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Sorry Jandle.i didn`t want to spook the horses.hence To Love Somebody.
How about` Nights On Broadway` it`s not a favourite of mine at all.
I`ve chosen this as i think it will be a different challenge,to the usual stuff.

You tryin' to win some kind of "popularity contest" with that one???  Only among those who really like the key of Bd....  I just tried it (and although that is my Key) I'm gonna not even take a wild shot at it.


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Well plans are firmed up, and Jeff & I are going to make the trip up to the Portland show on Sunday.  Jeff & I have been playing music together for something like 35 years, and this weekend just happens to fit into his schedule as well.  Perhaps there will be other members present tool, but how to tell Chordieans from the rest of the herd.... I have no idea!!

See you there (or not).... but have a good weekend anyway !


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Good to see you back Jim !

Hope to hear more from you, I'll wander up to that other section and hear what you did.


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I thought I'd toss one into the mix...
Angelo Debarre:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0FnBTGcZwQ&t=968s


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Welcome to Chordie Guy !!

Wander down to the Chat Section and introduce yourself to the Community, you'll find most folks are friendly and welcoming (and even at times helpful) and we are all on this musical journey together. smile

You show your location as LA.... is that Los Angeles or Louisana?? Either way you likely have a Chordian somewhere near you, we're everywhere !!


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Here's that link:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/v … =guestbook

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Reading glasses. They are cheap. Available everywhere. Even at Dollar Tree.

Those are the ones I use, and only good up to about 24" away then forgetaboutit !  You might try fiddling with your screen resoulution and set it to a higher number to sharpen the edges a bit.... the downside is sometimes the icons get really tiny.  My standard Monitor is 27 inches which is OK for a desktop, but I do have to don the glasses to read the fine print on packaging and such.  Getting old bites !!  wink


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Darn, your links don't work, but I looked on the Web and everything seems to be live clips and not particularly good quality video-wise.  If you have a good mp3 you might feed it to Chordify and see what it can resolve for you..... but an acoustic solo recording will yield better results.


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So how'd it go Bill ?  Bet you're busy munchin' to get yer strength up again.  Two days of no food makes you wonder how some folks in other parts of the World get by don't it?

Hope the results were OK and no troubles on the horizon !!  smile


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To be totally honest, I must have missed a lot of music in my youth..... had to look him up and listen to some examples.  Actually reminded me of myself having trials with my first electric guitar and lead..... very "random" and what I would call a mess. smile  Who knew that random sounding notes could be actual "genius"???


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TIGLJK wrote:

Perfect.   Thanks Doug!!!


Kinda " old school..... but then I'm a Old Guy" and just too old to be carrying that backpack full of binders full of paper in addition to the rest of my gear.  Not anti-Tech, but out here on the "edge of Civilization" power and cloud are not always available (not to mention when I go out of town there are few people and fewer cell towers). wink


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Brother Zurf,  Are you set on making your own?  Or are you mostly interested in building a "library" of genres to practice with?  There are loads of sources out there where you can get backings for playing along with such as this Chordie-like source: http://www.guitartonemaster.com/

Like Chordie it is a search engine and will hunt them down for you by key, signature, genre etc.  There may be others but I specifically looked for the ones that fit the "free" budget criteria.

You can "roll-your-own" with Audacity fairly easily also if that is what you had in mind.


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TIGLJK wrote:


I'd like to that.  How'd you do it?

Jim,  Well I just made a folder in my Documents labeled Sheet Music to start with, and added folders to that sub-directory (a folder for each artist/band) and when "gathering songs" I choose Print to File and select .pdf as the finished file type.  Once there on the local drive, it is easy to use the "search" feature to locate songs within the main directory by title (providing you use the title as the "save-as" filename & include sub-directories in the search criteria).

