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Scott - Jim and I are usually around on Saturdays - sitting around the table having a few drinks and playing some guitar.  That'd be around 4 your time (7 EST) and for a few hours to half the night- depending!  A friend of ours usually comes and hangs out with us, not to play but just to BS.  Sometimes Steph even joins in with her uke.  wink  My Skype info is still the same (still using it for work - if you see me in green status, feel free to send a msg).

Bill - do you have Skype?  Have you ever used it?  I use it for work - CONSTANTLY - so I'm pretty versed in it now.  If you need any help setting it up, let me know.  Do you have a mic and webcam built into your computer (or attached to it)?  If so, you should be able to use it!  I highly suggest downloading the desktop version though, if you don't have it already.  The built in Windows 10 version of Skype is useless in my opinion.


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Renovating an old church hall... this sounds like an interesting project!  If you're able to, please take pictures!  I'm not sure how interested everyone else would be, but I am.  You can always email me.  If you'd like to share that is.  smile  No doubt you'll be busy getting things moved in and internet set up.  We'll see ya when you get back!  Don't break the fine china!  wink


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Wow you are not afraid of jinxing us at all are you? lol.

Chordie was up yesterday while everything else went down!  Chordie for the win!  Whoop whoop!  LOL


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Cool Scott!  Good to know you're making friends.  wink  The guy's got some skills in videography.  I finally met our neighbors (of 14 years) over the summer.  I always liked them because they didn't bother us and we didn't bother them.  Having actually finally got to know them a little, I'm sorry we weren't formally introduced sooner.  Turns out, it's good to have friendly neighbors as well as those that leave ya be!  ha ha!

I think you Zurfilized that song nicely.  wink  I'm planning to do something similar - though haven't had tons of time.  Jim printed the song out too, so we'll see what happens.  I think I MAY have heard you diddle on a harmonica at some point. Perhaps it was on Skype once upon a time? 

SCOTT - I'm not letting you off the hook on this one. I want to hear that distortion!


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Welcome back Rick!  Please do let us know if you have any issues.  Like Doug said, most changes were cosmetic.  Although, Chordie did get a new server as well so there are far less down times than before!  smile


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I'd say that's likely related to browser settings, as Doug mentioned.  When you log in, there should be an option to stay logged in.  That won't work though, if your browser refuses to save the cookies, or clears out the cookies when you exit.  This is most likely a browser setting, however it could also be something set up in your antivirus software as well. I'd start with checking browser settings, if you're interested in staying signed in.

Here's some info on how to edit settings in Firefox:  https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/en … references
And chrome:  https://support.google.com/chrome/answe … &hl=en

Note:  you CAN keep your settings as they are and just set Chordie as an exception to the rules if you'd like to only stay logged in here wink


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Thank you Roger for reaching out and updating us with the information you found.  Our thoughts go out to NELA and his family.  Strokes are serious business, and I sincerely hope he is able to recover from this to a point where he can enjoy his family, some music and perhaps a little "phishing" again.


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Jan, I think it's great that you and your friends are raising money to try to get more music to kids!  That's awesome.  I think it's great that easybeat wanted to share the video with us, and I think we all completely understand your respect for your friends in wanting to ensure they are all ok with the video before putting it up here. That said, I do hope that you get a chance to talk with them, and put one up at some point. smile  Perhaps, if not a video then a sound clip!  We would all love to hear the group, but absolutely respect the other's rights to privacy. 

Either way - awesome stuff you're doing. Easybeat, thanks for the thought of sharing this with us, although you were vetoed.  LOL!  Perhaps next time!


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I see you didn't start with the host!  wink  Nah, you started with the one where my guitar sounds all out of tune.  big_smile 

Seriously, thanks again Joe!  I haven't had much time to go through the recordings, but I will still do that at some point and put some more of them up!  There was a good portion of time where the camera wasn't running, but my recorder was.

Thanks JIM (TIGLJK) - for your kind comments.  You really do need to make it to one of these gatherings!  You're not too far away, though I know it seems every year we have ours you're out of town or a daughter is getting married or something's going on.  I'll have to check on your schedule before setting a date for next year.  wink 

Bill - I do hope to meet you and the lovely Dondra one day! I know travel all the way to PA or NY would be a bit too much for you both at this point.  We can still hope though, that one day it may happen!  smile

Bill - I don't think you linked to it over here, and I can honestly say that I don't think I'd ever heard the whole song.  I knew it was creepy, but after having heard the whole thing I think it belongs here more than with the scouts! 

The Hearse Song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3qIBHStUc0

*edit to add - Bill, I didn't realize you had posted the lyrics over in the Scouts thread - It had actually popped into my head as an old campfire song too!  I guess my dad has a dark side, because I remember singing this as a kid.  Actually, I think grandma (his mother) sang it with us too.  Just the chorus though!  ha ha ha!


