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I love the way he makes it flow and  all the clever  subtle bits  that are  impossible for most guitarist seem effortless. Thank you TF I enjoyed his playing.

TF that choir blew me away fantastic. Here is a very clever cover of a Bob Dylan song.


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Keep them coming. Excellent  TIG here is one for people who are owned by a cat. 

Wow everybody great submissions . I am not a fan of Reggae normally but I do love this Reggae live cover of Moonraisers doing Hotel California.



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Bill and Dondra your legends who never will be forgotten around here. We know you will return when the time is right for you both. Everyone understands your need for time out for yourself.
Love to you both.
Pete and Maree

TF that is real cool version Robert Fripp played guitar on David Bowie original.  My friend Robert spent a bit of time with Fripp in the States.. My friend was supose to play guitar on tour with him but  was unable to get the right papers  to play in USA in time for that tour. Apparently Fripp is real nice dude laid back. not caught up in any type of hype. I l;ike Led Zep also I think the Hearts cover is a bit more folky then the original. I will attach a medley of Simon and Garfunkel done with just 7 voices.,


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I love that chorus Jim man you know how to write a good song.
oh, I  [C] don't know how I ever got so[G]  lucky
to[C] find a girl that fits  me like a poet's [G] rhymes
and when [C] life gets stormy, she wants me by her [G]  side   
so  [Am] let the raindrops[C]  kiss me a thousand [G]times
[Am] let the raindrops[C]  kiss me a thousand [G]times
[Am] let the raindrops[C]  kiss me a thousand [G]times

I was wondering if anyone on chordie knows of well known songs covered in a differant style that work real good that they  can share on chordie?????
Attached is two  examples . First Up Pinball Wizzard.
Second Shaft


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Thank you everyone all the  links and coments are great. I hope there are some more to come doesn't have to be by anyone well known.
I havent got anything modern to put  up or from recent years.  I will attach the musical genius of the Marx Brothers having fun playing piano.a scene I have enjoyed from as long as I can remember.


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Thank you Jandle for taking the time to have a listen. It was fun having a seven year old to help compose the vocal side. She was a delight and I would have  loved to  had a video made of the sesion. I will attach a video of Kids lyrics being used to create a song for a fund raiser for sick  children. Song at end of the bits with kids doing their inyterviews contributing lyrics.  .

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca4ty7t … 7tz9x0#t=5

There is nothing worse for a young person then  having an old guy like me go on about the past. What I am wondering is there a famous musical entertaners around today  that have an eliment of comedy in their act.???????? I am thinking along the lines of the way Dean Martin use to do a funny  part of his show with just him and his Piano player.
I will attach a sort of  a Southpacific attempt at been funny while singing Elvis songs as an example of what I am trying to find out.


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Hello Easybeat I thought best way maybe around a kids song  is to get a  seven year old involved. This song called Brians Banjjo is composed  just for you.  Your  friends down this way know you love Banjo so this is all for you. The Kid was fun to work with descided what she wanted sung, Considering her age I thought it was good. Only trouble we had is because she likes to dance while singing I had to keep putting her back close enough to the microphone to pickup the vocals. So thats why some of the vocals are not that clear.



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Cheers TIG thank you for your kind comments and taking the time to have a listen. Like you I need young ones to show me how  to do things on my phone and laptop.
I sometimes worry that young people seem to concentrate more  on their devices as a form of comunication rather than just talking to each other. I will leave you this poem about my inner theatre and sharing thoughts with loved ones and the rest of world through poem and song. I titled it   Light Will Get Through. What I am saying in this poem is words that mean something to you' can touch those who have affinity with what you are underneath the exterior that the world  see's. It also aimed at my wife and soul buddy who gets what I am about when sometimes others don't.

Light Will Get Through
The snow caped mountain at the top of my head.
Hit by sun.
Hit by rain.
Hit by wind and stillness.
That river that flows through my veins.
In the deep parts are you my love.
Not my shallow banks for you.
As my thoughts flow down to the sea.
Sometimes accepted by welcoming lapping waves in the sea of people.
At other times struggling against strong tides and a relentless pounding of angry seas.
Out in the ocean sometimes my thoughts do flow.
Touching distant shores.
Sucked up by heat of the sun then rained down onto your interior.
As always my love in deep parts are you.
In deep parts are you.
In deep parts are you my love.
Ever since the start of my journey,
In the deep parts are the departed.
Those who have been left but still remain.
In the deep parts are the unseen.
The guiding hand that gives me faith the hidden strength that conquers angry seas and the monotony of those not going anywhere.
In the deep parts a guiding light still gets through.


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Hello Jim here is a song poem I wrote a few years back that might interest you. The words come up on screen as I sing it.
I will also put up some words to another song I wrote that Easybeat liked which  when read doesnt always make sense until you hear it in song form. It doesnt have  a chorus like most  song writing I will also add a link to me playing and singing it,recorded on my cell phone with a bit of  a added sound of a phone ring in it. It is not about me it is about a Keith Richard type character.
Phone My Guitar.
Hey dont judge me.
Just cause I look old on the outside.
Inside of me is a heart beating just like any teenager.
Yeah I am a teenager with more experience but there is still alot that I need to see.
Bud don't look at me as though I can't have fun.
I tell you what Ive had some.
I wont let you talk to me, don't judge me.
I can have fun just like you.
Alright I can't do some of those things you do.
I don't understand those funny little phone things.
But I can have fun.
I can play my guitar.
I can sing just as good as you.
Don't judge me just cause my body's old.
Im just the same inside as you.
That's it man.
That's it I'm Am the same as you.
Yeah I am the same as you.
Don't need your phone.
I got my guitar it does the trick.
So dont judge me just listen to my licks.

