That's a beauty JJJ!!

Happy NGD.


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I wasn't swimming in any porter but I did the dame thing a few weeks ago. My partner and I were playing woody Guthrie's " Goin Down the Road". When he went into a solo, for whatever reason, I went into a song called "Rosa Lee McFall". They're both the same chords but in a slightly different pattern.  All of the sudden we were out of sync and he looked over at me with this look that said; "what the heck are you doing"? I quickly realized what I had done but have no idea why I changed songs right in the middle.


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TIGLJK wrote:

OK  I don't get it.

If I have strings that are on my guitar that I have had for two years, and I play probably at lest 1/2 hour to an hour every day - but they are still perfectly in tune, why do I need to change them ?  Or even if I played four hours a day - but they are still in tune - why change ? 

What am I missing here ?   Remember that I am not a guitarist per say - so be gentle ! smile


The change in tone can happen so slowly that you don't even realize it's happening. If you've had your strings on for 2 years and play regularly, do yourself a favor and treat your guitar to a new set. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the brighter sound that comes out of it.


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Yep. Just saw that.

I don't expect him to be the last one this year either.


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I play almost every night for 15-30 minutes. 2-3 times a month I get together with a couple friends on the weekend and we'll play for 5-6 hours.

I would typically change strings 3-4 times a year. If I haven't done it recently and a Chordie event is coming up, I'll change them to have fresh strings before I go. So that may make it 5-6 times a year.

Don't know if that's good or bad.


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Here's the short video I took this morning. We have about 11" right now and it seems to be winding down. Now the wind is howling at 20-30mph and blowing all that snow on my nice, clean driveway. sad

Th largest dog (an Akita) is only 8 months old and had never seen snow. He loved it. He was ramming around so fast that I had a hard time keeping the camera on him. The other 2 are old hats at this snow thing. The poor Jack Russell; the snow is as deep as he is tall.


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keepitreal wrote:

I haven't seen a single flake of snow all winter, so please keep posting the pics just to remind me what it looks like.

Ask and ye shall receive. smile 

This morning at 7:30. Around 6" on the shed and coming down heavy. Closer to 10" now at 9:00.

I have a video of our youngest dog experiencing his first snow. I'll post a link to that later. I need to upload it but I need to move some of this snow first.


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Doug_Smith wrote:

Don't get nearly that kind of snowfall around here (at least at my low elevation)..... so I have to ask,  where do you shovel it to?  Seems like you wind up just moving it out of the way for a bit and then have to dig twice as much to do something like clear your entire driveway. I do understand why snow-blowers are popular, but don't your neighbors get uppity when you bury their cars, fence, porch, dog-house, wood supply, (pick one)??

The closest neighbor is about 60yds away. And as far as moving it several times; NO.

Classical Guitar wrote:

Last winter we got 16" one time and that seemed  like a lot. If I had the type of snow Russell_Harding has I would move to a warmer area. That much is too deep to clear or for a snow blower. I guess they would have to stock enough groceries for the entire winter. How long does it take for that much snow to melt?  And then where does that much water go?

I would guess your 16" was from the same storm that gave us 32".  And yes, the snowblower wouldn't cut through that much. I had to shovel the sidewalk by hand. Once I had the walk cut through to the driveway the plow took over. Here is the finished product.


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Yep. It starts here around 11:00 tonight. You guys are probably a few hours later.

Better throw another log on the fire. smile


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Looks like fun. It's headed our way right now. ETA: 11:00 EDT.

Here's a pic from our big one last year.

If I'm understanding correctly, you're looking for songs that have the chords over the words for the entire song like this one. … ranspose=0

I went through my songbook and found that there aren't very many like this. Most of them have the chords for the first verse, refrain and a bridge, if there is one. I'm guessing it's done to save space but could be totally wrong.

When I'm working on a new song, I decided to learn the chord progression first. Once I can play it through without looking at it I add the lyrics. It's worked for me- most of the time. … ing=EADGBE

If you don't like the key that's shown here you can transpose it to whatever you want.


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Happy Birthday Scott


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jcellini wrote:
beamer wrote:

Welcome back.  and check out song of the month , its a new area.

Thanks, where can I find "song of the month?"  smile


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TIGLJK wrote:

Dylan - at Doubleday field in Cooperstown a few years ago

It was awful.

I forgot about Dylan in the other concert thread; with good reason I guess.

I saw him in DC in '90 or '91and had the same experience. He had 10-12 too many beers. The lyrics were slurred and he could barely walk. I very forgettable show.