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Interestingly enough, a few of the songs here, when I've looked the WHOLE song up (because I can only remember a few verses), I'm not so sure they'd be appropriate!  Ha ha!  BUT, a few songs that come to mind from when I was a girl scout (not necessarily endorsed by the council) are:

The hearse song (SHOOT - I see BILL already suggested this one... )
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts (a little less gross than the above)
Boom Chicka Boom (we did this in GS, just using different voices, not words)
On Top of old Smokey:  here's a few different lyrical versions and this site has some other scout songs on it too http://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/so … ey-496.asp
Baby Bumble Bee
The ants go marching

And... why not, Lambchops:  The song that doesn't end:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXHXUgXG1tM

Ok - I know you already have the tent up (2 hours!  GAH!  I hope it's like a 12 person tent or something crazy like that), and probably don't have time to learn any of these ones.  However, I have a feeling this won't be the last time you are leading songs!  So, there's a few more when you've got time to look.

*edit notes about the hearse song


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Late to the party - but I sure hope you had a great day Russell!


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Hi!  So sorry no one had replied to you on this yet!  I was just bopping around looking to see if there was anything left unanswered and happened upon your post!

This link has some information that you may find handy about the Chordie index and a little bit about how this works:  http://www.chordie.com/faq.php
If you'd like, you can send information onto the Admin, and he will take into consideration adding the artist and songs if they are hosted online.  It's best if they are in chopro format, as Chordie works best in that manner.  You can reach the feedback form here:  http://www.chordie.com/feedback.php

If you have a song hosted online somewhere in chopro format, you can use the rendering capabilities incorporated into the coding of this website to view the song in a manner that will allow you to transpose, print, save to your songbook, and then also edit the version saved to your songbook!  This of course means you'll have to be a little geeky though!  ha ha!

Start with this URL:
and complete it with the LOCATION where your chopro file is saved

I don't believe this works with UG displayed songs however, because of course they want you to purchase their plan in order to download tabs/chordsheets from their website (fair enough).  sad  It DOES work if you upload chopro files to a location like google sites.  This is an example of a chopro file that was uploaded recently to a private google site by one of our members:  http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/sites … rue.chopro

Though, all that said, it does not automatically index the song either.  Let me know if I haven't totally confused you and you'd like more info.  wink

Bill, you're FINE!  smile  I do hope you have some time to get in and try one of these songs out though... maybe give us a recording?  smile 

Scott - we're now onto the 10th of October.  You better get your hiney down to the man cave and carve out a tune for us! You said you could do ONE of these... I can't wait to hear which one it is!  I'm also intrigued to find out how they sound with the distortion cranked.  ha ha!

I thought about trying Ripple on my own, and I might still give it a shot.  Then I was going to try Take it Easy.  I printed it out, and tried to strum through it a little - however Mekidsdad still has issues ingrained deep within his psyche, where he thinks all covers need to sound exact and stopped me mid-strum mentioning I should listen to the song to get the strumming pattern.  I thought, "Well shucks! Sure, I could do that.  I'm sure my standard strum pattern could be adjusted a little.  But HECK!  This is for the FSOTM!"

Now, I'm thinking I need to just TOTALLY CHANGE it up and turn it into something that sounds NOTHING like the original!  Ba ha ha ha ha!  (evil laugh)  Re-arrangement time!  wink  Anyone else going to try to butcher one of these songs with me?  tongue

easybeat wrote:

pick Dino pick Dino
he`s always online supporting everyone

LOL!  Hmm... that might just count as dino's name going in twice... if we go by the non-rule related rules I provided...  tongue


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Time lapse photography can be tricky... you spend hours upon hours to only speed it up and end up with a few minutes worth of viewing.  wink  Very nice though, and I agree with the others.  I'd love to see and listen to more.

What about you and Dondra, Bill?  I understand there's record flooding pretty far in off the coast.  I hope you two are safe, dry, and haven't completely lost power. Stop in and let us know you're well when you get a chance to.  Take care!


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Well my goodness!  I never do quite remember when you celebrate Thanksgiving way up North.  smile  I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!  Be full with Turkey and all the trimmings!  Enjoy family and friends, and don't forget the pie!  big_smile  We'll see you when you all come back out of your food coma.


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A pretty little love song.  Nice Jim!  smile

Thank you again to everyone who shared song suggestions, as well as your thoughts!  The new thread for the October FSOTM is up, as well I've just posted the thread for November all about how those songs will be chosen!  See that thread here:  http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic. … 09#p177509

When the idea for this forum section started out, it was no more than a simple thread posted, and an idea by a member.  The member chose the song, and a bunch of people joined in on covering the song along with her (ahem, Jan).  That amazing member then became a moderator here, with the main purpose of helping out in this new section of the forums created to carry on the idea of a Featured song of the month!

