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neophytte wrote:

39 C tomorrow ... summer has arrived ... !!

39° here too but it's F not C. smile


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That was superb. http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_1851.gif


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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No problem here either.

Zurf wrote:

An actual original: Zurf's My Life Revolves Around Pee  https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/my … around-pee

Here's a video version of this song from my place in 2015.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_LLWi_ … mp;index=5

My favorite Christmas song.

I believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake



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Classical Guitar wrote:

I have read you posts and have noted them.  With due respect I am guessing none of you have ever been to a classical concert. Even phones have to be turned off and they are never recorded. If they were than I would never be invited back to the same location again and I play at the same place year after year. Also we sell CD's and usually that adds to the proceeds.

I believe you may have misunderstood us.

We're just talking about some home recordings of "My Banjo and Me."  smile


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easybeat wrote:

any chance of a video????

neophytte wrote:
easybeat wrote:

any chance of a video????


Roger Guppy wrote:
easybeat wrote:

any chance of a video????


Jandle wrote:
easybeat wrote:

any chance of a video????


We have a second and a third.

All in favor say Aye! smile


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http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_6865.gif Donna. Glad to have you aboard.

The annual get togethers are a lot of fun. I'm going to try my best to make it to Chordiestock in Florida in March.


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I don't but I sure do love listening to a good banjo player. smile


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forrestm wrote:

unless someone can tell me how to get it to stop being a cesspool of aggressive advertising that makes it utterly useless...

Well, you could write to the owner of the site and ask him to make it a subscription based format. Then you could just pay a monthly fee to help keep it running.


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Doug_Smith wrote:

Wow !!  this one got dredged up from the "tombs"  (3 year old post),  I couldn't find any reference to the title either..... but did notice bodybuilderquotes linked to a "questionable" website and summarily banned.

I'm so used to reading the date with the year at the end that I read it as 2017.  roll


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Topdawgz wrote:

Looking forward to the next one and exploring a set of VirginiaFest dates in the middle Atlantic near Richmond for sometime in 2018.

And I'll be looking forward to being there. smile

Tenement Funster wrote:

Thanks so much for posting these videos, UJB ... I feel as if I've got to know some of you a bit better. Making it to a "Chordie Conclave" is definitely on my bucket list.

Upstate NY is in August. Very little chance of snow and plenty of time to plan ahead for that one. http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_0954.gif

That's over 1000 miles for you isn't it?

Dirty Ed wrote:

At least watching your videos made it seem like I was almost in the "picker's circle".

That's the whole idea. You get a much better feel for the people and the atmosphere with video as opposed to still photos.

topdown wrote:

Great job on the vids UJB, I've been enjoying them. It would be neat to do something similar at Chordiestock, but I'm not sure I have the patience smile

It does take some time and diligence. You'll notice in a couple of them that I got distracted and the camera didn't get moved until part way into the next song.

It's worth spending a little time doing it though.


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Sorry for the delay. I've been busy the last couple weeks getting ready for the party.

All taken care of now. smile


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I uploaded the remaining video's in one large batch this morning. When I got home they were all finished and ready to be published. Here is the entire day until it got dark. I shot 4-5 more after it got dark. #40 was the height of the evening for me. Topdawgz and Scott did an awesome job.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … AgJw-Nngim


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Sorry for taking so long to get back here. Our internet was down all day.  So I spent the day going through and renaming all the videos. There are 44 total. A couple of them are just idle chit-chat but I'm going to include them when I upload to YouTube. I have 8 uploading right now. When I was labeling them I numbered them as well so the whole series will be in chronological order.

Thanks to everyone that came. It was great to see you again Zurf. Sorry that you went under the weather and couldn't stay the night. I'm looking forward to a Zurfapalooza next summer. smile

It was great to meet Robert (Topdawgz) after our first meeting a couple years ago fell through. He added another dimension to the group. The height of the evening for me was he and Scott did a song called Mexicali Blues. It fit right in with his "Troubles in Mexico" theme of the day.  Even though they had just met a few hours earlier you never would have guessed it. They sounded like they'd been playing together for years. It may be a couple days till I get videos from that late in the evening uploaded. Thanks again for stopping in Robert. It was a pleasure meeting you.

