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Behringer stuff tends to be quite good at reasonable price.  I personally don't use pedals, but use the effects built in to my Behringer amp (and mixer) with a foot controller.  No complaints from me as far as sound and convenience, and particularly like being able to page through presets for different tunes (I annotate the setting number on the music page).  On the amp there are something like 200 settings available in memory for me to tweak, which pretty much covers everything in my repertoir as many are used on more than one.

Not familiar with the Donner, but I will take a look and see how it compares.  Very similar and so it is up to you and your "ears",  ENJOY!!  smile


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Wow !!  this one got dredged up from the "tombs"  (3 year old post),  I couldn't find any reference to the title either..... but did notice bodybuilderquotes linked to a "questionable" website and summarily banned.

Thanks for trying CG !!  Sometimes folks have resources beyond the "common" and help is really appreciated in hunting down some of the requests we get around this corner of Chordieland.


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Good to hear you are settling into your new "digs".  smile  I'm with Beamer about the "bombs", we've been battling fleas this year. sad  Mild winters and an explosion of Voles hasn't helped the situation, and with the cat and dog taking laps outdoors, even the real spendy chemicals (that are supposed to hang around 260 days) barely keeps ahead of the new "crop".
Much as I hate insecticides, that is the only recourse this year until we get a good freeze.

Hope that little storm spares you folks down in that part of the country..... more flooding would not be a good way to go into the Winter months with the seasonal rainfall coming.

So which corner of the garage do you get to "park" your drum set in??  smile smile


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8:40 PM Pacific time, Tom Petty passed away in Hospital following a heart attack.  [Official reports from a Family Spokesperson.]

He'll be missed, but the music plays on...... RIP.


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It's great to see you jump right in !!  Active members make the Community so much better.  smile

neophytte wrote:
Jandle wrote:

Not many UK suggestions ........... anymore before I close this down?  smile

Do we need to do them all? Can I suggest others? How about "Lalena" by Deep Purple ...



One, two.... as many as you like (I think).  The purpose is somewhat to get folks to "stretch their legs" a bit and perhaps get off "the beaten path" so to speak.

I did like your Jim Croce rendition (same chords I use) and the second time through I played along.  I fingerpicked and it sounded like a good duet, right up to the part where you used an A where I transition through C#, F#m, A..... I think my timing slipped (stumbled).  Thinking I might use your rendition as a backing track and mix in mine (as a duet) and see what happens..... if you've no objection.  I'll send you a copy of the finished recording for your approval. It's been awhile since I have done any recording, so patience please.
Doug  smile


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Wow!!  Good Topic!  Like Phill, I'm sitting here trying to wrap my brain around this question..... and I got "nuthin".??!!?  By song I have to assume that it should(?) include lyrics, but there is so much music in my past that the catalog is incomprehensible..... so for now I will sit back and see what great ideas others can come up with. smile

ETA:  Another hearty Welcome to Chordie from the Coast !!

Sorry M8 I'm drawing blanks on this side of the pond.  How about it guys & gals in OZ and NZ any sources over there that might help, that we don't know about???

Try this one:   https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/mich … ie_crd.htm

Other than a small spelling error in the first name, was not too hard to find.

You are very Welcome !!


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That shows me that there is something to learn every day !!  All this time I was of the impression that "o" meant "natural" and was omitted for brevity.... + for Augmented, - for Diminished, I still don't know what annotation is used for Dominant other than dom... but there must be something (?).  Also shows me that my lack of formal education musically left "gaps" that will eventually be filled by more "learned" folks.  Thanks for filling another Phill !!  smile


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Peatle, that sounds very similar, with a couple of differences ie:  The pastry is leavened more like a bread dough with yeast, the filling was cooked or at least par-boiled (to reduce cooking time and prevent the fillings from making the bread soggy), the outside is brushed with an egg wash to toughen and seal the "crust" .  More or less like a Calzone with traditional "stew-like" filling...... the "original Hot-Pocket" lunch for folks on the go!! smile

Phill's "faggots" sounds more like something we commonly refer to as a "hot-dog",  especially as regards to the "whatever was in the butcher shop including sawdust" part.... not too sure where they source the "Chicken lips" though. big_smile

Phill Williams wrote:

This s...head has inundated the forums this morning with inane and meaningless posts. So I've banned him.


Something like 10 posts???  Well, this one is gone, thanks for calling attention to it !!


