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Hi, Mojo here is the Jville family doing our version of your fine song. It is not as good the one you put up. But I thought maybe it would be interesting to hear another take on it.

mekidsmom wrote:

I just did a little searching in the Songwriting section myself - I really liked this one by Mojo (no name song):  http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=30300
I think he did a nice job on his recording, but with such simple chords, it could be done a bunch of different ways (even Beamer could get in on this one I think).

I like that idea Amy , Hope  by Mojo is a real good song for people to cover. Having said that chordie has a big pool of talented writers to pick from.      https://soundcloud.com/eatleville/hope


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Elvis Presely started of his singing in church. I will attach a link here to the late Larry Norman  doing a song who wrote about those sort of things using rock and roll.


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Happy Birthday Bill you Capricorns are obviously born under a good star. Amy writing about dancing reminded me of Maree and I walking around Courtney Place here in Wellington. This Transvestite Taller and bigger than me I am 6 Foot 2inches suddenly  appeared in front of me and started dancing with me on the footpath. Me being a good sport did some dance moves before gracefully  or discracefully moving on. To make it worse wasn't Maree laughing but a cafe full of people photographing me with their cellphones. The transvestite had a microphone in her hand and was using me a passer by as part of her act.


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Happy New Year Bill andd Dondra
Thank you for your E card I enjoyed it. I have attached a message for you below.


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Happy NewYear  Dino and all Chordies from New Zealand. A message attached for Strummer Bill and all of the wonderful Chordie Verse citizens.


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Happy Birthday Amy . Birthdays are good for you.  The more you have the longer you live. As  you slide  down the bannister of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.


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Merry Christmas Bill and Dondra
I thought I would send you a list of things  on a video that  are known to people from New Zealand but maybe not known to those not from here. Some of those  items would be cooked in a hangi a Maori way of cooking.  Hope everyone's Christmas went well and Happy New Year. The culinery side is tastier than it looks but not in common use by most Kiwi's. Kumura one of the items shown is my favourite sweet potatoe to eat.


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Thank you Keepitreal  glad you liked it.  EB though it is nice to get a few listen,s I am always interested to get people's comments. TIGLJK when I get time i might try it out with a band.  Or maybe I will get lucky someone will cover it with a full backing line up. It is real good to get all your coments  thank you..
Merry Christmas


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That is sad news Status Quo has always put on a good show every time I have been at one of their concerts. I have seen them live many times over the years. The first time  was at Te Rapa down here in NZ  it was 1973 when I went to see them along with other top groups. Ever since that concert I have been a fan. The Te Rapa concert also introduced  me to the music of Fairport Convention and Slade who were also on the Bill. The last time I saw Status Quo was in 1986 at Wembly Stadium, Maree and I were at the now famous Queen Concert and Status Quo were one of the support acts. They got the huge crowd rocking. It is sad to think of the three Bands that played at that concert  three of the lead singers are not with us anymore. Freddie Mercury, Michael Hutchence of INXS  and now Rick. I love the way Status Quo could get a crowd going with their rocky guitars and those distinctive duo vocals.


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Thank you Mojo and Merry Christmas to all of you reading this. I hope  that 2017  will  be a good year for you all.


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Merry Christmas badeye  great choice. I love the piano on that track.  I tell you funny thing about myself my mothers nick name for me is Induna Mata which translated  into English is Eel Eye.
Eel Eye sometimes blues man.


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I wrote this song," Dont Want No' when I was  a young man a long time ago. It came about when a girlfiend I had at the time. was obsessed with Radio, Television , and Newspapers asked me what do you want from me when you visit. She would have a TV or a radio turned up loud all the time and was an avid Newspaper reader. She was not much of a conversationalist and was always concerned that people didn't get her jokes or understand her quirky humour. One day after asking her if she could just turn of the radio and TV and have a conversation without all the distraction she asked me.  "What do you want from me when you visit"? A few days later in answer to that question I wrote this song Don't Want No. I put it up on soundcloud a while back I didn't really get much feed back about it as a song. I would be interested to hear if anyone has any thoughts on it as  it is been around for many years ? Attachment below.


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Love those covers Jim of your excellent songwriting.


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Thank you  Bill I enjoyed that video. It took me back to when I was a boy at school it was one of the songs that New Zealand kids use to learned to sing as part of our music education. Sometimes I would sing it with my family.


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Greetings Butch I like your attitude to playing guitar  and life.


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I like the way your poem can fit into all sorts of differant background stories. That sort of feeling people get when someone close or a person who you would like to spend more time with can't be with you at Christmas.


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TIG you  capture people's  experience of life real good with your words which I like. I was wondering what the word's cowboy chords mean?

This might interest chordies classical music influence on songs we all know.
Songs that have elements of Handel which are used in many a well known modern song.


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Nice one Phill

That is a beautiful guitar  can't wait to hear Bill playing and singing with it.


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Thank you Phill glad you  like what I do. I appreciate you taking the time to have a listen.


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Brilliant  video  Bill you are onto my humour.


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Thank you EB.  My visiting  friend from the UK tells me our interpretation  of the word knockers has a  differant meaning  to the people in the UK. The word knockers to them  talks about a piece  of female anatomy  while we are talking about being put down. I  think all criticism is valid but  it shouldn't stop people from people doing what they enjoy. Talking singing is cool with the right delivery.  I think  E B you have got a great way of doing it in a Kiwi way.


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I like your differant take on Christmas Phill not everyone gets to have a family Christmas. It seems to me your song is writen from the perspective of a person having Christmas alone.????