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Topic: Tab/ Chord Request- 'Tonight' by 'The Move'

Hey guys, love the site and love this band. Could someone please tab this song. There is a live performance on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIZxt-qgEWE) if you want to watch it. If anyone out there could tab the song 'Something" by "The Move" as well that would be beyond spectacular.

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Re: Tab/ Chord Request- 'Tonight' by 'The Move'

hi youngfella16 welcome to chordie,i've searchrd for the chords/tabs but no result,i know the song ,i shall have to look through my books to see if i've got the lyrics,i think it can be played with basic chords g,d7 c,g,d7,or something similar,get baack to you soon....stay cool

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Re: Tab/ Chord Request- 'Tonight' by 'The Move'

Try this (although it's far from being perfect):

B - D#m (2x)
C#m - B (1x)
C#m - G# - C# - B
E - F# - B - F# (2x)

F# - E