631 Yuba City, California

by KGrob

632 ChordHeads in Kansas City

by GuildMan6and12

637 Only in Canada...Eh!

by KAP54

639 anyone in pittsburgh, PA?

by telemaster17

640 to early?

by Montana W.

641 want to start a band?

by Montana W.

642 Band name

by gnomefry

643 Are you in Europe

by Bob Scott

645 new group led and roses

by isaacmcdonald2012

646 Anyone in SoCal?

by Devildogs_Doll

647 NEW GROUP: Ukulele Jam in Southampton UK

by southamptonukulelejam

651 Acoustic nights, Pett E.sussex

by normtheguitar

653 Play Mates

by Oldnewbie

655 lets jam in Miami, FL

by santamariar804

658 My band

by korky

659 want to start a band in wv

by Montana W.