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Welcome to Chordie !!  Tell us a little about yourself and I'm sure others will be along to say "howdy" too.  There are a lot of good folks of all levels of skill hanging around these parts, and we kinda take pride in keeping the Community friendly and comfortable for musicians of all ages to participate in the discussions and use the resources we have available.
Don't be shy, make comments and ask questions..... make yourself at Home !! smile


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There used to be a great little shop downtown called Gracewinds Music, who are sadly out of business.  On the main floor, were all the Pianos, Organs, Guitars,accessories etc; and in the Basement.... all the Amps, Cabs, and a whole level of soundproof booths.  You would grab something off the wall upstairs and wander down to the lower level (usually followed closely by one of their well educated/helpful staff) , where you would be allowed to choose your amp and speaker(s) of preference and your "assistant" would handtruck the gear into one of the rooms, hook you up & turn you loose to damage your OWN ears !!  Want to try a Marshall??  No Prob, your guy/girl was right outside to move it around for you, and if you wanted lessons, they would be taught one-on-one in those same booths by appointment.  That level of Customer Service is exactly why they didn't survive..... I miss them.
sad sad


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Seems to me that they were the "go to" brand at one of my local Music Shops, and on more than one occasion found their way onto my Classical Guitars over the years.  Granted that was before online shopping was an option, and you were forced to go and choose stuff off of "actual pegs on a wall"...... [gasp] !!  If memory serves, they were good long lasting strings albeit a little pricier than some other options available, and subject to the ratio of food in the fridge and "jingle" in the pocket.  big_smile

How small is the photograph??  If it is high resolution and something above say 5X7, it might be enhanced and actually printed on 8.5X11 and be suitable for display. smile


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Have a great time y'all !!  smile


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Try clearing cookies and history, then try logging in..... most of those kinds of problems are cookie or certificate related.  Let us know if it works for you.
There are a couple of threads here in this section where the subject has come up.


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There you went and did it !!  He'll be dragging all the winter windfall up to the yard and piling it higher than the eaves, just because you said so.  big_smile


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I did a little searching around and like you was unable to find that tune (except that you-tube vid).  I did find several of his songs on Ultimate-Guitar.com, just not the one you were looking for..... it's a matter of time and I'm sure it will turn up somewhere down the road.


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You might want to give a little study into the Circle of Fifths and how it relates to key signatures, chord progressions and the Relative Minors of those chords.  Those chord shapes contain and identify the colors (notes),  you have in your "palette"  at your disposal to paint your improvisation with..... the rest is practice, and learning how to transition between them.  smile


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lyrics of Ariana Grande's 'Into You'    Just type that into your Google Search and the whole thing is right there at the top of the page.  If you are looking for the music score..... that could be a bit more difficult.  smile


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Dirty Ed wrote:

I've installed 3 minis in my guitars over the years. The instructions for the last one I installed recommended a different position for the pickup on the treble side.  This has resulted in too much treble (for my ears).  Has anyone else had this problem?


Not yet, but it has been a couple of years since my last install..... I'll have to check out the "new" installation sheet to see if there is any reasoning behind changing something that has "worked well" previously.

Thanks for the heads-up.  smile


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I'm with BGD on this one, find a dealer and try one out on your favorite instrument and let your ears be the judge.  I really like the minis, and have installed and used them for several years.  Although the Meridian is unidirectional,  it is still a microphone with all the stuff that makes microphones less than desirable in some settings.  Most of the time when performing solo, a majority of us will be fairly stationary (ie: sitting or standing) rather than wandering all around the stage, in which case there are tools (mics) already in the "kit" that will work as well without the additional "overhead" ($$$).

Just my opinion, others will vary.  smile

A few more and you might just have to get a Festival Permit from the City !!  big_smile


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Neil Sedaka was recording "Bad Blood", and Elton John (I should say "Sir") wandered into the studio and backed him up with a little piano as well as vocals.... just one of those impromptu things.  I do believe Neil mentioned it on an interview I heard years ago while promoting an album.

Glenn Campbell also toured with the Beach Boys for awhile..... I think it was when Brian was having his "troubles" and Glenn had done some studio work with them and  they needed some "stage support" while a man down. smile


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Not familiar with that particular chunk of software, but if it is any use to you, if you are using windows operating system and have a scroll mouse..... click the scroll wheel and the curser should change to a dot with arrowhead markers.  Then if you pull the mouse slightly downward text will scroll, click again to exit the function.  The rate of scroll is adjusted by how much you drag down or move up to slow it.  Generally works on any displayed page with text content including web pages and such.


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Welcome to the Team TF !!  It's On-The-Job-Training.... so don't be afraid to ask questions.  Come to think of it, you are as far East on the NA Continent as any other Mod, so you get first crack at them in the morning.  Okay that is not so much of a thing is it??  I'm as far West as you can get, and that just means I get to stay up later.... not feeling "special". big_smile

Did the  $30 quote include the strings, or was that just the labor to set it up and install them?  That does make a difference in my view, but seeing as there is not very much profit margin in the strings by themselves.... it's a good question. I would just bring the ones I want, and maybe buy the "spare set" to be "nice".  Most folks likely wouldn't care which were installed as long as the customer leaves happy (and I didn't do the work for free).  smile

On the other side, that is a really good price for a string change AND setup...... without even looking at the instrument !!  What if it needs fret levelling, and the intonation is out, or the nut is cut too deep?  Some of those things take time and will add to the final cost, so I would expect that you will get a more accurate number when you walk through the door with it and he/she's given it a "once-over".


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For monitors, you can get some very good headsets suitable for PC gaming..... in so far as sound quality and frequency response.  However, the microphones are not really as good at reproducing the kind of recording quality as you can get from a good dynamic microphone.  So it does come down to what your pocketbook can support, and how good a recording you are wanting.