And Jim and Amy. What's there to say? It's a real pleasure hanging with you and I always look forward to seeing you guys. Jim has made amazing progress in the 2 years I've known him.  Quick side note Jim. More wrist. Less elbow. big_smile

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Woke up to a crisp morning which quickly turned into sunshine and low 80's for the rest of the day. We set up in the shade of some big, tall oak and hickory trees. The light breeze under the trees made for a perfect day. A complete turnaround from last years rainy weekend.

mekidsmom wrote:

The weekend weather was absolutely beautiful, the guitar time was wonderful (or "something like that")...

The theme of the weekend along with "play through it" big_smile 

...Let Jeff know that Steph will be impossible to keep out of the car next year, as long as Dexter is expected to be there.  wink  I'll make sure she practices up.  We look forward to seeing you all at the next slightly North Eastern event, be that perhaps a little south of here or right at our home in July/August next year.

I'll let him know and will certainly be coming to NY next summer

Zurf wrote:

Hey Uncle Joe, thanks for having me... I really enjoyed that fellow who was playing bluegrass tunes. That made the night a little brighter.

Thank you for coming. That fellow (Mike) had hurt his fingers a couple years ago and was just getting back into it. He was hoping we would be doing it again this year. He was a bit disappointed when I told him it was a once a year event but I expect that we'll get together when we're both there on the weekends.

And since I got distracted while writing this, the first set of video's finished loading. Here's a bit of the early afternoon. If I screwed up any of the song names let me know. I'll fix it

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … AgJw-Nngim


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Strummerboy Bill wrote:

Wasn't there a Buddy Holly tune called "Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me"? smile

Warren Zevon.

Glad to you're settling in. Hope the critters haven't drawn too much blood.


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Time to head out. The weather gurus are saying mid low to mid 80's today and tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be a good weekend.

For the folks that are coming, see you when you when you get here. You all have my number if you need to get a hold of me.

Safe travels.


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I'm not so sure.

There were initial reports that he died but I was just watching the local news and they're saying he's in ICU following a major heart attack.


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Zurf wrote:
Topdawgz wrote:

Hoping to make it. I will be at a wedding in NY till Friday morning, but hope to be there Fri afternoon. I will camp in my truck or tent. Gotta talk with Zurf to seee what we might bring. Need anything?

Let me know what you're planning. I was only bringing my camper for your benefit. If you're bringing your own gear, I'll just toss an air mattress or cot in the Prius.

As for tents - it's all fine gravel, so bring a tarp to go under it. Double thickness would be even more gooderer.

Just sent an email off to Topdawgz. We have several options so if you just want to bring the car, go for it. I was up there this weekend and made sure there was a place for the camper so you're welcome to bring that if you prefer a home base type set-up.


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One week from today we'll be gathered around a campfire and making some music. Unlike last fall, it looks like the weather is going to cooperate this year. smile



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Looks like I neglected to stop in ans say hello.  http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_0855.gif

http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_6865.gif to Chordie from Pennsylvania. Sit back and make yourself at home.

I haven't listened to your music yet and won't be able to tonight. I have a slow connection where I am now. But I'll get to it.


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easybeat wrote:

come on guys,the question isn`t whats your favourite song.
It`s more about what song would you recommend or introduce to someone.
Hopefully one they are not aware of.




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Zurf wrote:

Uncle Joe - I can't send you a PM, because Chordie is tied to an e-mail address I don't have any longer, but there doesn't appear to be a way to change my e-mail address in my profile.  I'll need directions or address again. It's been a couple years since I was there and I don't think I still have them.  Send to dazurfluh@gmail.com or dazurfluh@yahoo.com.

Email sent. smile


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Phill Williams wrote:

I always thought hot dogs were sausages with a bread roll around them?

Around here, hotdogs or sausage with some type of bread wrapping is known as "Pigs in a Blanket."