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Gosh, I'd just have to say pretty much ANY concert would be nice.  LOL!  I've led a sheltered life.  I only saw Milli Vanilli (sad huh?), 4 Non-Blondes, and Billy Joel ... I was under 20 years of age for all three concerts.

My early vote for March SOTM is that we nominate based upon our favorite shows we've seen live and in person. smile

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for reminding me!  Thread is up: … 84#p181584 

UJB - SIXTY EIGHT TIMES!  Um... uh... well... no comment.  LOL!


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Why didn't anybody call me out on NOT getting one of these up?  THANK YOU BGD... for your super subtle way of letting me know. Please feel free to hollar at me next time!

I like BGD's idea, so we're gonna roll with it!  He suggested, in another thread, that for MARCH everyone give song suggestions based on shows they've seen LIVE in concert!  What a neat idea!

So this thread over here is all about concerts people WISH they had seen, and some have posted about concerts they actually HAVE seen:

Please, add your suggestions for the March Featured Song of the Month below, based on songs played at concerts you've seen live in person!  (I promise, no Milli Vanilli songs will be chosen.  While I did SEE them in person, I obviously did not hear them live in person!  ha ha ha ha ha!)

Gosh, I'd just have to say pretty much ANY concert would be nice.  LOL!  I've led a sheltered life.  I only saw Milli Vanilli (sad huh?), 4 Non-Blondes, and Billy Joel ... I was under 20 years of age for all three concerts.

AWESOME everyone!!!!


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MKD snowblowing last week.  The very next day, I removed the same amount of snow.  Then, half of it melted.  We now have another fresh drop of about 4 inches.  I'm not complaining too much, since I don't really ever HAVE to leave the house and MKD has a 4x4.  I'd rather a little more warmth though.  I'm thankful we don't live in the true snowbelt.  The worst area nearby got about 10 feet in a week's time.

When I snowblow "the driveway" I travel about 2 miles by foot, according to my fitness tracker.  Of course, this includes going all the way from the Pole Barn to the driveway, looping up to the chicken coop, clearing an area for the dogs, and back to the pole barn.  Considering I could use the exercise, I oddly kind of enjoy doing this.  LOL!


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EVERYTHING they all said! 

I don't know much about much, but I think all the above sounds like really solid advise from folks that have been there or watched others be there... where ever that is.  You've had a rough couple years, and lots of reason to try to force your brain to relax and stop thinking.  I hope you can find a safer alternative while you work through things.  Find a way to let the music move you, take some voice lessons to go along with your guitar knowledge, go try something different like a goofy craft or something (I bet Chris would adore that). 

You got this, and you've got a whole corner of the world supporting you!  Who knows, maybe we WILL see you this summer after all!  Best wishes in the job hunt, after you take some time to unwind and de-stress of course!

I went back to listen, and find the heartbeats... I think what happened is that they were so "faint" compared to the guitar that they were difficult to hear.  Of course, I can't listen to metal too loud so my volume wasn't turned up.  I had to turn it up purposely to hear the heartbeats.  I also wasn't wearing headphones.  I think maybe if you put that clip in to start toward the end of the guitar - louder - while fading the guitar out quickly, it would work!  smile  I like what you were aiming at with it!

I also commented on both songs, but I think the heavy one may not have gone through.  The heavy feels like it needs drums to be more complete, but the acoustic feels complete as is.  I personally enjoyed the acoustic more, but I like how the heavier versions lyrics flow better (like Zurf said above).  smile  I still WILL at some point get to my pitiful version.  LOL!  I PROMISE!!!

Zurf - my co-mods left me (Jan's been on Holiday and is busy with some family obligations, UJB is busy playing his guitar), I've been inundated with new work stuff, and so, since you jumped in with words that made sense,  I just went with it.  LOL!  It's as good as pulling something out of a hat for me!  wink 

Yeah, I saw that vid - Gill actually did a little bit of lead singing for PPL!  I had no clue until I was searching around and saw that.

Graham - I hope your throat issues get straightened out soon.  It sounds like this may be more than just a cold.  Though, I've had laryngitis last for a month or so in the past seeming like it would never completely go away.  Its super difficult to deal with, but sure preferable to something more serious.  Thinking of you!

TIGLJK - Ha ha ha ha!  Amieeeeeeee, what'ca wanna do?  Take me hooooooome to West Virginiaaaaa.  LOL... I can hear a mash up song in there.

