1 Sticky: Strumming Pattern Video's

by Roger Guppy

2 Sticky, Closed: Capo Conversion Chart

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3 Buckwheat of Burden

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4 Help with Barre form

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5 Strumming

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6 Uh-oh

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8 just read

by sslammer3364

9Moved: Question About Tubes

by Tenement Funster

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10 Using DADGAD Tuning

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11 bar chords

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12 NAD!

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13 Help With Chords

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16 Finger style

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17 Old Guitar Day

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18 New Guitar Day

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19 DUDE! You're Double-Jointed!

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21 Martin Lifespan SP Strings

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22 just started playing

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24 Cordoba Guitars

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28 using a capo on 12 string

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