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Happy Birthday Jeff!


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mekidsmom wrote:

all the Mom-like people in Chordie land!  wink

Mom-like people?? 

Have you been working too hard?  http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_0166.gif smile

Happy Mothers Day Ladies.


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Marshel54 wrote:

Great news. I got the guitar out to today to try it after surgery. Very pleased with the results. Sound wise a lot to work on, but fretting very very much better than when I gave it up 2 years ago. I was even able to fret the 12 string. A ways to go, but a lot better.

Excellent! Glad to hear it's working out for you. http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_3190.gif

Doug_Smith wrote:

You only have 2 years of down time to make up for so I would expect once the calluses get back you'll be right in the mix again.  Most of us have had some down time over the years...

Quoted for truth.

I was out of the loop for nearly 20 years when I decided to dust off those rusty strings. It took me a couple months to bring back the basics. I went up to Amy's GTG about 7 months after I got back into it. First time I'd played in front of other people in a looooong time. I felt a bit overwhelmed. I hadn't yet recovered much of my repertoire by then but having kind, encouraging people around made it easy to jump right in.

Looking forward to meeting you at one or more of this years events.

August always works for me. I'm usually pretty busy with work obligations in July and I'm already taking a weekend for a local music festival.

You know I'll be there. It's become a tradition. smile


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Strummerboy Bill wrote:

Note left for you on Vim, UJB. I hadn't heard it in a very long time, and I think Dino would say he loved it as well.


Thanks Bill.

I don't really know it yet so I had it in front of me. Still managed to screw it up a couple times. roll


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Scott and I recorded this last Sunday. It's the song that will be played at my memorial. I was working at camp Mon-Wed and just got to editing and uploading it tonight.

RIP Dino.



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The same one you posted in: Chat Corner. smile

When something is coming up it's announced here.


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Reading glasses. They are cheap. Available everywhere. Even at Dollar Tree.

That was my first thought too. I need reading glasses for almost any reading I do.


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On the far left side of the tool bar you have the play/pause button. When the video has finished playing that button will be replaced by a partial circle with an with an arrow attached to the open end. That's now the "replay" button. Hit that and it will start over.


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I'm not the resident tech expert around here but I have a theory.

Since CAMM_Jam made the changes, only CAMM_Jam is able to see them.

Let's say for example, you changed "Wish You Were Here" from the Key of "G" to the key of "D" because it's easier for you to sing in "D". Not everyone would find that easier so it remains in the original key for everyone but CAMM.

Have you asked  any of the other members of the group to log in. My guess is, if they sign in under CAMM the changes will be visible. If they have an account of their own and sign it with that one, they won't see the changes either.

I'm sure someone above my pay grade will be along to correct me if I'm wrong. smile


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Doug_Smith wrote:

... it does seem easy to remove when not in use, so maybe that's the trick.


I have a much, much older soundhole P-U. I just pop it in when I need it and take it out when I'm finished. Simple


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Hi Bill! Good to see ya. smile


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Many of us here, if not most, learned to play BI (Before Internet). We ALL started at the same place you are right now; a desire. 

Me personally, I bought the "John Pierce Guitar Chord Encyclopedia". I then bought a songbook that had a lot of songs that I wanted to learn. At that point it's just a matter of practice. Learn to play the chords and play them cleanly. You want to hear them ring. If you have a dull, muted sound, something is wrong. All the books and instructional video's won't do any good until you're really committed to practicing.

It's a journey. You won't get there tomorrow or next week or next month. But if you stick to it, you WILL get there.

Happy playing and enjoy the journey. It will be very satisfying.

Here's a video with a couple very basic first steps. There are 15 more vids by the same person to help you move along.


If I did this right, here is a chord chart with all the basic chords you'll need to help you get started.



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Welcome Marshel. Glad to have you aboard.

The CT surgery should have you feeling better in no time

That's a beauty JJJ!!

Happy NGD.


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I wasn't swimming in any porter but I did the dame thing a few weeks ago. My partner and I were playing woody Guthrie's " Goin Down the Road". When he went into a solo, for whatever reason, I went into a song called "Rosa Lee McFall". They're both the same chords but in a slightly different pattern.  All of the sudden we were out of sync and he looked over at me with this look that said; "what the heck are you doing"? I quickly realized what I had done but have no idea why I changed songs right in the middle.


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TIGLJK wrote:

OK  I don't get it.

If I have strings that are on my guitar that I have had for two years, and I play probably at lest 1/2 hour to an hour every day - but they are still perfectly in tune, why do I need to change them ?  Or even if I played four hours a day - but they are still in tune - why change ? 

What am I missing here ?   Remember that I am not a guitarist per say - so be gentle ! smile


The change in tone can happen so slowly that you don't even realize it's happening. If you've had your strings on for 2 years and play regularly, do yourself a favor and treat your guitar to a new set. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the brighter sound that comes out of it.


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Yep. Just saw that.

I don't expect him to be the last one this year either.


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I play almost every night for 15-30 minutes. 2-3 times a month I get together with a couple friends on the weekend and we'll play for 5-6 hours.

I would typically change strings 3-4 times a year. If I haven't done it recently and a Chordie event is coming up, I'll change them to have fresh strings before I go. So that may make it 5-6 times a year.

Don't know if that's good or bad.


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Here's the short video I took this morning. We have about 11" right now and it seems to be winding down. Now the wind is howling at 20-30mph and blowing all that snow on my nice, clean driveway. sad

Th largest dog (an Akita) is only 8 months old and had never seen snow. He loved it. He was ramming around so fast that I had a hard time keeping the camera on him. The other 2 are old hats at this snow thing. The poor Jack Russell; the snow is as deep as he is tall.



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keepitreal wrote:

I haven't seen a single flake of snow all winter, so please keep posting the pics just to remind me what it looks like.

Ask and ye shall receive. smile 

This morning at 7:30. Around 6" on the shed and coming down heavy. Closer to 10" now at 9:00.

I have a video of our youngest dog experiencing his first snow. I'll post a link to that later. I need to upload it but I need to move some of this snow first.



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Doug_Smith wrote:

Don't get nearly that kind of snowfall around here (at least at my low elevation)..... so I have to ask,  where do you shovel it to?  Seems like you wind up just moving it out of the way for a bit and then have to dig twice as much to do something like clear your entire driveway. I do understand why snow-blowers are popular, but don't your neighbors get uppity when you bury their cars, fence, porch, dog-house, wood supply, (pick one)??

The closest neighbor is about 60yds away. And as far as moving it several times; NO.


Classical Guitar wrote:

Last winter we got 16" one time and that seemed  like a lot. If I had the type of snow Russell_Harding has I would move to a warmer area. That much is too deep to clear or for a snow blower. I guess they would have to stock enough groceries for the entire winter. How long does it take for that much snow to melt?  And then where does that much water go?

I would guess your 16" was from the same storm that gave us 32".  And yes, the snowblower wouldn't cut through that much. I had to shovel the sidewalk by hand. Once I had the walk cut through to the driveway the plow took over. Here is the finished product.



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Yep. It starts here around 11:00 tonight. You guys are probably a few hours later.

Better throw another log on the fire. smile


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Looks like fun. It's headed our way right now. ETA: 11:00 EDT.

Here's a pic from our big one last year.