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Hey hey hey!  UDnBW!  I just wanted to pop in here to say hi!  I'm NOT too helpful with songwriting, but I have been watching the thread.  So just wanted you to get another big ole WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!  I see you've been around since '08!  What the heck took you so long to chat us up in here?  Please do visit some of the other sections, we'd love to have you chat around with us about all the other bologna we chat about in here.  smile 

Also - once you've got a version of this song you're happy with, let me know.  I can give you a little Chordie present so you can add the song into your Chordie songbook all formatted and pretty, ready to print!  smile

Hmmm... I may be too young, or just was raised too stingy.

Well, as a kid (and even a teen) I played the heck out of those vinyls.  I mean, there were a few records that we had that had skips in certain locations that I was so used to them when I heard the song played in some other way I would get thrown off the beat a little because the skip was missing!  True story.  The Grease Album was one of my favorites to listen to, and sing along with when I was younger (though, don't be fooled, I'll still sing along and dance around the house like a fool to the Grease Album when I stream it though  Pandora).  To this day, I still know where the skips "belong" in some of those songs when I listen to the tracks and smile to myself because of the memory.

Grandma had an 8 track player, and everything she owned was Elvis.  Dad never thought they'd take off so he didn't buy one.  So he told us.  Actually, since Grandma got a Microwave at least 6 years before we did, I have a feeling we just didn't have the extra money for a few of these things... so I never actually manned an 8 track on my own and wasn't allowed to touch Grandma's musical players (oh no!  The children will put scratches in, or break it!  Here kids, have cookies instead!  Your mother doesn't give you chips?  Eat junk food!  Don't touch the "stereo"). 

So, other than a few records that my parents bought for us kids (Disco Mickey!  Gah, I can't believe my husband never heard "Macho Duck" until I forced him to last week), I didn't own any of that on my own.  My first was a very small boom box (welcome the 80's!) with a dual cassette so I could record everything off the radio and then record it onto another cassette!  smile  I owned a few cassettes, but not a ton.  Why?  Dad bought me the ability to record my own songs, no reason to spend frivolous money on per-recorded ones!  Plus I had that awesome cassette my boyfriend made, and the one my best friend made for me...

I got a CD player as I became an adult, and joined one of those clubs where you're supposed to buy so many CD's each month to keep a great discount.  That was me forcing myself to OWN music that was per-recorded.  Then I stopped, because I saw what a scam it was.  At the time, I also stopped buying albums and realized that most of what I wanted to listen to was on the radio already being played 60 million times over... plus... the internet was here.  All those CD's?  Um... I think most are in the basement collecting dust.  I ripped the ones I wanted to my computer years ago and always keep them backed up on hard drives so they are available.  A few are in my car, though mostly my car is filled with "Kids Bop" CDs.  BUT... at the end of the day, everything I really want to listen to gets put on my iPhone and my iPhone simply gets plugged into the USB port in my car if I want to listen to specific music there (and again, there's a lot of songs on my iPod that belong to "the kids" not me anyway - I should download Disco Mickey or Grease... of course, they are already well aware of both and the little one and I were even singing "Cool Rider" from Grease 2 through the drug store last week).

I don't even have a CD player other than in the car (though the computer can play CDs, as can the Xbox).  I have some songs from Chordie members that have been ripped to my hard drive, the original CD's are ... somewhere, I think in a drawer.

So, yeah - I have probably bought more singles to download than I've ever bought of any other musical media.  Well.... I do probably own more printed music than anything else though.  I have several folders of choral compilations, a few books filled with Italian Arias, and my giant folder of printed chord/song sheets.

Song #2 added to the original post!  Scroll up and click on "Click here for the reveal!" to find out what the elves pulled out of the hat!


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I've come across nylons with ball ends, like Scott said.  I can't recall what brand they were, but they did have ball ends and they were at Guitar Center.  I think, if I remember correctly, a few of the El-Cheapo kids guitars come with nylon strings that have ball ends.  Although I tie mine, I'm pretty sure ball ends would work on a typical classical set up. It may look a bit odd, but it would work.  CG, any reason you think that it may make the guitar sound off? I've actually considered getting them in the hopes that MAYBE my guitar would stay in tune better.  MAYBE it's my tying that's the issue.  LOL!  I don't do it enough and don't play that guitar enough to say I tie well.  yeah yeah yeah... it's part of the nylon plight.

At the end of the day, Bill, I've read suggestions lots of times from people to do just that.  Put nylons on a steel string guitar when learning because it's easier on the finger tips to fret nylon (that is true - I never got callouses till I switched to a steel string).  You CAN do it, but will it sound good if you don't file the nut?  Meh, for $5, I say give it a try but make sure you find those ball end nylons otherwise you'll be scratching your head wondering how to secure the strings at the saddle!  I wonder if super light nylons would fit alright in the nut on a typical steel string?

