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I vote for:

Knee Deep. I've seen Zac Brown live 3-4x. Amazing live show

Jimi Thing. I've seen Dave Mathews live 10x+. Incredible musician.

Wish You Were Here. David Gilmour. Only seen him once. can't wait to see him again.

You're welcome. I wasn't being subtle lol. Just impulsive and thought it was a fun idea. I hope beyond hope that you throw Milli Vanilli into the hat. I have already started working on two of their tunes. smile


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mekidsmom wrote:

Gosh, I'd just have to say pretty much ANY concert would be nice.  LOL!  I've led a sheltered life.  I only saw Milli Vanilli (sad huh?), 4 Non-Blondes, and Billy Joel ... I was under 20 years of age for all three concerts.

My early vote for March SOTM is that we nominate based upon our favorite shows we've seen live and in person. smile


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I've found some pups to be mighty louder than others, esp hot single coils. 

I have one guitar I need to throw the tuner on in between songs the buzz is so loud.


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1. When you test at home are you running straight into the amp with no effects in line? (Electro-harmonix fx are particularly noisy in my experience)
2a. What happens when you plug the guitar into a different amp, plugged into the same outlet?
2b. What happens when you plug the guitar into the same amp, different outlet (or different location?)
3. Did the guitar tech use the same guitar same cable same amp, or just same guitar?

Basically I would go about eliminating for any other explanation than the guitar before I spend any more money on the guitar. Assuming you've done all of the above, take both the amp and guitar (and the same cable)  to the guitar shop and plug it in. See what happens there.


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Ps great topic


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Any Jimi
Any Grateful Dead
Any Jeff Healey
Any Miles Davis
Any Amy Winehouse. 
BB while in his prime.

In terms of still touring acts, I need to see
David Gilmour (again)
Frampton (again)
Phish / Trey Anastasio
James Taylor
Billy Joel

beamer wrote:

Comments left on both songs on SC.  BGD would love to hear your take on Mother.

I noodled with it some but failed to get it to a place I was happy with.   Hopefully once work settles down in mid march I'll be able to take another crack.


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First thing I do whenever I buy a new guitar is replace stock pots with these.  Good move!


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this video is not available.


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You'll wind up a much better player too.  Think of this as overcoming a plateau.  Like learning barre chords lol.

The winners this month were our stomachs.  We had one of the best dinners I've had in all my time in DC, at a restaurant I've been to 6-8 times.

As usual, I agree with Zurf.

Song two - Amie. For Amies everywhere. Also for Woody Woodpecker. Thanks again Zurf. I had a great time!

https://soundcloud.com/joe-lilly/chordi … -2017-amie

Zurf and this Dude playing SOTM number one - Take Me Home, Country Road. And some scotch-induced dialog.

https://soundcloud.com/joe-lilly/chordi … untry-road

I hope you enjoy it, but not too much. You might have to drive.


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topdown wrote:

Knowing both of you, I am sure a good time was had. I only wish I could have been there!

Drinks pickin and eating. And some freezing given that it was 25 degrees.


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I had the great pleasure of jamming, drinking, and dining with Zurf tonight.  SOTM duet was recorded and we had a blast. If you get the chance to hang with him I highly suggest it.


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You talking to my wife? I've been called an awesome tool before.

Zurf wrote:
Baldguitardude wrote:

Zurf we got these?

What could possibly go wrong?

With scotch and strings, not much.


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jerome.oneil wrote:

If you can play a major scale, you already know all seven modal scales as well.

While this is technically true, knowing how to play them and knowing how to use them are very different things, agree? I can play locrian up and down the fretboard.  Using it in a musical way? No idea.

Zurf we got these?

Vince Gill was in PPL for a bit when he was a puppy.  There's a great version of Amie on Yt with him singing lead.


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Was thinking the same thing.  I'm not nearly as close with him as y'all but hope the two of them are ok!


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I don't but I'm a huge SD fan.  Go for it!


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I am cursed. Week long work trip in Vegas those days now. sad I might need to come to one of the other jams; this week of the year something always seems to come up.


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Dig it man. Sweet hat!