361 Tarnation

by ButterflyMcGrew

363 racoon

by lurimaan

365 Very Handsome Men?--Rock-A-Billy

by johnnyvitalis

367 Little piece of leather

by Corbo53

369 Can't find

by Fire art

370 Dwight?

by johnnyvitalis

371 Maroon 5 "One More Night"

by HungerGames111

375 Talk is Cheap - Alan Jackson

by kjstrummer

376 Neil Diamond songs

by Bo diddley

377 long black rifle

by john bange

378 Chris Cagle "Let There be Cowgirls"

by HungerGames111

380 Get to work boys and girls

by sat20387

381 Slade

by sterner

383 I Found Love by Lone Justice

by stevoidoid

384 Terry Reid

by Rik.

388 I HAVE TOO know these chords

by GabeSmithGC

389 Gulumcan

by Ermy007