We continued picking songs as moderators.  Then we asked for song suggestions.  We picked names out of a hat at times and have gone back and forth with asking for song suggestions or names.  The section moderators have tried to keep things fresh and mix it up a little here and there with how the Featured song is chosen each month.  We had some great suggestions on how to run it for the next month and have come to a decision on how to change it up - yet again!  Get ready...

Would YOU like to be the one to pick ONE of the songs of the month for NOVEMBER?

This month will be similar to previous months, with a twist!  We'll place your names in a hat and we'll pick ONE person's name from the hat, and let YOU pick one of the songs to feature as the Song of The Month!

We will still have two songs... the moderators of this section (UJB, Jandle, and myself) will take a list of ALL the song suggestions previously made in other months that were NOT chosen, and we'll choose one of those songs as the second song to feature as the Song of The Month!

What? That's right!  If you have previously submitted a song suggestion for the Featured Song of The Month and it wasn't chosen in that month, there's a chance that it could still get chosen THIS month!  We thought this was a fair way to try to ensure that MORE people get a chance to have their suggestion chosen, as well as to try to balance things a little. There were a few months where we had some songs that were very very similar.  Other months the songs chosen were unknown to some of our friends across the pond (awesome songs, but sometimes it's difficult to try to cover something totally unknown).  There's some members who are far more talented than others and they may choose a song that's maybe a bit more advanced to play.  The PLAN with this is by moderation choosing a song that's already been suggested, you have a second chance at "winning" and we can try to ensure that there's two songs next month that are complementary and hopefully everyone can participate a little more.  big_smile  We would like to thank easybeat for putting us on track with this suggestion!

Now, that said - some have expressed an interest in a vote and there was some confusion last month.  I'd like to clarify.  We try every month to make the determination by the end of the month.  SO - by about the 25th of October, the song will be chosen!  If you want to put your name in the hat, or put your thoughts in and try to sway moderation to to choose a specific song from those previously suggested, you'll need do to so before that date!  smile  (cheat like Roger - tongue) We are very sorry for any confusion caused last month; we were hoping you all would share your thoughts on song suggestions made before the hat came out.  Because we didn't hear much feedback on those songs that were already suggested in the thread, and just received a bigger list, we just tossed 'em in the hat.  That said, holy crows the list is now HUGE for us to choose from!

If YOU would like to choose the next Featured Song of the Month

Reply to this thread with something interesting that indicates your desire! 
No need to pick the song yet! Surprise everyone with your choice if your name gets pulled from the hat! 
Just enter your name in this thread for a chance to WIN your choice of song!

Examples: "PICK ME!  PICK ME!"
"I want to pick the song"
"Tomatoes are fruits.  Drop my name in the hat please!." 
*or whatever imaginable thing you can add that also includes something that makes it clear that you want a chance to choose the next FSOTM!  big_smile  We'll try to pay attention to those saying, "don't put my name in, I just wanted to comment" this time!  I know there were some past months where folks wanted to add their thoughts in the thread, but didn't want ther name in the hat.  We'll do our best!  So if you DO want your name in, make sure you say so!


Everyone that posts in this thread indicating their desire will have their name "placed in a hat" and the name will be randomly chosen.  If you are chosen, you then get to choose the song of the month!  The winner will be chosen with names pulled from a hat and it will be broadcast via VIDEO!  The winner's name shall be posted in this thread near the end of October.  The winner must submit the ONE song of their choice for the song of the month by the end of the Month.

This thread is now open, and we're ready!  NOW TAKING NAMES!  If you posted in the past that you wanted to be in for this month, it does NOT count!  You've got to post in THIS thread.  Also, feel free to cheat, try to sway moderator's decisions, trick others into not submitting their names so that you can win, tell us that we have to pick a certain song from the previous ones submitted, insist that Christmas is coming and you want to hear Christmas music for the ENTIRE month of November, etc... just keep it clean and in good fun!  big_smile

So what are you waiting for?  READY?  SET?  GO!


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Reflections as she packed and headed off to college, clearly she was going to miss her siblings.  Deep and beautiful thoughts shared with no one, until Mom and Dad found it one day.  I expect you had to dry a few tears after reading this one.  I nearly had to and have never met your kids!  smile  Bethany, you'll possibly be unhappy with your Dad for posting this publicly.  I hope not though.  Things like this are treasures to us parents.  Poetry allows others to see inside your thoughts sometimes, and from a parental point of view, it's an immeasurable gift... to know you treasured your childhood and didn't run out the door screaming, "I'm gone!  Adios!  You're all finally off my back!  whoo hoo!"  wink  Beautifully written.

Thanks all for your feedback!  We'll discuss and a new thread will be posted soon!  smile


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This sounds like a few different guitars going at once.  Very talented.  I can hardly keep a rhythm going sometimes, she's got the rhythm and solo all at once!  This is really something, TF!