Somewhere around these forums there was a discussion about reasonably priced microphones (for voice and/or instruments) you might search.  Or just do what I did and get a Blue Snowball (USB) mic, and a gaming headset (just don't bother plugging in the mic cable).  It will let you monitor what you are doing in real time and capture a good quality audio signal to feed to your DAW.  Around the house, that combo will certainly get you by without breaking the bank.  In a "live" or studio setting..... yeah you'd really want to step up to some high quality gear, which may include "specialty mics" designed specifically for instruments or vocals.  Not saying that "Blue" is not top quality gear,  you get a lot of "bang for your buck" with a Snowball.  smile


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The one I'm digging into right now has been a repeat offender..... three years ago I replaced 8 capacitors on the mainboard (swollen & cracked), and now it just resets it's own clock despite having a fresh cmos battery.  Bios boot sequence resets to default when off, and randomly starts itself at odd hours (even if unplugged from the router)..... tried sprinkling Holy Water on it, but that just made it steam (it does have one of those Intel "ovens" inside). big_smile

Looking like the eeprom is on it's way out, and I'm not sure if it is worth the effort to resurrect it "one more time" !!  Keep that in mind Bill, just in case you find yourself needing some "used part" like a power supply (wink wink), it is a "small form factor" but not the "extra small" that has the power supply externally connected with that odd Dell connector & cord.


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I'm still puttin' my money on RAM.  Primarily because of the beep codes, and the lack of video output. I actually have one of those Dells sitting on the shop floor right now with a different problem..... but the on-board graphics needs RAM to work, so that was a big clue. smile


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Well Howdy Bill,  Sounds like a POST error (power-on-self-test), I remember them from the old IBM days although on newer machines they usually don't have the in-the-box speaker installed or wired up !!

Here is a link for Dell "beep codes", and other info that might be helpful.  You might have to pop open the case and reseat the RAM modules in their slots and try that, then if that fails take them down to your local Computer store and have them checked.  Usually they are installed in pairs, so if one module fails, the other won't work either.  You may only have one to replace rather than two !!  I would guess that it uses something like PC 266 non-parity, which as you say is not the newer stuff and not too pricey relative to the DDR high speed gaming memory that is so popular these days.  https://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm

To properly identify what RAM your PC uses, visit Crucial.com and use the lookup tools on their site.  Just have to enter the make model and maybe serial number to get the info.

Let me know if I can be more help !!
Hugs to Dondra..... and assure her it is likely nothing you did.

ETA: I looked it up for you anyway and it seems it has 1GB DDR2-800 Modules in it,  only $15.99 ea. + freight/UPS.  smile


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Good on Ya for persistence !!  That is what it takes to improve on guitar..... desire and practice, practice and more practice.  Keep running the scale patterns, not for hours at a stretch but try to make at least an hour total time by the end of the day. If you can, recite the notes that are in the scale as you play them and in that way you will also locate all the notes in any key signature.  A real help when transposing on the fly, or improvising over someone else's chord progression.  There will be (of course) some that will not agree and feel that the actual notes are not as important as the sound, until it comes time to create inversions or wander out into the Jazz 6/9 chord region.

As for the barres, you should be trying to make your "open" chord shapes in the first position without the index finger, and getting the "pinky" in the game as well.  When you start moving those shapes (grips) up the neck you will already have the dexterity and finger strength to fret your notes cleanly.  Start with the "5" chords (root +5) and learn where the roots are on the two bass strings .  When playing your "set list", take a stab at doing like the first verse with open chords, and then the second with all barre chords, or just revert to the barres for the bridge and chorus.  That will help your ear in selecting which grip to use based on the actual sound rather than convenience..... first position and second position chords of the same name do actually have different "characters" and are not always harmoniously interchangeable.  Experiment ! and above all Have Fun with it !!

Oh Yeah.... Welcome to Chordie !!


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How about something like:  "Chordie's Tome of Trivia"  ??   big_smile


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No prob Jeff,  that's why we are here.  Actually I had reviewed this App (Chordle) awhile back, and found it lacking in much the same areas that you have noticed (and mentioned).  I wandered back there just a few minutes ago to the Windows Store and there have been a few "fixes" since the last time I installed it on my PC.... especially in ChoPro handling/importing and such.  But TBH it's not one of our projects and really can't do much to change what it is..... even though they have listed us as one of their primary sources for music (without even doing us the courtesy of asking BTW). smile   Here we are just a bunch of fairly "casual" musicians trying to help folks find the music they want to learn, encourage them along the way, and promote individual expression through Prose, Lyric, Music, or any combination of those.  There is some degree of editing that can be done within individual songbooks, we don't host or store the actual music, just the formatting and preferences of each member as they have "modified" a tune to their instrument, tuning , key or taste.
That kinda means that there is no way for you to drag and drop your stuff into here and make changes and have them be returned with those changes intact.  We are not that big an outfit for having rooms of servers and the legal staff to deal with all the copyright stuff that could happen.... LOL.  Guess that's why there are no fees, or anything to download to become a member of the Chordie Community..... which BTW Welcome To !!

There's about a half Million of us out there, and just maybe someone will have an idea of a different App out there that more closely fills your needs.  You did a good job of describing what you would like and that is always helpful.  So stick around, wander down to the Chat Corner and introduce yourself, there are a great bunch of folks who would like to say Howdy.


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Howdy Jeff, Have not run into that specific problem before, so could you direct me to the location (ISP) where you got your version so I can examine the same one you installed.  It might be an outdated or "broken" package.

Welcome to the Forums and Thanks for posting your question.