Then there was a band called Angel. I saw them at the Tower Theater just outside of Philly '79. It is a relatively small venue with a capacity of around 2500. The "band" had the amps cranked up so loud it hurt. The lead singer screamed unintelligible lyrics into his mic. The lead guitarist was trying to play as many notes as possible into every measure of every song and the drummer, who should have been setting the timing, sounded more like a jackhammer breaking up concrete on the street. There seemed to be no rhythm at all; just this overpowering noise that I felt had bore no resemblance to music.


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mekidsmom wrote:

UJB - SIXTY EIGHT TIMES!  Um... uh... well... no comment.  LOL!

That's not counting the 4 shows I saw with the variations of the band after Jerry died; 1 in '08 and 3 in '16. Back in the day I knew people that had seen them hundreds of times. I was just a wanna-be compared to a lot of Heads.

I thought of a couple more.

In 1970 Three Dog Night came to my hometown. I didn't actually get into the venue to see them but being it was at a baseball field 2 short blocks from home, I was able to sit on the porch and listen. I also saw Brooks and Dunn.


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Forgot to answer the question.

I've seen a LOT of concerts over the years, and no Amy, they were not all Dead. smile

But I'll start with them.

Grateful Dead- 68x
Yes- 2x
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Molly Hatchet
.38 Special
Crosby, Stills and Nash- 3x
Moody Blues
David Bowie
Todd Rundgren and Utopia
Little Feat
Bella Fleck
Arlo Guthrie
Richie Havens
Micheal Hedges
John Pearse

There's probably more but I get kinda blurry eyed when I start trying to remember them all.

A couple that I regret missing are Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd. I was invited to Madison Square Garden to see Pink Floyd's "The Wall" tour but I was dead broke at the time and had to turn it down.


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beamer wrote:

You know, I have to tell this story.  Back when OZZY first went solo and was on the Blizzard tour, he came to my town.  All I knew was Crazy Train and Iron man, but I wanted to go very bad.   I was 12.  My parents had bought into the whole Press  hoopla and were afraid for me to go...

...Why do I miss that 1980 show so bad?  I would have gotten to see Randy  Rhodes in his prime and right before he died.

I saw them in 1981 at the Johnstown War Memorial in Johnstown, Pa. I slowly inched my way towards the stage asking people if they would mind if I took a picture. I got to within 3-4 rows and someone finally said; "Yes, I do mind". So that's where I spent the rest of the night. My brother has the originals right now but here is one of the pics I took that night. He doctored it a bit and made a double image for use in his girlfriend's art gallery. The original is not like this. In the original you can see the "Ozzy" tattooed on his fingers.

ETA: I'll have him email me a few and share them later.


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27 for me.

But to be fair, I used JJJ's process of elimination on a couple of them.


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Yep. We had one of those in Jan of '16. Fortunately for us though, it only happens once every 4-5 years.

So far this winter we have had a grand total of about 3 inches.


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Giving up a part of your life, and usually a lot of people associated with it, isn't easy. I was there. When I gave up my vice, which wasn't alcohol,  I not only gave it up, I moved a couple months later, left no forwarding address and only told a few people. It needed to be a clean break for it to work. I had one relapse a couple months after I quit but it ended up reinforcing my resolve to be done with it.  It took me a few more months to start feeling normal again. I didn't even realize I wasn't feeling normal until it started coming back to me. After I was completely free I found that even being around someone that partied the way I used to, I didn't care. Nothing was going to drag me back to the abyss I had been headed for.

Hang with it. It WILL get better. Maybe I'll see you in NY in August.


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Changes can never be forced on someone. They have to come from within. Take it from someone who has been there.

Best wishes in your new direction.


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Russell_Harding wrote:

it looks like only 4 to 5 weeks of winter left "yippee" smile

Not so fast there cowboy. We haven't heard from Punxsutawney Phil yet. smile

BTW. Great song. smile


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WOW!  I gotta get in here more often.  This thread certainly took some twists and turns. NGD, fishing and now knee replacement. I'm gonna need a minute for my head to stop spinning. smile

Happy NGD Joey.

TF, shouldn't you be cutting some holes in frozen lakes to do some fishing? smile

And that knee x-ray I know nothing about knee replacement so maybe I'm missing something. How does a knee work with the bottom half flat and the top half nearly flat? That's a very odd looking setup. It doesn't look like it would bend smoothly.


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