Awesomesauce!  I've updated the original post to include the new suggestions thus far, along with the songs that have gotten some votes on top of their suggestions.  If you want to vote on a song above, DO IT!  If you want to "write in a vote" for a new song not on the list, DO IT!  With Jan away, that means I'm in charge and you all know I can be swayed (just ask Roger - remember Knockin' on Heaven's Door?).  So, get your votes in!  I don't want to have to pick out of a hat.  We need two clear winners, or some serious bribery this month!  LOL!  Ok, ok, ok... if I HAVE to, I'll pick out of a stinkin' hat.  But I don't WANNA!  I want YOU GUYS TO PICK!  big_smile

I listened to these, and commented over where they're located.  Very well done, guys.  I like that both of these songs - because they are originals here and haven't been covered millions of times or heavily recorded - are so versatile.  They are still so easily open to various interpretations, and at the end of the day, I believe THAT is what this section of the forums is supposed to be about.  Sharing your own version of a song, not just covering it like everyone else already has.  A good smile for my morning.  Thank you!

AMIE!  Despite spelling my name incorrectly, this is still "my song".  LOL!  With everything that they do, I never would have guessed the chords would be so simple for just one person to play.  wink


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NG days are so exciting!  I'm happy for you, and hope it's all you wish it to be!  Can't wait for photos!  If you have any issues, feel free to ask for more help.  If your phone is "smart" at all, you should be able to simply email them to yourself as well.  wink


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January 2017 FSOTM - Chordie Members Original Songs!
Song 1:  Authored by our very own Grah1:  Cloak of invisibility
Song 2:  Authored by our very own beamer, The Metalizer: Mother (A punks ballad)
Thread located here:

If you missed out, it's never too late!  You can share a link at the thread above, comment there, etc!

Here are quick links to member's submissions (if I missed any, please post in the original thread linked above and I'll get this post updated!):


(9 replies, posted in Featured Song of the Month)

December 2016 FSOTM - Winter Wonderland - I Believe in Father Christmas
Thread located here:

If you missed out, it's never too late!  You can share a link at the thread above, comment there, etc!

Here are quick links to member's submissions (if I missed any, please post in the original thread linked above and I'll get this post updated!):
dino48:  I played winter wonderlad.  :-) :-)
unclejoesband:  I've been working on Father Christmas off and on since it was selected. It's taking a lot more work than I thought it would.

---- While quite a few folks said they were trying these songs out, we have yet to get any links to recordings.  Hopefully someone will give one or both of these a shot and share!  ---


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November 2016 FSOTM - Friends in low Places - Hide your love away
Thread located here:

If you missed out, it's never too late!  You can share a link at the thread above, comment there, etc!

Here are quick links to member's submissions (if I missed any, please post in the original thread linked above and I'll get this post updated!):
rickyjack: … our-love-1
Zurf: … ie-fsotm-1
Roger Guppy:
Roger Guppy: … low-places


(9 replies, posted in Featured Song of the Month)

Thread located here:

If you missed out, it's never too late!  You can share a link at the thread above, comment there, etc!

Here are quick links to member's submissions (if I missed any, please post in the original thread linked above and I'll get this post updated!):
Grah1: … CLt6cD--oC
Uncle Joe's Band, MekidsDad, MKM, and Joe's friend Scott: … otm-ripple
Zurf: … rdie-fsotm

Here's a compilation of suggestions made in 2016 for the FSOTM!

If I've missed any songs that were suggested, plop them in below (I didn't look through the "put your name in the hat" threads, but I do remember there were possibly some suggested songs in those threads too).  If you don't like any of these and want to suggest a different song, go for it!  Otherwise, what song would YOU like to hear covered that's been suggested in the past, but not yet chosen?  MEMBERS CHOICE! Go on, pick a song you'd like to hear everyone cover for February 2017! 

Vote on a previously suggested song below, or toss another into the list!  Let's choose a song or two collectively that everyone would like to hear covered!

