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Hey EB with online dating do these young people get a real partner or a Robot.


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Gidday Bushy
OZ has  produced many a fine country artists plus poets  such as Banjo Paterson.. I wrote these words about the body slowing down about a month ago. Looking at your post I thought I would share them.
                                                   Worn Guitar.
The guitar I use to play has grown older and plays better than me.
It's body batterd by time just like me.
It can dance with anybody I can just dance with me.
Poems and songs once familiar I have forgotten.
Put in the right hands my old six strings and wood remembers them all.
The doctor looks at my body worn and battered.telling me thats your destiny.
My voice is still singing while  my body's  melody has lost it's harmony.
Young hands pick up my old  worn  guitar in the same condition as me.
With a gentle caress my guitar sings better off for  it's age than me.


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Excellent Documentary Johnny was a person who I have admired on many a level. His integrity and ability to inform while not forgetting who he is as a person inspired many to try and be true and care about people.. He never  tried to appear perfect just a real human who sang great songs.


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I like both versions but I agree the original version has a slight edge over the second. The studio recording is excellent..


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TF I think the thing with having talent is it is something people are born with in differant degrees. What most probably is the add on is how hard you want to work at your given talent. Is this something you do for yourself or others. I know talented muscians that love music but their passion to work  hard at something takes them in other directions. One of my Aunties was an example she was a very gifted painter. Her passion was teaching young women Science and Maths. When she retired from teaching she started to paint pictures to sell, She made more money doing that than she did teaching. I asked her once why didnt you sell paintings when you were teaching. Her answer was, When i was teaching it was something I loved and the paintings I did were done with love. I would give the odd one away to someone but I would never sell any of them. Now Im retired from teaching I have developed expensive tastes and I know my paintings sell. I paint with the dollar in mind to fund the things I truley enjoy. I  enjoyed my teaching career it was my vocation in life  and I would never had swaped it to become a full time or part time artist. My point is just because a person has a talent for music doesn' t always mean that becomes their  main focus in life. I heard an interview on the radio a while back with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. The interviewer asked him what sort of music does he listen to relax. His answer years ago I could answered that with a wide selection of music. Now days when Im not working doing music when at home music is the last thing I want to hear. I have developed other passions.


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Jandle it is wonderful to have people like yourself and Bill take time to listen to my attempts. Robert made my not so good voice sound better by writing a easy to follow piece of music. Thank you.


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Thank you Jandle I appreciate your  encouragement.  I was honoured to have Robert do all the clever aspects.


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As a promo for your band I think your video works  extremely well. The lighting effects and way you introduce the Band very  nicely done, You can see you are  all getting into what your  playing   making it fun which  creates a good visual and listening vibe. What stands out to me is you  havent gone for the band members outside of  playing approach which spoils many a promo video I have seen.

Jim that is country music at its best.


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E B like your treatment of my lyrics. I am honoured to have you make a good job of it . Guitar and singing work good.


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Thank you Zurf it took  me years of pratice to learn how to sing as bad as I do.


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Thank you Zurf it took  me years of pratice to learn how to sing as bad as I do.


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Cheers thanks for the jokes. Eb and Phill. Zurf glad you got the humour.  Bill in answer to your question', Robert Hall is a friend of mine who is a very good guitarist and bass player. He has been dabbling recently with recording music at home and also plays gigs with various muscians around town. He asked me to contribute my vocals to some of his compositions even though I am not a great singer. He was  a profesional full time muso back in the in the early 1990s but now does only the odd gig and has a day time job. He  has played guitar with many NZ top players. He was also an original member of a band called Gitbox Rebellion and played on their first album. I will attach an old video of Gitbox Rebellion for you to watch.  They were  an unusual band of ten guitarists. They played mostly concert style gigs.


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Excellent studio work. Your voice and playing were nicely balanced we could hear all the nice tones comimng through. It was money well spent
Obviously you used a top sound engineer to display ypour excellent talent..


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Two men walk into a bar the third one ducked.
A Horse walks into a bar. The bartender looks at horse and asks, "Why the long face?".
My ex Brother Inlaw had a drinking problem  which caused the break up of his mariage to my sister.
He was staggering home one night when a homeless man came up to him'
He asked for two dollars.
My brother inlaw said to him,  "no way you will only spend it  on drink".
The homeles man said," no way sir I dont drink."
Brother inlaw then tells him "In that case you will spend it on gambling".
The homeless man said," no I don't gamble.">
My brother inlaw look's at him  with pity before asking  the homeless man to come home with him.
The homeless  man asks, "sir  why do you want me to come home with you.?'"
My  ex brother in law replied," so my wife can see what happens to a man that doesn't drink or gamble".


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Cheers thank you for having a listen glad you like my vocal effort. I have to thank Robert Hall  of Hall and Shutlar for the other bits.
I will attach  the link to the song just incase anyone wants to have a listen.
https://soundcloud.com/eatleville/no-mo … -the-blues


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Ditto to Bills comments.


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Hi Bill
Knocked Kneed is a expression I like. It is used in NZ by some parts Kiwi society.Look fprward to seeing what you come up with.
I am not playing music at the moment due to health issues, just adding a few bad vocals here and there,  Attached is my latest vocal effort .
Wishing you and Dondra all the best.
https://soundcloud.com/eatleville/no-mo … -the-blues


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Dino was one of those people who could turn winters into a warmer time. I hope his family and those close to him get to experience some of what Dino meant to his Chordie friends.


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Mojo you got a clever  way of telling stories through song. I enjoy listening to your music.


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A guitar called Dino an excellent dedication dedication.


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Hi Bill
I got both shoulders Rotor Cuffs  giving me grief the medical people think it will take me about 6 months to get back to playing guitar and piano again. Wishing you a quick recovery.
Wishing  you and Dondra all the best.


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Chris and Willie and now Mojo three musician singers who I love listening to. My late father inlaw who couldn't speak good english use to tell me he loved Woolly Nelson music. His favourite song On The Road Again.


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I am not sure I could name any lasting world moving suoer talent  songwriter who has turned out to be a horrible sexual preditor of vunerable people or a murderer. Though  there have been many dodgy managers and production  people in the entertainment industry.
They were mostly ones who had short moments of sucess and then were mostly forgotten.


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A  short Youtube tribute to Dino
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1Ks7FS … e=youtu.be