TIG you and Phill do some great collaborations.


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Until Monty Python came along Spam was something most Kiwis didnt eat or know about. Now days we know it as a computer thing but as product to eat.not one sort after by Kiwi's. Great photo TF.

Every week I try and learn about something new mostly to do with history. I regularly visit our local library as part of my weekly routine, This week I read about Andres Segovia someone I had never heard about.
Andrés Segovia was born in southern Spain and began playing the guitar as a child. In those days, it was considered little more than a folk instrument; serious composers and musicians didn’t respect it. But Segovia saw the potential for classical music on the guitar. He began studying the techniques of classical musicians who played the violin and cello. He then applied those techniques to his guitar playing, and developed other methods on his own. He adapted compositions of the old masters such as Bach, and learned to play them on his instrument. In 1909 Segovia made his debut at age sixteen. In 1919 he toured the world and won over the classical music establishment.
For the first time composers started writing classical music for the guitar, and a whole new musical genre was born. Over the course of eighty years, Segovia changed people’s perception of the instrument. And like many big dreams, his dream made an impact far beyond what he imagined. It could be argued that his efforts opened the door to the guitar in concert halls and jazz bands, which in turn led to the electronically amplified guitar. Today if you enjoy the music of the Beatles or Eric Clapton, and so on, thank Andrés Segovia. If it wasn’t for his dream, much of the music from the twentieth century may have gone in an entirely different direction.


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Bill and Dondra Wishing you all the best it wont be long before you are in your new place  with your love for each  it will become a beautiful home. You cant build a home with  hammer and nails, bricks, mortar , and stone , it takes love to make a house a home.
God bless
Pete and Maree

Words in one language when said in another language can be offensive swear words. Whakarewarewa (reduced version of Te Whakarewarewatanga O Te Ope Taua A Wahiao, meaning The gathering place for the war parties of Wahiao, is often abbreviated to Whaka by locals.  This place Whakarewarewa is a tourist destination in Rotorua.  English speaking tourist often find it amusing to hear the word Whaka.  The letters WH  part of WHaka in Maori is pronounce as an f,  So  when you speak the name Whaka in Maori  it  sounds like Far Car to english speaking ears. The aka part of the name is pronounced Uck Car.  Of course with Wh sounding F in front of  the ucker   makes  it  in english a swear word to untrained ears. I supose it is a bit like when the Irish say Whale Oil Beef Hooked. 
Phill  Maori  have a form of twirking with their naked butts known as the act of whakapohane (baring of  buttocks, a traditional Māori insult)
This  was  done to visiting Royalty by Anti Government  protesters against the Crown as the Royal Party drove past them.  One Newspaper Headline reported it as a Twenty One Bum Salute.


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Badeye great  choice.  I love the way  they use Organ, Piano, Harmonica in  the arrangement.

Zurf, Gordon  Lightfoot's baritone voice  is hard to cover. You got a style which I  call,  Zurfing USA  your music  works for me. If I tried to cover Sundown it would be something that only deaf people could enjoy. My mother in a few days time will have her 97th Birthday when I asked her about music all she could say now I am deaf all music is good.The use of the Tamborine on Knocking On Heavens Door worked good. Maree was trained as classical pianist by local Catholic Nuns even though she was brought up in the Greek Orthodox Church. Because she has a sharp ear for music and can also play by ear any mistakes mess with her nerves. So as a result she doesnt like playing piano much. It was while I was staying over in Greece with her father that I found out she could play piano. At that time I had known her for over fourteen years.  My attempts at music are not pleasing to her ear which I can understand.. When she does play  piano I love it but it doesnt happen very often. Thank you for your feed back.

Jandle l if you get to read this I hope your leg is healing good. Broken bones can be a bit of long journey but eventually it all works out. So I guess having you represent Chordie Land at Skiing  in the Winter Olympics might  be out of the question for now ?


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TF we could face the same problem here. Hopefully whoever gets in to  power here works out a fair tax system that can be sustained and not hinder the ability to maintain a good lifestyle for everyone. Big overseas  multi billion dollar Corporations at present can avoid tax while local businesses and the working public pay their fair share.
Our present  tax system lacks coherence, integrity and fairness: Differences in tax rates and the treatment  „of entities provide opportunities to divert income and reduce tax liability.
If it stays the same our demographic change, together with the rising cost of financing higher public debt, will place higher demands on the tax revenue base while simultaneously placing greater tax pressure on a smaller proportion of the population.


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Cheers Phill and Jandal thank you for your feedback
i wrote the poem in reply to a good poem sent to  me asking a question  about  the dilemma of who to vote for by Easybeat.  I think worldwide politically people are looking for new and better ways of political leadership and government. Though New Zealand is often lauded overseas as an egalitarian society,  in the decades from 1985 onwards, New Zealand had the biggest increase in income gaps of any developed country. Incomes for the richest Kiwis doubled, while those of the poorest stagnated. Middle income earners didn’t do too well, either. Infrastructure and immigration has divided New Zealand  for years, but the divisive questions usually involve its impact on government deficits, local wages, the environment, and whether immigrants are really needed to do the jobs that Kiwis can do. Auckland our biggest city has a problem where people like Nurses, Teachers, Police cant afford to live there due to high rentals and property values. A property bubble and rampant speculation following the 2008 financial crisis has contributed to soaring income inequality along with sustained attacks on the wage levels and basic social rights of ordinary people, including access to accommodation. Auckland’s housing market is now only slightly cheaper than London but less affordable than Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Perth, Brisbane and Boston Over the rest of the country it is now harder in most areas for people to get into good housing than it was a couple of decades back. The other issue here is education and health . With education there is issues around are we teaching our children the necessary skills to make it in the real world. With health system is the issue of are we providing first world care.