TF poem  `Be it resolved`
Sister Goldenhair
Rip it out by Ace Frehley X2
Midnight Special
Puff the Magic Dragon
"Blowing in the Wind"
Country Roads
Cherry Bomb by John Cougar Mellancamp
I shall be released
Forever Young  by Dylan
Born on a Bayou by Credence Clearwater
I Shot the Sheriff
Piano Man
The Beatles "Yesterday"
The Cup song
Teach your children
Don McLean - Vincent (Starry Starry Night)   
Classical Gas
Moonlight Sonata
Money For Nothing . (Dire Straits MTV) X2
poncho and lefty
Small Town/John Mellancamp X2
"The Times They Are A-Changin'"
Ticket To Ride
Things We Said Today
You Aint Going Nowhere
ed sheeran - Thinking out loud
Joni Mitchell & CSNY - Wooodstock
George Straight - Amarillo by Morning
Dylan - I shall be released
Van Morrison - Brown eyed girl X2
The band  - the weight  X2
Marshall Tucker Band - Heard it in a love song
"Moments In The Sun" by TIGLJK
"Christmas for Cowboys" by John Denver
Tom T Hall - I LOVE
My Girl by The Temptations

additions from this thread updated here (and X# above for votes on those already suggested):
Cherry bomb JC
The Man in Me
Amie X2
Marty Stuart - Tempted


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TF, that all sounds like some pretty good stuff to look forward to in '17!  Hmm... me...  um,

1.  I plan to make the work/homeschooling juggle less of a juggle
2. I've gotten word that I MAY possibly be in line to get that promotion I've been looking at for a while.  This of course goes back to #1 - I want it, I need it, I desire it, but I need to ensure that I don't create more problems in the work/homeschooling juggle
3. Over the years, when I've been reallllly happy, I tend to gain weight.  When miserable I tend to lose weight.  I've been quite happy the past few years, and worked my BUTT off while happy and managed to lose quite a few pounds last year.  So, I'd like to continue that trend of being happy and continuing to lose weight.  wink


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Awesome!  I thought about getting Jim a new case for X-mas myself, but ended up spending wayyyyy too much money on him for his other hobby instead.  I'm pretty sure he's a happy camper, though I bet a case would have gone over well too!


To usher in 2017 - We're going to FEATURE two Choride Member Original Songs!

Song 1:  Authored by our very own Grah1:  Cloak of invisibility
While it's been recorded by the original writer, we'd all like to hear your take on it!  Go ahead and change it up how you see fit, cover it as you'd like, post a link where we can listen to a recording in this thread!
Here's the chords and original thread:
As Graham didn't have his song in Chordpro, I simply took the liberty (lazy way out) of putting it into a PDF document - you can view, download, print the song here: … YxN2YxNjRi

Song 2:  Authored by our very own beamer, The Metalizer: Mother (A punks ballad)
It looks like a few people have already tried this one, but you know... maybe a few more would like to give it a try!  Rock it out, or pick it out - cover THIS!
HERE is a printable chopro version of the song, you can even add to your songbook and edit if needed (printing seems to work better in Google Chrome than Mozilla Firefox): … her.chopro

Ready?  Set?  GO!
edit to add PDF and chopro link


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Hope it's a GREAT ONE!

I know... it's JANUARY already!  Since everyone had a busy schedule the last few weeks, I'll leave this open another day or two for any last minute suggestions.  We'll shut this down and pick some songs soooooon!  So, if you've got a suggestion - get it in before it's closed!


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LOL Peatle!  There were a couple boys dancing nearby us... we were giggling and trying to determine if they were a couple or if they were just two guys who didn't know how to pick up girls and dancing together for support (they weren't dancing "together.. just clearly they knew one another and were dancing in proximity).  In my 20's, I would have broke away from my partner to dance with one of them and find out.  Now a days though, I don't think it would have worked being old enough to be their mother!  LOL! 

Bill - I usually go the route of "just another day" myself - but when I have hit those few milestones over the years, I always wished my day was any OTHER day than it is... especially in the summer when my sister would have pool parties that everyone would come to.  Ah well, plenty of other days through the year to have friends and family around anyway!  Maybe having birthdays so close to the major holidays is part of what makes Capricorns more humble (and crazy lol).  wink


(26 replies, posted in Chordie's Chat Corner)

Thanks again to the rest of ya that popped on to wish me a happy day! I did see these late at night, but was in no shape to be typing on my phone at that time.  LOL!  We had a wonderful evening.  Jim bought me a beautiful necklace and earrings, made that late breakfast for me (I'm not into early breakfast), the girls made a cake, then Jim and I watched morons gambling their money away while sipping some drinks and chatting with a family member we ran into.  We had a wonderful dinner, my brother and father showed as a surprise.  Then we went out dancing!  Jim's not much into dancing, or the music we were dancing to, but we had a blast anyway.  The drinks may have assisted with that!  Ha ha!  We spent the night at a hotel, so I was able to get away from home which is also work.  smile  It was really a wonderful birthday celebration.  It was also the first time I ever had someone actually partying it up with me.  Of course, the last time I attempted to "party it up" for my birthday I was hitting 21 (drinking age here).  But, it was nice to have my day be celebrated as a little more important than the holiday that follows it for a change.  I'm content now.

