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Even though it is summer at Christmas time here, those words make sense to me one of the oldest 18 year olds who lives in my part of the wood's, me.


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Hello Chordie Verse
I know this is going to sound dangerous but believe it or not I have been thinking. Peatle thinking impossible I hear them cry.  In this dangerous moment of thought it seemed it would be nice for those who have it in them  this month to attach their own personal recorded Christmas New Year messages. It doesn't have to be a song it might be just a spoken word or a photo or whatever comes from your heart. While I got a moment as work wise it is busy time I made my one, attachment below.
I would love others to put something up if they want to.


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Here is a little thumb picking idea you might want to try  Upside. It  is just playing on the A and B strings. I attach a short video I made for you showing what I mean. Hopefully it might be of some help to your guitar playing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN-gQVy … e=youtu.be


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Thank you Phill. That would a huge privilege to hear your take on Johnny's Whistle. I quiet often have vivid dreams of those who are no longer here, but are dear to me at night.
My father's perant's  lived longer than him I was very close to them. My grandmother the night she died went to bed early as she wasn't feeling well.  I was visiting that night,  I sat up with my Grandpah talking , Just before I left my Nana called out to my Grandpah and asked him to bring me to bedroom and say good bye. She then orderd him to take some small glasses out of the glass cabinet and got Grandad to put a drop of sherry in each. We then did a toast and I left it was very strange thing for her to do. She died that night in her sleep. While asleep at home that  night, I woke up after having this dream that my Grandmother had come to me and told me too keep an eye on Grandpah  make sure he is ok.. When I was  told of her passing next morning I felt like I already new what had happened.


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I hope you give it a blast Easy Beat. Mekids it's those memories that sometimes make's one smile.

I thought I would attach a traditional New Zealand Christmas Carol Te Harinui which my Mother would sometimes sing  to us when she was younger. I love that Jazzy young Choir Mekids  put up. Also TF Jethro Tull another great song.


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Bill and Dondra you  are Chordie Land Royalty. The Chordie Verse would not be as good if you two  were not on here.. I always look forward to reading your posts,


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upsidedown_n_backwards wrote:

Hey Thanks everyone!  I would like to hear your rendition on soundcloud Phill!

Here  is the attachment to Phills Version on soundcloud  below.


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Next year will be fifty years since my father passed away so I have been trying to write a song about how a little tune he use to whistle has stayed with me all that time.
I have put the words and a little song around it up on soundcloud . I am  wondering if anyone is interested, can they have a go at it also in a differant way to what I have done.
I will post the words here also.
                                                          Johnny's Whistle
Back in 1967 my father Johnny passed away.
And one of my lingering memories of my father was a tune that he use to whistle.
Which I call Johnny's Whistle.
And it went something like this.
........................................{ whistle filler }
Yeah Johnny's Whistle that's what I call it.
He seem to whistle it every day.
It could be sort of annoying but it's my last lingering memory of him.
And it's kind of stayed in a way I hope it lives on after I have gone.
Johnny's Whistle
.......................................{ Whistle filler }
Johnny's Whistle
......................................{ Whistle filler }
Well many years have come and passed.
And lots of things have happened.
And all sorts of water has passed beneath my bridge.
But the one lasting thing that lingers on about Johnny is his whistle.
Johnny's Whistle will always be with me.
....................................{ Whistle filler differant tempos }
Johnny's Whistle lives on with me.
....................................( Whistle filler }
Johnny's Whistle and me.



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Upside you have writen a top song and I love the way Phill has coverd it on soundcloud a true classic. I  am so pleased you have been able share what it is like in a song for addicts and those who are down.


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Hi Bill I havent reallycome up with anything good recently.  I have just put this one below about my father not sure if it works but I thought I  would see what sort of reaction it gets.


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Since I have started playing guitar again after a break of over thirty years I regret selling my Takamine all those years ago. Recently I have been trying out all sorts of guitars and have played some nice sounding accoustic that are priced at around five hundred to six hundred dollar New Zealand mark made by various guitar makers. To find a guitar that works I think it requires spending lot's of time in music shops selling guitars.


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Mekids your  food sounds delishes. I always make my gravy from the juices of whatever meat I am cooking with. If I ever try to cook a Turkey again I will try to get your recipe of you as the only time I have cooked Turkey I made a mess of it and came it out to dry. Your Mum's pies also would add to the experience.  I like Apple Pie and Pumpkin pie with a dash of cream or icecream added. Here in NZ we have as take out hot food  an abundance of shops selling burger size pies pies with meat fillings which are sold everywhere.  There are varieties such as Steak and Cheese. Potatoe top pies with a mince underneath. Chicken pies, Steak and Onion, Vegeterian pie. Roat beef and Kumura. (Kumura is a local sweet potatoe). Every where you go in NZ we have Petrol Stations and small shops selling basic household needs known as Dairys selling these pies.
I have read a bit about how the Bison was nearly wiped out. My wife has a picture of Sitting Bull and undrneath it are these words of his. Which I think most probably would convey the life his people wanted to keep.
I will remain what I am until I die, a hunter, and when there are no Buffalo or other game I will send my children to hunt live on praire mice, for where an Indian  is shut up in one place his body becomes weak.  Sitting Bull
I know my relations back in Fiji who live the old ways . Living of the land and  sea have better health and life outcomes compared with those who have moved to modern style living.
Bill, my Wife Maree in her younger day use to be a Skydiver jumping out of perfectly good planes. Watching her doing a tap dance on power lines tryinig to avoid been electrocuted after she jumped out of a plane is still a vivid memory.