You can copy each song to a separate folder for "set lists" or whatever, and copy that to a thumb drive and stick it in your guitar case when heading out for a gig.  Any device with a charged battery and usb port will let you display the tunes to share or whatever. Not much out there that won't open a .pdf and display it properly and no web needed !!


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There's another one in La Conner, WA in the middle of May !!     http://laconnerguitarfestival.com/index.html

Perhaps a little closer to our Seattle based and BC Friends.  Another showcase of Lutherie as Art and Function.


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The answer may be here:   http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=31751

Personally I don't keep a songbook here, but rather on my local drive.  That way I don't have to be connected to the Net to have all my music at hand wherever I may be.

Welcome to Chordie by the way !!


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Looking forward to seeing the final product.


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Well only 2 weeks to go and finally (but later than expected), the Concert/Demonstration schedule has been added to the site.  My planning usually hinges on who's playing when as I only attend one of the two days and as Beamer said five hours per day is a fairly small window for a show that has been going on for as long as this one.


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Hey Scott, I'm not in Portland.... just about an hour and a half South though.  I've made that trip for the show a couple of times and it's a nice venue but a bit crowded.  Actually Portland has awesome mass transit with light rail and such that can get you anywhere in the metro area literally faster than driving.... a day pass is cheap (less than uber or ??) and limitless.  Gotta love trains!!  Here to Seattle was only like $35, and back when Mom lived in Kingston, we'd Amtrak to Seattle, walk the couple of blocks down to Coleman Docks and Ferry over to the Island with a 3 block stroll up to Momma's.  Not even gonna mention the Seahawks trips.... always overnighters and still less than gasoline. smile


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John had a long life and career...  RIP.  sad


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Strummerboy Bill wrote:

we have a Michael's close by where we can get some.

Thanks again, my friend.


Now you mention it, I think it might have been Michael's or Craft World !! wink


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Howdy Bill !  I used something called Frisket Film on my Ovation and it is holding up nicely as a scratch guard.  It is clear (gloss or matte) .002 thick poly, with a low tack adhesive which allows it to be removed without residue, and won't harm finishes it is put on.  I found mine in a local Craft store and it's most common use is as a mask that can be cut into a stencil or to cover areas when adding detail to graphics ie: airbrushing.  Standard sheet is something like 9X12 inches and may be available as single sheets (as mine was) or in low count packaging.  I seem to remember spending something around a buck/sheet, but caught a 50% off sale so thought it was worth trying..... that was like five years ago and it is not worn through nor peeled around the edges yet !!  smile


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If anyone happens to be in the Portland, Oregon area the weekend of April 29-30, 2017 you might consider a visit to the Northwest Handmade Instrument Show.  I just received my invitation in the mail and thought I'd pass it along to the Community.


Warning: there is a small admission (less than a cup of Starbucks) and parking can be "interesting" primarily because of narrow streets on-campus.  But I always learn something and see more than my share of beautiful instruments, listen to some very good Musicians over in the concert area, and am pleased to have "left my checkbook at home".  Sudden onset of GAS is likely.  wink


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No holes to drill.  They intend the cord to just exit the sound hole, and then you can route it over the strap button and under the strap to act as a strain relief...... what you do with it when not plugged in (?) I have no idea.  It's not like you'd just stuff it into the guitar, and a 15 foot coil of wire hanging around (to trip over) would be trying to my patience (I think).  Thankfully it does seem easy to remove when not in use, so maybe that's the trick.


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Howdy Bill !!  Personally I have not had one of these, but there are good reviews out there.  If I owned an Acoustic with a regular round sound hole I might consider trying one, but the only one it would fit is my Classical (nylon) and although I have read that it will work with non-magnetic strings I find a close microphone good enuff.

Anybody out there in the Community with experience with DM pickups want to chime in??  Input appreciated.


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Howdy Bill,  check this one:  http://www.musiciansfriend.com/open-box … nstruments
Usually stuff that has been returned for some reason.... like a sloppy setup or uneven finish color and such.