and dog taking laps outdoors, even the real spendy chemicals (that are supposed to hang around 260 days) barely keeps ahead of the new "crop".
Much as I hate insecticides, that is the only recourse this year until we get a good freeze.

Hope that little storm spares you folks down in that part of the country..... more flooding would not be a good way to go into the Winter months with the seasonal rainfall coming.

So which corner of the garage do you get to "park" your drum set in??  smile smile


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8:40 PM Pacific time, Tom Petty passed away in Hospital following a heart attack.  [Official reports from a Family Spokesperson.]

He'll be missed, but the music plays on...... RIP.


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It's great to see you jump right in !!  Active members make the Community so much better.  smile

neophytte wrote:
Jandle wrote:

Not many UK suggestions ........... anymore before I close this down?  smile

Do we need to do them all? Can I suggest others? How about "Lalena" by Deep Purple ...



One, two.... as many as you like (I think).  The purpose is somewhat to get folks to "stretch their legs" a bit and perhaps get off "the beaten path" so to speak.

I did like your Jim Croce rendition (same chords I use) and the second time through I played along.  I fingerpicked and it sounded like a good duet, right up to the part where you used an A where I transition through C#, F#m, A..... I think my timing slipped (stumbled).  Thinking I might use your rendition as a backing track and mix in mine (as a duet) and see what happens..... if you've no objection.  I'll send you a copy of the finished recording for your approval. It's been awhile since I have done any recording, so patience please.
Doug  smile


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Wow!!  Good Topic!  Like Phill, I'm sitting here trying to wrap my brain around this question..... and I got "nuthin".??!!?  By song I have to assume that it should(?) include lyrics, but there is so much music in my past that the catalog is incomprehensible..... so for now I will sit back and see what great ideas others can come up with. smile

ETA:  Another hearty Welcome to Chordie from the Coast !!

Sorry M8 I'm drawing blanks on this side of the pond.  How about it guys & gals in OZ and NZ any sources over there that might help, that we don't know about???

Try this one:   https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/mich … ie_crd.htm

Other than a small spelling error in the first name, was not too hard to find.

You are very Welcome !!