Zurf wrote
Thanks!! (not sure I got all the words right, as I did it from memory) ..

Lyrics schmyrics. I never get them right.
All I know Zurf is you got slick licks and lyrics.


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I like your lyrics Bill glad to see your still around. I haven't played much music  recently as I dont have full movent in my hands and arms. It is also painful for me. I picked up the guitar first  time in a few weeks and banged this one out. A song I wrote after hearing a  young man in a Doctors waiting room talking about how he is doing his best to get by.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjZgNWD … e=youtu.be

Love to you and Dondra.

Nice singing and playing Neo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjZgNWD … e=youtu.be

Zurf After a hard day I came home and had a listen to your songs on soundcloud. Your recordings help make my day . Now reading about Alvin and looking at his picture I can see he was a man with a big heart. Unclejoesband I enjoyed the video you put up of Zurf playing.


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Phill I just heard you play this song on soundcloud and it's content  music and vocals worked for me. Now reading your lyrics it has brought it out even more.  A top song with a good message.


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Phill a great song that makes a good comment.


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There is alot going on in that track I love the production.


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Mojo you have an interesting family history to base your songs on. I like the lyrics to the first verse iin that  song You Will Never Leave Harlan Alive .

In the deep, dark hills of eastern Kentucky
That's the place where I trace my bloodline
And it's there I read on a hillside gravestone
"You will never leave Harlan alive"

Mojo's great ,great grand uncle often referred to as the "Father of Harlan County," General  George Brittain was born about 1768 in Wythe County, Virginia. By 1800, he had moved from Virginia to the part of Kentucky that was to become Harlan County.
He reputedly built a race track and kept a fine string of race horses. Brittain served as a colonel in the War of 1812 and was active in early civic affairs in what was then Knox County. He served that County in the Kentucky State Legislature from 1813 to 1814 and was instrumental in the establishment of Harlan County in 1819. He was also active in the local Home Guard, or Militia as it was often referred to, and that is probably where he acquired the title of General George Brittain.
Brittain continued his civic activities after the formation of the County and acted as the first County and circuit court clerk. Most of the official County records of the 1820's were written or recorded by him and his signature is on the 1820 census and tax records.
Harlan County was named after Major Silas Harlan, a Virginian who came to Kentucky in 1774 and took part in many battles fought with the Indians. The Major was killed in the Battle of Blue Licks fought near Maysville, Kentucky.


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Mojo's great ,great grand father Elder William Brittain was the preacher in  this event.
Elder William Brittain, a Baptist preacher and cotton buyer, arrived in 1837 to found, in his home,  the first Baptist church in Texas, along with a cemetery. A school followed in 1838
A tragic, unthinkable incident in the spring of 1847, frequently associated with the Regulator-Moderator War, remains after 157 years one of East Texas’ worst mass murders.

In the isolated settlement of East Hamilton in Shelby Country, many of those who ate a cake while attending a wedding supper came down with a sudden illness and over a period of days as many as forty individuals may have died.

The wedding supper, a common event in small communities of the l840s, was to honour a young couple following their marriage ceremony.

In May of 1847, the Texas Telegraph and Register of Houston, reported: “We learn from San Augustine...that seventy or eighty persons who attended a wedding...on the evening of the 22nd (of April), were taken ill immediately...and eight or ten died, evidently from the effects of poison.”

On May 23, 1847, a letter written in Bayou Sara, Louisiana to a friend contained the particulars of the incident. The culprit was allegedly a man known as Wilkinson, “a man of bad character and a notorious hog thief,” Wilkinson was apparently accused of stealing the hogs of Spot Sanders, whose daughter was to marry a man named Morris.

The 1847 letter said that “old Wilkinson and his wife, and Morris’ wife, were arrested and examined before Squire Sanders, who committed them to prison.” Wilkinson was brought before a magistrate and released. “He was afraid to leave the house during the day, as there were persons determined on killing him,” said the l847 letter.

During the night Wilkinson supposedly escaped on a horse brought to him by Morris. Eight men rode off in pursuit of him with intentions to kill him on sight. In an account printed in the Telegraph and Register in May, 1847, Wilkinson was captured and hung.

“It is said that he confessed and had given the arsenic to the cook purposely to be mixed in the cake, and that he cautioned the bride and other members of the family not to eat the cake,” said the newspaper.
Elder William Brittain, who  officiated at the wedding, entered the names of several members of his own family on the deaths page in his family Bible.


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Jshaw it is real cool to read your post and how you and Wlbaye are related through your interesting family history.

Jandle you  capture the feel of someone inside Folsom Prison while that train goes by and the driver blows the trains whistle. Nice singing and playing.