TF - I can't believe you don't have a photo SOMEWHERE!

Pete - Te Harinui, very unique and peaceful!  I hear a night time lullaby in this.  What a nice memory your Mother left you with it!
BILL - I wasn't expecting the Ramones from you!  smile  LOL!  Scott... did you check his link?  hee hee
Oh and Scott... um... wow.  Something about a Metal Christmas just kind of gets lost with me.  BUT - I think it's cool a lot of them tried.  tongue  (oh yeah, that's a dig... but it's all good!  Actually, it's pretty cool considering there's a LOT of people that just can't handle the traditional Holiday music.  You have all kinds of options!)
Jandle - Pentatonix are A-freaking-Mazing!  I love everything that I've ever heard from them!
JJJ - nope, you're not allowed here!  LOL!  Ha ha ha ha ha!  We'll just sit back on FB and appreciate your inappropriate yet completely appropriate Christmas songs there.  If you haven't posted it yet... Adam Sandler.  That is all I have to say here.  (heading to FB now to see what I've missed - and I have been enjoying your posts!)
TF - Some pretty neat and different arrangements you've provided for us!  I'm feeling oddly holiday filled this year.  Who knows, maybe it's time to write a new song ... I'm inspired with all the Holiday songs going on here lately!


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Red Rose for me, because of course, if you buy the really big package you get a cute little collectable trinket!  tongue

I use Martins on my Martin - though, honestly no matter what I put on it nothing is too punchy.  That though is due to the fact that it's an all mahogany guitar.  The same stings don't sound the same on other guitars in the house and I wouldn't suggest them for just any guitar.  I'm quite happy that the cheapest strings I can buy in the store are also the best sounding on my guitar though!  smile

It's the last month of the year, and the MEMBERS have spoken!  This month, members voted on songs previously suggested and you chose Winter Wonderland.  I think everyone agrees that this is a great choice for December (those of us who are stuck in the snow and need something to smile about... or those of you wishing you had snow)!

Song 1 - Members Choice -

Winter Wonderland:
From Wikipedia, ""Winter Wonderland" is a winter song, popularly regarded as a Christmas song, written in 1934 by Felix Bernard (music) and Richard B. Smith (lyricist). Through the decades it has been recorded by over 200 different artists..... The original recording was by Richard Himber and his Hotel Ritz-Carlton Orchestra on RCA Bluebird in 1934...... The biggest chart hit at the time of introduction was Guy Lombardo's orchestra, a top ten hit.[2] Singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer took the song to #4 in Billboard's airplay chart in 1946."

Do you know who "Parson Brown" is?  You don't get points for googling the answer!  wink 

OK - Here's the youtube link for the FIRST recording of the song by Richard Himber and the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Orchestra:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc35J3smINQ
Guy Lombardo followed right after:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7CGbI4x8ao
And in my search for someone famous that did this song on guitar, I found Jason Mraz with his very own unique cover:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhxGGIuGwS8

Here's a Chordie Search result link for the song chords - YOU choose which one works for you!
http://www.chordie.com/results.php?q=wi … =&np=0

Song 2:  Pulled from the hat

Click Here for the reveal!
My elves worked hard on the BIG reveal for the song pulled out of the hat... so I'm NOT TELLING!  You'll have to click the link above to find out (or scroll through comments after they start pouring in and people post their versions!).  wink  I'll let ya'll find your favorite versions and chords for this one!


edited to add a link for song 2!


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Sounds like a warm Christmas song!  smile  I'm guessing you don't get covered in the cold white stuff there!  ha ha!  Brought a little happy warm cheer to my dreary day.  smile  Thanks!


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My dad whistles all the time.  I can see where this comes from...  nice loving memory Pete!

Ok - it wasn't easy to find my favorite Gillespie and Coots version of 'Santa Claus is comin' to town', but I found one!  This is NOT the same jazzy version you're used to either.  The swing choir I was in did this one when I was in school.  I MIGHT have a version of it on VHS somewhere, so I'll have to look (I am pretty sure it was the same year we did 'My funny Valentine' in which I had a short solo in the beginning - and I KNOW that one is on VHS).  But, while this swing choir does the song a little too fast for my likes, they did it justice!  smile  Enjoy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv6DXdrpsNY

*edited for clarity


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Very good Tig!

