Ok here's the cheat on Jack and Diane.  Those chords inversions in the key of a are super unwieldy.   So I cheated and moved it down to g using normal g d c chord shapes.   Makes the song much easier. Don't tell anyone though.  smile


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This community is pretty special that it brings people like him together from all corners of the globe.

We are fortunate to have "met" Dino, and just as fortunate that Chordie brings the Dinos of the world together.


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Welcome back! Glad to see you're participating in SOTM!


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This one looks spot on. What part are you having a hard time with or finding inaccurate?

https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/c/cora … r2_crd.htm

Thanks pal hope you're well!

Here's Jack and Diane. On to May!
https://soundcloud.com/joe-lilly/jack-a … ordie-sotm


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Thanks guys.  Really enjoying jack Johnson's live cover of the Buffett tune lately: https://youtu.be/5PaNORByjO8


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Pirate Looks at 40

Cakewalk Into Town

Recorded them right quick to see how they are progressing and thought they might be good enough to share with my Chordie friends!

Here we are. The Weight. I got close on Jack and Diane, not quite there on the bridge yet. Try again tomorrow.

https://soundcloud.com/joe-lilly/the-we … ordie-sotm


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Sotm nod from me.  Great lyrics.


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I can't wait to hear your rendition of the Scorps!

I see what you did there.

Zurf wrote:
Baldguitardude wrote:
Zurf wrote:

It's nice that you thought I was smart enough to do that on purpose.

I find music very instinctive.

I find having a few drinks then trying to squirm an ad-libbed bass line in a Leonard Cohen song in some mode or another using a root of C and capo 4 and a whole bunch of chords that don't seem like they ought to be there next to impossible rather than instinctive.  You know, as a random example and definitely not something I was actually doing at midnight when I had to get up early for Easter the next day.

Sounds like you have a glass is half full attitude about it though.

Also you didn't catch my little tease on the "you thought I was smart" comment.

Zurf wrote:

It's nice that you thought I was smart enough to do that on purpose.

I find music very instinctive.

Zurf wrote:

I did a copy of The Weight tonight complete with excessive use of reverb and a harmonica, but Soundcloud appears to be down this evening.  I can't connect.  So you will all have to live another day without hearing my cauterwauling and random hootification.

Soundcloud came back up.  Here you go.
https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/th … t-take-two

Love the re-arrangement of the chords and the chill feel. I'm in the process of re-arranging this one too, albeit in a slightly different way. Great work.

Only one suggestion: Zurf terminology should include fedorafication and hat-erwauling.


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I use evernote for the very same reason - instantly available on all devices. plus you can tag and categorize songs (artist, genre, decade, etc) to instantly filter and create dynamic set lists.


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Or just refresh your browser

The below is my personal opinion and doesn't reflect that of the website.

It's not THAT you ask, ZG, it's HOW you ask. This website is made up of all volunteer moderators and is a community. The site owner isn't exactly turning into Steve Jobs due to Chordie bankroll; consider this more like a passion project for all of us.

So when your requests insult the site and site management as "ridiculous," or when you only come here to complain, or when you imply that we are personally insulting you...yeah, you may expect such invectives to be met with deaf ears.

Easy does it.

OHHHHHH OUR DUET. I remember very little other than fun, drinks, good company, and drinks.

Oh and dinner.  That was good too.

Oh it was? I don't remember that.  Too much going on in my life right now lol. 

In that case I retract Amie Amy.  And instead I humbly request Guitar Man.

I'm wrapping up learning both.


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Zurf wrote:
Baldguitardude wrote:

When in doubt, hats.

Time for an update of my signature block.

A true honor my friend!


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When in doubt, hats.


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I bet he stole it from the Irish!


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I am in love with this song. The lyrics are fantastic. Found it by accident while Spotifying today. Should be added to lists of "two chord songs."