Scott - Hopefully you can do better than I did last month.  I promise, I will STILL get to those two songs at some point!

For February, we put it to a vote!  While, I'm not 1000% sure if Country Roads was a clear winner, Zurf says it was and I don't argue with big guys!  big_smile  Amie was a clear winner, and frankly I'm glad I get to listen to everyone sing to me now (even if it is spelled differently).

Take Me Home, Country Roads
Here's a possible chord page to use: …
From Wikipedia:  "Take Me Home, Country Roads" is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert and John Denver that was derived from a poem written in a letter to them by their friend, John Albert Fitzgerald who was residing in West Virginia at the time. It was first recorded by John Denver and included on his 1971 breakout album, Poems, Prayers & Promises."
wiki link

Some possible chords to use (there's got to be a better version somewhere, I'm sure!): … e/amie.crd
From Wikipedia:  ""Amie" is a song recorded by the American soft rock group Pure Prairie League. It was released in 1973 as their debut single, but did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100 until 1975."
wiki link
Did you know?
This song was covered by Lonestar, Travis Tritt, Wesley Willis, Brent Anderson (with Craig Fuller and Vince Gill), Counting Crows, and Garth Brooks!

NOW - it's your turn!  Try one, try both!  Make 'em your own, record, upload somewhere, and put the link here!

Ready?  Set?  GO!!!!

Zurf wrote:

Well it's the fifth.  I'm going with Amie and Country Road (not sure if this is meant to be John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads or James Taylor's Country Road - so I'll try both) until told otherwise. 

Amie because it got the most votes, and the Country Roads songs because I already know the James Taylor version pretty well and worked on the John Denver a while back and have half a chance at it. 

If "the hat" disagrees with me, I will abide by decisions of "the hat."

In before the BELL!  And with that - I'll say Zurf has given a final vote bringing Amie up to 3 votes as a clear winner!
Since I don't know for sure either on the Country Roads... I'm going with John Denver.  big_smile 

And now to make the new thread...


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I replied to your other post on the same topic over here:


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Hey breezy123, sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having.  It sounds like you're missing a session cookie.  Can you please clear your cookies, and make sure your browser will allow new cookies?  You can clear just those related to Chordie, and even put Chordie on an allowed list if you don't want to open your browser up to cookies from other sites.

There's more information on how to clear cookies available here:
If you need help on clearing specific cookies, and allowing specific cookies, please let me know what browser you're using and I'll be happy to help further!


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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! 

I'm not sure quite how the admin chooses to index songs, to be honest with you!  He may use an algorithm that includes songs that have gone through the rendering process, and if so, then I suppose your songs could eventually be indexed.  He may not though.  It would be a good idea to send out an email to and ask if you'd like more clarification on that one!  smile

One thing you CAN do though, is to put all the songs into one chordie songbook (when viewing the song through Chordie's rendering, click on "add to songbook") - and then publicly share the songbook.  It would then - in a way - be indexed.  People would be able to find the songbook and view the songs within Chordie.  The individual songs wouldn't necessarily show in song search results though... I don't think.

Yes, I think using the {st} is a good idea as a location for author - that stands for "subtitle" fyi.  smile 

While Chordie may not read all possible chod pro formatting, here's a page that provides some additional information and links to other informational pages describing the formatting and how you can use some of it:

As I mentioned before, if you have any issues or would like additional help, feel free to send me an email.  I'll be happy to help.  Email info is on that site I mentioned as my own.  Happy writing and geeky computering!  wink


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Jim and I have been thinking of you since seeing this.  If you're making some sort of change for the better, and someone else can't support that, then they sure aren't a friend.

I haven't received very many bribes... and I don't see too many more votes... come on guys, last chance... you could be the winning bidder!  It IS February already, and I've got to pick... we're already down to having only 26 days now!  Ahhhhh!!!!! 

I've been at the computer too long today already.  I'll get the new thread up - hopefully - tomorrow... until I close this one, you can still sway me!  wink wink

I played Graham's song on Skype for the guys.  I'll have to try to record it yet.  Maybe I can find a little quiet time here in the next day or so.  wink  Everyone seemed to really like it a lot (and it IS a darn good song)!  Scott's song is messing with me, but I will somehow manage to get that one out too.  Anyone else trying these?  Hold me to it guys, I haven't recorded anything in what feels like FOREVER.


