Hey y'all.

Currently writing a set list for my new project and I'm starting it with Can't You See. Not one to just play a song and then play the next song, I want to come up with 2-3 other songs that contain the 5-4-1 (or 1-b7-4, if you think like that) chord progression and then mash 'em all together.

Offhand the only other one I can think of is Take the Money and Run.

Any other suggestions?


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badeye wrote:

Hey there Friday. How u doin....   Some blues greats in this one...   


Badeye     cool  cool   .

Phil Collins drumming back there!!!


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Russ, not sure if you have this album or have heard this version, but I have loved this song ever since I got the album in high school. It's one of the reasons I started playing blues.



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Listened to this twice. You have kind of a Ray Charles vocal vibe happening.

EDIT: Three times now. Great work man.


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If you play high up the neck I think you'd need to eliminate the Epi. Less room on that cutaway than the other two options.


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I always use them upside down, and I also put them in the middle of the fret, not crowning the fret as it’s said you’re supposed to.

Get better soon man!


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Are you going to put this to music? I like it. It captures a moment very well.

Lukenbach Texas by Waylon Jennings.

Mexico by James Taylor

Toes by Zac Brown


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My approach to guitar buying is largely utilitarian and based on filling a function rather than just having them to have them. I have three acoustics, all the same model. Guitar 1 is the guitar I learned to play on and got when I was 5-6 years old. It's very important to me and I rarely travel with it. Guitar number 2 is same model and I use it for traveling. Guitar 3 is also same model and I use it for a stage backup or when I have acoustic jams at the house.

I have a strat-style guitar for rock playing, a tele as a stage backup to that, a semi-hollowbody for jazz and blues, an SG-type guitar with humbuckers for heavier songs. Finally, I have an electric traveler that I use to keep guitar withdrawals away on long vacations and long work trips (of which there are many).

And that's it. I also have a lap steel but I consider it to be a piece of home decor.

My WTB guitar list is also small. I want a high-end acoustic. All the acoustics I've ever owned have been in the sub-$300 range. I want a really nice taylor or Tak or Guild acoustic.  And I want an electric acoustic nylon string guitar because I have 0 nylon string guitars.


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Buncha comedians this morning smile


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Just saw a  news story that Clapton has said he's going deaf and has really bad tinnitus. I searched some of his stage photos and saw zero use of hearing protection in any of his photos.

Do you all use hearing protection, either while playing or while attending concerts? If so, what type?

I have some of those custom molded jobbies that reduce volume but don't muffle sounds, so they work great. Plus they increase my ability to hear my head voice, which is always a bonus.

I'm gonna start playing music on FB live here pretty soon; come by and join me! My user name is baldguitardude if we are't friends yet.

Roger that.

Let me know!


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I’m not an attorney but have dealt with countless intellectual property matters in my time.

You’d be fine if this was happening in US. It’s a work of parody, you aren’t making money on it, and even if an artist got pissy worst that would happen is SoundCloud would get a dmca take down notice and send you a nasty gram.


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I agree with everything said. 

Look around some more. Lots of nice cities here in grest climates.

Shim the bridge.


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You might consider changing to a schub.  They have a little dial that allows you to adjust tension.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004VDD4 … ref=plSrch


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It’s directly related to your capo. My guess is it can be attributed to one or more of these things:
1 you are leaving the capo on your neck after you play. 
2 you are capoing too close to the fret
3 your capo is too tight.

Do you have a tension adjustable capo? If so try and dial it in so you use the least tension necessary to sound all the strings.  Also given that you have reduced string tension due to the dropped tuning you are probably driving the strings really hard into those frets.


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Do you have most of the wear on frets 3-6?

Also, is your capo technique similar to your fretting technique or do you put the capo directly behind the fret wire?


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You use a capo?


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neophytte wrote:

Can't help with experience, but they have a wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagima

Thanks! I did a tad bit of online research but I remain hopeful that one of the gear heads here has hands on experience. smile


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Does anyone have experience with this brand? Good bad indifferent?


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Maybe i'll buy it and have a friend paint it all silly like.


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Have an opportunity to buy one for $50, wondering about your alls feedback. Thanks.