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Zurf might be able to give you some pointers. Also, if you meant bass as in the fish, Zurf might be able to give you some pointers.


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I clicked on this just to see what GMD means, and whaddaya know I wound up learning something. Gotta love Chordie.


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This is excellent!


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Glad this was bumped as I missed it the first time around. Sounded great! This is also one of my favorites but a song I've never attempted to cover. You've inspired me to give it a shot!

mekidsmom wrote:

AMIE!  Despite spelling my name incorrectly, this is still "my song".  LOL!  With everything that they do, I never would have guessed the chords would be so simple for just one person to play.  wink

I was shocked too. I'm just starting to learn it for a new project and it is really straightforward. Lots of flourishes but super simple chords.

How about Dylan's The Man in Me, or Amie? Links below.




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Happy birthday!

Between a first job in retail and music school I've had enough Of Christmas music for a lifetime, but I'm jazzed for fsotm next year!


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Welcome back. I have lots of family a bit southeast of you in Altoona, and my father used to (I think) work with Clarion Sintered Metals in your hometown. Glad you're back to stay!


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unclejoesband wrote:

Try these. John Pearse PB 80/20

https://c7.staticflickr.com/6/5549/30524409334_6a511cd6bd_b.jpgJohn Pearse Strings by unclejoesband, on Flickr

Have a set coming Sunday. Thanks for the tip.


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Don't forget Tal!


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topdown wrote:

I''m asking all chordians that are planning to attend to bring something for the package.

As we are all over 21 can I bring scotch?

Russell_Harding wrote:
Tenement Funster wrote:

My next "planned purchase" guitar will be this Squier Strat, which sells for just under $400 new:


They call it a "Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster" and it has Seymour-Duncan pickups in it. I would expect there'd be some differences between this and the +$1,000 Fender version, but for a hobby guitarist, I can't imagine needing the higher end one. Steve Rothery of Marillion tours with this very same Squier guitar, and it sounds fantastic.

Other then the name on the head stock I don't see a to much difference between this and a strat

The number of 0s on the price tag


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Hope Zurf sees this. As I recall he gigged on the bass for years.

Meow that's a nice gift.


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Love natural wood matte sunburst finishes, particularly when they are well done and let the grain pop a bit.

Great stories and what a wonderful song. Do you have the chart for it handy and can you link it here or e-mail it to me? I generally don't care for playing xmas music but that song is fantastic.


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Are you saying this link automatically downloads for you? https://vccworship.files.wordpress.com/ … -chord.pdf

If so, you probably have a setting in your browser to automatically download PDFs. I would check that out.


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Wow, sounds like a great initial result. I'm glad you're feeling well. Back to picking in no time.


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What do you mean pick placement? What specific issues are you having with strumming? Keeping time, sounding notes, etc?


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I normally tune to Eb out of preference, but Eb is absolutely the only way I'll play a 12er. That string tension is a killer. My hands hurt just thinking about it.

I don't buy CDs anymore, but I have about 500 that I recorded a decade ago, so if you want 1 or 10 send me your address and I'll shoot one to ya. smile


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Have you tried changing pick material?


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Tenement Funster wrote:
Strummerboy Bill wrote:

Well, of course you're right, my friend. I wish I'd think things through before posting these inane questions of mine.

Thanks for explaining all of that, TF and your time was worth way more than 2 cents as is all that you contribute here.  smile



Nothing inane about any question, and creative experimenting is always an adventure even if the destination isn't as planned. I was very glad to see that CG replied with similar ideas, and appreciate his input. The collective wealth of knowledge among the Chordians is part of what makes this such a great website.

If I may share a personal experiment ...

During my late-teens, I decided that having a double-neck electric guitar (6-string + bass) would be cool. I had a couple of "el cheapo" guitars I'd bought second-hand, and proceeded to slice - dice - dowel - glue - clamp, etc. to make them into one. The end result was a feed-back prone mess that weighed about 35 lbs., looked like the dickens, and sounded stupid. I painted it green, with some red and black markings, and appropriately named it "Frankenstein". If I'd wanted a travel case for it, nothing less than a small U-Haul would have sufficed. lol Good times!

and you still have it?


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CG did it fret out a lot or did you raise the heck out of the action?