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av always loved that Beach Boys sound. My all time favourite of thiers is Good Vibrations. Just listening to that video you put up Bill has made me realise just how complex the Beach Boys production were. The number of differant instruments in the background and variety of tones they make all brilliantly coming together with those clever smooth vocal harmonies.


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I hope you all  had a good Thanksgiving. It is not a tradition we have in NZ but I was  interested to read TIGS  good and interesting  comments and also the video. Also good to read the other peoples comments.  The other thing that interest me is there a signifance to the eating Turkey  at this time??? I have only tried Turkey a couple of times when I was in the States and over in the UK. I noticed when I lived in England people ate Turkey as part of Christmas celibrations. I tried to cook a Turkey once but I didnt get it right. Chicken tends to be the bird I eat. At Christmas we are a Roast Lamb family as my 96 year old mother is against the eating of pork and chicken. Though I celibrate Christmas  my Mother does not like that tradition or Birthdays, so I find those times a bit awkward for me. She is a Christian that only believes in Easter.  My father's side was into both birthdays and Christmas so I enjoy both aspects of these occasions.  When Mum is not around I eat both chicken and pork.

If I didnt know better I would have thought that was David Byrne of Talking Heads doing that cover. It came out real good.


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Thank you folks for taking time to give it a watch.  I agree with you TF the subtile bits are actually very hard to do. Like Phill's comments about Rap. Incidently Brookes Dad was a famous All Black winger Bernie Fraser.  Glad Mekids enjoyed it, hard to know sometimes what local stuff of ours travel's well and what doesn't.


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Bill that to me is what entertainment should be about. I love that drummer. In the 60s our local show bands would get up to similar antics. I will attach a short clip.        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-HbE9pP3rc


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The Five top songs of yours I like the best are.
One More Day.
No Name.
Broken Branch.
World Won't Stop.
You are a top song writer and performer. The main thing to do is play what you feel is right for you in the studio. The good thing  will be that the sound engineers can take out any bits you dont like and patch in the bits you have to  do over again.  Your end product will sound like one take and will be a real cool  listen.


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Hi everyone again from South Chordie Verse.
I guess those who know me well know that I believe some of the best music doesnt need to be over complicated to be good. It has to be what hits the heart that matters.  A very talented Kiwi young lady,    Brooke Fraser  does that a lot with her music. So I have descided to post her doing this song of hers with just one other guitarist live to show an example of this.
I would be interested to get your feed back. Remember you don't have to like it  to offer an opinion.



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Thank  you Amy
For your  kind thoughts.
I guess the thing with nature it will eventually remind us in one form or another to respect it it. Sometimes we all take our safety for granted in the rush of life. Compared with motor accidents  nature has most probably in terms of life lost and life changing injuries done less damage. The big lessons down here in NZ around the earthquakes is modern enginering and construction hasn't deliverd on some structures like the experts thought it would. The older buildings in our city that  were waiting to either be demolished or earthquake strengthen because the engineers thought them unsafe came through Ok. Some of the modern so called  safe buildings didn't.


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Maree and I came through the earthquake intact, thank you Bill and Dino for checking on us here down in the south end of the Chordie Verse. When it was happening it went for two minutes which felt like the longest two minutes ever. Apart from some flying ornaments our house and us are all good. The hardest thing has been today dealing with heavy rainfall and flooding around our part of NZ making some people I have to deal with a bit grumpy. With roads closed by flooding and rail lines closed  people trying to get from A to B have been getting a little frustrated. I am just grateful to be ok and also pleased to have good people in my life.
Thank you for your kind thoughts.
Pete and Maree


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Hi Bill
Here in NZ the country had a bit of shake up with an earthquake just after midnight  which has created a few challenges  for locals today. Anyway I will attach a song I wrote about Maree a while back it was one of my usual me piano and cell phone moments. So the sound quality is not the greatest.
Your Friend Pete


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I love Joe doing that song Bill. Joe Cocker was the one that made me realise that songs can  be covered and made your own. I have heard Joe  in concert  live four times.  I think two of the earlier ones I went to  he was out of it but once the band started he was away and a  brilliant preformer. Then the other two he was sober and completly straight he took it up another level. The first time I heard Joe on the Radio doing With A Little Help From My fFriends instantly made me a fan.  I hope Him and Mr Cohen are enjoying each others company now on the other side.

You can never make natural conecting percussion out of robots or mechanical beats. To me a real drummer gives a song  its heart beat. Only humans can feel music machines don't do that.