Song Number Three is me with my guitar.  just telling a true story about a sad Mother and Daughter I knew years back.
https://soundcloud.com/eatleville/video … 4-19-34-52


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Glad you got the humour TIG   
Excellent observation Phill the cats name is Horse the cartoon was popular in NZ known as Footrot Flats writen by Murray Ball . The sheep dog is owned by Wal a rugged sheep farmer,
"The Dog" 
The main character of the cartoon, a Border Collie, thinks of himself as intelligent and tough, but is really quite soft and often cowardly. He has a real name, given to him by Aunt Dolly, but despises it and has never allowed anyone to reveal it, often going to great lengths to stop Aunt Dolly or anyone else from saying it. Aunt Dolly says it is a "such a refined, aristocratic name", which gives some clue as to why Dog despises it. Wal always calls him "Dog", gaining loyal devotion. The Dog is often put to use to guard things or get rid of rats or pigs, but Border Collies have an independent streak and the Dog's is a mile wide. However, also like others of his breed he is a competent sheepdog. He also has a couple of alter egos; "The Scarlet Manuka" who attempts to 'liberate' cricket balls from being hit by Wal and his team, "Mitey Ironn Paw", and "the Grey Ghost of The Forest", that appear from time to time. The dog has also, at one point, claimed to have the following commendations: V.C. (Very Cute), D.S.O. (Doesn't Steal Offal), and B.A.R (What Sheep Do), along with the alias of '00Dog' (Licensed to be kind but fair) and acting as Wal's 'chaperone' in many cases in Wal's dates with "Cheeky" Hobson. The Dog thinks Cheeky is a cheap hussy and his chaperoning often leads to the date being a disaster for Wal
For my friends who dont know what the VC and other abbreviations  mean. They are medals given by the Queen for service and bravery to the community. VC stands for Victoria Cross the highest medal one can get for bravery in the military. DSO (Distinguish Service Order)  People who have these awards will put it at the end of their names.
Jack or Jill  Someone VC.
A large, fierce and practically invulnerable cat. The character is a menace to Dog and the other characters, resisting attempts to be tamed by Aunt Dolly or others. He has a girlfriend (Fred) who frequents with a Biker gang and loves leather. Occasionally fathers kittens. He and Dog frequently cross paths which end up with the Dog on the short end. Horse "spoke" a little in the earlier comics, but in later ones he mainly spoke out via actions and yowls. Later the irascible tomcat Horse became Dog's main nemesis (and sometimes ally). Horse is also seen protecting the dogs (Dog and Jess) from the local rat population that reside at the Murphy farm.


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Cheers TIG I will gather some of my words together for you sometime. My Dad died when I was twelve and his name was John.  One of my memories of him is when he came home he sometimes would start singing When Johnny  Comes Marching Home a song from American Civil War. I was with a friends grandson named Johnny and I told him about the Johnny Comes Marching Home song. He got a bit upset  at the song I thought it was my  bad singing. No it wasnt that,  he mistook  the gay lyrics to mean something else.

When Johnny comes marching home again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out
And we'll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.
The old church bell will peal with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To welcome home our darling boy,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we'll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.

Dirty Ed  I enjoyed your input here . One line in there of yours  I will hang onto is.
I also think each song has its own "why" I chose to write it. 
You would be excellent  company around a campfire. Campfire's  are great places to have fun while learning about  all sorts of things,
Thank you.
Here is an atttachment to  a song/ poem about some of my thoughts on poems and songwriting.


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Thank you TF.


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Kia Ora the Maori word for Pob hywl to you.  Welsh have the same humour as Kiwi's. I forgot about the film Babe. Wales and New Zealand are a slice of heaven at times.Here is another short Kiwi clip with a bit of  Dog theme.  The muscian on it are Dave Dobyn colabrating with a band called Herbs. The herbs had Joe Walsh of the Eagles as a member at one stage of their career.


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Cheers TIG .  Phill  I was worried my Kiwi accent might ruin it glad it worked. Phill I have travelled the world and  I am pleased that I can call New Zealand home.
People from Wales tell me there are a lot similarities in our sheep farming traditions. I will put a short clip below of the sport of Sheep Dog Trails for people who never heard or have seen this sport.  .. Our other  national sport in common is Ruby Union.

“A dream is a seed.
Vision plants it.
Imagination nurtures growth.
Opportunities create blooms.
Thoughts become things!”
― Donna McGoff             



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Thank you EB and TIG  I am glad you enjoyed Phills poem
.“A dream is a seed.
Vision plants it.
Imagination nurtures growth.
Opportunities create blooms.
Thoughts become things!”
― Donna McGoff


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Cheers Phill I have put it on soundcloud for you


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Here is my attempt at recieting A Small Story writen by Phill Williams for children.



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Not only is Tobias percussive technigue  flawless also every other aspect of his playing down to his harmonics bang on every time. Thank you TF for putting me onto him.


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Here is a short Peatle story please click on attachment


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Cheers Phill I will do one on soundcloud sometime soon and I will let  you know when I put it up. The Maori word for Butterfly is pepepe which also is the same word for moth.