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I don't understand why people don't follow my advice.
Surely people can see I am nice.
Bill keep marching to the beat of your drum.
When you get to where your going,
If you cant sing hum. .
Sit down on your drum stool.
Pick up the guitar and give it a strum,
With one foot play the high hat.
With the other the bass drum.
If Dondra doesnt want that..
Put down the guitar and have a quick chat.
No need  to sit in a corner strumming   guitar. 
Entertain your new neighbours.
They  will have no reason to get mad.
Just  play your drums.
All  day  and all  of the night,
Below is a song for Bill and Dondra by the Kinks.


Zurf I managed to con my Maree into  giving the piano a quick play so we did an easy one to cover hopefully Knocking On Heavens Door. Hope its not painful on the ears.
Mojo your cover is done real good. I am not brave enough to cover that.

https://soundcloud.com/eatleville/chord … eaven-door


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EB Not only have you got the guitar working great your voice is bang on.

Cheers Jandle hope your leg is healing good. I should learn to play the Ukulele my Mum use to play nice  Ukulele tunes  when I was a kid.


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Grah I am not a fan of tribute acts. Having said that I ended up one night at a club that was hosting a Evis impersonator competition. One of the impersonators even had expensive surgery done  to get an Elvis look. That  night was really entertaining purely for the comedy though I suspect I was in the minority of those who saw the funny side. A  friend  of mine and Easy Beat's  does  cabaret  style shows with an Evis impersonater his  stage stories about the gigs always give me a laugh.  Today  it is claimed there are around 250,000 Elvis impersonators, imagine if  they all lived in the same town. I think that would be a fun place to visit.


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Here in NZ it is election time here is a poem I wrote about promise and delivery by Politicians..

Politicians Promise.
A politicians promise made is sometimers  a debt unpaid.
Charasmatic promises  eventually twisted into  differant shapes,
Magical clever deceptions  spoken  words made on a stage. 
Party spokesperson describing  a  sought after garment  seductively covering a promising body.
Once  the garment is removed  and all  is  revealed what  comes to some is a shock
A beautiful garment  all  along covering  a broken down  skeleton with no heart.

Thank you Zurf. I got a medical condition which is making it hard to play instruments at the moment. Thought better to put something up rather than nothing. I am sure with the talent on here someone should be able to knock out a better version. So far yours is the best.  My music is like photography before it went digital and we needed film. I am  still studying  my  negatives looking for positives that could be  developed into an enjoyable musical experience.

Zurf I gave it a quick go hope it is ok.


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Think excellent thoughts! What enters your mind repeatly ,occupies it,shapes, controls it and, in the end, expresses itself in what you do and what you become. I think togetherness is a very important ingredient . Here in  New Zealand we have a word Aroha  which in English translates to compassion, tenderness, sustaining love.  Whānau is a Māori-language word for extended family, now increasingly entering New Zealand language also. We also have people who will call you cuzzy (cousin) even though your not their cousin.  What they are saying to you is you are indentified as a person  who will always be by your side, even in difficult times.  Another word Kia ora is a Māori language greeting which has entered New Zealand English. It means, literally, have life be well/healthy. 
kia Ora JJJ cuzzy you are Chordie Whanau , Aroha to you. ( you are of great value, unique like each one of us)


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Hi Bill
Loved the way you added the funny bits.


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Badeye a friend of mine has a glass eye. Sometimes after he has had a few beers he will take his eye out and leave it on the table. He will then say something like I  am leaving now but Ill keep an eye on you while Im gone. Another chap I knew didnt  like wearing a glass eye so wore a Pirates patch everyone ended up, calling him Patch.


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Down here in NZ my prayers are for you all to keep safe up there in the USA.


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Cheers TF." Girl From the North Country",  is a play using Bob Dylan songs put together by Connor Mcpherson.        Connor McPherson was approached in 2013 by Dylan’s manager, Jeff Rosen, to see if he would be interested in basing a theatre show around a collection of his music. The Irish playwright was hesitant at first, unsure how to use songs by a “great icon of the 20th century” without falling into cliché. Then he had the idea of setting the play inside a guesthouse in a pre-Dylan Duluth – freeing the tunes and lyrics from the historical shadow of the singer’s life, yet keeping them grounded in the town that produced him. The Plays  Musical supervisor Simon Hale, who has arranged and orchestrated the play, was unafraid to take the songs in very different directions to the original recordings.
Here is one of the songs from the show which has been  covered in a new and dynamic  way.


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TF I love that cover of Thunderstruck. On the show  A Prairie Home Companion I love a segiment that Chris Thile does every month honouring musician birthdays with short interpretation of thier songs. Here is one below from a few months back.


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Just incase people dont know what Jandles are they are Flip Flops.  Here in NZ a name for a style of shoes that use to amuse me as a kid was Brothel Creepers. Brothel creepers (sometimes shortened to creepers) are a style of shoe which has thick crepe soles, often in combination with suede uppers. This style of footwear became fashionable in the years following World War II, seeing resurgences of popularity at various times ever since.


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The Peatle part of my name is what some of my family call me. The Jville part is what people call Johnsonville the town I live in though nowdays it just a suburb of the city down the road.