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Dirty Ed wrote:

It can be yours for just $653.72

http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Ty … ation.html

Plus Freight and Import Tariffs.....  You know how it works, have a good idea of how it's made, and can likely find someone to build something similar locally for less....
but might face a Patent Suit.

It's cool, but I can neither afford the item or the Solicitor !!


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This should get you there, and sounds correct to me although you might try the same chords further up the neck with Barres to get the tone closer if you want.


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Howdy again Bill !!

That Blue Snowball is a condenser USB (at least mine is), so easy to hook up and no additional amps and such to fuss with.  You can continue to use your gaming headphones for monitoring, and I would actually recommend that because the Snowball is VERY sensitive and even with the headphones parked on the desk within a foot or so it might "hear" and start a feedback from it.  The Condenser part in the description means that it has an "active" microphonic element as opposed to being passive (or in Mic jargon "Dynamic") which means it needs a power source to function (which it gets from the USB).


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So you're getting the Band back together and they don't have to supply their own gear !!  May have to upgrade the electrical though..... wink

Have a Happy New Year and Stay Safe;

PS: new Smoke Alarm Batteries !?!  I change mine at New Years and 4th of July..... cheap Insurance.


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I can help Bill !!  Sure do wish I had video Skype right about now.... but here goes with my attempt at describing how to get you there without a lot of complicated jibberish.

We are assuming you use the "common" G fingering with your Index, Middle, Ring fingers, so we'll start there with the G chord (give it a strum).  Now lift your I & M fingers leaving the R still on the e string 3rd fret,  slide your R to the 2nd fret and place your I & M into position for the D7 chord (strum). As you see you can reduce the number of finger movements to only two + a slide and that one "keeps" your place in the string "stack" making it easier to change between those two chords without having to look and verify if you have the correct strings fretted.

Now let's get you to that (dreaded) B7.....  We will be using the D7 shape we just did and moving it vertically towards the Bass Tones one string at a time.  Make your D7 as above, lift all three fingers (while keeping that shape and move up one string so your I is on the G string (strum).  That chord is the AMaj7 (also referred sometimes as C#m7 as an inversion). Move that D7 shape again up one string so the I is on the D string, and add your Pinky on the e string (high e) at the 2nd fret (strum).  Voila the B7 in the first position !!

What I always found was getting that darn Pinky involved was a pain.  Firstly it has no strength, and secondly these hands have taken a beating over time and don't want to cooperate.  I started changing the fingers used for the G to M R P and now switch between sets of fingers depending on what chord I'm coming from or going to.... takes time.

Have Fun !!


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Happy Birthday Amy !!!   Like "Wine only gets Better" and I happen to know a "little" about that too!

Especially that Pinot with a Beer chaser is never a good idea.

Be safe and Enjoy.... There might be Fireworks after !!

Strummerboy Bill wrote:

I do that a lot, Beamer, but it also has to be easy. Like D A G. Sometimes when I try to transpose, it leads me to stuff like B flat minor 7th sustained  augmented over easy and sharply diminished. smile

That come with Bacon, Hash Browns, Toast and Coffee too?  Try capo on 2, C/G  F and G.....and capo down/up from there wink


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Well I guess that's what happens when you are disconnected from the world for a day....  I'd heard that Debbie had a medical emergency (presumed Stroke), but not that it was Terminal.  Thanks for the update Bill, and by the by, how's your BP these days??  Getting a "handle" on it we hope !


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Here Hear !!!    A Very Happy Christmas to all out there in "Chordieland" !!

Be happy, spend time with friends and loved ones, make music, don't overindulge (much), and above all be Safe out there.

Yeah it's not the good Ol' Fruity Loops it once was, but a more fully functional iteration and getting up into the realm of a mature DAW.  Like Scott said a big step up from Audacity.


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

. I have never used flat acoustic strings. They are all I use now on electrics. I was wondering about tone loss. They do sound enticing. If I find a set of strings I really like, I don`t care about the cost.

One thing I noticed about flat wound acoustic strings especially in the 80/20 Bronze, is that they sound kinda mellow compared to round wound (less bright).  Not much but a little, the Thomastik brand does come with the bass E string round wound, which was disappointing as I had expected the entire set to be flat wound..... meant that I had to make an effort to fully "unload" my barre chords when changing frets to totally avoid all squeaking.  Thus this time around I made the change to D'Addario FT117s. In my earlier post I said they were .012, but the set I'm using is .013.  They start out as a regular round wound string that is then drawn and polished so the outer surface is very smooth and quiet like a coated string without losing the brightness of a standard string set.  "Almost Flat Wound" but not.... good value and I personally like the tone and longevity they seem to be giving.  I have them on both my shallow bodied Ovation A/E. and an EJ200 Epi, & liking the sound.  Still have Earthwoods on my 12 though which is what it's been happily running for something like 30 years now (not the same set just the same Brand ).  smile

ETA:  My solid body electric still has a set of flat wound Thomastik Jazz-Swing .012s on it and they sound just as good as the day I put them on over a year ago..... it does get less mileage than any acoustic in the house !!


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Joey, your Plectrums were Thomastik correct?  I also had good results and long life from the sets I have used.  The Thomastik Enfeld strings are a bit spendy, so this last time around went for  D'Addario Flat-Tops in the FT .012 set.  I find them fairly quiet like true "flat wound" strings but with a bit brighter tone..... they seem to be holding up quite well so far as sound etc.  So you might consider them for a change.