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Phill, you might appreciate this comment:  Mom used to make something like a Welsh Pastie, using tinned corned beef, diced spuds, and vegetables incl. onions.  Kind of a "cold weather" favorite which I haven't made in years.  We are heading into cooler times and I might just have to break out the old recipe book and take another whack at making some !
Janet's family originated in Wales, and it might seem familiar to the folks.  wink


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Some of you are aware that I was raised in the "Middle East" where you will find it difficult to get your hands on Pork in any form as it is regarded "Unclean".  Although we had "Commissary access" at the American Military bases, they were normally located some distance from where we lived (on the economy), and foreign Nationals were not permitted to own "property" such as Houses or Automobiles.  Dad had a car and driver "Issued" for his use, but the family walked or used public transportation to shop locally for most of our groceries.  Several times a year the Post Exchange would be stocked with Ham, Bacon, and such, but SPAM was always on the shelves.  Sliced thin and fried it was a good alternative to Bacon or Sausage for breakfast, diced a welcome addition to an Omlette.
  If I looked around my larder, there just might be a can hiding in there somewhere, although I tend to lean towards the "Smoked" version, and it will usually make an appearance sometime during the camping season as it still does not need refrigeration, and has the "half-life" of Plutonium in an unopened tin.  smile


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Great Photo !!!  The "Better Half" informs me that they even have a "lower salt/fat" variety that has CHICKEN in it !!  big_smile

When you are able, and have gathered your wits again..... Please drop in and let us know how you fared and that you are safe !!   You know how much your "Family" tends to worry about you when you don't write.


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Yup we lost another one who will surely be missed.  sad

http://www.rollingstone.com/country/new … 78-w501990

Under the section of the accident report where they request "Is there anything that could be done differently to prevent recurrence of a similar accident?".  You should enter something like: "in the future only qualified Roadies should be responsible for moving drum sets.".   Oh wait!  isn't it the Drummer who IS the Roadie in most small Bands???

Oh no that's a myth, I remember now.... ONLY the Drummer is allowed to move the drums, because everybody else wants to get a couple of drinks down while he's sweating his socks off carrying all that kit from the van and setting it up.  big_smile


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Is this the one I thought looked like an Ovation ??  If so may I ask is it the shallow body version ?  If so you might want to try a set of D'Addario strings ....  Specifically the set with light tops and heavy bottoms.  On mine, the heavier bass strings diminish that slightly "tinny" quality, and to me sounds a bit fuller.... something like their EFT-17.  I seem to recall the strap issue.   big_smile


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I stand corrected my friend.... James did do that one, while stuck in traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway.  "It hurts my motor, to go this slow.".  So True !!  I almost seized up a motorcycle from idling and creeping along on one of those traffic jams (air-cooled) until a "Chippie" on a Kawasaki came along and gathered up all us "two-wheelers" and led us down the shoulder to the nearest off ramp.  One hot smoggy afternoon !! big_smile


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The chords for a Bob Dylan tune from around 1969.... "Traffic Jam".  I was also unable to locate it through my sources and thought I'd put up this request on his behalf.

If anyone has it, let us know on this topic and then e-mail him with the sheets (as posting copyright material here is frowned upon).

Thanks !!  smile


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Thanks for introducing yourself to the group !!  And I will add a hearty Welcome to Chordie !  This is a very friendly and helpful Community you "stumbled into", where I'm sure you will
make friends quickly.

Welcome Aboard !!


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OK !!  So don't feel alone about it and I assume you have a question or ???  Tab is really a neat way for those that do not read sheet music to convey to others where on the instrument a particular "sound" (note) is located.  That said, not my preferred either, but realizing the value to many, I live with it and make adjustments.  It's nothing personal, and surely not worth a rant.

So the point of your post is????.......

Pleased to see you back on here Liz !!  Always enjoyed your posts, and kinda missed you.

I think this issue is past history.... he was a little "chipped" about something and I never did figure out what exactly why it was such a big deal to him.  Like you said " I have not come across any songs where it is not working?", so perhaps he was using Chordie to format songs that were not in our index and that function dropped out when the upgrade happened ??

Who knows?  Anyway wanted to let you know we are happy to see you are still around after these many many months!  Welcome Home !!

I took umbrage with the part that you have to admit that you are "powerless" against your addiction.... if that be the case, there is no cure OR recovery possible.  So you should just keep all your guitars !!  Besides when you get to the part where you have to find and seek forgiveness from those you may have hurt..... how are you planning to find that 14 year old kid who was scraping together all his bottle return money to buy that "one" you waltzed in and snagged off the Pawn shop wall ??  Not to mention being forgiven for shattering his dreams of becoming a "Rock Star" and dating Selena Gomez.....  big_smile    All in jest my Friend !!!