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YES!  Sorry, I didn't see this sooner.  sad 

You could absolutely create your own google site to host the songs if you'd like.  I created one as there are a few members here that were flustered that their own original songs wouldn't render properly when posted in chopro in the forums.  As you're still pretty new to Chordie and not known to me personally, plus I have no clue how many you want to upload, I'm not sure about just giving you access to upload to my own google site, but it's not too tricky to create one of your own!

You can use the Chordie Chordpro Renderer for formatting/printing.  Create your own website and store the files in a folder that is not private.  A good free way to do this is - as said previously - with google sites.  Then, just try this syntax (type it into the web address of the browser):

...just replace the with the correct address of your website and the specific file location and file name!  I highly suggest renaming those txt files to chopro also.  I believe there's some more info about that on my resource page (use the link below).

Here's my very basic google site I've set up that you're welcome to view as an example:
You don't need much, just a place to put the files online, then you can use Chordie to render the files and once done, you can even add them to your songbook and use the transpose and print features of Chordie!

Here's an example of a link rendered in chordie and the song is hosted on that mini-site: … yes.chopro

If you have additional questions on how to do this, please feel free to drop me an email.  I'll try to walk you through it as painlessly as possible! 

The only issue left is - the indexing of songs.  I don't believe that the admin indexes originals, so your songs will not likely make it to the public Chordie search making it easy for all the people of the world to search them on Chordie (but they will be able to see, play and enjoy them if you find another way to use the links).  You can view more information about that in the stickies in this section and Resource page links above.


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The best part is, I didn't even have to lift a finger to do anything... this time!  Good job Jim!


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Ken, it's really awesome that you do all this.  It sure does sound like a TON of fun, and it's awesome for the community.  IF there are any recordings that you get hold of, or are linked to online, you know we'd ALL love to watch and hear a little!  OH - and congrats on the PA, and a good overdue visit with a good friend.  That's the stuff of life!

Awesomesauce!  I've updated the original post to include the new suggestions thus far, along with the songs that have gotten some votes on top of their suggestions.  If you want to vote on a song above, DO IT!  If you want to "write in a vote" for a new song not on the list, DO IT!  With Jan away, that means I'm in charge and you all know I can be swayed (just ask Roger - remember Knockin' on Heaven's Door?).  So, get your votes in!  I don't want to have to pick out of a hat.  We need two clear winners, or some serious bribery this month!  LOL!  Ok, ok, ok... if I HAVE to, I'll pick out of a stinkin' hat.  But I don't WANNA!  I want YOU GUYS TO PICK!  big_smile

I listened to these, and commented over where they're located.  Very well done, guys.  I like that both of these songs - because they are originals here and haven't been covered millions of times or heavily recorded - are so versatile.  They are still so easily open to various interpretations, and at the end of the day, I believe THAT is what this section of the forums is supposed to be about.  Sharing your own version of a song, not just covering it like everyone else already has.  A good smile for my morning.  Thank you!

AMIE!  Despite spelling my name incorrectly, this is still "my song".  LOL!  With everything that they do, I never would have guessed the chords would be so simple for just one person to play.  wink


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NG days are so exciting!  I'm happy for you, and hope it's all you wish it to be!  Can't wait for photos!  If you have any issues, feel free to ask for more help.  If your phone is "smart" at all, you should be able to simply email them to yourself as well.  wink


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January 2017 FSOTM - Chordie Members Original Songs!
Song 1:  Authored by our very own Grah1:  Cloak of invisibility
Song 2:  Authored by our very own beamer, The Metalizer: Mother (A punks ballad)
Thread located here:

If you missed out, it's never too late!  You can share a link at the thread above, comment there, etc!

Here are quick links to member's submissions (if I missed any, please post in the original thread linked above and I'll get this post updated!):

Zurf : … ham-cfsotm
Zurf: … rdie-fsotm
Roger Guppy: … nvisibilty
Roger Guppy: … nks-ballad
Beamer: … llad-heavy
Jandle: … visibility


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December 2016 FSOTM - Winter Wonderland - I Believe in Father Christmas
Thread located here:

If you missed out, it's never too late!  You can share a link at the thread above, comment there, etc!

Here are quick links to member's submissions (if I missed any, please post in the original thread linked above and I'll get this post updated!):
dino48:  I played winter wonderlad.  :-) :-)
unclejoesband:  I've been working on Father Christmas off and on since it was selected. It's taking a lot more work than I thought it would.

---- While quite a few folks said they were trying these songs out, we have yet to get any links to recordings.  Hopefully someone will give one or both of these a shot and share!  ---