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Welcome Back !!  Sometimes life gets in the way, and we all understand that.  Nice to have you "home" and the community has grown, there are a few new faces in the crowd and more than a couple not too far from where you are.  Us here in the West kinda envy you folks on the "right side of the Continent" for having opportunities to gather together fairly often...... but that's just Geography.

Make yerself to home !

We know he's all "twitterpated" about that new "toy", but best to be cautious anyway.  We know Dondra will keep Bill doing exactly whatever the Doc says to...... so can only wish you a speedy recovery there Buddy !!

Love to you Both from this corner of the World !


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Scott, it weren't us !!!  It was Facebook.... or maybe it was you !?  Just messin' with ya.  wink


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This link will take you to some information about getting it added to the index:

The song has to be hosted somewhere on the Web, and in Chord-Pro (Chopro) format.  So copy the url and include it in your request so it can be "vetted" and possibly added to the database during the next update cycle.  Some info is in the FAQ on the Resources tab at the top of the homepage, and a quick look around the About Chordie section will reveal a few conversations on the topic as well.
Oh, and a Hearty Welcome to Chordie!  You might want to wander down to the Chat Corner section and introduce yourself to the Community, you'll find us a friendly bunch.

I always figured that Squier was the "entry level" of the Fender line.  They are not bad though and highly affordable.  Some places they cut corners though, and I remember doing a refinish on one a few years back and after stripping off the original paint from the body discovered that it had been made from plywood.  Not a very good grade of that either, and the "blows" were filled with something like polyester auto-body filler.  After a good sanding, sealer, primer and new paint with a few coats of clear urethane, it all went back together and looked great and played with that true Strat tone, so no harm no foul...... that's what really matters isn't it?  smile

Back in the early 90s I built a guitar (electric) for a "friend of a friend"..... it turned out pretty nice and had great sound and all that.  But the body blank was a beautiful figured "Bird's-eye" Maple and looked outstanding until.... the owner chose this transparent stain, that can only be described as Salmon Pink. He absolutely loved the finished guitar, but I didn't EVEN take a photo of it for my scrap-book as it was (to my eyes) disgusting and "should" have been left natural so the character of the wood could speak for itself.  I wound up turning away several more chances to build for that same client for fear that I might become associated with the product and lose credibility as a quality restorer and woodworker.
Not that any of my Fine Furniture Making associates would hold it against me..... much! wink

Now for the disclaimer:  It's just a hobby for me, and not something I do/did for an occupation, but can if needs be and time permits. smile

Bill, this link has the story of Burns/Baldwin Guitars and is a good read.
http://uniqueguitar.blogspot.com/2009/0 … itars.html

The "short answer" is Yes!
smile  smile

Sweeeet !!  What a thoughtful and touching gift from a special Chordie Couple to another special Chordie Couple.

The Christmas Spirit is Alive and Well !

Bless you Amy & Jim (and Girls) Merry Christmas !!

Bill, MIM (made in Mexico) Strats are genuine Fenders (as are I hear Squiers) and can actually be very good quality, and have been played and treasured tools of quite a number of "famous Musicians".  Which is not to say that there aren't some of any point of origin that have some faults.  GFS pickups are a good option if the sound is not to your liking, along with upgraded capacitors and pots.  I like to add some additional copper shielding inside the body recesses and solder ground wires to everything made of metal to reduce squeals and pops.... which is not a bad practice on any electric.

Don't go thinkin' you got "took" in other words....

Edited to Correct spelling.... sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain wink


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Hi Bill,  don't quote me but.... I think the songbook will save the last transposition used because it is one of "your" preferences rather than something "global" in the index.  I'm not sure you can get around that unless there is some provision for you naming (uniquely) the alternate and then adding it to your songbook (such as "Cotton Fields ver2 or somesuch).

For me I would do the transposition, then "print to file" on my local drive in pdf format and name it accordingly, and repeat for the other transposition.  But then, I store all my music on my local drive so they are available when the internet isn't. smile


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Real Great News !!  We love it when things go as they are intended...... you'll be back out on that Golf Course in about 6-8 weeks wondering why you didn't have it done earlier.  In the meantime, I have 2 words of advise for ya.... Physical Therapy !  Seriously..... without those good people and strict adherence to the exercise regimen that I was given, I'd still be in a wheelchair.  Dino's advice about getting moving as soon as possible is sound.  You heal better/quicker, get better articulation of your new "hinge", and all that good stuff.

In the interim, don't forget to tip your "waitress" and treat her nice !  wink


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Thanks for asking...... but actually he has been around once in awhile. You might want to check out Chat as he has recently bought a new home in the UK and posted a pic of his new "digs".  Up in the Yorkshire Dales far away from anything resembling a "Tropical Retreat" if memory serves. wink


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OK, hows about posting the link to the page you are having trouble with and I'll take a stab at replicating your particular issue.  I currently have a Windows 10 machine back in the array and use an Epson 810 printer (so it should be similar enough for testing, drivers etc.).  That way at least I can see if it is a Chordie issue generally, or only some kind of formatting error on that particular page..... I assume you are prompting the print function from the hot-button on the Chordie page as opposed to [CTL]-P ?? Please specify.