I do have to say though, while thinking of all this... how Bill's birthday was yesterday (the 31st).  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BILL!  I hope you saw my note on Facebook.  Bill, have you ever been able to JUST celebrate your birthday without the holiday taking over?  I hope you had a nice little celebration with Dondra.  I was thinking of you before I dozed off trying to recuperate from my celebration.  I didn't make it to any New Year's celebrations at all, not even at home with the kids, as I fell asleep.  I'm kind of glad though, because it means my birthday parting was successful (or it just proves I'm really old now since I can't party two days in a row ha)! 

I wish everyone a happy new year!


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Happy New Year!  I decided not to party it up this year and fell asleep quite early.  This really wasn't a choice though.  I was up far too late the night before partying for my birthday.  It appears that, now I've reached another decade milestone, I can only handle one late nite not two in a row.  LOL! 

Ahhh... but I'm up before the sun in 2017 and have a feeling the house will be quiet for quite a few more hours.  I hope everyone that stayed up late was able to get some sleep today!  smile


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Thanks everyone!  smile  I don't know about being the "favorite", but I think they like me ok.  LOL!  There's a commotion going on in the kitchen right now, so I'll have to cut this short.  It sounds like breakfast is on the way.  wink

Bill asked me to post his Christmas tree in the forums for him, so here ya'll go:
And he offered up this clip to go along with it from Bill as well:

wink  I'm thinking he's still rather in love with that guitar.  Here's hoping the BP is down a little and he's finding time to relax and unwind with a few songs!

Baldguitardude wrote:

Between a first job in retail and music school I've had enough Of Christmas music for a lifetime, but I'm jazzed for fsotm next year!

I can totally understand that! Ya know, that's one thing I don't miss a bit - being in a retail location, or in a large call center where the music is piped in and no one has a choice on what's playing for 8 hours every day!  In fact, I hadn't even thought about that in a while.  I think I've enjoyed Christmas songs a lot more in the past few years though because I'm no longer in that situation. 

That said, I've been working extra hours like a crazy woman again and haven't had much time to pick up my guitar myself.  The callouses are still there, barely.  Here's hoping the New Year brings more time for it. 

Dino - glad to hear you gave it a shot at home!  You are so active in this section, I wish you'd record something for us someday.  You don't have to sing in the recording, just a little guitar.  We would all love it!  smile 

Have a safe trip Jan. 

I'll be quite busy here toward the end of the year, but hopefully delays in getting the new songs up won't take too long.  Remember - we don't close down the month song threads, so you can always go back in an old one and post a link should you decide to try a past FSOTM and wish to share it!  (BGD, maybe Christmas in July huh? wink)


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unclejoesband wrote:
Zurf wrote:

Jim's younger than I figured.


I'm guessing that's a grandson?  SUPER CUTE!


Any other suggestions for January?  No doubt we've had a few new offerings into the Songwriting section recently!  You're welcome to suggest your own song, or someone else's!  smile

Hmmmm.... anyone trying these two songs out?  Winter Wonderland and I Believe in Father Christmas?  Anyone?  Bueller?


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Q. What is this section of the forums for?
A - This section of the forums is for asking other forum members if they can help you out with a song that you're unable to find the chords to!  There's quite a few members here that are MAGIC!  They can listen to a song and just know what chords are being played!  Ain't that cool?

Q. That is cool!  So if I post in here, they'll write up the song for me?
A - Not quite.  As our Admin has said, full lyrics and chords for copyright songs are not allowed in the forums.  This is a legal issue.  Plus, no one's doing it for a living and everyone's time is valuable.  What may happen, is another member may help you out by posting a link where you can find the song already figured out elsewhere.  They may provide you with a basic list of the chords that are played in the song.  They may also WANT to write the whole thing out for you (or already have a version of it saved) and email you PRIVATELY with the whole song.  That would be awesome, but let's not just expect it.  smile

Q.  What if I KNOW where a song is located on the net, and I would like it to be added into the Chordie index?
A - That's awesome!  This isn't the place for it though.  As our Admin has said, "Chordie does not host any songs. It finds and formats songs located elsewhere on the Internet."    To request a song get added to the index, please first review the FAQ's to ensure the song format is doable , and then send the link via email to our Admin.  He will consider adding the song to the Chordie search function the next time he indexes the site.  This won't happen overnight, it's a LOT of work to add new songs after checking links and ensuing the formatting will work.  It may not happen at all if the Admin feels the song is not popular enough to bother with.  This website is FREE to use, so understand that some things can take time some times.  smile  Thanks!


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Happy NPD!  I don't know much about em, so I'll just say - Have fun!