Peatle, Thanksgiving was originally a matter of celebrating the end of the harvest.  Food was abundant after the harvest, and the pilgrims thanked the natives for sharing their knowledge of how to live in this land that was primarily wild and had all sorts of different things growing and living here than they were used to.  That's the basic story anyhow.  smile

The original folks didn't just eat turkey though.  Venison (deer) and buffalo (bison) were also eaten in abundance way back when.  There's a lot of deer hunting, but venison is not something you can just buy in the grocery store.  Bison meat is only available as a specialty item (there's an ugly history of what happened to them and why there aren't many living wild any longer).  So, turkey is what we have that's easily available to purchase.  big_smile  If you wanted to try to cook a turkey again, I could give you the trick to ensure it stays moist!  Even my left overs cold from the fridge will melt in the mouth.  smile 

My Thanksgiving table always has:  Turkey, turkey gravy (homemade from the drippings - I'm adamantly against canned gravy!), mashed potatoes, squash (mashed with butter, brown sugar and nutmeg), corn, enough stuffing to stuff the entire town (sausage stuffing often called "dressing" as well), dinner rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet gherkins, black olives, and my mother brings Apple pie and pumpkin pie.  Most people have a lot more dishes on their table - but I like to keep it to my favorites!  wink 

Jerome - HOW did you survive without bread?  That means no stuffing!  In my world, the stuffing is actually the main course not the turkey!  ha ha!

We have turkey on Thanksgiving - many do for Christmas as well.  Easter is traditionally a ham and possibly lamb. I haven't even tasted a leg or rack of lamb in a long time though (aside from a little bit of ground lamb turned into "sheep burgers" which the kids scoffed at).  Birthdays are always celebrated with cake.  smile


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Happy Thanksgiving! 

Here's hoping you all get to spend some time with family, and don't eat too much!



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I'm glad to hear he was able to save your files - and you had a bunch backed up!  PHEW!

Any time I've had a HDD related issue, I've replaced the entire drive first to get the computer back up - then save the HDD to plug it in externally and recover everything.  That's always another option, however... those techies want to charge you up the bum for doing this.  It's actually not too difficult, but it's one of those things the average person is scared to do so they CAN charge a lot for it.  wink

Anyhow - it sounds like you're in good shape, so that's GREAT!  Hopefully his fee didn't go up too high with the extra work he had to do.


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Hey Zen!  It's not working in the forums, but it certainly is working in the song searches.  Remembers, songs aren't actually hosted here... so if you find one that's not formatted correctly, it's because the original file isn't formatted correctly.  We can't fix that.  sad  However, you can add to your songbook and then edit it to your liking (using chordpro) to make it look the way you want!  smile


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Yup, what Dino said!  smile  You can search for the song from the home page, and that will give you a big list of possibilities.  Then you'll open them up one at a time, and once you've found the one you like you can add it. 

IE:  Here's one song opened up:  http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www.g … 24113.html  Over on the right hand side you'll see a "songbook" box. You can then click the arrow to choose the songbook you'd like to add this song to, and click "ADD".  Let us know if you're having any issues with this!  If you get an error that you need to log in, do so, open the page, try to add, then get the error again... you may need to clear your cookies in your browser.


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Very lovely!  smile  Thanks for sharing!

dino48 wrote:

What day is voting day?

smile  Start voting now.  If you don't vote, then the candidate you don't want to win might win.  Then you'll be stuck with one you despise for a whole term... of one month.  smile  Ha ha!


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:
Tenement Funster wrote:
Zurf wrote:

J-Cube.  Like J-Lo, but with less hair and doesn't look as good in a slinky dress (I'm guessing).  Nice.

Hahahahahahaha ... brilliant! How's this for a logo:


I had to steal that picture. So I did. If someone could put that on my avatar, that would be cool.

I waved my magic wand a little, and POOF!  It is done.  wink


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I saw this on the news last week as well.  I'm glad to hear our NZ friends are safe!  I don't know how comfy I'd be living in an area that gets lots of quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other natural disaster type issues.  We worry about too much snow and possible ice storms taking down power lines, but that's mostly just a loss of power - not quite so life threatening.  Stay safe!


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That's not too bad of a price Phill!  It's tricky to help from way over here without seeing it.  I'm sure it will be fairly easy for someone able to see everything that's going on though - and know what they're doing and looking for.  smile 

A new computer's not a terrible idea though, still... lol


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ha ha!  He must REALLY love this song!  smile

Hey there "Drummer Boy Bill" (hee hee).  I wish I had a drummer sometimes so I did t have to fake the percussion with string chops at times.  I even bought two cajones for the people in my life that wanted them, but they prefer their strings anyway!  Wish you were closer to lay down a beat for me!

Also, there's a question for you over in the November Featured song of the month thread. Drop in when you get a chance and let me know!  I may have to send an email too. wink

Nicely done both of you! 

(Bill, there's a question for you in my previous comment)


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Happy belated Veteran's day.  Thanks to all of you who served... and of course to those who are currently and will in the future.