Neo I like that swirling mystical feel you guys got going on in that song.


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Thank you for having a listen Neo. The appealing factor in Teeks music to me is it' feels like he is digging deep when he sings.
That  song of his , Wash Over Me is tinged with sadness and, while Teeks is not particularly religious,  the river water in that song to me comes through as a powerful cleanser and purifying substance.
"People can interpret that song the way they want," Teek says. "I wrote it after everything that happened last year. I just felt I needed to write something that would help me start anew. My grandfather passed away so it's a dedication to him as well. When he was sick my dad asked me to sing a gospel song for him. I didn't really have one so I thought I would write one for him."
                      Wash Over Me
I'm ready now would you please take me down to the river
To the river
Wash my body, cleanse my soul
Down in the river
In the river
Wash away my sins let them flow away
In the river
Till I'm purer then I was before I came
Smooth waters can you carry me to my redemption
My redemption
Deliver me from the dark
Pour my thoughts into here, let them soak in the river
In the river
Till their pure just like the waters on my skin
Pull me in, pull my down in down, pull me deep in your river
In the river
Fill my cup, fill my glass, fill my soul
In the river
Take me back, take me home to when I was a child
I was a child
Where my mother was the only world I knew


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TEEKS (real name Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi) grew up surrounded by music and performance . Teeks has just released  his debut EP GRAPEFRUIT SKIES. Recorded both in New York and in New Zealand, the EP makes a powerful statement that boldly introduces a young artist, who is unequivocally in my opinion one of New Zealand's next great talents.
Steeped in old-school soul and yet glimmering and shimmering with golden moments that capture TEEKS’ strength of youth, the songs that make up GRAPEFRUIT SKIES - from its velvety smooth lead single ‘If Only’ to the simmering soulful ‘Wash Over Me’ - are no short of stunning.  The fact that 23-year-old  is completely unassuming about his talents only makes him more appealing as an artist. He’s a clever, kind, committed songwriter, and I am sure  he’s on the road to big things. I will attach three of his songs.

Wash Over Me

Never Be Apart
If Only


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Sacanaday I am trying to get what your comment is about.?
"I love to sing, and I love to drink scotch. Most people would rather hear me drink scotch."
— George Burns


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Cheers TF glad I got your morning of to a good start.  Here is a bit of humour with the lyrics of Bluegrass love songs.

TF and Badeye, excellent I love Charlie Christian..

Neo the broad range of styles you cover is impressive. Jandle you and your ukulele working well together. Zurf your guitar sounding niice and your laid back vocals real smooth. I will attach a cover of a Rod Stewart song done by a young  seventeen year old that  a friend sent me, which to me  captures the spirit or essence of what  good entertainment is about. Good cheeky fun from a confident kid.



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Mojo that is one top song.


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Beamer all you need now is a bass player and you got a got the complete sound.


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Welcome great to have another person join us.


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Zurf your right Fishermen take care of their own.  One of my uncles spent his working life on the sea. One of his jobs he had back in the fifties was skippering a boat  that people would hire to go fishing around Fiji. He use to say to me Fishing is a great leveler of people. Apart from  those who got  seasick most people would no matter who they are become fun everyday folk once onboard .An example of this was around 1953 Burt Lancaster the American actor hired the boat he was skippering and to cut a long story short through fishing got to know my Uncle. They ended up exchanging letters about once a year. About ten years later my Aunty ended up going to Honululu University on a scholarship  to advance her teaching  career. Uncle Jim mentioned to Burt, that Aunty  Nancy was over in Hawaii in a letter. Burts contacts got hold of Nancy and made sure she was well looked after during her stay in Hawaii. Topdown and Zurf it would be great to sit around a camp fire with you. Jim here in NZ  your gift of a guitar would be considered a taonga.  A taonga is  a treasure in Māori culture; can be anything from a word to a memory or a gift with a meaning and a story. My Aunty who was a teacher aways told me  teaching was not  a career it  is a vocation .Most the kids she taught came from poor families  and to see these kids life's  and families transformed by education was an honour to her.I am greatful for the good teachers I had back in the 60/s and the bad ones I soon forgot.
Below is a link to  Eamon Wood 'writing about himself.
https://themighty.com/2017/07/traveling … sability/.


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Jim that recording worked good. You have a natural way with finding the right lyrics that work and say something that has a good point to it.


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Here is a short video with Eamon talking about his plans.  I will attach it to my original post aswell.


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TIG I like these lyrics of your's                            Just remember life goes on and on
                                                                                with challenges to face   along   the way
                                                                                 if  you let it get to you, it’ll drive you  mad
                                                                                 With your  heart and soul tested every day     
Can't wait hear it as a song..