632 In search of band mates in DC

by randylange

633 Ontario- 416/905

by inked_strings

634 Looking for guitarist

by dlphlp

635 blues band

by rickh

636 long island?

by deaken316

639 Vancouver BC

by strummer brian


by gitaardocphil

641 Seeking moderator

by admin

642 Looking to form a band !

by doodles123

643 Jamming

by jonahc7

644 Just to say hello

by Des.From.Liverpool

645 indiana

by letmeroam

646 bands/jamming

by gitaardocphil

648 someone in Seattle...

by pipoff

649 belfast jammers

by geraldine.edgar

652 hello

by guitargirl21

657 Costa Brava, Spain

by jmaria

658 south wales area?

by adam1985