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Are you saying this link automatically downloads for you? https://vccworship.files.wordpress.com/ … -chord.pdf

If so, you probably have a setting in your browser to automatically download PDFs. I would check that out.


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Wow, sounds like a great initial result. I'm glad you're feeling well. Back to picking in no time.


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What do you mean pick placement? What specific issues are you having with strumming? Keeping time, sounding notes, etc?


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I normally tune to Eb out of preference, but Eb is absolutely the only way I'll play a 12er. That string tension is a killer. My hands hurt just thinking about it.

I don't buy CDs anymore, but I have about 500 that I recorded a decade ago, so if you want 1 or 10 send me your address and I'll shoot one to ya. smile


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Have you tried changing pick material?


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Tenement Funster wrote:
Strummerboy Bill wrote:

Well, of course you're right, my friend. I wish I'd think things through before posting these inane questions of mine.

Thanks for explaining all of that, TF and your time was worth way more than 2 cents as is all that you contribute here.  smile



Nothing inane about any question, and creative experimenting is always an adventure even if the destination isn't as planned. I was very glad to see that CG replied with similar ideas, and appreciate his input. The collective wealth of knowledge among the Chordians is part of what makes this such a great website.

If I may share a personal experiment ...

During my late-teens, I decided that having a double-neck electric guitar (6-string + bass) would be cool. I had a couple of "el cheapo" guitars I'd bought second-hand, and proceeded to slice - dice - dowel - glue - clamp, etc. to make them into one. The end result was a feed-back prone mess that weighed about 35 lbs., looked like the dickens, and sounded stupid. I painted it green, with some red and black markings, and appropriately named it "Frankenstein". If I'd wanted a travel case for it, nothing less than a small U-Haul would have sufficed. lol Good times!

and you still have it?


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CG did it fret out a lot or did you raise the heck out of the action?


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Some distortions sound like crap through the loop.  I generally put all my effects in line, crank my tube amp to an unreasonably high volume and then pull the output back down with a volume soak in the effects loop.


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Love this video. Here's another great one to make you chuckle, Bill. Action starts around the 1 minute mark.


First of all, don't ever worry about singing out of key - some of the most popular singers in the world do that. smile Just have fun with it!

With respect to moving to the A7, lots of players tend to remove their hand from the fretboard when switching chords and then rebuilding the chord from the ground up. This is a mistake and is the "hard way" of doing things. The A7 is fingered very similarly to the D chord, just a string down. if your D chord is fingered like this:

-------2-------   middle finger
-------3-------   ring finger
-------2-------   index finger
....All you have to do to make that A7 is lift up your ring finger and slide the other two down a string while they are still in position:

---------2--------- middle finger
---------0--------- (pick up your ring finger to let this sound open)
---------2--------- index finger

So, resist the urge to pick up all your fingers and put them back down in the new position. The lazy way is the way to go. smile



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It never gets any easier, either. I learned the hard way that unless you're looking to play jazz and improvise a lot, you won't use 95% of that stuff. If your focus is on western popular music, focus on dorian, mixolydian, aeolian, major and minor pent, and major and minor dominant chords and altered chords. If you want to play metal maybe throw in harmonic and melodic minor.

Just my .02


Edit: If you're looking to play classical music a lot of the above goes out the window. smile


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There are free chat programs.  But who would maintain?


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I did a bunch of research zoom vs Sony, went Sony and love it. I have this one
https://www.amazon.com/Sony-Portable-Co … B002R56C4O


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Thanks to the rain delay, I cleaned the kitchen and folded three loads of laundry. 

Thanks to the win I drank a bunch of really nice bourbon. 

Happy Chicago boy over here. smile


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Am I playing blues or party music tonight? Only time will tell.

mekidsmom wrote:

This is what happens when Jan is away.. Joe and I  are no good with getting things done on time!  LOL!  We'll pick the song, and get the new thread up sometime TODAY!  smile

Are you picking the song or picking someone to pick the song?

Thanks guys.

We missed a lot of scoring opportunities and didn't capitalize on some mistakes.  We didn't deserve to win.  Gonna be a tough one tonight too



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Agree w zurf.  What part of country are you in?


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The wife asked if I was going to go. I checked ticket prices and said no way! But I'll be cheering them on from here.


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I'm definitely down


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That's called a 7/6 chord, notated as Cm7/6 or Cm7 add6.   

As an aside, your A# is correctly referred to as a Bb in this example since b, not a, is the 7th scale degree in c. Although they are enharmonic equivalents it's a lot easier to understand and explain theory when you use Bb instead of A#.

Hope that helps! smile


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Incredible.  Still in shock.


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mekidsmom wrote:

Chordie did get a new server as well so there are far less down times than before!  smile

Wow you are not afraid of jinxing us at all are you? lol.